How can i remove all PC authorizations from iTunes account?

How can i remove all PC authorizations from iTunes account?

Removing a credit card from an account - iTunes Store: Changing Account Information - - More information at:

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  • HT201303 How can I remove credit card info from iTunes account?

    Would like to remove default info.

    Removing a credit card from an account - iTunes Store: Changing Account Information - - More information at:

  • HT3702 How can you remove a credit card from your account?

    How can you remove a credit card from itunes account?

    See if this support document answers your question. Why can’t I select None when I edit my Apple ID payment information? - Apple Support

  • How can I remove me credit card from my  account I already tried from iTunes but it won't give the option 2 remove it!

    How can I remove me credit card from my  account I already tried from iTunes but it won't give the option 2 remove it!

    Go to Store > View My Account > Edit Purchase Info. Then just click "No credit card" and hit Okay, and it will remove all of the info. Good luck.

  • How can I remove my credit card from my account?

    How can I remove my credit card from my account?

    On your computer's iTunes you should be able to edit your payment info by going into the Store > View Account menu option and logging into your account, and on your account's details page there should be a payment link.  If you are doing it on an iOS device (iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch) then tap on your id in Settings > iTunes & App Store and tap on 'View Apple ID' on the popup and log into your account  - that should also give you a payments link on your account's page.
    Changing payment info :

  • How do I remove credit card information from iTunes account?

    How do I remove credit card information from iTunes account?

    If you have an unpaid balance or payment due, you can't select None as your payment type.
    To see which order you need to pay for, view your purchase history.
    When you sign in to the store, you may see a message that there was a billing issue with your last order.
    Click the Billing Info button to see the order.

  • When I update apps on my iphone, sometimes my current email comes up as my apple id, and sometimes my old email comes up as my apple id. How can I remove my old email from my account?

    When I try to update apps on my iPhone, sometimes my apple ID is shown as my current email, and sometimes my old email comes up. How can I delete the old email from my account?

    sealmajean wrote:
    I just delete the old app and repurchase the app again? They are all free apps.
    That's what I'd do, since they are all free apps. Be sure & delete in iTunes as well as on your phone. When prompted in iTunes, move all files to trash & empty your trash. You don't want any trace of them left.

  • HT1918 how do i remove my credit card from itunes account

    how do i remove my credit card from itunes account

    Follow the steps in this article:
    When you are able to edit the payment options, just choose "None"

  • How can I remove all the music from my iPhone?

    I want to remove all the music from my iPhone 5 (Current iOS) and then load a completely new set of songs from my Mac (Current OS).
    How do I do that ? 
    Even when I define a specific new playlist and tell it to apply only that it still does not remove the unwanted songs.
    Thanks !

    I feel I've explained plenty what you must do but you aren't getting it.
    All music on your old iPhone should be in your iTunes library on your computer. Transfer the music from your iTunes library on your computer to your new iPhone in the same way it was transferred from your iTunes library to your old iPhone - via the iTunes sync/transfer process.
    Since you prefer the manual way, you must manually drag and drop the same 377 songs from your iTunes library to your new iPhone - in the same way the 377 songs were manually transferred from your iTunes library to your old iPhone.
    Or you can sync which provides more options overall. Create an iTunes playlist for the 377 songs. Select Sync Music under the Music tab for your iPhone sync preferences with iTunes and choose selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres. Select the iTunes playlist below that includes the 377 songs followed by a sync.  

  • How can I remove a Device PIN from my account?

    I sold my Q10. The Buyer is in my contact list and his data is always integrating in my own contact data including the PIN.
    How can I unassign the BB PIN from my BBID Account?
    Thanks in advance.
    Go to Solution.

    There actually were several steps that should have been conducted before selling it...refer:
    Article ID: KB05099 Steps to take before selling or after buying a previously owned BlackBerry smartphone
    The on-device WIPE would have taken care of removing the association between that device and your BBID. Then you could simply use that same BBID on a different device, and that person would have no ability to use that same BBID since they would not know the password.
    It is possible (a feature!) to have more than one device on a single BBID, but the result is what you are experiencing. So, I believe the only remedy is that the new owner needs to WIPE that device and start over, leaving you with sole control over your BBID.
    Good luck!
    Occam's Razor nearly always applies when troubleshooting technology issues!
    If anyone has been helpful to you, please show your appreciation by clicking the button inside of their post. Please click here and read, along with the threads to which it links, for helpful information to guide you as you proceed. I always recommend that you treat your BlackBerry like any other computing device, including using a regular backup here for an article with instructions.
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  • How can I remove all my bookmarks from iCloud and start a fresh with only the ones on my iMac

    I accidentally deleted bookmark gilders on my iPad 4 and iCloud removed them from my iMac, iPhone 5, iPhone 4, iPad 2 and MacBook Pro. I turned off Safari on all devices for syncing with iCloud and used Time Machine to restore my Bookmarks.plist on my iMac, but iCloud keeps removing it and replacing the plist with the latest version. I want to remove all the Safari a bookmarks from iCloud, but don't know how to do this, can anyone help.

    Just a note about the difference between these two things:
    * "export" and "import" use an ancient HTML document format that all browsers can understand. When you import bookmarks, Firefox may place them into an Imported Bookmarks folder, or into Unsorted Bookmarks. This does not displace existing bookmarks, and Firefox does not automatically remove duplicates.
    * "backup" and "restore" use a more comprehensive JSON data file, which contains extra information about your bookmarks (such as tags) not contained in the traditional export file. HOWEVER, a restore completely replaces all existing bookmarks, so the restore feature cannot be used to merge in a set of additional bookmarks.
    Related support articles:
    * [[Export Firefox bookmarks to an HTML file to back up or transfer bookmarks]]
    * [[Import Bookmarks from a HTML file]]
    * [[Restore bookmarks from backup or move them to another computer]]
    Some users find the disk-based Windows Favorites folder a convenient way to organize bookmarks. If you do, too, and you do not need to preserve tags on your bookmarks, you could export each profile's bookmarks to HTML and import them all into IE11. Organize them in the Windows Favorites folder, then export from IE11 to HTML and import that file into each Firefox profile. See: [].

  • How can i remove all the photos from my iphone 5S that i synced from my computer

    Hi All, my iPhone 5S is full of photos (1326) or so. however the camera roll is 827. there is an album named "My Photo Stream" which has 466 from My Computer and under it is "Shared" which has 12 from my computer. Can anybody help me to remove both these albums as there taking up a lot of space and I have tried everything to remove them!!!

    On option is to open your my photo stream album in the thumnail view, tap Edit, tap all the photos, tap Share, tap Save to Camera Roll.  Then import them to your computer using your usb cable (  A more convenient option is to use an app like PhotoSync, which will transfer all your photos from any album (including photo stream) to any of your devices (including your computer) over wifi by pressing a single button.

  • HT2534 How do I remove a credit card from iTunes account?

    I used a c card to download an app onto my teenage daughter's iPad.
    Now I would like to remove the card from the account records.
    How does one do that?

    I have the same question! This is what I have found out that might help you (however, it doesn't help me, so I'm still asking!)
    Sign into your itunes account, under payment options, select none.
    Enter the new credit card info.
    In my case I have an expired credit card, the option "none" is not listed, and I have no new credit card to enter.
    Any help out there?

  • How can I remove all video clips from my library?

    I noticed my library is up to 23 gigs! Last I checked, it was around 9. The only thing I can think of is that my new canon camera takes great videos, and all summer I've been using it on vacations and things where I didn't have my video camera. So, I'd like a way to find them so I can drag them to a folder I make on my desktop. Then I can incorporate into iMovie if I want, or just burn a dvd or something.
    I have TONS and TONS of photos, and it would take me quite some hours to manually scroll through looking for the movie icons in the browser.
    Any ideas on how to view ONLY the movies for example?

    When you import movies they automatically get a 'movie' keyword, so: New Smart Album : Keyword is movie
    The Select them, export them using the File -> Export dialogue and when you're sure they exported safely, trash them from iPhoto.

  • How can I remove all JavaScript content from a form created in Adobe LiveCycle ES?

    Dear all,
    I have created a form from scratch (blank A4) that doesn't have any events with scripts.
    Nevertheless I still get the usual error message in Adobe Reader where we have disabled JavaScript:
    In Acrobat Pro 9 I can see 3 document level scripts in the JavaScript debugger:
    I don't get any of this If I create forms in Acrobat so I suspect the scripts are not totally necessary.
    We would rather not unsettle our users with the message and I therefore need to get rid of the scripts.
    Do you know of any way?
    Many thanks

    I've attempted using Acrobat Pro to do the conversion, but it simply won't allow it.  Are there easier ways to have an online or fillable form, created in an Adobe program, such as LiveCycle or Acrobat Pro, sent or saved in a pdf format? 
    For example: I make a form using an Adobe Program and put it online for people to fill out.  They fill it out and click a button to email it to me.  When I open it, is there a way to see it as a PDF document?
    Thank you for your help thus far.  It has been much  more informative than many of the forums I've attempted to decipher.

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