How can i reset my macbook pro without the disc?

trying to reset a macbook pro to factory settings without a disc

You can get a set of discs specific to your machine by calling Apple. Cost is about $20, I believe. Be sure and have your serial number handy.
Then take a look at Thomas Reed's How to prepare your Mac for sale - that may not be exactly what you're doing but it will give your machine that factory-fresh feel.
Good luck,

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  • How can i reset my macbook pro without not deleting ilife pack?

    Hello ! my macbook pro(13) stars more slowly then before . i am sure there are many unnecessary files that should be deleted. i want my macbook pro to be lke the fist day. So how can i reset my macbook pro without not deleting the ilife pack. ?

    çağrı şahaplıoğlu wrote:
    Hello ! my macbook pro(13) stars more slowly then before .
    Your issue may not have anything to do with your files, it could be a corrupted cache file, reinstalling your OS and files from backup could be overkill and too much work.
    Run ALL of the free OnyX's checks, cleaning and maintainence aspects (not the log files) and reboot at the end.
    Your machine will act a bit slow until the caches and spotlight are rebuilt, but it should act faster
    Your next step is to use OnyX Verify Preferences and "show only corrupt plist" files
    If you find some, make a note of their location and remove then to your desktop and reboot and start the programs responsible, reset your preferences.

  • At startup I get grey screen and a folder with a flashing question mark.  How do I reset my MacBook Pro to the manufacture defaults?

    At startup I get grey screen and a folder with a flashing question mark.  How do I reset my MacBook Pro to the manufacture defaults?

    Click here and follow the instructions. If the computer originally shipped with Mac OS X 10.6.8 or earlier, when you reach step 5, insert its original disk, restart with the C key held down, use the Disk Utility to erase the internal drive, and install a fresh OS.

  • How can I reset my admin. password without the MAC OXS  reinstall, bought mine used and have no such disk

    Hi, how can I change my admin password without the reinstall of MAC OXS disk or whatever that is, I bought my macbook privately and cant update my adobe flash without the password which I have never set up. but anything I type in is wrong...... as a password.

    ok have read all relivant posts and have tried the restart command+R which does absolutely nothing. My Computer opens up as usual.
    I have found another response which suggests command+S and generate an entirely new admin. and password and you are not supposed to loose a single file.
    Has anyone done this and been successful? I have just installed a new hard drive in the last 3 months and don't want to do any damage.
    Hearing a success story would be nice.  Thanks

  • Hi, I bought my Macbook in Nov 2008, Alumunium and now I am selling this to my friend how can i reset to factory setting without the CD

    How can i restore my macbook to the factory setting?? I am presenting it to my friend.

    since you are running mt lion on the mac you can boot to the recovery partition (restart holding down command+R keys)
    once booted there open the disk utility window and then on left side select the mac HD select the erase tab and make sure that next to format it says "mac OS extended journaled"
    click on the erase button
    once done close the disk utility window then click on the option to "install mac OS" and follow the prompts
    once the install is completed and the mac is restarted it will be like new and the setup assistant will open on startup

  • How do i reset a macbook pro to the factory settings

    How do I reset a Macbook to the original factory settings?

    Restore to original:
    Boot from your grey installer DVD disc 1, or SL retail installer disc (hold down the C key on startup or hold down Alt/option on start and choose the installer disc).
    OK the language page (if present).
    From the installer screen, do not click 'continue' - go to the menu bar and choose Disk Utility; depending on the OS version it may be in the Utilities menu or Tools menu.
    In DU, select your internal drive in the sidebar (the top item with the makers name and serial no.).
    Run Repair Disk (not permissions). If that comes up as disk OK;
    Click the partition tab. Select the partiton from the drop-down above the graphic; 1 partiton is all you need. Go to the options button and ensure that the partition scheme is GUID  and the file system to Mac OS Extended (Journalled).
    Name the partiton (usually Macintosh HD), click Apply.
    When that's finished, select the new volume in the sidebar (indented to the right below the drive) and go to the Erase tab.
    Select Security options and select zero data (one pass is more than sufficient). Click erase. That will take quite some time; probably measured in hours and dependant on the size of the drive.
    (The purpose of this step is to ensure there is no recoverable data left on the drive).
    When that's completed, close DU and continue with the installation.
    When installation is complete, after the restart ignore the setup assistant and shut down the Mac (you may have to do this by holding down the power button).
    The Mac is now ready for the new owner to personalise it as if new.
    Be sure to pass on the original grey discs with the Mac, and the SL retail disc if you loaded SL.

  • Can you use a MacBook Pro without the keyboard attached?

    I plan to upgrade the hard drive in my MacBook Pro (MBP) to a solid state drive (SSD). I also plan to remove the SuperDrive in the optical bay.
    I have to install a new firmware on the SSD. Installing the firmware requires the SuperDrive.
    I intend to remove the SuperDrive after installing the firmware. I'm using a Early 2008 MBP (Pre-Unibody). This MBP is a difficult to dismantle and assemble.
    Can I run the MBP (to install the firmware in FreeDOS) without reattaching the top panel (which houses the keyboard). Or can I just lay the top panel on the MBP without screwing it down. Will either of these actions damage my MBP? Once I've installed the firmware on the MBP, I'll reattach the keyboard.
    I don't want to dismantle the MBP (to insert the SSD), assemble the MBP (to install the firmware with the CD in the SuperDrive) then disassemble the MBP again (to remove the SuperDrive).
    I'd rather dismantle and assemble the MBP once.
    Lifting the top panel (which houses the keyboard)
    Please let me know.

    Sorry, Just noticed you were not using the Unibody models.
    I am unaware if the power button is dedicated. Seems like you're on the right track with iFixIt. I figure as long as USB is available, it should be okay.

  • How can i get a macbook pro in the caribbean especially trinidad and tobago

    I have been a pc user for years and I am tired of them not living up to standard. I viewed the presentations about macbook pro and I am wondering why I never used it before.
    Anyway I am a teacher and loved what I saw the the iwork software was capable of but I have no where of accessing a store to purchase one. Is there any way I could get access to purchasing one?
    In Trinidad and Tobago pc's arepopular but I think if teachers got a chance to experience the capabilities of a mac they would switch. Any ideas on how I can get one?

    You can look for an actual Apple Authorized Reseller here - 
    Trinidad & Tobago are listed in the first "find a reseller" list there, so there should be some.
    see - I entered Port of Spain here and it popped up with at least 6 resellers.

  • How can I reset an apple ID without the email or birthday?

    When I was younger my parents had an earthlink account, and I bought my first iPod mini, and signed up for an apple ID. Skip to years later that email account is long gone, and my mom uses the same apple ID to sign in to both her new iPhone and the iPhone that she passed on to me. Both phones are logged in to the same apple ID, which I cannot reset because I have no access to the email, and being my young self I didn't input the correct birthday so I can't even access my security questions. Where do I go from here? I can't sign out on either device to reset them, and I can't buy anything on the stores without the password from the account.

    If you have proof of purchase for the devices from an authorized source, Apple can remove the activation lock. If you don't, they are now bricks.
    And please don't start about the injustice of it all. you lied about your identity, making it impossible to prove you own the account. Falsifying the information was a violation of the Terms of Service for an Apple ID and iCloud, and if you were under 13, falsifying your birthdate so that you could create an account was a crime.

  • Restore a Macbook Pro without the disc...

      I have had some issues with my Macbook Pro latley, so I have been trying to completly reset my Mac to the factory-preferences, without succes. The disc that I need to do this has somehow vanished and can't find it anywhere.
       So my question is if it is possible to completly reset the Mac without any these external appendage so I can have my Macbook Pro running smoothly again? I have updated to the very newest version of Mountain Lion and would like to maintain that even after the resortation.
    Thank you in advance!
    Hampus, from Sweden. will take you to the proper forum and you could check in on Mountain Lion.
    Yes you can.
    Depends on when and what your Mac shipped with whether it has network install.
    You can also clone or install Mac OS to external and totally nuke and do clean install from there too.

  • How can I format a mac G5 without the disc's included at purchase? Is it possible?

    I was recently able to purchase an Old G5 from work and I would like to format it. The grey install discs that are included at purchase from mac have long since been trashed (why anyone would do that blows my mind). I have an install disc of OSX Leopard could I use that to format the computer? On a side note I can buy up 2 more g5's however they also don't have the discs or even a harddrive. So assuming I buy a mac formatted harddrive's could those also be Salvaged? They're selling them for $50 so I don't want to pass up on them if I can get them working.

    1. If it's a retail disk and not one which originally shipped with a Mac, yes. Note that it doesn't contain iLife or the Apple Hardware Test.
    2. If there's nothing else wrong with the other two, yes. The drive doesn't need to come formatted for Mac OS X; it can be reformatted.

  • How can I Reset my MacBook Pro to factory settings

    I have Yosemite.  its a 2014 MackBook Pro.  I need to erase it to send it back.  Im switching from the 15" to the 13".

    Click here and follow the instructions.

  • How can i Reset my ipod touch without the home-button

    My ipod Touch resseting all the Time with out showing the home display. An other problem is, that my guarantee is over and my home-button is not working. So what should i do? Buy a new one or is there a chance to reset my ipod without home-button?
    Please Help me. Thanks in advance.

    - Try placing the iPod in recovery mode:
    iPhone and iPod touch: Unable to update or restore
    - This program may get it in recovery mode:
    RecBoot - File Shared from - Free Online File Storage
    - DFU mode may work:
    How to put iPod touch / iPhone into DFU mode « Karthik's scribblings

  • I have many of those lost photos on my iPod.  How can I import those to my MacBook Pro without the iTunes synchronization kicking in and removing them?

    I lost rather a lot of photos on a corrupted external storage device.  I have many of those photos on my iPod.  How can I import those
    photos into my MacBook Pro without the iTunes synchronization function kicking in and effectively deleting those photos I want to
    import from that iPod?  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as those photos now only reside on that iPod...

    The photos you synced to your iPod through iTunes are no longer in their full resolution, but instead are scaled down thumbnails of those photos.  So if you do manage to get them off your iPod, they will be quite small in size compared to the original ones you lost.
    In order to get them off of your iPod, you'll need the help of some sort of 3rd party software. Here is one option.

  • I can't find my snow leopard disc, How do i format my macbook pro without it?

    I can't find my snow leopard disc, How do i format my macbook pro without it?

    Call AppleCare (1-1800-APL-CARE) and give then the serial number.  They will send you a new copy of the two disks for shippingand handling of $16 each (I think $16 each).

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