How can i use n900 front cam as a webcam in skype....

hey there. i was wondering, if i can use the front cam of my device as a webcam in skype from inside the fone, can i use it for video calling from pc by  connecting n900 to pc via mass storage or pc suite mode??

skype works fine on the n900 including the video talking. i have never used my device as a webcam for my pc. onlydid that with my e90 whichrequiredan application, so there must be some way to do it.

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  • How can I use N900 Front Cam?

    There is a front web cam in n900. How can I make use of it/activate it? I tried my best, there seem to be no option for me to choose the front cam. What about I want to make 3G video call just like anyother 3G phone?

    As the authour of healthcheck i'd like to echo the "Early adopters" comment.
    Not only is the OS still new, the device is the first of it's type.
    It may not have everything built in straight away but the possibilities really are great.
    I had never coded until 20'th feb (For the N900/Maemo, Python or QT), and 20 days later my first version was in maemo downloads.
    Things do take time, and the only reason healthcheck came about was because two us decided we needed a noob (New Person) friendly system checker. I even made a brainstorm for this idea to get it going. Lots of people added opinions - so i just got on with it
    The front camera never really had a defined purpose, but it was added ... a bonus i say.....
    As PR 1.2 Draws closer - you never know there may be added funtionality with it!
    All i can say is, instead of fussing, turn your effort into describing exactly what you want, speak to sopme developers and see where you go - if you really do want something, then the chances are you can work to getting it done reasonably quickly!
    And being linux based, the chances are if you can alreadydo it in terminal, and app to do it will be very easy also! (Gstreamer is pretty effective when used effectivly!)

  • Need help badly!! how can i use the front camera i...

    guys, i need help with the front camera of my device
    how can i enable the front camera of nokia N900 to shoot photos or videos,
    this problem is really bugging me...
    need help badly...

    You can't.. it is terrible..
    the only app that really uses it is mirror
    Open this link on your phone to install mirror
    the camera firmware is bad, so the image quality is truely terrible.. play with mirror to see.. it may be fixed in a future firmware release (it *IS* better than it was.. the firmware last year had a line through the picture!)

  • How can I use the "Correct camera distortion" filter and process multiple files in PSE 11?

    How can I use the "Correct camera distortion" filter and process multiple files in PSE 11?

    Did you check the help page for Correct Camera Distortion and Process multiple file
    Correct Camera Distortion: ng_5
    Process multiple files: fff.html#WS287f927bd30d4b1f89cffc612e28adab65-7ff6

  • How can I use a USB camera with cRIO 9022. Please see my strange problem.

            I would like to use a USB camera with NI cRIO 9022. I used the same USB camera with NI USB 6216 DAQ device and developed a VI(within a PROJECT and outside it). So, It is working fine with NI USB 6216 device when I use the Vision Assistant Express VI and gets detected in its Initialization Window.  Please see JPEG File 3 where I get NO ERROR.
            I am facing a problem when I want to use it with NI cRIO 9022. What exactly I am doing in this case is:
    1) Create a NEW PROJECT
    2) Add Targets and Devices(NI cRIO 9022)
    3) Use the Scan Interface mode
    4) Create a NEW VI under the cRIO 9022 device 
    5) Use a Timed Loop(Synchronized with Scan Engine) for continuous Data Acquisition and Sending from the Analog I/O modules.
    6) Use the Vision Assistant available through the NI Vision Acquisition 2010 Module(I get STUCK HERE! The Express VI opens the Initialization Window, but I don't see the USB camera like in JPEG File 3)
    I am facing difficulties with this HOST COMPUTER, cRIO implementation differences. On my host computer I have the software packages as shown in JPEG File 1, and on my cRIO 9022 as shown in JPEG File 2.
    Can someone guide me how to overcome this and get the USB camera detected when I am using NI cRIO 9022?
    NOTE: If this is a problem with software mismatches on HOST and NI cRIO 9022 device, please see JPEG Files 1 and 2 for available software and Host and cRIO 9022.
    NI Vision Acquisition Express Error for NI cRIO 9022.JPG ‏39 KB
    IMAQ and dx Modules Installed on my NI cRIO 9022 hardware(No NI Vision Acquisition 2010 SP1).JPG ‏82 KB
    NI Vision Acquisition Express NO Error for NI cRIO 9022.JPG ‏48 KB

    Only GigE comms are supported on the cRIO Real Time OS. Have a look at the following:
    Machine Vision on NI CompactRIO and Single-Board RIO
    Adnan Zafar
    Certified LabVIEW Architect
    Coleman Technologies

  • How can I use the Flame camera as a PC webcam?

    Hi, I've got an old PC with Arch Linux and LXDE installed. I also own a Flame device with latest version of Firefox OS Nightly.
    I don't own a webcam on my PC to use with such programs as Firefox Loop (I've installed mozilla-nightly from AUR),, Skype (brrr...) and so on.
    I link my Flame on my PC but only SD card and internal memory are recognized by default. How can I recognize the camera too in order to use it with my PC?
    Thank you!

    Even if I'm not a coder, I don't think that the answer is an app but to work on a inner layer, in order to make this working out-of-the-box.
    I need that Linux, Windows, Mac and so on recognize the Firefox OS camera when I link it to the PC, not to stream remotely, like Android does (e.g. via Droidcam, IP Webcam or IP Camera Adapter).
    Am I asking something useful that will make Firefox OS a better OS than Android or am I asking something useless or unrealizable and the only way to do is to create an app or to port other listed above?
    Thank you

  • How can I fix my front camera

    Guys I need your help I can't use my camera when I reverse it in front of me but when I reverse it again it would work what should I do can you really pls help me I only use my camera twice and now I can't use it anymore.  Pls answer............

    Reset your iPad. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time until the Apple logo appears on your iPad screen.

  • How can i use a digital camera as webcam?

    the iSight camera *****. I have a 12mp canon digital camera, can i use that in lieu of iSight to use in iChat and Facetime?
    if so, what's the procedure? i have a macbookpro on snowleopard 10.6.8

    The External iSight camera has a 640 X 480 pixel picture as do the early internal ones.
    Later versions of the iSight camera have 1.3mp resolutions and the latest are HD.
    However iChat only sends a max size or 640 X 480 picture and that is dependent on your Processor and Internet Speed. (And to some extent that of your Buddies)
    Using a Stills camera was a web cam can present some problems.
    It is mainly about what input the computer accepts and what the camera has as output.
    I have an older Kodak DC4800
    In addition to the USB Output for transferring pics it has a RCA pin type socket that output TV signals which the camera software can change between NTSC and PAL.
    I then used a DV Converter to input that over FireWire to the computer.
    For iChat this had to be converted to DV as it only accepts DV or certain USB web cam formats that the Mac then converts for iChat (effectively it digitizes the pic).
    My camera did not take Video it just had the Ability to output what the camera saw - basically you could use a TV as a super sized Viewfinder.
    If the camera you have has FireWire and it can do video then you maybe in luck  (It will still depend if the Video format is DV (not mpeg, not HDV or any other format such as AVI)
    If the Video it may do can be sent of USB that will need to be USB 2.0
    Again the format will need to be the type that iChat uses (or the OS software converts).
    For most Stills cameras this is impossible.
    8:58 PM      Saturday; August 27, 2011
    Please, if posting Logs, do not post any Log info after the line "Binary Images for iChat"
     G4/1GhzDual MDD (Leopard 10.5.8)
     MacBookPro 2Gb( 10.6.8)
     Mac OS X (10.6.8),
    "Limit the Logs to the Bits above Binary Images."  No, Seriously

  • How can I use the insight-Cam with Skype

    The insight-cam is not working with Skype or gotomeeting. What is to do?

    OS X 10.8.5 update.
    Wait for a solution from Apple. They are investigating the issue.
    For the latest:

  • Can I use my digital camera as a webcam?

    i know my computer has built in isight but its very limited to movement and angles, i was wondering if there is any way i can use my cannon powershot a610 as webcam? thanks!

    Even if the camera can take video, I don't think so. This is because the camera has been programmed to save video and pictures to the memory card. Besides, even if you could export the video being recorded, I don't think any of the iMac's applications that use iSight will recognize the camera as a webcam.
    Hope this Helps

  • Hi..can I use the iPad2 camera as a webcam in msn messenger please

    Can I use the iPad 2 camera in man messenger as a webcam please

    Which Msn Messenger app are you using? There are several in the app store. And does it support the iPad's camera? Info on the apps page should state that clearly if it does.

  • How can I use multiple front panel controls to be mirrors of each other?

    Hi All:
        I know this is going to be a strange question, but I have multiple inputs that control one output.  This in itself not necessarily difficult, but I have a strange need.  If one of the control inputs change I would like this to be indicated by the other controls.  For example, I have a slider, numeric and dial controls on the front panel that control RPM.  If the slider changes to 1000 RPM I would like the numeric and dial controls to see that change.  Is this possible.  If so, can you give me advice on doing this.  I am using 7.1.  Thanks for the help.
    John Honnold

    What you want is not that hard, but asked for a rather  limited times.
    Here's a how to:
    Drop a slider
    Right click Visible items-> Digital display
    Right click on the slider Advanced-> Customize
    Right click on the Digital display Replace select the control you want to replace it with (a gauge for instance)
    Right click on the Gauge Visible items -> Digital Display
    Now you have one control with three control options:
    This was done in 8.2 but I think the same goes for 7.1
    Message Edited by TonP on 04-06-2009 09:52 AM
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    Nederlandse LabVIEW user groep
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    LabVIEW, programming like it should be!
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  • How can I use the specific camera's audios in Multicam?

    Hello, I am fairly new to PremPro and I am trying to put together a multicam piece.
    The piece is me and my friend playing a game, he recorded his screen and game audio and I did the same.
    Camera1 - My Angle & Audio
    Camera2 - My friends Angle & Audio
    The main issue im having is that I cant get the audio for the specific angle to play ONLY when that angle is up.
    I tried a few ways but I couldn't get it.
    EG. This is without changing any settings, just making the multicam sequence then switching angles in multicam window.
    My angle is up and I hear my audio, when I switch to my friends angle, I can only here my audio and not his.
    EG. This is enabling the sound on both videos before adding to new sequence.
    When any angle is up I hear both audios.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Any Ideas anyone?

  • How to test N900 front camera without 3G sim or to...

    I just brought a brand new N900 device & haven't tested the front camera, I not have 3G sim card & also wants to know if possible to take pictures with front camera, thanks.

    You can't use the front camera for taking photos yet.
    to Test it, you can use an application called 'Mirror' that is available from the extras repository in the app manager or bu following this link on your N900
    I believe the only other app to support the front camera is Skype, but you need PR 1.2 for that to work with the camera
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    hi all any possible way to use the front camera in n900, coz i cant see any option for the front cam and for basic camera any option for night vision when shooting ? Thx
    Go to Solution.

    funky_broom wrote:
    It beggers belief as to why have a camera on the front if you cant use it. 
    Because people would probably have complained if it didn't have one at all
    At the end of the day, the issue here is only software. The hardware is already in place.
    You can't easily add hardware to something afterwards without a complete redesign
    It reminds me of the old Nokia 6630. It supported video calling but had no front camera.
    You either had to use the back camera or buy a separate stand to sit the phone in that had a forward facing camera on
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