How can I use time capsule to store and easily access photos?

I got the time machine to back up to computers but also I thought I could use it as a networked HD where we could store photos and easily access them. Can I configure time machine in any way in order to do this? Thank you.

Works like a charm.
Until you get a message that your iPhoto Library is corrupted.  It will happen.....the only thing is that you will not know is when this will happen.
There are two kinds of users who try to run the iPhoto Library from the Time Capsule.......those that are having problems, and those that will have problems.
Question: Is it ok to now delete these huge (approx 30GB on 3 folders) from my macbook drive...?
Let's deleted the files from your now the only remaining version of your iPhoto Library is on your Time Capsule.
When....not if...the Time Capsule has a problem.......what will you do when you you cannot access the iPhoto Library? 

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  • How can I use Time Capsule for backups and an external hard drive?

    I have a large file/program on my iMacs hard drive that is 62GB and I would like to keep only things I need on my iMac. I have a 2tb time capsule currently used for backing up. It has roughly 1.66 TB free. How can I move the 62GB program onto my Time Capsule and still use it for backups? Also, is this stable? And don't worry about backing the program up because it came on 8DVD discs.

    1. Mount the Time Capsule as a drive and drag the application over to it. If the application requires system components, those won't be transferred; if those are only data files, you may be able to drag them over as well and then create a symlink or alias to a folder enclosing their current location.
    2. The application may work slowly if this is done. Note that Time Machine will eventually use up all the free space on the Time Capsule that isn't reserved by being allocated to a disk image.

  • How can we use Time Capsule as a server to access files from remote locations?

    I use Timecapsule to save my data but I would like to use it as a server to access my file when I'm not at home. Is it possible?

    Please take a look at Apple's Back to My Mac (BTMM) features here:
    Set up and use Back to My Mac - Apple Support
    There is another method that you can use, but it would require the following:
    1) A static or fixed Internet connection IP address from your Internet Service Provider
    2) The Time Capsule, or another Apple router must be the main router for the network

  • HT201250 How can i use Time Capsule as External Drive

    Hey Guys,
         I just have query about time capsual , How can i use time capsule as my external drive as i have 2TB with me i can take the Backup as well i can put all my pic and music in time Machine if i can use as External HD ! Can some one Please help me in this will be highly appreceate.
    Monal Thakkar
    Amrapali Group

    You need to get an external HD for the "overflow" of stuff that won't fit on your Mac.
    Format it for a Mac (see #1 in Using Disk Utility), even if it says it's compatible.
    Then copy what you want to the external HD.  Most things you can just drag and drop; but for iTunes and iPhotos see: Moving your iTunes Music folder and Moving your iPhoto '11 Library.
    Then let your Time Capsule back up both your Mac and the external HD.  See Time Machine - Frequently Asked Question #32 for info and details.

  • Can I use time capsule to store music and video files as well as use it to back up.

    Can I use time capsule to store music and video files as well as use it to back up.

    Why are so many peolple asking this?
    Just store your files there. 
    And when using Time-Maschine for the back-up select the Time-Capsule (whatever name your has) as the place to store the date.
    cheers, anne

  • TS1253 I am connected to internet through  modem. How can I use Time Capsule as a wreless harddrive and connection to USB printer

    Can I use a Time Capsule as a part of my network> I am connected to internet through modem and want to use Time capsule as  a wireless harddrive and wireless connection to usb printer. How can I do that? Please help

    This type of setup is not officially supported by Apple.
    It might be possible to configure the Time Capsule this way, but please take a minute to consider a few things that you may not have thought about, as this is...frankly....the worst possible way that you could configure the Time Capsule.
    Wireless backups will take twice as long as normal wireless.  Why? The signal must make a "double hop".
    Hop "one" would be from your Mac to the wireless router, then the signal must make hop "two" to get back to the Time Capsule.
    In addition to doubling the time for backups to occur, this doubles the chances for an error to occur during a backup.
    The Ethernet ports are not enabled at all on the Time Capsule when it is configured this way, so backup over much faster Ethernet is not possible.
    The USB port is enabled, so assuming that the printer is compatible, it could be configured to connect that way. Keep in mind that only printing is supported. If you have an All-in-One device, advanced functions like scan, copy, maintenenance will not be supported.
    So, do you really want to try this?  There are no guarantees here that things will work at all.

  • How can I use Time Capsule as a storage device to play my music from, but get Wifi from a different place?

    I have all of my music stored on my Time Capsule, I'm using it as an external hard drive, however, my WiFi comes through my school's campus routers. How can I connect to their WiFi, but still be able to access the files on my Time Capsule?

    You can set the TC to join the campus wifi but I do not recommend that method. You make the TC available to everybody in the process.. and it will be super slow. All files to and from your TC, then go via the campus routers and wifi system.
    You cannot have two independent wireless connections at the same time..
    You can use ethernet to the TC.. this is fastest and best method.. keeps the TC totally isolated from the network.
    Or you can use a USB wireless stick in the computer to join a second wireless network.. I recommend using 5ghz as it is much faster.

  • HT1178 How can I use Time Capsule to move music from one computer to another?

    I want to move all the music I have on my old laptop (macbook) to my new macbook pro. How can I do this? Easy, simple, steps would be greatly appreciated!

    Are you moving the itunes library?? That is entirely different to moving just music.
    Apple have specific instructions for moving libraries..
    And there is no need to use the TC.. other than as a switch and router.. share the folder in one Mac to copy to.

  • Can i use Time capsule to shear and make back up ?

    I wounder if i can use the Time Capsule to shear photos and music, and still us it for back up
    We have everything Mac so.
    and can i use my mac Tv direct to the Time Capsule ?

    Thanks for the fast reply
    what would be the perfect setup ? do Apple have one ?
    I like to secure Data and have a place where i can have acces to photos and media.
    the problem is always when you have Phots and Music and make changes on one computer then the other will be unchanged and after prox 2h its a mess

  • Can i use time capsule with iphone

    can i use time capsule with iphone and ipad and how can i access my data at anywhre using time capsule

    TC is not designed for ipad or iphone or any iOS device.
    You should use them with cloud if you want remote access to your data do it via cloud.. you cannot easily get remote access to the TC from iOS device.

  • How do I use time capsule as a storage device so I can free up space on my hard drive

    How do I use time capsule as a storage device so I can free up space on my hard drive?

    Click here and follow the instructions.

  • Can i use time capsule as a external hard drive

    can i use time capsule as a external hard drive

    Not plugged in by USB if that is what you were thinking.
    You can store files on the TC but you should NOT.
    Store files on the TC.
    This is asked several times a day.. obviously people are struggling with their latest SSD being too small.
    The TC is not suitable for network file server.. but many people having no choice press it into service as such.
    Major issues.
    1. No backup.. no way Time Machine can backup a network drive. No place to backup to.. So all your files will be at risk. And you will need to buy a third party like CCC to do backup.
    2. The TC cannot be partitioned and mixing TM backups and data is not great. It was and is and ever shall be a backup device for Time Machine.
    3. The drive is slow to spin up and quick to spin down.. there is no control. In fact the TC is so lacking in controls for even the router side.. that you cannot do more than the most basic of setups.
    The following are controls on the hard disk side.
    Reformat it. You can name the share. You can do a full archive of the whole disk. This will go at a speed of aprox. 30-50GB/Hr so calculate how long an archive of a full 2TB will take.
    4. iPhoto in particular can easily corrupt its entire library with wireless networking causing a disconnection to one photo. Even if you do this;;; do not move your photo library... you have been warned!!
              Even apple btw say don’t do it. Although mostly about FAT32           it adds network drives.
    5. iTunes can constantly lose connection to the library. The disk is slow to respond.. itunes on the computer will constantly spit out errors. Even in the midst of streaming the TC can spin down the disk due to caching.
    6. Do not use any live files on the TC no matter what else you do.. if you edit files in whatever program the file must be on the local hard disk.
    7. The only suitable location for most libraries is a computer. You can plug in an external hard disk.
    Read pondini for some work arounds.
    Q3 here.

  • Hi can I use Time Capsule 4th generation as a back up at the same time between my iMac and HP PC

    HI Just bought a 4th generation Time Capsule and after a bit of trouble, I was able to do the following...
    1. Connect TC to my modem via ethernet cable
    2. Set up my first time Machine from my iMac to Time Capsule
    3. Set up my HP PC via ethernet cable to Time Capsule
    4. Set up HP Printer Scanner to USB port in Time Capsule, can now print from my PC and iMac using the same printer.
    Here is the question...
    Can I use Time Capsule (2TB version, not that this should matter, I think) as an external back up for my HP PC, running Windows 7?
    I asked this question at Apple Store and they said YES, now I have my doubts as I cannot see Time Capsule as an external drive when I check my PC and computer part there, can see my C drive, D drive (internal backup drive in my PC), E drive (DVD drive) and that is it.
    Installed AirPort utility for Windows, have version 5.5 something. I can see TIme Capsule using this at my PC but can I somehow save my HardDrive to Time Capsule, even manually?
    Or is the problem that as I started Time Capsule with Time Machine Backup first, it has formatted Time Capsule to support only Apple version, and this is why I cannot see Time Capsule as an external harddrive?
    Any help would be appreciated!
    I have already an external HD for my Windows PC, just thought this way I could potentially have all the data in one place and also able to use 1 printer...
    Many Thanks

    Remember Apple Names are not fully SMB compatible..
    Reset the TC and do the setup with all SMB naming.. ie.. short, no spaces, pure alphanumeric.
    That means TC name eg TC
    Wireless name (different for 5ghz) eg TC24ghz and TC5ghz
    And hard disk share name.. eg Data
    Make sure all passwords also match that convention.. but you can use more characters.. up to 20 or more if you are paranoid. Pure alphanumeric though.
    In the file sharing area. set the right workgroup. And it makes life easier turning on the guest account to read and write.
    Then in windows explorer simply type
    \\TCname or \\TCIPaddress .. obviously you change the names with the actual name or IP.

  • Can i use time capsule as external hard drive for both mac and windows

    I have a mac book pro, ipad and iphone and ipod and a windows pc
    Can i use time capsule as a external hard disk only for all of the above ( including windows ) without the back up activity for mac ?

    You cannot access the TC from iOS devices without a browser. eg filebrowser.
    Can i use time capsule as a external hard disk only for all of the above ( including windows ) without the back up activity for mac ?
    Yes, with the following proviso.. the TC is not able to back itself up.. so if you store files on the TC without backups one day you will discover all your files are gone because of a hard drive failure of the TC. TM also cannot backup TC.. so you will need to buy a proper backup software.
    It is also much slower than a real NAS..
    And windows can be a bit painful.. especially windows 8.. other versions should work if you spend the time getting everything set right.

  • How do I use Time Capsule as an external hard drive?

    How do I use Time Capsule as an external hard drive? I want to remove photos & music from my laptop and store them in Time Capsule only.

    lyperez wrote:
    How do I use Time Capsule as an external hard drive? I want to remove photos & music from my laptop and store them in Time Capsule only.
    Apple has specific instructions on moving libraries.
    eg itunes.
    You simply follow those instructions..
    TC is a network drive.. nothing more.
    To move individual files, just copy and paste to a new directory.. not inside a TM sparsebundle please.
    BUT.. TC only worries me.. deeply.
    It is relatively easy to corrupt a library when you copy to it.. library as a whole is then corrupted and will need to be restored from backup.. wops.. no backup. You are putting at risk all your files.. don't do it.. make sure you backup..
    And here is the rub.. TC cannot back itself up.. TM cannot backup network drives.
    And where are you going to backup.. to... an external drive on the computer.. in that case, that is where the library should be and the TC used as normal.. ie backup target for TM.
    Please read Pondini on how to do it properly though.

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