How Do highlight text in the body of an email message in Mac Mail?

Can anyone tell if IF and HOW I can highlight text in the body of an email message using Mac Mail (in Yosemite).  I do NOT mean MARKUP an attachment.  I want to highlight a word or phrase in the body of my email message.  I know I can change the font color, but can't seem to add a highlight!  Thanks!

is is possible, - link is below. Works on Yosemite, btw.

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    My computer recently broke so I had to use my mom's windows computer to do my homework. I had to use the iCloud web app Pages to do my homework. My assignment requires to be able to highlight stuff so does anyone know how to highlight text in the iCloud web apps?

    You can do this easily by using a "modify class" parameter in your web template.
    Following methods are of your interest to change char/KF headers.
    CAPTION_CELL          changes formats/values of characteristic headers
    STRUCTURE_CELL          changes formats/values of key figure headers
    Hope it helps.
    Hari Immadi
    SEM BW Analyst

  • How do I paste a photo ( jpeg) into the body of my email message- I can do it in Internet Explorer bu can't in Firefox

    I can open up a photo from my "Pictures" file In Internet Explorer, copy it, then paste it into the body of my email message ( I use Earthlink webmail). I see the picture fine.
    When I try to do the same procedure by opening, copy and pasting in Firefox, a box appears with a photo icon, but no photo. Even when I press "view image" it will not show the picture.
    What am I missing?

    There's a utility available that solves this problem in gmail. It allows you to drag and drop any image on your system clipboard directly into Gmail. Check it out:

  • Can I copy a spreadsheet from Numbers into the body of an email message?

    I created a basic calendar originally in Excel and have moved to Numbers. When I copy the Numbers spreadsheet calendar to the body of an email message, it loses all borders and formats and looks like a word salad. I need to paste it into the email message because my recipients are unable to open an attachment. Please help me find a solution. I am a new MAC user.

    You can't change the behavior of copy/paste when the destination is unaware of the Numbers specs.
    I know that the available under Mac Os X 10.5 is able to do some kinds of formatting but
    (a) I don't know which
    (b) I don't know how they are reflected if the target program is not the same
    Yvan KOENIG (from FRANCE vendredi 27 février 2009 20:36:41)

  • Simple question .... how to add photos to the body of my EMAILS -Found 1000 results for How do I add photos to my emails for Thunderbird

    Simple question - How do I add photos to the body of my emails . But instead of the answer - Found 1000 results for How do I add photos to my emails for Thunderbird. There are answers that don't apply at all to the question in anyway. Why does it have to be so hard to get a simple answer to a simple question?
    Thunderbird is acting much like Microsoft, the every reason I dumping MS Live Mail.

    First of all, much help for Thunderbird refers to menus which may not be visible. It would help you and us if you have your menus and toolbars visible.
    So, open a write window. Enable its menu and toolbar(s).
    Now do you see an "Insert" option?
    If not, you may be set to compose in plain text, which does not support embedded images.
    '''[,_Linux,_and_Mac Tools|Account Settings]|{select account}|Composition & Addressing''' and ensure "Compose messages in HTML format" is ticked. If it wasn't already ticked, go back to composing a message. Any better now?
    Once you have HTML composition mode going, you can use '''Insert|Image''' or various permutations of copy-and-paste and drag-and-drop into your message body.
    A manual, of sorts:

  • The text in the body of received emails is converting to hyperlinks !

    I am attempting to receive a copy of my resume over email to my Iphone 4 , I used word to create the text. When attached as a word document the file sends normally however when it is copy and pasted into the body of the email I receive it on my phone as hyperlinks, when I send it to employers in the body the hyperlinks are still present. How do I make it so my inbox does not convert underlined or formmated text to hyperlinks??!

  • TS3899 I can't read the body of my email messages in iCloud and thru Internet. Only see to and subject line fields

    I'm unable to read the body message of my emails. I've tried reading thru iCloud and also through the web browser of yahoo. It was working right yesterday. Today, I only see the to and subject line fields when I click on it to read.

    Try closing the Mail app completely and see if they show when you re-open the app : from the home screen (i.e. not with the Mail app 'open' on-screen) double-click the home button to bring up the taskbar, then press and hold any of the apps on the taskbar for a couple of seconds or so until they start shaking, then press the '-' in the top left of the Mail app to close it, and touch any part of the screen above the taskbar so as to stop the shaking and close the taskbar.
    If that doesn't work then also do a reset : press and hold both the sleep and home buttons for about 10 to 15 seconds (ignore the red slider), after which the Apple logo should appear - you won't lose any content, it's the iPad equivalent of a reboot.

  • How do i restore deleted email messages from mac mail back to hotmail server?

    i have a hotmail email address i use, i have been using      mac lion mail   
    here the problem - i found loads of my emails missing when using hotmail webpage
    but in MacMail they are all there still.
    i found that in macmail settings "remove copy from server after retrieving a message" was selected(after one week). (now i have disabled this function)
    how can i send them back to the hotmail server email box?
    Many thanks in advance for help. Rick

    rickonhismac wrote:
    the emails are in inbox of mac mail back to 2009 but when i log in the website they only go back to jan 2012
    i think mac mail has erased the from hotmail server after placing them in the mac mail.
    i need emails back on hotmail server for access to old emails when working out and about with ipad.
    I do not know if you can unfortunately, having deleted them from the POP server and as Hotmail does not offer an iMap or Exchange solution for OSX they may be 'marooned'
    I will search around and see if I can find a solution.
    But before anything else happens backup your mail (Mailbox Menu>Export Mailbox) and save the file somewhere you can find it, you probably don't need to hear this but you should be (have been) backing up regularly, for this and many other reasons.
    I'll post back if I can find a solution to the issue.

  • How can i highlight text in the Adobe Difital Editions?

    How can i highlight text in the Adobe Difital Editions?

    You have to remember that Digital Editions was never designed to have 'text
    editor' capabilities.  BTW: Bluefire and Overdrive also have such
    limitations.  Put in another frame of reference, DE presents you with the
    ebook, as you would be presented with a physical printed book.

  • How do I "link" an email address in the body of an email?

    I know how to link a web url, but I cannot find a way to link an email address in the body of an email. I want the recipient of my email to be able to click on the email address that is displayed in my message and have it open a new email to that address on their computer like I have done in every other mail software. Thanks in advance for your help.

    Highlight some text in the message body, Insert/Link (Ctrl-L), enter mailto:[email protected] in the Link Location box.

  • TS3899 I recently discovered that I can no longer access websites pointed to within the content of an email message on my iPad Air by clicking on the highlighted HTML text or symbols. What should I do to correct this issue?

    I recently discovered that I can no longer access websites pointed to within the content of an email message on my iPad Air by clicking on the highlighted HTML text or symbols. What have I done to create, and what should I now do to correct, this issue?

    Or you could include a width to your body style:
    body {
    background-image: url(Logo/sky1.jpg);
    background-position: center center;
    background-attachment: fixed;
    width: 75%;}
    It might work or not depending on your other color scheme.

  • Want to send a email with images and text in the body of email in iOS

    In iOS, we have written a code to send an email,  with embedded images and text in the body of the email ( not attachment) using mail composer. It works well with iOS devices like iPhone and iPad, but does not work in window based OS. Can anybody help. The code is

    Thanks James !, do you have an idea how to  find the window resource which I belive will be included in our appllication pack.
    In above  I have missed to copy the code,below is the code. This might help you to help me.
    NSMutableString *imgContent = [[[NSMutableString alloc] initWithString:@"<html><body>"] retain];
    UIImage *imageData = [UIImage imageNamed:@"Midhun.png"];
    NSData *imageDataInBase64 = [NSData dataWithData:UIImagePNGRepresentation(imageData)];
    NSString *base64String = [imageDataInBase64 base64EncodedString];
    [imgContent appendString:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"<p><b><img src='data:image/png;base64,%@'></b></p>",base64String]];
    [imgContent appendString:@"</body></html>"];
    MFMailComposeViewController *emailWin = [[MFMailComposeViewController alloc] init];
    [emailWin setMessageBody:imgContent isHTML:YES];

  • How can I embed a pdf file into the body of an email?

    How can I embed a pdf file into the body of an email?

    The problem is defining what it even means to “embed” a PDF file in the body of an e-mail, especially if you are dealing with a multiple page PDF file.
    E-mail is either pure text, rich text (something akin to RTF in Word), or HTML. PDF is not compatible with any of these. Thus, to embed a PDF file, something has to be converted and that means the PDF would be converted to a less graphically rich raster format. But is that what you would really want?
    I think that the MacOS and iOS e-mail clients do under some circumstances place an attached PDF file within HTML segments and by clicking on same, you get the equivalent of extracting the full PDF file, but I have no real experience with that.
    Another alternative is HTML with a proxy image with a hyperlink to an external PDF file that is invoked when you click on the hyperlink.
    Perhaps you can explain what you are really trying to accomplish and what the recipient of such an e-mail's actual experience would be?
              - Dov

  • Unlike some users, I want to send some files in the body of my email NOT as an attachment. How do I do that?

    Some literary agents want a chapter or two in the body of an email. They do NOT want an attachment. How do I do that?

    ppress and hold on email section until the select and select all show up. Ussually I select text and then hit paste instead.
    Other option on pc or if you have a Bluetooth keyboard
    On windows
    control + c
    to copy
    control + v
    to paste
    on mac
    command + c
    to copy
    command + v
    to paste

  • I wanted to tell that the forums were working well again. And then I saw that I could not enter text in the body again with Windows Chrome.

    After long waiting and clicking I succeeded to reach this body.
    Now I understand why there is so few traffic the last days.

    After long waiting and clicking I succeeded to reach this body.
    Did you try to find any more details to refine your symptom description?  E.g. this sounds like it might be a variation of the one where in IE we see no Edit toolbar but apparently in that case we could treat it like an HTML source edit pane and
    then Submit that.  I only see those very sporadically.  Another possibility suggested by this description ("could not enter text in the body") would be to turn off CSS.  I don't know how you would do that using Chrome but in IE you could
    use View, Styles, No Style (Alt-V y N ).
    FWIW for me the biggest problem that I had in the last few days was related to DNS.  I don't know what was going on but in some cases I had to resort to using nslookup's second operand to request a lookup from Google's DNS server (e.g. and
    then try to work with the IP address that that returned.  I was mostly on Answers where that happened though.
    Robert Aldwinckle
    I'm just an average user, not as knowledged as you. I thought these forums were for persons like me. 

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