How do i add a printer to my iphone 5?

How do I add a printer to my iphone 5?

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  • How do I add a printer to my airport

    How do I add a printer to my airport so I can print with my MAC and iPad and iPhone?

    This is user to user support.. where if we can help you we do.. but otherwise we don't because we don't know the answer.
    If your question is left for 24hours sometimes an Apple rep will point you to a document. that is all.. they never help.. just point.
    Anyhow I see you have posted twice.. with time stamps 2min apart.
    And in the wrong order so anything is possible.
    ipad and iphone can natively print only to printer with airprint.
    See printing with iOS..
    About AirPrint
    Does your printer support airprint.. ?? If so it will be wirelessly connected.
    If it doesn't support airprint there are endless apps on itunes store to help you.
    Look at a print software you load on the Mac that captures jobs for airprint and sends them to the correct printer..
    Printopia.. but there are a zillion others.
    Nowadays printers are the razor holders.. the toner or ink cartridges are the blades.. just buy a new printer.. that is actually capable of the job. Plugging in USB printers and expecting to use them over networks is never 100% successful.. USB is an interface for local connection not network.

  • How do I add another printer to my laptop?

    How do I add another printer to my laptop?  I used to go to "add printer" and it would automatically find the printer I was near and I could add it.  It doesn't allow me that anymore

    Open Accounts preferences (Users & Groups if you are running Lion.) Click on the lock icon and enter your admin password. Click on the Add [-] button to create a new account. Configure the account with username and password as well as set they type of account - admin, standard, or managed.

  • How do you add a printer to your iPad

    how do you add a printer to your iPad.

    1. Buy a AirPrint enabled printer; see list below
    2. Run the CD provided and setup as network printer; this will setup your printer to the same network as your iPad
    3. Start printing from your iPad without wire

  • How do I add wireless printer or Direct tv

    How do I add wireless printer or Direct tv

    These devices would be added the same way that any other wireless device is added as a client to a network......
    1)  Scan to select the network
    2)  Enter the wireless network password
    Keep in mind that DirecTV cannot connect to a wireless network if there are special an apostrophe, asterisk, dollar sign, the wireless network name.
    So if your wireless network is named something like Ernestomelia's Wireless Network, DirecTV will not be able to to connect. Instead, the network should read something like ernestomelia network. A shorter name with no spaces would be better.
    Your printer might have similar requirements, but you did not provide the make or model number of the we don't have much to go on here. In general, you would want to contact support at the printer manufacturer for more specific information.

  • How do i add a playlist to my iphone?

    How do i add a playlist to my iphone?

    Hello, eamonnanthonyoreilly!
    The following article goes into detail about various methods and options for syncing content to your iPhone:
    iTunes: Syncing media content to iPod
    When syncing 'Automatically' you can choose to sync selected playlists:
    When syncing 'Manually':
    To add a playlist, select it from the left side of the iTunes window and drag it onto your device in the same way.
    Best regards,

  • How do you add another photo album to Iphone 3

    How do you add another photo album to iphone 3

    Create one on your computer, followed by a synch.

  • HT4623 How do I add a ringtone to my iPhone without synching to all of iTunes

    How do I add a ringtone to my iPhone without synching to all of iTunes? I have an enormous music library and do not want to add music to my phone. I checked the handle manually button, but it says it's going to erase everything on phone!? I cannot drag into Library from iTunes either. Help!

    If it is a new computer and you have not hooked you phone up, then it is NOT the same library you were syncing the phone with previously.
    You can only sync with ONE iTunes library at a time. You will have to let it wipe the media from the phone and re-sync any music, ringtones, etc. to it.
    Hopefully, you copied your music and other media from your old computer to the new one already.

  • How can I add a password to my iPhone hotspot?

    How can I add a password to my iPhone hotspot?

    When you turn on the Personal Hotspot function, on the same page you will see "Wi-Fi Password", you password can be set there.

  • How can I add ring tones to my iPhone?

    How can I add ring tones to my iPhone? I just got an iPhone 5c and I am clueless about these things.

    There are old posts that reference this but if you Google "How to make ringtones for iPhone" you'll find some detailed instructions on how to create and convert songs into ringtones. Your other option would be to buy ringtones from the iTunes store but it's really easy to make them yourself out of songs you already have

  • How can i istall a printer on my iphone 4

    how can i install a printer on my iphone so i can print from it?

    You don't "install" a printer

  • How do I add a printer connected to another iMac on the network to my printer list?

    How do I add an Epson printer connected to an iMac on the network to the printer list on my MacBook Pro? I cannot get it to show up in the list for printers to add.

    That only works if the printer is itself a network printer. You can't do it if it is directly connected to another computer on the network unless it is configured to be a Shared Printer on the other computer.

  • How do I add/remove print apps on my printer?

    The way you add apps to your printer varies depending on the model. 
    I. On the following printers, use the "Get More" icon on the device to add additional print apps directly on the device:  When you select the "Get More" icon on your printer front panel display, you will see a list of available apps for your pinter, and you can select and add apps to your printer from there:  
    HP Photosmart c309n-s
    HP Photosmart Premium C310 series
    HP Photosmart eAll-in-One Printer D410 series 
    To remove apps on these printers, select the "Get More" icon, and then select the "Manage Apps" button (at the top-left of the Touchsmart Web Apps" screen that appears).  That will open the "Manage My Favorites" screen where you can remove apps by selecting the "X" on the app icons.  
    Any configuration required for print apps (e.g., entering Zip Code) on these devices will be prompted for when you run the print app. 
    II. On the HP eStation (with the removable tablet display).  
    Add apps: Select the tab (with the upwards arrow on it) at the bottom of the screen to open the app drawer.  Then select the Add Apps option at the bottom of the screen to view available print apps.  
    Delete apps: Select the tab (with the upwards arrow on it) at the bottom of the screen to open the app drawer.  Scroll down to display the Print Apps section.  Select the Delete option and then select the app you wish to delete.   
    III. On other web-connected printers, if you select the "Get More" icon it will provide you the web site address for HP ePrintCenter -  You go there to add new apps, view apps on your printer, and setup/remove apps from your printer.  
    For those devices, to add more print apps: 
    Go to and log into your account.  If you don't have an account yet, create an account and add your printer.  Information on doing that can be found here:
    Select the "Get More Print Apps" link in the Print Apps section (below the ePrint section).
    Select the icon of the print app you want to install, and then on the print app detail page select the "Add to Printer" button.  If the print app requires setup, after adding it you will see a "Setup" button which you should select to configure the print app so it is ready to use.  
    To remove apps on these printers, select the "My Apps" link to display the apps installed on your device.  Hold your mouse over the print app you would like to remove and a red X will appear, select the red X to remove the app.  
    As soon as you add or remove the print app from the HP ePrintCenter it will be removed/added on your the "Apps" icon to see all currently installed apps on your printer.  
    Note:  Not all print apps are supported on all printers, and apps may be limited to cetain countries or languages.  If you don't see a print app you are looking for when you access the "Get More Print Apps" link, that app is not currently available for your printer.  We are regularly working on creating new apps and extend the printers on which existing apps are available, and you will see a star notification icons on the Get More icon on your printer when new apps are available.  
    I am an HP employee.

    Help!  DAILY READ has become a daily beast.  How do I delete it????
    [email protected]

  • How do I add a Printer Driver to the Driver List??

    Im trying to add my printer to a WGPS606 Netgear Print server. So Im adding a Printer to print via LPD IP printing, but My Canon iP4200 is not listed as one of the canon printers in the "Print Using" driver list.
    I have been to the Canon site and can only seem to download a Pkg driver file (which I have run).
    If I use the "other" setting in the "print using" driver list surely I can add the iP4200 if I had the right driver file.....? How do I get hold of the right file to add it to the list or am I missing the point of adding a print driver to the pre-installed list????

    I have read my list through and through but no sign
    of Designjet 900. (now slightly cross-eyed). If you
    get a chance to look through the list on your mac
    when you're reunited, I would be grateful!
    The latest version of the Gutenprint/Gimp-Print drivers does not have a generic DeskJet Series 900 PPD. It lists individual printers in the 900 range. The Gimp-Print v4.2.7 driver package did have a generic DeskJet Series 900 PPD. Somewhere in between, there was a change over to model specific PPDs.
    Crispian, your original request for a driver for an HP printer was for the HP Deskjet 9800. Gutenprint/Gimp-Print does not support that printer. The hpijs drivers do support that printer. If that is not the printer you have, please specify again which printer you have. There has been mention of the DeskJet 9800, DeskJet 900, and DesignJet 900 in this thread.
    Mac Mini G4; B&W G3/300    

  • How do i add a printer to my account?

    I want to be able to print. How can I add my printer

    Hi deneahj20471770,
    Please elaborate--what are trying to print from? In general, the printer setup is a function of your operating system. If you want to add a printer, you need to install the appropriate printer driver. When the printer driver is installed, you should be able to access that printer from any of your installed applications.
    If you tell us what operating system you're on, and what you're printing to, we should be able to point you in the right direction.

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