How Do I Add A Site Search Box?

I just upgraded my BC subscription to webMarketing and I am wanting to add a site search box to my site but I am having troubles with the directions found on the Adobe Website: Business Catalyst Help | Add a site search box.
My first issue is a simple clarification with item #4 under "Create a page to display the search results"
4. In the editor, enter {module_searchresults} where you want the results to appear on the page.  What exactly is the editor? LOL is that just the Adobe Muse page and I use the text tool and create a box with "{module_searchresults}" in it?
My next, more critical issue is:
Add a search box to a template
Open the template in editing mode by selecting Site Manager > Page Templates, and choosing the template from the list of templates. My BC Admin page has "Site Manager" on the left - but when I click it - it only shows "Web Forms" and "System E-mails" I have no option for "Page Templates". 
So how do I get "Page Templates" to show up.  I'm pretty sure my "webMarketing" subscription allows for a site search box...maybe I am mistaken.
Thanks for any help!

The editor is that of the WYSIWYG editor in the BC admin itself.
The important thing to know is Muse is NOT BC, it is not the only thing you use to make a BC site, far from it. IT is a really basic tool to build basic sites. The instructions you will find on the BC docs will never reference the way to do it for Muse, just BC, or you can use your own code editor.
So you need to go login to your website admin and then you will find the pages, templates etc.

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    Hi Folks,
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    Hi Cathy,
    Muse does not currently offer a site search feature. Others have discussed this here: and I would recommend adding your vote to the following idea topic:
    Best regards,

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    There are two ways to add something into a footer on muse. One, right click on the item you want to be a footer and select "Footer Item."
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    You can also email me with any more questions at [email protected]
    Hope that helped,

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