How do I find my model #?

I can't find the actual model # for my Macbook Pro 15"  (early 2008) .  I have Googled the question and it led me here with an archived thread.  It said to check the hardware so I did and instead of getting "Mxxxxxxx"  I got ..........MacBookPro4,1.   I have recently aquired a MacBook Pro 15" and checking the sytem preferences, it told me that is is an early 2008 model.  I want to replace the screen on it and do a few other replacements as well, but I don't have the actual model # to see if I an order the parts myself.  Help!  Thanks in advance

if you have any concerns, call your closest Apple store for confirmation.

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  • How do I find the model number of a MacBook

    A friend of mine has a MacBook that won't start up. How do I find the model number of her MacBook? A number like MBXXXLL/A or MAXXXLL/A.

    Do you meant he serial number? If so, click the Apple Menu  then click: About This Mac. You will see Mac O S X. Under that click where you see: Version 10.x.x, then click one more time to see the serial number.
    You can also view this information by launching the System Profiler (Applications/Utilties)
    On the left under Contents select Hardware. The serial number will be displayed on the right.
    Just out of curiosity, how is knowing the serial number going to help trouble shoot this MacBook ??

  • How do I find the model number on my keyboard?

    How do I find the model number on my keyboard? I have an anodised aluminium (short with no numeric pad on it) keyboard that came with my iMac that I bought in 2009, and I am wanting to find out what model it is.
    Any suggestions?

    Many of the Apple keyboards have the model number on the underside, often in very tiny grey print that is really, really hard to read
    You can also go to the Apple symbol in the top left corner of your screen, drop down to About this Mac, then click more Info and navigate to the the hardware information about the interfacing equipment.
    If you have your original order information from purchase, it may list each item you received with model/part number.

  • How do i find the model number on my macbook?

    how do i find the model number on my macbook?

    Click the Apple at the top left and select More Info or System Report depending n which version of OS X you're running. Select and copy the serial number and paste it here and you'll find complete specs for your MacBook.

  • How do I find the model number and year built?

    How do I find the model number of my iMac and what year it was built?

    Depending on the version of Mac OS X: click the apple left side of the menu bar, About This Mac, More Info some versions skip this, System Report, Hardware, and then see what it shows for the Model Identifier - that will say Model IdentifieriMac with a number such as 8,1 or something of that form.
    You can use that to find out the details about the machine by going to and go to the iMacs and then some quick checks on the years to find the match for your Model Identifier.

  • Satellite M30x, How can I find out model number?

    have to get drivers for my good old Toshiba Satellite M30x******* . The stickers underneath are washed out and i can not read the model number anymore.
    How can I find out the model number to get the correct drivers?
    Thanks for Help

    I have checked Toshiba download page and for Satellite M30x there is one model only PSA72E.
    So just visit Toshiba download page under > Support & Downloads.
    When you open download area under product type choose option ARCIVE and you will find drivers for your notebook model.
    If you have more questions please let us know.
    Good luck!

  • How do I find the model number to my 15" Mac Book Pro?

    I have a 15" Mac Book Pro (the one with the keyboard that matches the outer uni-body and track-pad).  I am having difficulty in finding the actual model number that is associated with this machine ( as it is second hand). I found the serial number and all the other essential specifications to wit I would have interest for scheduled up-keep.  The model number, however, escapes me?  Could someone shed some light on this?  Apologies in advance for appearing thick headed on the matter.  I'm sure it is right in front of me.

    SYSTEM PROFILER>HARDWARE>HARDWARE OVERVIEW>MODEL IDENTITFIER.  Click on the Apple icon in the upper left hand corner, then 'About this Mac' and then 'More I\nfo...'

  • How do you find which model iPhone you are using?

    Help me find on the iphone what model it is

    You already posted this question and it was answered here.

  • How do I find a model number for my MacBook?

    I am trying to purchase more memory for my MacBook through a website
    When I go to select my model, there are a few options and I don't know how to figure out which is mine. I know mine is a
    2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (13" White) but then there's a few different "model numbers"? i.e. MA700LL/A, etc... how do i know which one to pick for my MacBook? I don't see this info under the "About This Mac" info...
    any help would be great!!!

    maraujo wrote:
    So after finally downloading the software from Crucial - it looks like i have a
    Apple MacBook 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (13-inch White) MA700LL/A Laptop/Notebook.
    it says I can only get up to 2G - is that right?!?! A buddy of mine bought his only a few months after me and he can hold 4G - is that right?? I feel jipped if that's the case...
    That's the nature of product cycles. I bought a 12" combo-drive iBook G3 600 in March 2002 for $1500. A few months later the 12" iBook G3 800 came out for $1299 with same combo-drive. That's the nature of technology. Some people get obsessive about memory prices, although the current prices for MacBook compatible memory are probably at/near their lowest point.
    Running programs like Ableton could use the extra memory. Not sure if Crucial underestimates how much memory it can recognize? Everyone on here seemed to think I could hold at least 3G...
    Apple doesn't document it, but apparently it should be able to accept 4GB and use up to 3.3GB. Some retailers recommend just a 2GB + 1GB combination for the cost conscious. Other World Computing lists single modules for people who want to do that. Crucial doesn't make compatibility guarantees for configurations that aren't supported by the manufacturer.

  • How do I find the model number for my macbook air?

    I recently purchased a macbook air and I want to buy a hardshell case for it. All of the cases I've seen says it will fit A13xx 0r A14xx so I want to make sure that I get the right one. Where do I look to find this number?

    Click here and find your system in the list.

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    I need to know the model # of my ipod touch 8G.  I don't know what generation the ipod is. 

    Identifying iPod models

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    Take a look at this:
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    iff it's ipad1 then no if newer ipad then 1 then yes

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    hope this will help .
    Just click on the green star beneath my avatar - it's absolutely free!

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    Check iPad model with the Serial Number

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