How do I get rid of a password that will not allow me to access an account

I have an account that will not let me access it with the username and password that I have recorded. How do I get rid of it so that I can crfeate a new username and password?

To view or delete the stored usernames/passwords: '''Tools '''('''Alt '''+ '''T''') > '''Options '''> '''Security '''> '''Saved Passwords...'''
[ Options > Security]
Useful links:
[ All about Tools > Options]
[ Going beyond Tools > Options - about:config]
[ about:config Entries]
[ Page Info] Tools (Alt + T) > Page Info, Right-click > View Page Info
[ Keyboard Shortcuts]
[ Viewing Video without Plugins]
[ Firefox Profile Folder & Files]
[ Firefox Commands]
[ Basic Troubleshooting]
[ After Upgrading]
[ Safe Mode]
[ Problematic Extensions]
[ Troubleshooting Extensions and Themes]
[ Troubleshooting Plugins]
[ Testing Plugins]

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