How do I move a whole layer in Illustrator CS6?

I've got a project where the same set of paths, all on a same layer, repeat multiple times, forming a sort of spline. Is there any way to select a whole layer, and only that layer, then move it about the canvas?

In the Layers panel click on the right side of the layer you want to select like this and all the objects on that layer will be selected. Then move as needed. Make sure it is a large stroked square not a small unstroked one.

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    Thanks, Jeff! The file Adobe Setup Error.log contains the following information:
    02/14/14 07:20:26:474 | [INFO] |  | OOBE | DE |  |  |  | 8860 | DEVersion:
    02/14/14 07:20:26:475 | [INFO] |  | OOBE | DE |  |  |  | 8860 | Loading library from C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\OOBE\PDApp\DECore\DE5\Setup.dll
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  • How do I move a pattern layer independent of its vector mask?

    I've created a pattern fill layer and assigned a vector mask to it. How do I move the pattern around without affecting the mask? I realize if I want to rotate the pattern I'd need to convert it to a smart object, but if I only need to adjust the pattern location there must be some way to do that without moving the vector mask along with it. A traditional layer shows the vector and raster mask layer with a lock icon, but fill pattern layers are different for some reason. Can someone "fill" me in?

    rcraighead wrote:
    Yes, I understand that. I am working with pattern layers, not layers filled with a bitmap pattern.
    That is not what your showing above in red above your showing a shape layer in CS6 a pattern fill layer with a vector mask is a cs6 shape layer. Even the icon on the layer's content in the layers palette shows its a shape layer.  You can edit the vector mask you can not unlink it. For its a cs6 shape layer.  As you noted you can first convert pattern fill layer into a smart object layer. It then acts like a normal pixel layer with an associated transform to the canvas size. Your no longer dealing with a pattern fill layer. When you rotate it you will have the same problem with the layers corners areas.  CS6 changed shape layers design they have more options then prior  versions of Photoshop and prior versions of Photoshop can not handle CS6 shape layers that used cs6 shape options like stroke, line type, and pattern fills.

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    With iTunes closed, copy (safer if you don't yet have a backup) or move the entire iTunes folder from <User's Music> to X:\ as X:\iTunes (where X is the drive letter of the external). Press and hold down shift as you click the icon to start iTunes, keep holding shift until asked to choose or create a library, click choose, then browse to and open X:\iTunes\iTunes Library.itl.
    Note that changing the advanced preference for the media folder location doesn't change where iTunes expects to find existing content. Moving the library in the way outlined above however will work.
    You should think about backing up your library to another external drive or network share.

  • How do i move the second layer?

    I can move the first layer (background) however I'm having trouble moving the second layer.

    What does that layer contain? A normal pixel layer, you can use the move tool {v}. A shape layer you can use the direct selection tool {a} make sure the layer is selected first, then with the direct selection tool click on the path to move. You can also use the group selection tool this moves the object only whereas the direct selection tool can select points on the path and move just those.
    If you are unsure, capture your entire screen with the layers panel open and any collapsed layers expanded. Then post it here.

  • How can I can write Arabic in Adobe Illustrator CS6 ?

    How can I can write Arabic in Adobe Illustrator CS ?
    I use Adobe® Creative Suite® 6 Design & Web Premi
    And I write Arabic in Adobe photshop CS6 but I can't write in  Illustrator and  indesign
    PLZ help me .

    In Photoshop, Middle-east/North-african type (MENA) is enabled in all editions. In Illustrator and InDesign, you need the MENA-enabled editions of the software. Please use these links to download the trial and explore Arabic language support in Illustrator:

  • How do I install Cutting Master 3 to Illustrator CS6?

    How do I install Cutting Master 3 (plug in) into Illustrator CS6?
    I have tried and it is not working. 

    Hi Di in CS,
    You can install any commercial plug-in designed for use with Illustrator.
    To install an Adobe Systems plug-in module, use the installer if one is provided. Otherwise, drag a copy of the module to the Plug-ins folder inside the Illustrator folder. Then restart Illustrator for the plug-in to take effect.
    To install a third-party plug-in module, follow the installation instructions that came with the plug-in module.
    Hope this helps.
    Sumit Singh

  • How to enable middle eastern language support in Illustrator cs6?

    how to enable illustrator cs6 to support middle east? 
    i have enable this option on photoshop cs6 and in InDesign cs6
    but not in illustrator cs6,
    please help
    (i download the master collection cs6 trial version)

    I know in In Design you can have a template file set up with a right to left text box which can be copied into any version of In Design and used for Arabic text.
    If you can get hold of an Illustrator file set up in the ME version this may work too.
    I only rarely typeset Arabic in small quantitys so this is a good workaround for me.
    All the download links are now broken by the way Ivan =)
    There are plugins available also for non ME versions which will help you if your budget won't stretch to another full adobe release;
    Multi language text input and editing, ScribeDOOR for Adobe Illustrator CS5.1 and CS6;
    World Tools from provides the same functionality for In Design;
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  • How do I move in specified increments in Photoshop CS6?

    I don't care about nudging or shift nudging...or free-hand dragging elements around.  In Photoshop CS5 I used to be able to select the move tool (V) hit (enter) a window would pop up and I'd type the incremental distance and hit (enter) again and the specified object or layer would move that increment.  I've seemed to have lost that ability in CS6 and I'm not finding any information on it.

    Gotcha.  You never used the (V) for move tool (enter) for (dialogue for x and y dimension box would pop up) then Type number for (x dimension) hit (Tab) Type number for (y dimension) then hit (enter) to confirm?  It just seemed to flow for me.  I never had to leave transform handels up or click in a corner then then click the left orientation box then drag select and change the number for x...then drag select change the number for y....I can get used to it.  If I had CS5 here I would take a screen capture of what I'm talking about....this will get me through just fine though.  Thanks for your patience and help! 

  • How to smooth edges of a layer in Illustrator?

    Okay, I'm not exactly sure how to phrase my question, but I'll do my best.
    Basically I have a drawing that was made in Photoshop and now I need to make it larger. However, it gets pixellated of course. Therefore I want to put it in Illustrator and make the edges smoother (it's basically four colors that do not blend, so each color is separate).
    Is there any fairly easy way to do this? I figure I could either smooth the edges or turn it into a vector. I know Photoshop and InDesign, but I haven't used Illustrator at all, so I have no idea how to do this.
    Sorry if I wasn't clear on something, please let me know. Thank you very much!

    You can also make a path/paths out of your layer/selection in Photoshop and copy to Illie.
    It will probably be more accurate that way if you handle it right.
    Once you have pasted a path into Illie it becomes an "Object" (Illiespeak) on a layer. Illie's layers can hold many objects.
    Now all you have to do is colour it (Color ans Swatches palettes).

  • How do you cut letters from a layer in Illustrator CS6 (so it leaves the letter shape but as a hole)

    I tried to search through the questions yes and blah blah, I would rather want the answer so that any dummy would understand.
    So once again, how can I erase/cut letters from a transparent image that I have, so the letters would be holes?
    I'm just really tired of searching an answer that would actully work for me and I have to get this job done soon, so if you can help, I will come all the way up there and hug all the air out of you. Okay maybe not literally.. But pixelhugs.
    I'm desperate, I know. This has been a headache for me for quite some time.
    Please help. Thank you.
    (I would do this with Photoshop, but the pixels.. Yugh. This work is going to be printed big, so they would be a problem.)

    If you want the lettershapes to punch holes in the image so you can look through them, a simple way is to place the letters on top of the image, select both and in the Transparency palette flyout tick Make Opacity mask (set the Clip and Invert Mask to the combination that makes it work, both unticked if the Type is black); you may use live Type.

  • Move/Nudge 0.5px in Illustrator CS6?

    Hello:                                                                                                                    Level:  Newbie'ish  OS: Win7  Illy:Cs6
    I would like to be able to move an object over just a tad which I believe would be a half of a pixel.
    Does anyone know how I could go about doing so or is it not possible?
    Thank you for your time

    Set the increments to .01px and click ok. (see image below)  It will move very little but it will get you to exact.  Holding the shift key will only get you  .1px.
    Be sure to type the px after the .01.

  • How do I apply perspective to type in Illustrator CS6?

    I want my type to resemble a building, how do I figure this out?Also i have a thumbnail box which I'm putting my box in, how do
    I cut off the type from the outside of the box.

    I have used this technique on type and when I expand the appearance, a lot of lines appear (it is no longer smooth). I need this to look good on screen and for print. Any suggestions on avoiding or fixing this problem?

  • How do you connect two line segments in illustrator cs6?

    I have been using adobe cs5 for a few years.  If I wanted to connect the corners of two line segments, you would select the first line segment with the select tool, then switch to the direct selection tool, and drag the anchor point to the other line segment anchor point till the cursor arrow went white (signifying the other anchor point being recognized).  Then you would choose "join" and it would give a nice right angle connecting the two line segments. 
    With adobe cs6, the direct selection tool doesn't change to white when you go over the other line segment anchor point.  Why is this? 
    (Unfortunately my screen capture doesn't show the black arrowhead that you see when you are dragging with the direct selection tool to the other line segment.)
    I have also attached a youtube video link that shows what how this recognition of anchor points looks in adobe illustrator cs5, and this was exactly what I used to do when I was performing the task shown in my screen capture but with adobe illustrator cs5.  Thanks and sorry for the essay!
    Anybody have any idea how to remedy the lack of anchor point recognition?

    You are welcome, zinders.
    Just a comment: you seem to use Butt Cap, so you can really see when line segments are not joined.

  • How do you create a bulleted list in Illustrator CS6?

    I want the bullet to remain with the text like it would in a MS Word bulleted list.

    As mentioned Illustrator does not have a style of bulletted list. Thanks to some great typographical control you can create this using firs line indent (I set mine to -4.5 pt for this typeface & point size). This will give you hanging bullets, though if you change your type, that -4.5 would have to change.

Maybe you are looking for

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