How do I print to a dot matrix printer using LPT1?

Sorry, reposting the question. Hit the wrong button on the forum.
OS is XP. 
I have an old application
that worked previously. I built a new executable and installer and
installed on my target machine. This is a new machine but same brand and model motherboard as used
I used VISA with LPT1 as the resource name. I get back an
error 1073807302.
The printer is working as evidenced by printing
from Notepad. I installed the driver from XP. The printer is a Panasonic
KXP1150. I need the tractor feed for this application.
have an idea where to start trouble shooting?
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Here is the snippet of my code that is causing my consternation.
See attached.
lpt printer ‏26 KB

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    Dear all,
    how can i design a report that is going to be printed on a dot matrix printer, i want to know these things:
    1 - what i will have to change in the report it self.
    2 - when i call the report from the form how the code will be.
    3 - do i have to print the report on the browser then the user press print from the file menu of the browser.
    please advice

    1 - what i will have to change in the report it self.Since you will be printing to a dot matrix printer, you essentially need to design a character mode report and set the .prt file for printing purpose. Check in online help for how to make a character mode report.
    2 - when i call the report from the form how the code >will be.On the otn site itself, you can find a white paper on reports 9i/forms integration. Please refer to this white paper on the example code.
    3 - do i have to print the report on the browser then >the user press print from the file menu of the browser.You do not need to print the report from browser window and can directly tell the report to print the character mode output using your dot matrix printer. The command line you send from Forms will have destype=printer and desformat=<.prt file name>

  • BMP image not printing on LIPI Dot MAtrix printer

    Hello everybody .
    I am facing a promlem while printing a signature ( bmp image ) in a report .
    In print preview it is showing coreclty but while printing to LIPI Dot matrix printer model TALLY 2500 that Signature( bmp image ) is not getting printer.
    Can anybody let me know wether any setting is to be done from SAP side .
    Thanks in advance .

    Hi Raje,
    Try to take the print in inkjet or laserjet printer
    just for confirmation purpose .
    if it prints in that and  doesn't print in dot matrix then the problem is with the dot matrix.
    In that case ask the basis guys to install the relevent device driver for that dot matrix printer( as normally they would have installed some generic driver ).
    Hope this helps.
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  • Printing Barcode in Dot Matrix Printer

    Dear Experts,
    We have developed Smart form to print Barcode and it's printing fine in LaserJet printer & readable by the scanner,  We need it on Dot Matrix printer for (multiple copies) and tried the same with Dot Matrix printer it use to print but not readable with scanner.
    SAP Transaction - MIGO (GI Posting)
    Dot Matrix Printer - Epson DFX9000  & Oki data PACEMARK 4410
    Please help me to Print Barcode in Dot Matrix printer through Smart form.

    There is something I don't understand: if the barcode printed is visually correct, and exactly the same as with a laser printer, why do you want it would be better with a PDF (especially on a dot matrix printer).
    Could you also tell us what symbology you use, and do you use smart form new barcode technology?

  • Which driver to use to print to a dot matrix printer?

    Hi, we are using Adobe Output Designer 5.7 to create invoice templates.  We use a custom application that uses Adobe Output Central Server (5.6) to create invoices and print them to a network printer.  We are about to do a new release in Chile, which requires a dot matrix printer be used for printing due to gov't regulations.  Does anyone know what kind of print driver could be used to effectively print to a dot matrix printer?  It seems like all the drivers we have used don't work.
    Additionally, we also tried using the .pdf driver in conjunction with the Web Output Pak, but unfortunately that result is just as bad.  Does anyone know of a workaround to get Pdf's to work with a dot matrix printer?  By googling, I found that we could try copying the .pdf output and pasting into Word, but I haven't tested this yet and it makes for a cumbersome process.

    Hi Andrew,
    Unless you can convert the PDF to a text file, and print that, I doubt there is any way to send PDFs to a Dot Matix printer.
    If you're on Windows then one way is to use the 'windows' driver option in your template to generate the output directory for the target printer - this allows non-supported printers to be used with Output Server,

  • How to print with a dot matrix printer?

    can anyone tell me how to print a document with a dot-matrix printer with java?

    try this...
    String printerUNC = "lpt1:";
    String report = "This is the text to print"
    FileWriter fw = new FileWriter(printerUNC);
    PrintWriter pw = new PrintWriter(fw);
    pw.println(report);//"This is the test report");
    }catch(Exception e){
    System.out.println("Error during print");

  • Printing over a Dot Matrix Printer

    I want to do printing on a Dot Matrix Priner. Can any body help me how to perform this task.
    Umar Toseef

    You can either,
    - use the OS drivers using the Java Printing API
    - write the printers codes to is directly using the Java COMMS API
    - buy another printers.
    My preference would be for the last one!

  • Text shifting Right when printing smarform in Dot matrix printer

    Hi all,
    I have developed a payslip in smart form. I am printing the smartform in dot matrix printer. when there is blank between 2 values like one of the deductions is blank between 2 values while printing its will shift to right indefinitely even though in the print preview it is appearing correctly. In the same way in the last line i am printing Total earnings deductions n net pay...  Total earnings has to be printed approximately after 6 cms from left margin in print preview it is exactly where i wanted but when printing its printing after almost 8 - 9 cms
    I have created a Z page format to fit the copying 6 inch page and added code to make necessary changes to print in continuously
    Kindly help me to overcome the issue.
    Any help appreciable....
    Shivakumar K B

    Hi Pavan,
    I am trying to display the text in the template which is of the exact size as in preprinted stationary, in  paragraph format i am not using space between variables..
    To be clear.................... I am getting my print preview is correctly  but when i give it for printing the text is shifting right...

  • PO printing issue in Dot Matrix printer

    Hi expert
    We got unnecessary spaces on the second page while taking a PO print out.
    printer is dot matrix- EPSON LQ2180.
    Page Format     DINA4
    Device type is EPESCP2
    Can any body help in this matter?what have i to do remove unnecessary spaces from PO printout?
    And also i can not under stand the code which was written in Page Format DINA4?
    please find below codes.Help to understand the below code as well.
    Printer initialization
    designate codepage for slot 0
    select codepage from slot 0
    set line spacing 6 LPI
    set page length to DINA4 (=70 lines at 6 LPI)
    cancel bottom margin
    set left margin to 0
    select LQ quality
    select non-proportional spacing
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    There is something I don't understand: if the barcode printed is visually correct, and exactly the same as with a laser printer, why do you want it would be better with a PDF (especially on a dot matrix printer).
    Could you also tell us what symbology you use, and do you use smart form new barcode technology?

  • Printing smartform in Dot matrix printer

    Hi ,
    i am giveing the printout of the smartform in the dot matrix printer. But in the print out the template is not getting printed and in the second table i am getting extra lines in the table. Please give me any suggestions and is there any settings to be changed in the printer.
    Warm Regards

    There may be some isssue with the loop used to printing the table ....
    There might be only 2 reasons either there is loop repeating or not data is not cleared  concentrate on this two issues only .
    try debugging the table jus before printing .if its is fine , then
    Sometimes even the problem with the print catridge could have resulted in this .
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  • Problem while printing smartform in dot matrix printer

    Hi Experts,
    When i am printing smartform using dot matrix printer only the last page prints but all the pages displays in print privew.
    For example suppose there are three pages to be print 1/3, 2/3 , 3/3 , i get all the three pages in print privew as well as when i take its printout in laser printer i get all three pages as print, but when i am using dot matrix printer i get only the last page ie 3/3 as print.
    Varun Sharma

    Hai Varun,
    If things are coming properly then its no more ABAP issue.
    Need to check out with the BASIS team along with the IT / hardware department.
    Just try to take print out on a other dotmatrix printer, if its somewhere close to you as usually they are heavy and large in size can't be moved.
    Hope this helps,

  • Printing problem in Dot matrix printer

    Hi all,
    We are planning to use Dot matrix printers for printing through SAP.We do front end printing using Windows OS. I am able to get prints properly if it is a script form. In case of list outputs, printer is printing the text outside the paper.Only half of the text is printing on the continuous stationary. Actually document is to be printed in Landscape format. So printer should print data vertically on the paper,but it's printing horizontally. I have created sparate output device for this printer.My printer is TVS Electronics HD745 24 Pin heavy duty printer. I have assigned OKI341 as device type for this device.Any more settings I need to do to get printing in landscape mode?

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  • Printing Reports on Dot Matrix Printer

    Reports are printing very slowly on Dot Matrix Printer. If any solution Please tell me.
    [email protected]

    hello, I could not write English, but I will help you
    You could see it in SYSTEM PARAMETERS of reports, in the MODE option, putting the to initial value Character type
    You also have to see the Dflt.prt file, that this located in the C:\ ORAWIN95\ REPORT60\ PRINTERS, the who you control the margins of
    impression in manner [caracter]. They for [default] are 80 Columns and 66 Lines, the
    who you could publish and change the courages
    You count me if I operate you.

  • Printing Reports to Dot-Matrix Printer

    I have a customer that is trying to print a report to my company's dot-matrix printer and we keep seeing a "bold/unbold" command (7B, OB) where we should be getting actual bolded text. Is there anyone who has experience printing Oracle reports to a simple dot-matrix text printer? Can you suggest a printer emulation or fix?

    The dflt132,dflt like.. files in c:\orawin95\rdbms\reports\print(may be dir is correct) for the printer and make sure that the file contains the correct escape sequence
    like if bold escape "70",etc..
    if you know Foxpro Special Char values,the samething you can apply in the dflt files.
    Hope this helps.

  • Adobe print form on dot matrix printer

    Has anyone tried to print adobe forms into a dot matrix printer i.e. printing multi-part documents. I've read that the device type supported are PostScript, PCL, PDF and ZPL. The help file specifically mentioned that SAPWIN device type won't be supported, but it does not mentioned explecitly weather ASCII device type or device type for dot matrix/impact printer is supported or not.
    I'm still holding up hope that adobe print forms scenario will be able to do this since we are planning to go ahead with 100% adobe form solution.
    Any info would greatly appreciated.

    The supported output formats of ADS are PostScript, PCL, PDF and ZPL. That means that your printer has to support one of the mentioned formats to be supported. So the answer to your question is no.

  • Generic printing to networked dot matrix printer

    Hello --
    I have a NEC MultiImpact 700XX2N (PR-D700XX2N) printer that prints carbon copy forms (switching printer not an option). It has a network interface (with an embedded print server, I believe) and networks fine, but there is no Mac driver. I can ping it and configured LPD in printer control panel.
    I can print to it, but of course it spits out all the postscript gibberish. I don't need any fonts etc., just plain output of ASCII characters or text data I sent to it, line by line. I can then set up label templates and start printing from my backend software (not decided).
    There is Windows software provided, but I'd rather avoid setting this up. How can I just send plain characters to the printer and print on tractor-fed paper?

    I suggest you try setting up with this open source driver (download the PPD):
    You will need to also install foomatic and ghostscript: ic
    When you add the printer in Print & Fax, for driver select Other to get a file selector dialog and select the PPD.

Maybe you are looking for

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