How do I return my mbp?

Hello all,
My MBP is having intermittent wireless issues from day 1. It is about 3 months oldnow It refuses to connect to my home wpa2 802.11g network at times.. it has been to the shop and they couldnt reproduce it (they ran it on a open 802.11n network with no encryption, and didnt have the necessary skills to interprete my ping traces so I have given up the shop approach, their technaical capabilities were limited to streaming radio means internet is working). Applecare was a bit more helpful, they restarted the SMC and reset NVRAM? that kept it going for a couple of days..but we're now back to the same old issues.
Now after having to reboot it..(keyboard and mouse refusing take any input), I am just tired and want to return it. Can anyone point in the right way to go about this?
I am tech savy, so I tried to push Applecare to give me proper instructions/tools to trace the root cause. But tailing a log file or a event viewer type troubleshooting seems beyond their capabilities..this is dissapointig since I paid for applecare I expected better than par service.
Any directions on returning the mbp is much appreciated.
Also would be much interested to know if anyone with similar issues managed to fix it completely?
After folking out $2500 having to reboot every couple of days is not acceptable. Specially when the $500 IBM hasnt been rebooted for months.
Thanks all,

If you are still under warranty, call Apple tech support.  Make sure you get a case number.  Or you can take your computer to an AASP instead of an Apple Store.  AASP's Outside of the USA 

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    If you have redeemed the voucher for something separate from the computer, then it's a non-issue. If you redeemed it as a price reduction for the computer, then they will return only what you paid less the coupon.

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    That was my question, too, as I only ever manage to see USB ports in arm rests. So for now we are apparently SOL. Sorry to break it to you.

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    Whats with the MBP lid? Dont close it ... if you're so concerned! Just go to System Preferences/Energy Saver and set it to how you like it.

  • How to get a Whinefree MBP?

    Any suggestions on how I can get a MBP without the whine.
    Like walking into an Apple Store and Checking one out before I buy, will they let me do that?

    Give apple uk a call as they sorted me out with a replacement without asking too many questions. If you havent already read around the posts there's a couple of the things you could try first before you part with your MBP:
    1. Reset the MBP power management unit ( - didnt work for me but word has it that it may help!
    2. Check out QuietMBP ( - its a software fix that inevitably reduces battery life, but ever so slightly. Plus it comes on when you first boot and you can customise the code to make it do less work if it solves the problem.
    3. Mirror widget/photobooth etc etc, but these really are grubby fixes and you shouldnt be happy using these as permanent fixes.
    So if your not happy with any of these and all else failing, get a replacement, but as i mentioned in a previous thread it is worth asking to KEEP HOLD OF YOUR MBP until the replacement arrives (when you have 5 days to then return it). Thing is Apple in the UK are guff when it comes to shipping as they all come from Shanghai, so consequently take another good 10 days after the intial 5 days/3-4 period - rubbish!
    Good luck!
    1.83 Macbook Pro   Mac OS X (10.4.5)  

  • How can I return my ipad 1 to pre OS5?

    how can I return my ipad 1 to pre OS5?
    Ive been reading the forums all over the place to find the solution to my ipad 1 continually crashing. it does it mainly in safari and the app store.
    Its really annoying when you're halfway through composing a long e-mail message and it just reverts back to the home screen.
    I'm perfectly happy to give up the advantages of IOs 5, because I would rather have a stable machine (like it used to be) than use the cloud and multitasking. (I don't use them anyway). I know that some of my apps might stop working but its more important to me that the basics work.

    You cannot downgrade the iOS.  Once you upgrade, you're stuck with it.
    Part of your problem is that your iPad is old and it probably having difficulty keeping up with the data and protocols for the newer software.  It's probably time to send a note to Santa. 

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    Edited by: user9158455 on 22-Sep-2010 07:33

    Have your tried pr.exitValue() ?
    I think you also need a finally block that destroys the subprocess

  • How do I return two values from a stored procedure into an "Execute SQL Task" within SQL Server 2008 R2

    How do I return two values from a
    stored procedure into an "Execute SQL Task" please? Each of these two values need to be populated into an SSIS variable for later processing, e.g. StartDate and EndDate.
    Thinking about stored procedure output parameters for example. Is there anything special I need to bear in mind to ensure that the SSIS variables are populated with the updated stored procedure output parameter values?
    Something like ?
    CREATE PROCEDURE [etl].[ConvertPeriodToStartAndEndDate]
    @intPeriod INT,
    @strPeriod_Length NVARCHAR(1),
    @dtStart NVARCHAR(8) OUTPUT,
    then within the SSIS component; -
    Kind Regards,
    Kieran Patrick Wood

    Below execute statement should work along the parameter mapping which you have provided. Also try specifying the parameter size property as default.
    Exec [etl].[ConvertPeriodToStartAndEndDate] ?,?,? output, ? output
    Add a script task to check ssis variables values using,
    Do not forget to add the property "readOnlyVariables" as strExtractStartDate variable to check for only one variable.
    Regards, RSingh

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    How would i return my unopened ibook for a complete refund and only pay like 50 bucks more for a new macbook?

    Welcome to Apple Discussions!
    It depends on the store you bought it from. Read the policies of the store you bought it from, if they are posted on the web. Your "awhile ago" doesn't tell us anything about the number of days. If you have no idea when you bought it, but bought it by credit card, you can usually call the store and ask them with your credit card number to verify when that was. Most stores I've seen have a time limit on returns. Some do not accept refurbished products back. It is best to check with the individual store.

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    I just updated iOS on my iPhone 5.
    What a shock!! Where is the premium look and feel I bought my iPhone for?
    If I wanted the lokale feel of iOS 7.0 I would have bought a much cheeper taiwanese smartphone.
    Please let me know how I can return to the original look and feel of the iPhone surface I bought my phone for.

    You had plenty of time to look at screenshots on the internet and read various blog posts about iOS 7.

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    I'm new to developping Web Services. I'm doing some tests with JDeveloper and OC4J on my local machine with a Web Services based on a PL/SQL function within a package. Right now that function only returns one value. So the xml response only has one output.
    I'd like to know how can I return multiple values with my PL/SQL Web Service. For example, if I want to return an employee's name and id? And that the xml contains two output : <employee>, <empid>?
    ps : I have searched the forum and I couldn't find an answer to this question, if that has been discussed AND answered before, can you please post the link? Thanks

    Alright, I actually found my answer. Since this was asked I think as a followup somewhere else I'll give my answer.
    It is very simple, all you have to do is create an Object Type and then Return that object type. After that, JDeveloper will take care of everything and you will have an xml response with multiple values. Here
    create or replace TYPE person AS OBJECT
    ( id_interv number,
    first_name VARCHAR2(50),
    last_name VARCHAR2(50),
    date_birth date
    Then your function used in your Web Service should look something like this :
    function info_emp (p_empno IN VARCHAR2) RETURN person AS
    l_emp person := person(-1,'','','');
    SELECT first_name
    INTO l_emp.first_name
    FROM emp
    WHERE upper(emp_no) = upper (emp_no);
    RETURN l_emp;
    l_emp := person (-1,'n/a','n/a','n/a');
    RETURN l_emp ;
    END info_emp;{color}
    {color:#ff0000}{color:#000000}After that, this is what the xml response looks like :{color}{color}
    &lt;first_name xsi:type="xsd:string"&gt;John&lt;/first_name&gt;
    &lt;last_name xsi:type="xsd:string"&gt;Doe&lt;/last_name&gt;
    &lt;emp_no xsi:type="xsd:string"&gt;0250193&lt;/emp_no&gt;

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    You should ask in the Digital Editions forum,
    This is the Reader one.

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    I had iLife 04 on my Mac for ages, but I just bought and installed iLife 08.
    IDVD 08 will not open any of my old iDVD projects; it just sits there with the beachball spinning or doing nothing at all. All the old projects now have the blue and white iDVD 08 icon, but they don't open. Likewise "Open Previous Project" doesn't work.
    So, I attempted to recreate some of my old projects in iDVD 08 by dumping the Quicktime movies that were originally used to create the old iDVD 4 projects (QuickTime movies that were exported from Final Cut Express), but I can't seem to drag and drop them into iDVD's background like I could with iDVD 4. When I drag the icon of the QT movie over into iDVD's window, the + sign does not appear, indicating that it's ready to drop, and when I let go of the mouse button, the QT movie's icon returns to the folder where the file resides.
    Most of the time, when trying to open or create any project, iDVD just sits there with its beachball spinning, or does nothing at all, so that I have to force-quit it (and then I trash the .plist).
    This version of iDVD seems like a real bummer. I can't get it to do anything.
    How do I return to iDVD 4? Can I Trash iDVD 08 and then reinstall iDVD 04 from the iLife 04 DVD?

    Very rarely do I recommend reverting to an older version of iLife once the current version is already installed. But in your own situation, perhaps this is best ..... given the fact apple's iLife'08 isn't intended for a G4. You need a G5 or better for iMovie apparently within iLife 08. iDVD's system requirements call for at least a G4 733. But I haven't seen anyone post on this iDVD forum who has the latest version of iDVD successfully running on a G4.
    Use the following app at your own risk to remove iDVD:
    Good luck!

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    Best regards
    Jamil Alshaibani

    Dear Friends
    My actual problem description as the following
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    I asked the same question at the Apple Genius Bar a week or so ago and they said there was no way to change it.  I am with you - do not like this new format at all and would love it if Apple would offer both -maybe when they do an "fix" next?  This was one change in Lion that should not have been made from Snow Leopard.  I am really sorry I upgraded at this point.

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