How do you set a usb sound card as the default sound device for all programs?

I'm running cmus for a music player and it works fine with the internal speakers on my macbook pro. I'm using a usb sound card for a set of 5.1 surround speakers and cmus won't send it's audio to the usb sound card. I've also tried several other programs for audio and it seems to be hit or miss with being able to use the usb sound card. I'm not sure if I'm overlooking the a setting or if there is a different audio output plugin for cmus that has the functionality I need. Cmus also won't play over any bluetooth audio device while some other sounds will.

Yes I did and it does not appear there. Only the ringtones I have created myself and the default ones appear in the list.
In settings>sounds>ringtone however they all appear

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    I have a new MAcBook Air and my photos don't fit on the internal hard drive.  I want to store my photos on an external hard drive which I will connect to my Air when using Iphoto.  How do I set an external hard drive as the default drive in Iphoto?

    Make sure the drive is formatted Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
    1. Quit iPhoto
    2. Copy the iPhoto Library from your Pictures Folder to the External Disk.
    3. Hold down the option (or alt) key while launching iPhoto. From the resulting menu select 'Choose Library' and navigate to the new location. From that point on this will be the default location of your library.
    4. Test the library and when you're sure all is well, trash the one on your internal HD to free up space.

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    Best answer I could find: []
    If you can figure out how to add the printer name, this can be used to lock the margins.

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    Best regards

    In Firefox 4 the template folder for new profiles (C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\defaults\profile\
    ) doesn't exist. You can create that \defaults\profile\ folder and place a file user.js in it with the prefs that you want to initialize.
    You can also use a mozilla.cfg file to set the default value for prefs.<br />
    defaultPref(); // set new default value
    pref(); // set pref, but allow changes
    lockPref(); // lock pref, disallow changes

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    What I need is a program that will set the default save folder (in all programs) to the same folder the current file came from.
    If I do a "Save As" I want the folder in the Save dialog box to always be the folder the file is in.
    This was brain-dead easy in OS 9 (General Control Panel, Save Location, Folder That is Set by the Application).
    I cannot find a help file, a preference pane, an add-on program, anything to allow this.
    If anyone can help me, I'd appreciate it.

    Not sure if this is what you want but you might want to look at it

  • How do you set up usb device (remote for ppt) to work with iPad2

    How do you set up a USB Device (a remote) to work with an iPad 2?  I have the digital camera connector but when I plug the remote in, the device is not recognizable.  We are trying to run a slideshow on the iPad using the remote to advance the slides.  Thus, the viewer does not have to swipe to advance to the next slide. 

    ...I have the digital camera connector...
    Simple answer: no, you can't use that remote with the iPad.
    The Camera Connection Kit (CCK) is only for importing pictures.  It is not a general purpose USB port so will not work with just any USB device, other than cameras and USB flash drives (but only to import pictures.)

  • Very simple question, how do you configure windows 8.1 to use a SF card as the default install location for software applications?

    Very simple question, how do you configure windows 8.1 to use a SD card / external drive as the default install location for software applications? Primarily interested in apps installed from the windows store. This should be available in the settings
    charm within the windows store. This must have been overlooked in the development of windows 8.1 or is a bug.
    Regards, Bill
    * update
    I've tried modifying this key and the path:
    Also tried using symlinks as detailed here:

    Here's some links I've used to try to figure this out:
    Regards, Bill
    The registry method does not work with 8.1.  I found this out the hard way.  Doing it on 8.1 will leave you reinstalling the OS if you didn't do a SRP beforehand.

  • How do you set mail to be left on the server.

    When you receive mail on the iPhone how do you specify that you want the mail to be left on the server? That way you can also pick it up on your computer. This can be handy if a more detailed exchange is required. Thanks,

    Go to Settings > Mail.
    Select your POP account.
    Select the Advanced button for the account settings.
    Under Incoming Settings at Delete from server, the options are:
    Seven days
    When removed from Inbox
    I believe the default setting when creating a POP account with the iPhone's Mail client is Never.

  • How can you set up 2 p2011w printers on the same wireless network?

    Ii tried renaming one, but that didn't work. We had one, it works great, my boss loved it and bought another. Now we're all printing in his office because the one he got for us doesn't work. Any ideas?

    Do a factory reset on your TC.
    Unplug your TC/AE. Hold in reset. and power the TC/AE back on..  all without releasing reset and keep holding in for about 10sec.
    Release it when the status light flashes rapidly. If it doesn’t flash rapidly you have missed it and try again.
    Be Gentle! Feel the switch click on. It has a positive feel..  add no more pressure after that.
    TC/AE will reboot after a couple of minutes with default factory settings and will wipe out previous configurations.
    No files are deleted on the hard disk.. No reset of the TC deletes files.. to do that you use erase from the airport utility.
    Plug the LAN port of the BT router to the WAN port of the TC.
    Start the airport utility in a computer and allow it to complete..
    It should choose the right setup without intervention.. but you can then make sure of it.
    So go to the edit tab by clicking on the TC in airport utility.
    Then check the network tab shows off (bridge mode).
    Go to the wireless tab and set a useful and simple and short wireless name.
    You could even then click on the wireless options on that page and set a different name for 5ghz wireless.

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    See:Redeem iTunes Gift Cards with the camera on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac and for help.

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    I would prefer to render pdfs and set every page in an ebook to the Fit Page Magnification setting.
    I can not figure out how to set all pages to this at one time. I have to edit each page individually.
    Does anyone know how to do this at one time?

    With the PDF open in Acrobat open the PDF's properties.
    Select the "Initial View" tab.
    Configure as desired.
    Be well...

  • How do you change a multi page document from the default black to another colour?

    I have a multi page calendar chart that is black text and lines in InDesign. I need to print it as green on a copier not press. Is there a way to change the black to green without having to go through each text box and line separately?

    I hope you are using paragraph styles. Change the color there and it will change everywhere you have used this style. If you have set up your styles correctly you need to change one styles and alll others will chage too.
    Never use a character in InDesign without a Paragraph Style.

  • How can I set app tabs to open to the default page on startup?

    If I use an App Tab and click on a link from that tab, then exit and open Firefox, it opens up the website I was on when I closed Firefox the last time as the App Tab. For example, If I have Google as an app tab, make a search, click on a new website, and exit Firefox, the same website from before will load in my App tab instead of Google. When I open Firefox, I want my app tabs to open to their default pages, not the pages I was surfing from those tabs when I closed Firefox.

    App Tabs are not protected against changing the URL by opening a link in that same tab and Firefox doesn't keep a record of the original URL.<br />
    You can middle click a link to open the link in a new tab if you do not want the tab changing the URL.
    You can lock the tab with the Tab Mix Plus extension.
    * Tab Mix Plus :

  • How do you force Pages 4.1 to be the default Pages app?

    Is there a way to use Pages 4.1 as the default pages app?  I have installed the new Pages and have found it will destroy things in older documents so I don't want to use it.  I would like to be able to click on the Pages icon and have it use Pages 4.1.   I would like to do this in Numbers as well.

    If you take the old pages icon off the doc, grab, lift, bursting cloud of small explosion, its sill around but not the go to program, then take Pages 5.1 icon (is that what you mean? Mavericks is 5.1) down to the doc then that version becomes the default program.
    The older version (9) still resides in the iWorks folder in the APPLICATIONS folder/section.
    in fact, you can switch back and forth until your totally confussed, back and forth.
    Took me a whild to figure that I only want to use 5.1, left 9 alone in the iWorks folder..
    I'm only a 1 level, I hope this helps.

  • How to Get Outlook 2010 RDA or OWA as the Default Mail handler for Windows 7

    I use remote desktop apps which is my primary method of using Outlook 2010. however I use many applications in Windows 7 that I need to be able to send email from. Logic tells me the Default Mail application MIME needs to be mapped. However I do not show
    RemoteApps listed in the list of Programs available to connect to as MIME.
    Is there a way to fix this?
    Raymond Johnson Desktop Support Engineer

    To set Outlook 2010 as the default program, please do the following settings:
    1. Open Outlook, click File > Options.
    2. In General pane, make sure the “Make Outlook the default program for E-mail, Contacts, and Calendar” option is checked.
    3. Click “Default Program”, select the extensions you want Outlook 2010 to open by default, and then click Save.
    4. Click Ok to save the settings in Outlook.
    5. Open Control Pane and search for Default Programs.
    6. Select Set your Default Programs link.
    7. Choose Microsoft Outlook from the list of programs.
    8. Click "Set this program as default".
    9. Click OK to save the setting.
    Winnie Liang
    TechNet Community Support

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