How renumber footnotes at the beginning of each chapter?

I work in Indesign 6 with very large books in which the author continually add text and pages make me travel pages, each chapter should begin with footnote number 1.
If I do with these sections do not move when I add pages and I have to update a one to hand.
You could do something by script?
Thank you very much in advance

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  • My iBook has a blank page at the beginning of each chapter. How do I delete?

    I have a blank page offset to the left at the beginning of each chapter. How do I delete them?

    The first selectable template is "Basic"...  the  template - and any others have placeholder text and images excepting pages "Default" and Blank.  The "Default" page accepts flowing text. "Blank" is just that with only any BG image and page numbering decided in the template.
    Nothing  you describe seems to be part of just opening a standard template.
    Below are screen shots from the  book tree and  the layouts - these are the "Basic" template pages without any modifications.
    Any of the pages  shown in the tree can be deleted. Chapter and Sections will also delete any pages added under them.

  • TOC at the beginning of every chapter

    I am working on a publication.
    I included a TOC at the beginning of the document:
    Chapter one
    part one
    part two
    Chapter two
    part one
    part two
    Chapter three ...
    So far, so good, but I also want to include the same TOC at the beginning of each chapter,
    this time only containing the part of the TOC that is relevant to that chapter:
    for example: Chapter two should start witch a TOC, containing:
    2.  Chapter two
    part one
    part two
    But it shouldn't contain any of the information about chapter 1 or 3.
    Can this be done?
    At the moment, my publication is just 1 long InDesign document, not an InDesign book or something...
    I accomplish what I want by creating a TOC, and manually delete (for each chapter) the parts that aren't relevant to a specific chapter....
    Any help would be appreciated...

    I would create the TOC as a threaded story.
    The first text frame(s) before the first chapter, second before the second, etc.
    All that you would need to do then would be resize each text frame(s) to fit the correct part of the TOC for that chapter...

  • How do I automatically capitalize the beginning of each sentence in Pages?

    Hello there!
    Please help...
    How do I automatically capitalize the beginning of each sentence in Pages version 5.2?
    The old version of Pages (Pages '09) automatically capitalizes the first word of each sentence. But in Pages 5.2, I have to manually capitalize the first word of every sentence. How can I make this automatic?
    The options in Menu > Format > Font > Capitalization, do not show an option for sentence capitalization. Please help. Thank you!

    Feature removed from Pages 5 along with over 100 others,
    Pages '09 should still be in your Applications/iWork folder.
    Pages 5 is a disastrous beta pushed onto users, and misrepresented by Apple as an "Upgrade".

  • Building iDVD project - white flashes at the beginning of each scene during playback?

    I am building a DVD project with multiple movies.  I used the Bronze Wedding in the "old themes" menu, which was less problematic than the 7.0 themes.  When I click on the segment to play, there is a moment (probably just 1 frame) of white that flashes before the segment starts playing.  This is not in my original Final Cut Express movie, and it happens in every segment, not just at the beginning of each movie.
    I used Final Cut Express v.4.0.1, iDVD v.7.0.4 and the entire amount of footage on the project (3 separate movies) lasts a total of 1 hour and 17 minutes.
    Any ideas what this flashing white screen is?

    How did You go from FCE/P to iDVD ?
    I do
    FCE/P to iDVD
    Several things
    • How to go from FCE/P to iDVD
    • Free space on Start-up hard disk
    • Encoding
    • Brand and type of DVDs used
    • Burn speed set
    • iDVD BUG
    • Chapters
    How to go from FCE/P to iDVD I do
    • Disable Screen and Energy saver
    • IMPORTANT --> FIRST in FinalCut - Mix Down Audio under Sequence Menu / Render Only / Mixdown
    • Export out as a QuickTime .mov file
    • Select with Mark - Chapter Mark
    • Not as Self-Contained (not important but saves time and space)
    This file I import into iDVD from within iDVD.
    Free space on Start-up hard disk
    I set a minimum of 25GB (for Mac OS and iDVDs temp files)
    • I use Pro Quality encoding
    Brand and type of DVDs used
    • I use Verbatim
    • I use DVD-R
    Burn speed set
    • I set down this to x4 (or x1)
    iDVD BUG
    • One can not go back to movie-project for any alterations and then go back to
    the iDVD project. It will notice and ask You to either Up-date or Cancel. Neither
    of them will work.
    Medicine - Start a brand new iDVD project.
    Use of Chapters
    • I only use a to z and 0 to 9 in naming them. NO other symbol/letter !
    • NO Chapter-mark at very beginning - iDVD NEEDS TO set this by it stlf
    • No Chapter marks in or within two seconds from a transition
    (Way around this last one - Export movie as QT full quality and NO Chapter marks
    Import this into a new Movie-project and now You are free to set C-Ms where You want
    them except at very beginning - still)
    Material used to build movie
    • video - I use streamingDV (or convert all other to this eg .mp4, .avi, .wmv etc)
    • audio - I use .aiff 16-bit 48kHz or from Audio-CD (44.1kHz) - no .mp3 or direct from iTunes
    • photos - I use .jpg - no .bmp etc
    Trash iDVD pref file and run Repair Permissions - and have a re-try.
    from post ??
    May not be relevant, but I had the same problem with iDVD, where burned DVDs showed a green screen. It was cured by quitting Quicksilver and Quickeys as well as disabling sleep and screensaving
    Yours Bengt W

  • I designed my social media buttons. How do I add the link to each one. For example: How do I add my Facebook link to my face book button on my muse site?

    I designed my social media buttons. How do I add the link to each one. For example: How do I add my Facebook link to my facebook button on my muse site?

    Please select the button that you have created and go to hyperlink tab and add the facebook page URL there.
    Please take a look at the screenshot below.

  • While recording in captivate 4 I get a pop at the beginning of each recording

    While recording narration over a PP conversion in captivate 4 I get a pop at the beginning of each recording,  It doesn't seem to matter if I use keyboard shortcut or the mouse. Any thoughts?

    Welcome to our community
    Is the unwanted bit part of the countdown?
    If so, there are a couple of ways to avoid it.
    1. Don't record your narration at the same time you record the actions. Record it separately. No narration means no countdown.
    2. After the countdown stops, consider that first slide to be a throwaway and ensure you don't begin recording in earnest until after you hear the first camera shutter sound.
    Cheers... Rick
    Helpful and Handy Links
    Captivate Wish Form/Bug Reporting Form
    Adobe Certified Captivate Training
    SorcerStone Blog
    Captivate eBooks

  • Simplest way to display a title or caption at the beginning of each scene?

    I am editing a video to make an instructional dvd covering 23 separate lessons. Without some kind of text in the first few seconds of each scene, there is no way for the viewer to quickly and efficiently distinguish one scene from another as they jump forward or backward from scene to scene. They would have to go back to the main menu between each scene to find the one they're looking for, and that's cumbersome.
    I would like to add a caption/title (not sure what the technical Adobe term is -- I'm obviously an amateur) to the screen at the beginning of each scene. It can be a text overlay on top of the video, or it can be a blacked out screen (or whatever) with text that lasts a few seconds before each scene begins. I just need something to let the viewer know which lesson they are about to see.
    I went through the footage and added scene markers at appropriate places, and the menu is functional. Now I'm looking for the most efficient (least time-consuming) way to accomplish my goal. It looks like one alternative is to manually split the clips at each scene change, then go to sceneline and insert a title between each scene, then manually type in the text that corresponds to my description of each scene. I hope this isn't the only, or the most efficient way.
    Anyone know a simpler alternative? The simpler the better, as only a few people will be using the dvd so I don't want the cost (measured in editing time and effort) to outweigh the benefit of viewer convenience. Thanks in advance.

    I agree with Steve G. on adding the Titles from the PrE Titler function. Also, being new to PrE, this article on Titler might be useful, before you get tripped up by a few aspects of a New Title:
    Good luck,

  • One second of black appearing at the beginning of each clip in timeline.

    I just got FCP and I'm having an issue.  Every time I put a clip from the event brower into the timeline, there's a second of black at the beginning of each clip.  This is only between clips, not the first one.  If I move a clip to the front, there's no second of blackness before it, but now the one that was put second has the blackness that wasn't there before. 
    I see in preferences, there's a transition setting, but it won't let me set it lower than one.  I figured this had to do w/ transistion effects, but could this be doing it?
    Both video and project are 720p HD 30p Stereo.
    I've googled all kinds of word combinations, but can't seem to find a solution.
    Any help?

    Complete mystery to me as well, and when I have something odd like this, I trot out the following suggestion:-
    Corrupt preferences can create a vast range of different symptoms, so whenever FCP X stops working properly in any way, trashing the preferences should be the first thing you do using this free app.
    Shut down FCP X, open PreferenceManager and in the window that appears:-
    1. Ensure that  FCP X  is selected.
    2. Click Trash
    The job is done instantly and you can re-open FCP X.

  • In CS6, why the file size remains same after croping? And how do I reduce the size after each cropin

    In CS6, why the file size remains same after croping? And how do I reduce the size after each croping? Thx

    Select the Crop Tool and check the box [  ] Delete Cropped Pixels and you should see a reduction in file size.  With the box unchecked, the data is still maintained in the document, you just can't see it.

  • How do I set the length of each clip?

    I have just begun trying to build a video with Premiere Elements 10
    I have created many videos with Windows Movie Maker..found it boring for Effects etc.that's why I have this new software.
    Now my question is ..How do I  set the time for each clip?
    I like to add a clip that goes with each lyric in the song.

    Welcome to the forum.
    As Steve points out, that is "editing."
    One can use either of two Tools in PrE, to Trim the Clip to suit.
    First, one can Dbl-click on the Clip in the Project Panel to open it in the Source Monitor, which looks a bit like the Program Monitor, but it has the In & Out Point settings. When that Clip has been Trimmed, as needed in the Source Monitor, just drag it to the Timeline.
    Or, one can drag the Clip to the Timeline, and then click+drag on the Head of the Clip to set its In Point, and on the Tail, to set the Out Point.
    Good luck,

  • N my house we have 2 iphone 4, and everytime we get the same contact list freom each other, how can we unsync the contacts so each user keeps thir own contact list?

    n my house we have 2 iphone 4, and everytime we get the same contact list freom each other, how can we unsync the contacts so each user keeps thir own contact list?

    Hi user 1724, before icloud, we had the same issue.... 
    so yes,  the solution was to  each log  into the mac separately.
    i kept the main itunes library and apple id, and my son made his own itunes library (which linked to the main itunes/apple id)   - so we were able to maintain separate contacts lists.
    but then w/ the cloud i guess we assumed the cloud would know we each have different contact lists on diff. phones, but it seems the cloud just lumped it all together -

  • Given a multi-line string I want to append a string constant to the beginning of each line.


    You could just use "search and replace" with the search string being "\n" (in \codes display) and the replace string as "constant\n". (See attached image).
    If the string you want at the beginning of each line is variable (e.g. line number), you should use e.g. "pick line" or "scan strings for tokens" in a loop, then rebuild the new string.
    LabVIEW Champion . Do more with less code and in less time .
    AppendConstant.gif ‏9 KB

  • HT1386 We have more than one computer at home. How do we get the songs from each computer onto one I-Pod?

    We have more than one computer at home. How do we get the songs from each computer onto one I-Pod?

    Copy the songs to a computer that is running iTunes, add those new tracks to the current library, and then synch those tracts to the iPod.
    You might take a look at iTunes Help....

  • HELP !!! How can I set the size of each component separately

    Please tell me, when adding components (a mix of
    labels , buttons etc.) on a container (swing), how can I set the size
    of each component separately.
    for example:
    the code here has a mix of button and a grid that is actually another JPanel. Its a part of a bigger
    program. When running the grid is cut (not seen in its full size).
    So, please try to anser also about the specific acse of frame contining another frame in it , and the interior should be right sized.
    The relevant part of the code:
    public class Reversi extends JFrame {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
    Reversi ourGame = new Reversi();
    public Reversi() {
    super("Grid Reversi");
    setSize(new Dimension(300, 300));
    Grid g = new Grid(); // the grid was built at another part..
    ReversiGame ourGame = new ReversiGame();
    JButton b;
    JFrame f = new JFrame("Hello Java");
    f.setSize(new Dimension(300, 300));
    Container c = f.getContentPane();
    c.add(g,BorderLayout.NORTH );
    c.add(b = new JButton("Hola"), BorderLayout.CENTER);

    BorderLayout chooses the sizes of each of the components added to it. Choose a different layout manager (or set the placement/size manually with a 'null' layout)

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