One second of black appearing at the beginning of each clip in timeline.

I just got FCP and I'm having an issue.  Every time I put a clip from the event brower into the timeline, there's a second of black at the beginning of each clip.  This is only between clips, not the first one.  If I move a clip to the front, there's no second of blackness before it, but now the one that was put second has the blackness that wasn't there before. 
I see in preferences, there's a transition setting, but it won't let me set it lower than one.  I figured this had to do w/ transistion effects, but could this be doing it?
Both video and project are 720p HD 30p Stereo.
I've googled all kinds of word combinations, but can't seem to find a solution.
Any help?

Complete mystery to me as well, and when I have something odd like this, I trot out the following suggestion:-
Corrupt preferences can create a vast range of different symptoms, so whenever FCP X stops working properly in any way, trashing the preferences should be the first thing you do using this free app.
Shut down FCP X, open PreferenceManager and in the window that appears:-
1. Ensure that  FCP X  is selected.
2. Click Trash
The job is done instantly and you can re-open FCP X.

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    I wanted to do this:
    My CTI now is the centre of clip1, I want to move the CTI to:
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    Is there a shortcut tab for each movement to (a) to (b) to (c) ... etc ?

    Also, note that you have to use the track targeting selectors to indicate which tracks should be used in the clip head/tail navigation. If you have multiple tracks targeted, Page Up/Down will navigate to each subsequent edit point across all targeted tracks. If you only want to navigate on one track, select just that one.
    A quick way to select or deselct all track targeting selectors is to hold down the Shift key as you click on one of the them; one click will select them all, and a second click will deselect them all. That makes it a little easier than toggling on and off multiple individual selectors.

  • Separate clip flashing at the beginning of each clip

    Each clip I insert into my sequence has a brief flash of another clip at the beginning of it.
    When I select the clip and trim the unwanted piece away, the unwanted piece simply shifts to the the next available point on the clip.
    This repeats for every new clip I insert into my sequence.
    What feature is causing this, and how to I turn it off.
    I am new to Premiere, and I am unsure as to whether this is related to the problem, but the attached picture shows a piece extending right from the marker.
    I don't know if this has any significance, but it seem's relatively close to the length of the unwanted piece, and it's all I can find out of place.

    the Micro photo (not sure about the micro) has what your referring to as long as the screen is on. It's a sad known bug. Just set your screen to turn off ASAP and basicly deal with it. Noone on the Head-Fi forums can find a fix for it either

  • TS2289 A yellow warning icon appears at the start of each clip.What does that mean?

    Hi ,
    I have just discovered Imovie and started to download movies from Iphoto to imovie.
    Everything went well untill this morning when i noticed a yellow warning icon at the start of every clip, and now the clips will not play.
    How can I diagnose the issue.Is it a lack of space on the hard drive.?

    The yellow warning sign usually means that iMovie cannot find the Event clips that the project needs to do the movie. This can happen if the Event was on an external drive and the external drive is no longer attached.
    It can also happened if the Event clips have been moved, renamed, or deleted.

  • Noise at the beginning of each clip. PLease please help!

    I have multiple interviews on my video and every one of the clips start with some bad noise. The problem seems to be happening after encoding the video. It sounds great in premiere but once I encode the noise appears. I recorded in 16 bit with a mono  directional microphone.  added music and i used a little bit of the denoiser ( -9) effect ( which doesn't seem to affect the start of the clip) please please help.

    It is a known issue with the denoiser effect, it takes a few frames for it to kick in. If you have Audition you could use the noise reduction effects there instead, they are much better.

  • All of my songs now last for one minute thrifty seconds. Most start at the beginning and stop at 90 seconds, a few start in the middle - but total play time is always 1:30. What's wrong?

    All of my songs , when played, now last for exactly one minute thirty seconds. Most start from the beginning and cut off at 90 seconds, some start in the middle. What's wrong?

    It appears that iOS 7.1 fixed this.

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    Hi All,
    I've created a form-like report and it's layout model is like this:
    You can see parent repeating frame number 1 and child number 2 in red
    suppose that the normal frame containing f1 is suffused by fields within repeating frame 1
    If I run the report the first page will appear normally, but the second page the field f2 will not appear at the beginning of it. I want the field f2 appearing at the beginning of page 2 because there is a blank space at the beginning of it.

    give the property of the fiield f2 --> print object on -- All Pages.
    and give the property of field F_2 and child repeating Frame property --> vertical elasticity -- variable

  • How to insert a black space at the beginning of a timeline

    Hi guys,
    Sorry for the stupid question....I only bought FCPX yesterday.
    I have figured out how to drop an audio file into the timeline and add some title effects to the beginning. But now i want to add a black space at the beginning.
    Is there an easy way to do this that I have simply missed - I have spent several hours trying to find a way to do it... 
    Thanks in advance for your help  
    Best regards,

    Thanks everyone for the help - really appreciate it !!
    I didn't know that there could only be one "correct" answer - so sorry to Tom if I have done this incorrectly. I was too excited that both answers worked for me that I didn't really concentrate hard enough on whose idea it was - I thought I could mark them both as correct.
    Next time I will take more time for a considred response.
    Thanks again everyone - you really helped me out.

  • I have a OSX version 10.7.5. On Safari mail I can no longer see the information that usually appears at the beginning of an incoming email, like the date, senders details etc. What do I do to be able to see this again?

    I have a OSX version 10.7.5. On Safari mail I can no longer see the information that usually appears at the beginning of an incoming email, like the date, senders details etc. What do I do to be able to see this again?

    No, I get my mail on my computer, not on a website. I used to be able to see the information but in sorting another issue I must have changed a setting or something. I have gone to View. Under Message Attributes most things are ticked but many of them are not bold print i.e. they are pale grey. I don't know how to activate them again.

  • How to fix file when it says, "Cannot open file " ". Adobe Indesign does not support the file format, a plug-in that supports the file may be missing, or file may be open in another application." It worked one second, I saved and closed the file, then tri

    How to fix file when it says, "Cannot open file " ". Adobe Indesign does not support the file format, a plug-in that supports the file may be missing, or file may be open in another application." It worked one second, I saved and closed the file, then tried to reopen and now it won't work. I am using Adobe InDesign CS5. It is the only version on my comp. I have tried opening on another comp & copying the file – same error comes up. PLEASE HELP

    First check the version of the document with Jongware's script "Identify.jsx" (ExtendScript/JavaScript).
    You can find it here:
    [Ann] Identify Your InDesign File
    If it is CS 5.5 or above, you need someone to open it in the version the script says and export an IDML representation from that. Another way would be to install a 30days version of CS6 or above (CC) and do it yourself.
    In regards of the script showing a result for InDesign files higher than CS6:
    CS7 = CC v9
    CS8 = CC v10 = CC-2014 or CC2014.1

  • You tube videos play about 11 seconds and then reset to the beginning...why?

    You tube videos play about 11 seconds and then reset to the beginning and if i jump ahead in the video, it will play for a few seconds and then reset to the point that I jumped to. This started happening yesterday, 10/7/11. It only happens with you tube videos in the firefox browser. Videos from others sites such as vimeo play normally. You tube videos play normally using internet explorer. This is a windows 7 machine.

    If your country's iTunes Store allows you to redownload purchased tracks, I'd delete your current copies of the dodgy tracks and try redownloading fresh copies. For instructions, see the following document:
    Downloading past purchases from the App Store, iBookstore, and iTunes Store
    Otherwise, I'd report the problem to the iTunes Store.
    Log in to the Store. Click on "Account" in your Quick Links. When you're in your Account information screen, go down to Purchase History and click "See all".
    Find the items that are not playing properly. If you can't see "Report a Problem" next to the items, click the "Report a problem" button. Now click the "Report a Problem" links next to the items.

  • Simplest way to display a title or caption at the beginning of each scene?

    I am editing a video to make an instructional dvd covering 23 separate lessons. Without some kind of text in the first few seconds of each scene, there is no way for the viewer to quickly and efficiently distinguish one scene from another as they jump forward or backward from scene to scene. They would have to go back to the main menu between each scene to find the one they're looking for, and that's cumbersome.
    I would like to add a caption/title (not sure what the technical Adobe term is -- I'm obviously an amateur) to the screen at the beginning of each scene. It can be a text overlay on top of the video, or it can be a blacked out screen (or whatever) with text that lasts a few seconds before each scene begins. I just need something to let the viewer know which lesson they are about to see.
    I went through the footage and added scene markers at appropriate places, and the menu is functional. Now I'm looking for the most efficient (least time-consuming) way to accomplish my goal. It looks like one alternative is to manually split the clips at each scene change, then go to sceneline and insert a title between each scene, then manually type in the text that corresponds to my description of each scene. I hope this isn't the only, or the most efficient way.
    Anyone know a simpler alternative? The simpler the better, as only a few people will be using the dvd so I don't want the cost (measured in editing time and effort) to outweigh the benefit of viewer convenience. Thanks in advance.

    I agree with Steve G. on adding the Titles from the PrE Titler function. Also, being new to PrE, this article on Titler might be useful, before you get tripped up by a few aspects of a New Title:
    Good luck,

  • Building iDVD project - white flashes at the beginning of each scene during playback?

    I am building a DVD project with multiple movies.  I used the Bronze Wedding in the "old themes" menu, which was less problematic than the 7.0 themes.  When I click on the segment to play, there is a moment (probably just 1 frame) of white that flashes before the segment starts playing.  This is not in my original Final Cut Express movie, and it happens in every segment, not just at the beginning of each movie.
    I used Final Cut Express v.4.0.1, iDVD v.7.0.4 and the entire amount of footage on the project (3 separate movies) lasts a total of 1 hour and 17 minutes.
    Any ideas what this flashing white screen is?

    How did You go from FCE/P to iDVD ?
    I do
    FCE/P to iDVD
    Several things
    • How to go from FCE/P to iDVD
    • Free space on Start-up hard disk
    • Encoding
    • Brand and type of DVDs used
    • Burn speed set
    • iDVD BUG
    • Chapters
    How to go from FCE/P to iDVD I do
    • Disable Screen and Energy saver
    • IMPORTANT --> FIRST in FinalCut - Mix Down Audio under Sequence Menu / Render Only / Mixdown
    • Export out as a QuickTime .mov file
    • Select with Mark - Chapter Mark
    • Not as Self-Contained (not important but saves time and space)
    This file I import into iDVD from within iDVD.
    Free space on Start-up hard disk
    I set a minimum of 25GB (for Mac OS and iDVDs temp files)
    • I use Pro Quality encoding
    Brand and type of DVDs used
    • I use Verbatim
    • I use DVD-R
    Burn speed set
    • I set down this to x4 (or x1)
    iDVD BUG
    • One can not go back to movie-project for any alterations and then go back to
    the iDVD project. It will notice and ask You to either Up-date or Cancel. Neither
    of them will work.
    Medicine - Start a brand new iDVD project.
    Use of Chapters
    • I only use a to z and 0 to 9 in naming them. NO other symbol/letter !
    • NO Chapter-mark at very beginning - iDVD NEEDS TO set this by it stlf
    • No Chapter marks in or within two seconds from a transition
    (Way around this last one - Export movie as QT full quality and NO Chapter marks
    Import this into a new Movie-project and now You are free to set C-Ms where You want
    them except at very beginning - still)
    Material used to build movie
    • video - I use streamingDV (or convert all other to this eg .mp4, .avi, .wmv etc)
    • audio - I use .aiff 16-bit 48kHz or from Audio-CD (44.1kHz) - no .mp3 or direct from iTunes
    • photos - I use .jpg - no .bmp etc
    Trash iDVD pref file and run Repair Permissions - and have a re-try.
    from post ??
    May not be relevant, but I had the same problem with iDVD, where burned DVDs showed a green screen. It was cured by quitting Quicksilver and Quickeys as well as disabling sleep and screensaving
    Yours Bengt W

  • IMovie 09 truncates up to 1 second at beginning of each clip on import

    When importing new video from my Canon HV20 (HDV), I'm noticing that the beginning of each new clip is missing up to one second of recording when compared to the source tape. If I were to import the same material using iMovie HD v6.0.3, the whole clip is imported. Any ideas?

    Same issue using an HV20 here also. Any resolution?
    I tried doing a manual import, but it still misses half a second or so of video from the source. I only tried to import the first clip, so I don't know if manual import helps with subsequent clips (when manual importing and letting the camcorder play to end).

  • How can I add a dip to white at the beginning of a clip?

    How can I add a dip to white at the beginning of a clip?  I know where to find it on Pr, but I'm new to AE.  I have 2 clips that need to transition one to the other.  The first clip ends by dipping to white; therefore, I need to either dip to white at the beginning of the 2nd clip & line them up so they overlap well, OR I need to find a white transition to place between them like in Pr.

    Make a whote solid.  Animate its opacity from 0 to 100 and back again.
    You'll use couple-three layers -- no automatic transitions in AE.  That's what Premiere's for.

Maybe you are looking for

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