How to change the response of the mighty mouse scroll ball?

Is there a way to do it?

Do you mean the scrolling speed? If so go to system preferences/Keyboard&Mouse and there is a scrolling speed slider you can use to adjust it.
Good luck.

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  • Mighty Mouse Scroll Ball always breaks

    Hi, I have a 2 month old iMac, and This has been a problem for about 6 weeks, but I haven't gotten around to posting it. My mighty mouse scroll ball breaks repeatedly and I have been fixing it, but it is a real pain. Don't suggest not using my mighty mouse, because I love and hate it, I love how it has multiple buttons, but hate how the scroll ball breaks all the time, can someone help me?

    It just needs cleaning. Use a damp cotton rag and vigorously move it across the mouse ball. Do this for about 30 seconds. BTW, there are instructions in your owners manual about this. This is from page 63 of your Users Guide:
    *Cleaning Your Mighty Mouse*
    You may need to clean your mouse from time to time to remove dirt and dust that has
    accumulated in the scroll ball area. Hold the mouse upside-down and roll the scroll ball
    vigorously with the cloth that came with your iMac, or another clean, soft, lint-free
    cloth, to help dislodge any particles that may interfere with proper scrolling.

  • How do u clean the Mighty Mouse Scroller Ball?!

    my scroller ball on my mighty mouse doesnt scroll down because its dirty (ive chheckd system preferences), but i can seem to clean it! Anyone know how?

    Hello nymph - I think you went through this on another thread... my only thought would be to check out the Last Post on the other thread, in case the cleaning doesn't help... Rick
    BTW - In case above link stops working go here
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  • Mighty mouse scroll ball cant be used as a button

    does this sound typical? My ball was stuck so I rubbed some alcohol on it with a qtip as ive read to do..and the ball scrolls. Now, the center button doesnt work at all. I changed settings to different things in pref pane ( i.e. dashboard, expose..) and no go. It keeps functioning like right click... Is it possible I could have fried something inside?
    is there anything i can do?

    How to really clean your Mighty Mouse (with caution!):

  • Mighty Mouse, Scroll Ball Still Malfunctioning?

    I love my Intel iMac and I LOVE my mighty mouse...but the scroll ball is constantly quitting on me.
    I clean it just like the apple video, I blow into it, I clean and clean and clean it and then it works for a day or two and then again, it stops.
    I'm the most meticulous clean person when it comes to hardware, I even manage Mac labs at a big university - so I have lots of experience with these mighty mouse. They are ALL having the same problem.
    Is this karma? Does anyone else have this problem? I'm not sure what to do (both with mine and the one's at work!).
    Any suggestions would be apreciated. Thanks!

    I am also pretty clean with my Mac. I found that cleaning as recommended by Apple was sufficient, until about two weeks ago, nothing I did to clean it, short of the misadvice to stick a needle into the ball socket, was successful. I found a website that shows how to disassemble the mouse carefully with an Exacto knife and did so. I was amazed at how dirty the rollerbars, especially the one to scroll down, were, in spite of my faithful cleaning routine. When I reassembled the MM I just used a couple strategic drops of super glue to secure the one ring that is glued in place. It will be much easier to disassemble the next time!
    The link;

  • MIghty Mouse Scroll Ball

    Not really a MacBook Pro question, but it's the laptop I have so I wasn't sure where else to put it.
    The scroll ball on my mighty mouse has been acting up lately. Yesterday it wouldn't scroll down, but it would go up. I noticed when I pressed down really hard I could almost feel dirt or something. So I pressed down, moved it around in all directions, seemed to take care of it.
    Today it scrolls down but not up. Same trick didn't fix it. I suspect it just needs a good cleaning, but not really sure how to go about doing that. Any suggestions?

    Click here for instructions to clean the Mighty Mouse.

  • Mighty mouse scroll ball behavior

    Less than a week ago, I bought a Wireless Mighty Mouse. I thought that it was having trouble scrolling right, so I took it back for a replacement. This one seems to have the same problem.
    The problem seems to be that the mouse has a hard time scrolling right. To scroll up, down, or left, I only need to put the slightest pressure on the scroll ball. To scroll right, I need to press the ball about halfway down. It's not that it's a problem per se, but the user experience is just off enough to be frustrating. As a small note, the mouse makes different noises when scrolling up, down, and left, versus scrolling right. For scrolling UDL, it makes a small clicking noise. Scrolling right makes a sliding noise. When I push the ball in further and scroll right, I get the clicking noise.
    As I said, I've gone through 2 mice in less than a week. I thought the first might have been a fluke. Not that I've run into two with the same "problem", (and from two different stores), I wonder what's going on. It seems like it could either be a manufacturing defect that affected a whole batch, or perhaps this is the expected behavior. I can't imagine that my fingers are so oily that they would have gummed up the ball instantly. And yes, I have tried just about every cleaning method.
    So the questions are: how does your scroll ball work? How much pressure do you need? And has anybody had problems only with scrolling right?

    bytecrafter - I did some searching and found out a few tips that solved the problem for me.
    First, I blew compressed air into the scroll ball. I pushed down on it with my fingernail so that the air could get into the crack.
    Then I used a damp, lint-free cloth to rigorously clean the scroll ball, while the mouse was upside down. Apple has a video (and instructions) of this here:
    Hope that helps.

  • Mighty mouse scroll ball dirty

    Does anyone know how to open the mighty mouse, so as to clean a gunked up scroll ball? (sounds awful, doesn't it)

    Hi, HV.
    See "How to clean your Mighty Mouse."
    Good luck!
    Dr. Smoke
    Author: Troubleshooting Mac® OS X

  • Strange problem with Mighty Mouse scroll ball

    yesterday suddenly my Mighty Mouse start to have a strange mood. Using scroll ball to go down in a page I haven't problem, but trying to go up don't happened nothing! The problem seems to be software, because the hardware seems to be good.
    What can I do?
    Bye How to clean your Mighty Mouse
    Take a piece of bright white paper, turn the mouse upside down on it, press down on the ball, and run the mouse quickly in circles over the paper. This will remove all the gunk that's building up on the ball
    TIP: To get to the gook inside the scroll nipple use a plastic toothpick.
    "Other Options:" Wear latex disposable gloves. A box of same can be purchased from your local Dollar Store or Pharmacy.
    Some cell phone leather cases actually fit right over the Mighty Mouse.
    Clean/wipe the Mighty Mouse off with a damp cloth/rag prior to going to bed each evening.
    Some users have found using the small alcohol pads quite successful. These can be obtained from any drug/pharmacy or Dollar Store.

  • Mighty Mouse scroll ball problems

    I wondered if anyone could help me with a scrolling issue with the mighty mouse. Some days scrolling works vertically up and down and other times just one direction. I dont believe it is due to dirt in the mouse - it seems software related and is sporadic in its operation. Any advise you could give would be welcome

    DP, that is what worked best for me in the past.
    After months of problems with the scrolling ball, and after trying all the suggestions found on the web, this method of using a white sheet of paper was an excellent one: my MM was again clean and working as if it was new!
    However, be careful about it: don't push too much when running the MM upside down. Eventually, yes, the gunk will come out, but the ball would go down-inside the case if pressed too hard for too long. It happened to me when using this method for a second time, and I was in the need to disassemble the device in order to correct this, and I think that's exactly what I was trying to avoid in the first place.
    Hope it helps.

  • Mighty Mouse scroll ball problem

    I have had this Mighty Mouse for about a year and a half and the only problem has been the scroll ball. Every once in a while it won't scroll down. I was told to hold it upside down and rub the ball good with a wool cloth. Basically every time it did the trick. Now it won't scroll down anymore (it scrolls everywhere else though). Is there something broken inside? Is there anyway to take it apart? Not being able to scroll down is quite annoying and I'd love to be able to do it again.
    Scrolling down, the ball moves but doesn't make the little clicking like sound like it does in any other direction. Any advice?

    Hi. Sometimes using a clear spirit such as denatured alcohol (or vodka...) instead of the water suggested here
    helps - but I've had one that wouldn't be fixed, and was replaced. Good Luck.

  • Mighty Mouse scroll ball defective.

    Well, my second Mighty Mouse no longer scrolls up. The first no longer scrolls down.
    That makes my experience with this product two for two on the scroll ball going bad within a few months use.
    Anyone know of a scroll ball mouse that gives the 360 degree scrolling, two button operation and doesn't have a defectively designed scroll ball like Mighty Mouse seems to?

    Turn the mouse upside down and rub the ball vigourously with a paper towel moistened with rubbing alcohol. Repeat until it works.

  • Mighty Mouse scroll ball has issues

    I've had my Mighty Mouse for about a month of standard use, but suddenly the scroll ball will no longer scroll down (up and side-to-side are fine). I've carefully cleaned the ball, to no avail. I understand that some others have had issues, but that their issues remain unsolvable (they contacted Apple Support for an exchange).
    1) Can any one tell me the number to call Apple (from the USA)? I haven't been able to find it on the site map (all the support numbers are associated with AppleCare).
    2) I only noticed the problem after the upgrade to X.4.4. Could that possibly have anything to do with the problem?

    Hi Jessica,
    It could be a software or a hardware problem, I had the same problem with my MM but made the mistake of disassembling it.
    Take the mouse to another Mac and see if it works, then you'll know it's a MM problem.
    When you roll the ball do you hear a slight clicking noise? This would mean the ball is making contact with the rollers.
    Maybe the ball needs to dry or be cleaned with rubbing alcohol (as it evaporates)
    You would call the AppleCare number, and yes they might give you a headache about AppleCare, but tell them you have a hardware related warranty call.
    If you find it works on another recent Mac (with MM software installed) it might be a OS problem of some sort.
    What's good to do occassionally is to clone your boot drive, this way you can boot off a slightly older version of the OS to sort through bugs like this.
    It also makes a good backup method.

  • Dashboard & Mighty Mouse Scroll Ball

    I love the feature on my Mac that I can press the scroll ball down and my dashboard comes up instantly showing me the weather before I go to work. My mouse got dirty-the scroll ball wouldnt work going up, so I cleaned it. Rubbing alcohol and figure 8 patterns on a sheet of paper-just like they did in my local Apple store(after having many issues with the ball not working). We have done this many times, but now, the dashboard will not come up. I have to click on it in the dock, but it will "disappear" when I click the scroll ball. How can I get it to appear with the ball like it used to???

    I honestly don't know if this will help, but try resetting the SMC.
    How to reset the System Management Controller

  • Another Mighty Mouse Scroll-Ball Problem

    I bought my bluetooth mighty mouse around October of last year, and ever since I've had it the scroll ball will get choppy and then stop working.
    I use a cloth to scrub the ball so it'll at least move, and that seemed to work okay.
    But today, I scrubbed the mouse and it made the ball get pushed down into the mouse.
    It'll still scroll, but I can't middle click. Plus, there's room all around the ball for more dirt to get in.
    What should I do?

    Do I just call AppleCare to fix this (like I would if I had a problem with my iMac)?
    I'm not familiar with Apple's warranty stuff when it comes to keyboards, mice, and other non-computer hardware.
    Thank you

  • Wireless Mighty Mouse Scroll Ball does not scroll downward

    I have a mighty mouse I use with my iMac and I cannot seem to get it to scroll down (any window) lately. The scroll ball does scroll up, but not down. I did reset the mouse, but is it time for a cleaning? I have used it for about 7-8 months. Thanks for the replies.

    Great adivce. My MM is 2 years old and just stared suffering the tortures of the damned. Tried it with water and dry with no joy. Tossed some rubbing alcohol on a bath towel. Did the trick despite lint. Work good for now.

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