How to check the speeds of internal fans

Hello. Concerning the defective logic board that causes fans to run fast, some people have implied that there are applications that allow you to check the RPMs of internal fans. I searched MacUpdate and VersionTracker with no vail. Does anyone know of any such application?

The mentioned aps are very good. But if you just want a quick check of the fan speeds, open a terminal window and type the following command:
ioreg -w 0 -n IOHWControl|grep "target-value\|location"
The output is the following:
| | | | "location" = "System Fan"
| | | | "target-value" = 1700
| | | | "location" = "CPU fan"
| | | | "target-value" = 1500
| | | "location" = "Hard Drive"
| | | "target-value" = 2300
| | | "location" = "sysclk slew"
| | | "target-value" = 0
PS - those are the normal fan speeds for my 20-inch ALS

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  • How to check the speed of agilent 34907a

    Hope i am not duplicating my previous post.But i am not able to locate my previous post so i assume that it has not been posted yet.
    The clarification i want to make is as follws:
    I am reading data from a keithley sourcemeter through a GPIB cable and then process it and then write a digital output value to agilent 34907a multifunction module card and write the time ,GPIB data and the digital value into an excel sheet.
    i want the whole cycle to run as fast as possible.
    So I created a sequence of two frames(ref attached picture ) first frame reads GPIB data and second frame processes the data and writes output to agilent digital output module.
    i have put this sequence inside a continous while loop.
    There is no delay inserted anywhere.
    The excel sheet shows a time difference about 60 msec +/2 sec between consecutive time readings.which means the output module has recieved a data every 60 msec .but i am not sure if it is able to execute the  commands it recieves or some commands ignored.
    a.I can see alternate values being written in the display with no error. so does this mean all the write commands are executed?
    b.does the nest while loop start only after the end of the write process?
    c.Currenly i am using a rs232 cable as interface at 9600 baud rate can increasing this bring down the time from 60 msec?
    your help would be highly appreciated 
    sequence.GIF ‏45 KB

    Your previous posting of this question was in the LabWINDOWS forum. You can find any of your previous postings by clicking on your forum "name", it will show you every posting you have made.
    I am unable to view your image attachment, it is too low resolution. You can attach source code, if it isn't too large, to your postings, just make sure to identify which version of LabVIEW was used.
     You say that your excel spreadsheet shows a time difference of 60 msec +/2 sec  what does +/2 mean? Plus or minus 2 seconds would be big if the expected/desired loop rate is 60 mS.  I don't know whether any commands are being ignored, you would probably get an error if it wasn't able to execute a command in time. If you are looping at 60 mS you won't be able to visually if a command is dropped, but depending on what it is (like output a level) it probably can handle it, that is only 17 S/sec roughly. The 34907a doesn't have a BW rating for the analog output that I could find, looks like it is expected to be used in more or less a static voltage source mode, but it does spec a 1 mS settling time, which should fall within your limits, assuming you are doing the next in measurement too soon.
    Look at your previous post for other comments by another author.
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    Senior Test Engineer
    Currently using LV 6.1-LabVIEW 2012, RT8.5
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  • How accurate is the speed checker?

    How accurate is the speed checker?
    Just had conversation with customer services where they claimed the maximum speed I could get was 6mb and the 17mb quoted in the letter was a "clerical error". I've worked out they must have been using the checker linked above but the speeds quoted aren't accurate for my connection. Does anyone else have a discrepency?

    lostof wrote:
    This is what I got from the hub
    ADSL settings
    ITU-T G.992.5
    Latency type
    Noise margin (Down/Up)
    6.1 dB / 5.9 dB
    Line attenuation (Down/Up)
    35.0 dB / 18.7 dB
    Output power (Down/Up)
    0.0 dBm / 12.8 dBm
    Loss of Framing (Local)
    Loss of Signal (Local)
    Loss of Power (Local)
    FEC Errors (Down/Up)
    108823 / 4294967264
    CRC Errors (Down/Up)
    0 / N/A
    HEC Errors (Down/Up)
    N/A / 0
    Error Seconds (Local)
    According to your attenuation I would hope for around 12mb on your line, that would be with the correct stats, SNR margin of 6dB which you have etc..  Although the reason I've highlighted the Output Power [Downstream] is because this should be around 19/20 and hence why you are probably not seeing the good speeds.  Please contact the mods, you can do that by following this link: and ask them to get it sorted for you and then you should see the speeds
    Regards Edd
    Check your Line
    BT Speedtester

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    Best regards,

    Try creating a Query in Tcode SQVI by combining tables MKPF and J_1IEXCHDR/J_1IEXCDTL for your requirement.
    Check these threads how to create Query.…

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    Please can anyone tell me how to post the revenue to internal order when i invoicing using VF01.
    i have already tested,i enter the internal order in the TAB 'Account assinment' when VA01.
    but i seem to post the sales cost to the internal order but not revenue.
    Can anyone tell me how to resolve it?
    Thank you!

    You seem to be doing the right thing. Once you have posted the billing document. Can you please go to vf02 and check in the item detail tab if the internal order you have entered in va02 is there.

  • How to change the speed of a slideshow

    How to change the speed of a slideshow

    In my test, all I need do was right click the clip and make sure Frame Blend was not checked.

  • How to check duplicate entries in internal table??

    Dear Friends,
    How to check duplicate entries in internal table??
    Exp: In my internal table if I am having the same records more then ones then I need to print the error message, here I am using steploop for selecting the values from screen, and the values are coming into my internal table if user enter the same value more then ones I need to print the error message.

    After storing the data into internal table say ITAb, move the data into another internal table.
    t_dup[] = itab[].
    LOOP AT itab.
        count1 = count1 + 1.
        itab-count1 = count1.
        MODIFY itab.
    LOOP AT t_dup.
        count2 = count2 + 1.
        t_dup-count2 = count2.
        MODIFY t_dup.
      LOOP AT t_dup.
        record_dup = 'N'.
        READ TABLE itab WITH KEY count1 = t_dup-count2.
        IF sy-subrc = 0.
          record_dup = 'Y'.
        IF record_dup NE 'Y'.
          t_dup-message = 'DUPLICATE ENTRY'.
          t_dup-flag = 1.
          MODIFY t_dup.
    Use this sample code.
    Reward pts if it is helpfull.

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    Go to:
    to get the software Nero CD-DVD Speed V2.11.  

  • How to check the messages in solution manager?

    hai experts !
    how to check the messages in solution manager?
    in which transaction do we see them?

    Hi Kiran,
    From what I gather from your brief question, you are perhaps looking for CRM_DNO_MONITOR that would display all queries created from Satellite/SolMan system itself, as support messages.
    If you are looking for Notifications underlying those messages, please look for DNOTIFWL.
    For more specific answers, please provide more description of what you are looking for.
    Trust this helps.

  • How to check the verity version in our PeopleSoft Installation?

    How to check the verity version in our PeopleSoft Installation? I am not sure if the verity is installed or not and also if installed what is the version?

    yes. it says the version is 5.0.1
    Is there any difference in installation or configuration when the app and web server are in same machine and when the app and web server are installed in different servers?
    mkvdk - Verity, Inc. Version 5.0.1 (_nti40, Jul 23 2004)
    Usage: mkvdk [<option>...] <filespec>...
    Where <option> can be a VDK switch, or any of:
    -about Show the collection's about resources
    -autodel Delete bulk insert file when no longer needed
    -backup <dir> Specify collection backup location
    -bulk Submit bulk insert file(s)
    -charmap <name> Specify the character map to VDK
    -collection <path> Specify the collection (required)
    -create Create the collection
    -credentials <user> Specify user[:passwd][:domain][:mailbox]
    -datapath <path> Specify VDK datapath
    -datefmt <fmt> Specify date format to VDK
    -debug Enable debugging output
    -delete Delete documents
    -description <desc> Set the collection's description
    -diskcache <num> Set VDK's disk cache size (kbytes)
    -extract Extract field values from text
    -help Print this usage information
    -insert Insert documents (default)
    -locale <locale> Specify the locale to VDK
    -logfile <file> Save output in a log file
    -loglevel <num> Set the VDK output level for the log
    -mailboxes This option is depracated. Use the credentials option inste
    -maxfiles <num> Set VDK's maximum number of open files
    -maxmemory <num> Set VDK's maximum memory usage (kbytes)
    -mode <mode> Set the indexing mode
    -modify Modify fields using field/value pairs from a bulkfile
    -nohousekeep Disable housekeeping
    -noindex Disable indexing
    -nolock Turns off locking (dangerous)
    -nooptimize Disable optimizations
    -nosave Don't save collection work list
    -noservice Prevents servicing of submitted work
    -nosubmit Don't submit work to VDK
    -numdocs <num> Number of documents to insert from bulk insert file(s)
    -numpages <num> Synonym for diskcache for backward compatibility
    -offset <num> Specify offset into bulk insert file(s)
    -online Flag for online Bulk Modify
    -optimize <spec> Optimize the collection
    -outlevel <num> Set the VDK output level
    -persist Service the collection forever
    -purge Remove all documents from collection
    -purgeback Purge in the background
    -purgewait <secs> Specify delay before purge
    -quiet Suppress all non-error messages
    -repair Repair the collection
    -servlev <spec> Advanced option for overriding service level
    -sleeptime <secs> Interval between service calls for persist
    -style <dir> Specify style directory for create
    -submit Synonym for noservice for backward compatibility
    -synch Perform work synchronously
    -topicset <path> Specify VDK topic set
    -update Update documents
    -vdkhome <path> Specify VDK home
    -verbose Output more information
    -words Build word assist list
    -wordindex Build word assist index
    The <spec> for -optimize is a hyphenated string of:
    maxmerge Perform maximal merging of partitions
    squeeze Recover space from deleted documents
    vdbopt Build optimized VDB's
    spanword Create word list spanning all partitions
    ngramindex Create ngram index into spanning word list
    maxclean Really clean (not for read-write)
    readonly Make the collection read-only
    tuneup Fully optimize for read-write use
    publish Fully optimize for read-only use
    The <spec> for -servlev is a hyphenated string of:
    search Enable search and retrieval
    insert Enable adding and updating documents
    optimize Enable opportunistic collection optimization
    assist Enable building of word list
    housekeep Enable housekeeping of unneeded files
    delete Enable document deletion
    backup Enable backup
    purge Enable background purging
    repair Enable collection repair
    dataprep Same as search-index-optimize-assist-housekeep
    index Same as insert-delete
    Error: must specify collection
    mkvdk done

  • Can anyone tell me how to check the balance on an iTunes gift card that is not yet scratched?

    Can anyone tell me how to check the balance on an iTunes gift card that is not yet scratched or activated?

    If it's not printed on the card, then you'll need to check the receipt from the purchase of the card. There's no way to check the value from the card itself without redeeming it.

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    How will check the space taken by a single table in a tablespace ?
    dba_segments is giving the same values even if I truncate the table?
    Pls reply

    I need to know how can we find out the size of the table in the tablespace.use user_segments (bytes) column.
    How much bytes it has taken ?value from user_segments, bytes column
    If u delete records will the space be used for another table in same tablespace?No, it keep the space in the same table for future usage.
    How can we free that space ?truncate or drop the table and reduce the size from tablespace, if you want to reclaim the space from the tablespace, OS level.

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    How to check the resolution of a pdf file using Acrobat 9 pro?

    PDF files don't have one resolution, but may have none or many different resolutions, one per image. You can check the maximum/minimum resoluion with preflight in Acrobat Pro, but not in Adobe Reader.

  • How to check the current EHP stack level? in SAP

    Dear All,
    How to check the current EHP stack level? in SAP  . i have checked forum before i am posting but still comfused .
    same one said SAP_APPL , EA_Appl  and SAP _HR is 60n if n= if n =1 is enhanced package 1 similarly 2,3,4 .
    some one said SAP_BASIS 701,702,703,704 . according ehp1,2,3,4.
    Pls check the details and confirm either is ehp1 or ehp4 .
    Component version is simply shows SAP ECC 6.0 in system -> status.
    Software Component  - Release  - SP level
    SAP_ABA     701     0007
    SAP_BASIS     701     0007
    PI_BASIS     701     0007
    ST-PI     2008_1_700     0003
    SAP_BS_FND     701     0008
    SAP_BW     701     0007
    SAP_AP     700     0021
    WEBCUIF     700     0008
    SAP_APPL     604     0008
    SAP_HR     604     0029
    SAP_HRCAR     604     0029
    SAP_HRCAT     604     0029
    SAP_HRCAU     604     0029
    SAP_HRCBE     604     0029
    SAP_HRCBR     604     0029
    SAP_HRCCA     604     0029
    SAP_HRCCH     604     0029
    SAP_HRCCL     604     0029
    SAP_HRCCN     604     0029
    SAP_HRCDE     604     0029
    SAP_HRCDK     604     0029
    SAP_HRCES     604     0029
    SAP_HRCFI     604     0029
    SAP_HRCFR     604     0029
    SAP_HRCGB     604     0031
    SAP_HRCHK     604     0029
    SAP_HRCID     604     0029
    SAP_HRCIE     604     0029
    SAP_HRCIN     604     0029
    SAP_HRCIT     604     0029
    SAP_HRCJP     604     0029
    SAP_HRCKR     604     0029
    SAP_HRCMX     604     0029
    SAP_HRCMY     604     0029
    SAP_HRCNL     604     0029
    SAP_HRCNO     604     0029
    SAP_HRCNZ     604     0029
    SAP_HRCPH     604     0029
    SAP_HRCPT     604     0029
    SAP_HRCRU     604     0029
    SAP_HRCSE     604     0029
    SAP_HRCSG     604     0029
    SAP_HRCTH     604     0029
    SAP_HRCTW     604     0029
    SAP_HRCUN     604     0029
    SAP_HRCUS     604     0029
    SAP_HRCVE     604     0029
    SAP_HRCZA     604     0029
    SAP_HRGXX     604     0029
    SAP_HRRXX     604     0029
    EA-IPPE     400     0018
    EA-APPL     604     0008
    EA-DFPS     600     0018
    EA-FINSERV     604     0007
    EA-GLTRADE     604     0008
    EA-HR     604     0029
    EA-HRCAR     604     0029
    EA-HRCAT     604     0029
    EA-HRCAU     604     0029
    EA-HRCBE     604     0029
    EA-HRCBR     604     0029
    EA-HRCCA     604     0029
    EA-HRCCH     604     0029
    EA-HRCCN     604     0029
    EA-HRCDE     604     0029
    EA-HRCDK     604     0029
    EA-HRCES     604     0029
    EA-HRCFI     604     0029
    EA-HRCFR     604     0029
    EA-HRCGB     604     0029
    EA-HRCHK     604     0029
    EA-HRCID     604     0029
    EA-HRCIE     604     0029
    EA-HRCIN     604     0029
    EA-HRCIT     604     0029
    EA-HRCJP     604     0029
    EA-HRCKR     604     0029
    EA-HRCMX     604     0029
    EA-HRCMY     604     0029
    EA-HRCNL     604     0029
    EA-HRCNO     604     0029
    EA-HRCNZ     604     0029
    EA-HRCPH     604     0029
    EA-HRCPT     604     0029
    EA-HRCRU     604     0029
    EA-HRCSE     604     0029
    EA-HRCSG     604     0029
    EA-HRCTH     604     0029
    EA-HRCTW     604     0029
    EA-HRCUN     604     0029
    EA-HRCUS     604     0029
    EA-HRCVE     604     0029
    EA-HRCZA     604     0029
    EA-HRGXX     604     0029
    EA-HRRXX     604     0029
    EA-PS     604     0007
    EA-RETAIL     604     0007
    FINBASIS     604     0008
    ECC-DIMP     600     0018
    ERECRUIT     604     0008
    FI-CA     604     0008
    FI-CAX     604     0007
    INSURANCE     600     0018
    IS-CWM     600     0018
    IS-H     600     0024
    IS-M     600     0018
    IS-OIL     600     0018
    IS-PS-CA     604     0007
    IS-UT     600     0018
    LSOFE     600     0018
    SEM-BW     604     0008
    ST-A/PI     01M_ECC600     0001
    Edited by: satheesh0812 on Nov 17, 2011 7:57 AM

    Hi Sateesh,
    SAP_ABA 701 0007
    SAP_BASIS 701 0007
    PI_BASIS 701 0007
    ST-PI 2008_1_700 0003
    SAP_BS_FND 701 0008
    SAP_BW 701 0007
    SAP_AP 700 0021
    WEBCUIF 700 0008
    SAP_APPL 604 0008
    Based on the component information provided by you, I can conclude that your system is ECC 6.0 EHP4.
    EHP4 is derived from your component SAP_APPL 604.
    In addition to this your EHP4 system has NW stack on NW 7.0 EHP1.
    Hence your system is ECC 6.0 EHP4 with NW 7.0 EHP1.
    Hope this answers your query.
    Deepak Kori

  • How to check the format (PAL or NTSC) of a DVD?

    I wonder if someone can tell me how to check the format (PAL or NTSC) of DVD’s that I receive from my friends around the world. Many of them have no marking as to the format... Is there some software that can do this?

    Hello Peace Freak,
    have a look at myDVDedit ( It's actually designed to do postproduction on a DVD, but will also display a lot of info, such as TV standard, 16:9 vs. 4:3, etc.
    Insert your DVD, then launch myDVDedit and open the VIDEO_TS folder contained in your DVD. Click the IFO tab to find the information you're looking for.
    hope this helps

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