How to configure Mail app on mountain lion to not download all my emails in hotmail server. I need only just 1-2 weeks

How to configure Mail app on mountain lion to not download all my emails in hotmail server. I need only just 1-2 weeks

Try going to the web based site and see if you can set up a temporary folder there. Move anything you don't want to download to that folder.

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  • How to enable logging for in Mountain Lion

    I am at my wits end trying to figure this out....
    Does anyone have a clue how to enable the logging for under Mountain Lion?
    In the past, you could open up Console and click on Console.log and see the logging of mail. Under mountain Lion, there is no more console.log. I cannot figure out how to enable it.
    I have tried to run the AppleScript of "Turn On Logging" but the script errors out under Mountain Lion.
    Does anyone know how to do this or a better way, maybe a tool or something that can help you troubleshoot issues?
    Thanks in advanced

    I have a similar problem. The script "Turn on Logging.scpt" runs without error, but I do not see any socket logging. I only get two messages, which I also get when I start mail without the script by just clicking the icon in the dock. The Messages are:
    1/10/13 3:43:32.618 PM Mail[11276]: Using V2 Layout
    1/10/13 3:43:36.388 PM Mail[11276]: *** -[IADomainCache init]: IA domains cache is out of date.
    Any help would be appreciated

  • My mail app in Mountain Lion freezes

    My mail app in Mountain Lion freezes a few second to a few minutes after launching. I have already re-installed the OS but it didn't help.  Any thoughts?
    I have one exchange account that I have removed and reinstalled.  I've tried to see if it's conflicting with any of my other apps, I can't find anything there either.  Never had this problem before, but would like use of this app.  Thanks.

    More info.  It seems to freeze when switching between mail and other apps.  It then becomes impossible to switch back to the mail app, though mail will be indicated in the app name just to the right of the apple menu

  • with mountain lion

    Is somebody else having trouble with with mountain lion? I upgraded today and I got the Message:
    "Mail Stores Information in /mypathformail/  If this folder is in your computer, use the Get Info window and change permissions for folder to Read&Write"
    I already checked and it is like that.

    I know about the "get mail" button. This is what I am getting (the [!] icons next to each of the mailboxes)

  • Mail created w/ mountain Lion will not open in SL10.6.8, or OS X yosemite.

    Mail created w/ mountain Lion will not open in SL10.6.8, or OS X yosemite.  How can I convert it to open?

    After a second call to AppleCare, they had advised me differently than before.  Once they found out that my personal computer has Mac OS X Lion installed from the App Store, they suggested I simply upgrade my parents computer to Lion.
    So, I used my download from the App Store and upgraded.  It went smoothly, but Mail still will not open properly.  And instead of the original error message, it comes up with this:
    "Check with your developer to make sure Mail can work with your version of Mac OS X.  You may need to reinstall the application.  Check if there are any updates available for the application."
    How can I re-install just Mail?  A startup disk is not accessible for me right now.  Can I download the latest version of Mail and install it from the website?

  • HT2404 Mountain Lion will not download through the apps store.  It shows up in Launchpad, but when the screensaver goes on and I enter my password and my desktop shows up, it has disappeared from launchpad.  I have set my energy saver controls appropriate

    Mountain lion will not download thru the apps store.  It has been purchased and redeemed.  I have set my energy settings appropriately so computer will not turn off during download as Verizon offers a connection that is very slow.  I have set the display to go to sleep (which I have set so I have to sign in again).  When I sign in again, Mountain Lion OSX has disappeared from the launchpad.  I have tried this several times.  I do have Norton Internet Security on my Mac Air.  I turned off the idle time scan on the Norton and tried again.  Same results.  Anyone?

    Ask anyone around here, and they will tell you quite differently. AV software will slow down your computer, can be incompatible with software you use, can cause kernel panics and other problems. It is unnecessay since OS X has it's own protection built-in. AV software can no more tell the difference between safe and unsafe sites on your browser than could an elephant.
    But, hey, who am I to argue with your tech person? Please, don't let me sway your opinion. How about a visit to:
    Helpful Links Regarding Malware Protection
    An excellent link to read is Tom Reed's Mac Malware Guide.
    Also, visit The XLab FAQs and read Detecting and avoiding malware and spyware.
    See these Apple articles:
              Mac OS X Snow Leopard and malware detection
              OS X Lion- Protect your Mac from malware
              OS X Mountain Lion- Protect your Mac from malware
              About file quarantine in OS X
    If you require anti-virus protection I recommend using VirusBarrier Express 1.1.6 or Dr.Web Light both from the App Store. They're both free, and since they're from the App Store, they won't destabilize the system. (Thank you to Thomas Reed for these recommendations.)

  • HT4854 Mountain Lion will not download. App just says "download" on purchase button, but nothing happens. Any ideas?

    Mountain Lion will not download. App just says "download" on purchase button, but nothing happens. Any ideas?

    My download took many many hours.  Not sure if that is because of our ISP or load on the network.  I also thought nothing was happening for my download.  Try this:
    Open App Store,
    click on Purchased
    You'll see Mountain Lion being downloaded and it will show the progress and estimated time to complete. 
    Take deep breaths and be patient. 

  • Mountain Lion will not download to my iMac, "The product distribution file could not be verified.  It may be damaged or was not signed."

    Mountain Lion will not download to my iMac, "The product distribution file could not be verified.  It may be damaged or was not signed."

    I have this problem also. I was able to download Mountain Lion to my daughter's Mac Mini without any trouble. However, I can't download this to my MacBook Pro. I have read other sites that suggest VirusBarrier is the problem and recommend turning it off in VirusBarrier>Preferences>Advanced. I have tried this and it still doesn't work, although some report that it has worked for them.

  • How to reinstall Messages app in Mountain Lion?

    Hi all!
    Dou you know how can I reinstall the Messages app in Mountain Lion?
    Unfortunately, it was deleted by accident and now it seems quite difficult to find the way to get this app back((
    Thanks in advance!

    For the points   
    9:33 PM      Tuesday; October 16, 2012
    Please, if posting Logs, do not post any Log info after the line "Binary Images for iChat"
      iMac 2.5Ghz 5i 2011 (Mountain Lion 10.8.2)
     G4/1GhzDual MDD (Leopard 10.5.8)
     MacBookPro 2Gb (Snow Leopard 10.6.8)
     Mac OS X (10.6.8),
     Couple of iPhones and an iPad
    "Limit the Logs to the Bits above Binary Images."  No, Seriously

  • How can I repair a corrupted Mail app in Mountain Lion?

    Let me begin by stating I've been experiencing several issues in the Mail app off and on. Today, I was having trouble with my account not sending or receiving.
    I go to remove and re-add the account under iCloud settings under SyStem Prefs, and I'm told that the mail account cannot be setup through the Preferences pane. I'm told to set it up in the mail app itself, but this resulted in it adding the imap version, rather than using push mail.
    I decided to go and find every mail app related preferences file in the library subdirectories,, and deleted the mail folder. I did not locate any other .plist file anywhere else; although I could have missed them.
    Can someone please point out what else I can do to clear out Mail of all data and start fresh? Now when I launch Mail, it displays my prior account info, in spite of the prior deletions.

    When you open Mail, and go to the accounts, highlight the account giving you problems the click the minus sign at the bottom of the column to remove that account.  The click the plus sign and setup the account again the way it should be.
    See if that clears up the issue.
    Alternative is to reinstall ML, but you would be better off trying to straightern out the account itself first.
    To reinstall, restart holding the Command and R keys, then select reinstall, do not erase and install or you will lose all of your content.

  • How to configure Share Button in Mountain Lion?

    I have just updated my MBP to Mountain Lion. Going to give Safari a bash as I liked the look of some of the new features, for one the Share Button.
    However, when I try to share something by email it opens Chrome and shares it using a Gmail account I use for work stuff that I don't remember specifying on any of my Apple devices so have no idea why it has defaulted to using this one. I use an account for the mac mail client and want to share emails using this.
    Any ideas how can configure the new Share Button on Mountain Lion to do this would be appreciated.

    Hi you all,
    I´ve been trying to acomplish the opposite without success. I just updated from snow leopard to mountain lion. I only use web based gmail since I find it more usefull. I used to have a small program called gmail notification on SL that among other things poped out a small safari page to send an email every time I choosed to email something from the options on an item. In other words it used web based gmail to send attachments. eg. I would select a word document, hit sec button, select send email... and a safari web page with my attachment on it apeared that would let me include address and text to it.
    Gmail notification does not work on ML. I tried to download it without success. I´d love to have web based gmail open ready to write the email when I hit share button on ML but apple Mail app shows up every time I do this. If I select chrome as my email reader from options in Mail then chome would pop up but only on the default starting page.
    Any ideas?

  • Mail app on Mountain Lion receives no emails

    I bought a new MacBook Pro with mountain lion.
    I tried to set my mail account (Hotmail) .
    The problem is that there are no push notifications so I configurated to check for new mails every minute!
    I tried to send several emails from my account to myself but eventhough it has passed over 2 minutes...the mails wasn't in the mail app or the Notification Center...
    What can i do?

    This is a very tough problem, because it specifically involves the handling of Japanese text. Your crash seems to be the same as one reported on Apple Discussions Japan:
    mailが予期しない理由で終了しました_...: Apple サポートコミュニティ
    I think you'd have a better chance of getting help there:
    Home: Apple サポートコミュニティ

  • Problem with mail app on Mountain Lion?

    I need help to fix my native mail app, that stoped working. It's blocked. I'm using Mountain Lion OS. My accounts work fine in the Iphone and Ipad.

    hello there, I am jumping in the conversation because I am in the same situation. Up to yesterday evening my mac was working fine, but since this morning, Mail creates a general crash of the system. When I open Maill I have the wheel working for ever, and force quit doesn't help. My solution so far has been to shut down (holding the power button down). I rebooted using the safe boot mode, installed the last update for mountain lion, restart and boom, mail crashed again.
    also finder window doesn't come up front.
    any help welcome.

  • How to open powerPC apps in Mountain lion?

    I just updated to Mountain Lion. Before, I had a couple of games I could play without any problems. Now that I have updated my OS I get an error: "the progam can't be opened, because the PowerPC-applications aren't being supported any longer"

    msansaphone wrote:
    I just updated to Mountain Lion.
    I tried to partition my external drive, but I can't install snow leopard onto it.
    I miss my old mbp.
    When you said "just updated" people assumed you UPGRADED to 10.8 from 10.6 and now your PPC apps no longer work.
    What it appears now is you purchased a new machine with 10.8 or updated from a factory 10.7 because you said "I miss my old mbp"
    I tried to partition my external drive, but I can't install snow leopard onto it.
    The machine your booting the 10.6 install disk/usb with has to have had Snow Leopard 10.6 on it at one time or is capable of booting from the 10.6 installer.
    There are hardware drivers so OS X can work on different Mac hardware, for newer machines there is no hardware drivers for Snow Leopard and/or the firmware will block booting from the installer/disk.
    I tried to partition my external drive, but I can't install snow leopard onto it.
    All OS X boot drives  have to be formatted Partition, X amount of Partitions (usually 1) click the box and Option: GUID and then OS X extended journaled on the partition OS X is being installed into.
    The other partitions can be formatted differently, but OS X can only be installed into OS X Extended J formatted partitions and only on a GUID formatted drive.
    Formatting a drive will remove all data on it, formatting a partition will remove all data just on it and not other partitions, backup all the data regardless in case of error.
    Once you have formatted  you can quit Disk Utility and then there will be a selection of boot volumes OS X can be installed into.
    You do all this while c or option/alt key held at boot time to boot off the 10.6 installer disk or bootable 10.6 USB key.
    How to erase and install Snow Leopard 10.6
    You are doing this to direct boot the machine (if it's capable of 10.6) into Snow Leopard, you do this by holding the option/alt key down at boot time for Startup Manager.
    If your machine came with 10.7 or 10.8, it can't boot off the 10.6 install disks.
    Nor can you boot the gray machine disks on another model of Mac as it has specific hardware drivers for that model only.
    I have a UT here about installing Snow Leopard onto a partition on a Mac that was upgraded to 10.7 or 10.8 from 10.6.
    Snow Leopard partition on 10.7+ Mac
    There is a option to running OS X 10.6 Server on a virtual machine software called Parallels here, the performance isn't going to be as good as a direct boot,  but acceptable on just about everything but a intense 3D games.

  • Mail app in Mountain Lion doesn't check mails anymore

    Right next to every mailbox there's the gray circle with the exclamation mark as if the accounts were offline. "Bring all accounts online" doesn't do anything at all, and neither does clicking on the exclamation mark. Quitting and reopening used to work for a while, now that stopped working. A restart of the computer seems to do the job, but I can't restart the machine everytime just to check mails... I tried deleting the preferences but doesn't do anything.
    Really annoying, mail worked just fine before this Mountain Lion upgrade. I recently had my routher exchanged, I believe the problem startet when I put the macbook to sleep, turn of the router, and later when I come back and connect to the internet mail goes crazy.
    Please anyones has any ideas before I'm going through the trouble of rebuilding the whole strucutre?
    Thanks a lot!
    MacBook Pro i7, 10.8.2 with supplemental update

    Could it be a possibility that this issue is somehow connected to my new router? I believe this problem started with the new router... So maybe there's a port issue or something?
    Alright, so the problem seems to have been the router blocking port 993 which is used by the pop accounts. Look like it works fine now, it had to be added as an open port in the router configuration.

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