How to Configure Overview of Organizational Units iView in MSS 5.0/6.0

Hi all,
Does anyone have any idea on how to configure the "Overview of Organizational Units" iView in MSS to work with the HR backend?
When I click on the Organizational Unit in the iView, it does not link me to a new page and no Organizational Unit overview pops out.
Any form of help or hints is deeply appreciated.
Many many thanks in advance.

Hi Leong Ko,
In order for this to work, first and foremost your userid has to be linked to some "manager" employee of your choice in infotype 105, subtype 0001.
Secondly, the position that this "manager" employee is holding has to be assigned to one organisational unit (technically relationship A003, but you can do this from transaction PPOME).
Thirdly, the position in question has to be marked as "chief position" (in technical terms relationship A012-manages between the position and the org. unit to which it belongs). This can also be done from transaction PPOME.
If the organisational unit to which the position belongs has, in turn, subordinate org. units, these will also be shown in the Iview.
Of course you will have to be logged on to the portal with your userid (the one that you assigned to the employee in infotype 105) for this to work. It will not work if you are just testing the Iview without being logged on.
Hope it helps.

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    I am looking for a f. module to get the list of users from specific Organizational Unit and with specific worker's subgroup.
    I found f. module SWI_GET_USERS_OF_ORG_UNIT but it seems not working and only returns the users, how can I narrow the selection to get only from specific worker's subgroup?
    Thank you

    Try with FM RH_STRUC_GET with following parameters:
    ACT_OBJID = worker's subgroup
    Most important is to specify OBJID as the workers's subgroup, values for the others parameters may vary.

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    Thanks & Regards,
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    Hi Cardo,
    I am developing a function module. In that one I have to write the code for the below case.
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    Nagaraju Maddi

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    Thanks for your supports.
    Huyen Nguyen

    Hi Huyen,
    You will have to delimit the Org Unit to a New End disallow using of this Org Unit...
    To do so, Run the TCode RE_RHGRENZ4
    Enter the following values in the Report:
    Plan Version - 01
    Object Type - O
    Object ID - XXXXXXXX
    Reporting Period - All
    New End Date - 31.12.2009
    Infotype Selection - Leave it blank as it will delimit all the Infotypes that were maintained for this Org Unit...and will delimit to the new date..
    Existing End Date - 31.12.9999
    Checkmark the following:
    Delete records with start date after delimit date
    Lock Object
    Display Delimited Objects
    Good Luck !!!
    Kumarpal Jain.

  • How to find cheif of Organization Unit.

    I am developing a report related to HR org management. Could anybody suggest me how to get chief of a organization unit using function module or select stmt. I have PERNR and I need to get who if the chief of that PERNR.

    - read EE's current org unit
    - use i.e. FM HRCM_ORGUNIT_MANAGER_GET passing it as objid and otype = 'O'  .
    You will get this org unit Manager.
    There are plenty of functions you can use to achieve the same. The above is just an example.

  • How to drive sales order Organizational Unit to equal the Sales Office

    CRM 7.0, sales order is using org rule ORGMAN_23 which has FM CRM_ORGMAN_ORGOBJECTS_FIND_11
    The sales order finds the sales org, dist channel, division, sales office, and sales group but the Organizational Unit always matches the sales group.
    Will any of the delivered FM's used in PFAC
    return the results I desire? or will we need to copy and modify one of these FM's.

    You need to adjust your org structure in ppoma_crm.
    Currently the org unit which is mapped to an ECC sales group holds the attributes that mapped to the BP's sales area data.
    (If you are using rule ORGMAN_23).
    Please create an org unit, which is not mapped to the sales group, with the desired attributes, then assign the BP to this org unit.
    Best regards,

  • Linking between organizational unit and workflow

    I have created my organizational unit and workflow.
    Can anyone tell me how to link workflow with organizational unit?

    Hi Azra,,,
             You can link oraganisational unit and workflow by specifying the  organization unit name in the task screen.....
               Assgin values:
             Recipient type = organisational object.
             Then Select Position from Drop down list and then select the
             organisational number with f4 help.
    Simillarly assing the abbrevation of the task of workflow to the Oranisational
    plan position.
    If answer is suitable do give points.
    Thanx ....
    Mandeep      .....

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    how do I determine an organizational unit cost center?
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    Is there a FM that can be used?
    Thanks in advance

    thanks for your reply, no, I can't read it from there.
    This is HR stuff... In OM you define Organizational units, and you can specify a cost center for it (that a program can read in HRP1001) or it is inherited from the previous Organization unit (that will not create a recodr in HRP1001).

  • Accounting iView in Organizational Unit Overview

    Hi there,
    When loading the Organizational Unit Overview Page, the Accouting iView returns the following error message when selecting a Org Unit to view:
    <b>"Error in R/3 System while reading organizational unit"</b>
    Then when selecting another Org Unit to view I get the following message:
    <b>Portal Runtime Error
    An exception occurred while processing a request for :
    iView : pcd:portal_content/
    Component Name :
    Error occurs during the rendering of jsp component.
    Exception id: 08:47_03/10/06_0010_28968950
    See the details for the exception ID in the log file</b>

    My Log File has disappeared!
    Test and Configuration Tools -> Admin Tools -> No log file is there anywhere else it could be?

  • Steps to configure Planning Overview iView in MSS.

    Need help with steps to configure/implement Planning Overview iView in MSS. I have done necessary configs in Define Attributes for planning overview in Customizing for ECM in R/3.
    I have worked in ECM ECC 6.0 with employee based approval processes and now working on enh package4.

    Hi Vivek,
      Thanks for taking time and answering. So, how do I integrate the Org Chart iVIew with these Position Profile and Organizational Unit Profiles pages? We do not need all the iViews that come with these pages. We only need the following
    Position Profile
    - Employee Group/Subgroup
    - Holders
    -Organizational Unit Profiles
    -Organizational Unit Search
    -Position Holders

  • How do we link the central organizational unit and purchase organization i

    hi friends
    How do we link the central organizational unit and purchase organization in SUS configuration? 

    The workflow process is associated to the transaction you select by parameters in the function call.
    The Responsibility 9e.g. employee self service) is linked to a menu. The menu contains (amongst other things) functions. If the function is associated to a menu prompt, then when the user clicks on the prompt (e.g. Change Job) the function is invoked. When the function is invoked, it calls the workflow described in the function call.
    The function will already (out of the box) point to a workflow process. If you have customised your own process, you will need to amend the function call to call your workflow name.
    Look at the function in question and you will see what I mean.
    Hope that helps explain it!

  • The question about configuration Organization Unit on spro

    Dear all.
    I want to configuration Organization Unit on spro so I have created O.Units, Jobs and positions on Personnel Administration->Organizational Assignment->Organizational Plan  but I can't see these values about O.Unit, job and position on  SAP Access Easy .
    How to see these values on  SAP Access Easy ?
    Can I input these values about O.Units, Jobs and positions on spro ?
    Thanks so much.
    Huyen Nguyen

    instead of that
    Define the Number ranges
    in OOCR
    for all the objects
    Make a Template for Objects and Object Id
    and upload the same thru PP01
    than all the enties will sit in the SPRO
    >note it is not mandatory to create thru SRPO wht in case if u have 4000 to 5000  Employees
    So the best way is upload the Data thru LSMW thru Proper objects and Relatioships

  • How to Disable Group Manager Tab for Specific OU(Organizational Unit)

    Hi All,
    How can i disable Group Manager Tab for particular OU(Organizational Unit) in OAM Where should i configure to disable this particular stuff?
    Can someone please give suggestions on this issue?

    Hi Ganesh,
    If you have many OUs under the searchbase that you want to include, but one that you want to exclude, then you could add a filter to the Group Manager tab (in Identity System Console/Group Manager configuration/Tabs menu item) like:
    where mygroup is the ou that you want to exclude
    Depending on your ldap sctructure, it may be more appropriate to add searchbases that you want to include rather than use filters to exclude those that you don't want.

  • Organizational unit transfers ,how to deal with the person in it ?

    Hi,All,I need your help!
    if an organizational unit has been transfered to another upper organizational unit ,and there are already persons assigned to different positions of it,so how to deal with this problem?are those person's IT 0000,0001should be changed too?and how to maintain this kind of change?is a personnel action necessary?or there is some other more efficient way for it?

    In IT0001 You have a Position which is linked to a Org unit. If you want to change the org units reporting relationship then you have to change it in OM by creating a new relationship with the upper org unit.
    All the person are assigned to position so nothing needs to be done in  PA.
    Reward points if useful.

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