How to create a sequence in oracle forms6i

Oracle forms 6i
Hai All
I am working in leave application entry so i need to create a sequence for giving a unique number for each entry
Pls tell me the steps how to created and how to call the sequence from database
Thanks in Advance

Create sequence <sequence_name>
Start with <number>
increment by <number>
in database
eg:- create sequence test_seq
start with 1
increment by 1;
in forms
you can assign value in pre-insert trigger
cursor cur_seq is
select test_seq.nextval from dual;
open cur_seq;
fetch cur_seq into :item_key ; /* :item_key give name of ur primary key field*/
close cur_seq;

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    CTA, CLA
    ~Will work for kudos and/or BBQ~

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    Looking at your post you haven't told us what database version you are using, you haven't provided any create table DDL's and insert statements to populate that with sample data, and you haven't even shown us that you've had a go at doing something yourself.
    You will find if you post on here demanding your post is urgent then most people will just ignore it, some will tell you to get lost, and some will explain to you why you shouldn't post "urgent" requests. Occasionally you may find somebody who's got nothing better to do who will actually provide you with an answer, but you really are limiting your options by not asking properly.
    As a basic example of dyanamic SQL:
      cols DBMS_SQL.DESC_TAB;
      ncols PLS_INTEGER;
      -- Parse the query.
      DBMS_SQL.PARSE(cur, 'SELECT hiredate, sal FROM emp', DBMS_SQL.NATIVE);
      -- Retrieve column information
      DBMS_SQL.DESCRIBE_COLUMNS (cur, ncols, cols);
      -- Display each of the column names
      FOR colind IN 1 .. ncols
        DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE (cols.col_name);
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