How-to create auto-updating fields

Hello, I'm having a slight problem with user controlled fields on the front panel. I'm using controls in LabVIEW 8.0, and my problem is that when a user enters a new value into a numeric control field, the control does not update and pass that value throughout the rest of the code unless the user presses the <enter> key while the field is still selected. Seems as though there should be an easy fix.
Thanks in advance.

Well to specify, what I'm trying to do is create a program for students to use in and education lab, just for simplicity it would be preferred that they not have to press enter at the end of every string of numbers written into a field. The controls that I'm using are governing for loop parameters; the for loop activates with a mouse down event structure. The problem is that if a student enters that they'd like the loop to perform say 500 iterations one time, and they wish for 300 the next; if they don't press enter after changing the value of the numeric control on the front panel the loop will perform 500 iterations again. I have tried using various types of event structures on the numeric control such as "key up" and "key down" however the same problem arises that they enter key must be pressed in order for the value to update.
I've tried this both on the experiment VI, and a new blank VI with various control-to-indicator set-ups.

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  • How to create a new field in a sub screen in material master. ?

    How to create a new field in a sub screen in material master. ?
    Kindly help us.
    LIke wise tell me how to create a new sub screen as per my desired

    Follow the documentation of Logistics - General->Material Master->Configuring the Material Master->Create Program for Customized Subscreens  to add the new field in material master.
    Create Program for Customized Subscreens
    In this IMG activity, you can create a function group of your own by copying function group MGD1 (for industry) or function group MGD2 (for retail). The subscreens are not copied, except for two subscreens which are copied for technical reasons. You can use this copy to create subscreens of your own which you can assign to a data screen in the activity Define Structure of Data Screens for Each Screen Sequence.
    Be sure to read the program documentation first.
    1. Create a function group of your own by choosing Execute.
    2. Enter a name containing up to 25 characters, beginning with the letter Y or Z, and choose Save.
    3. Access the Object Navigator.
    You do this from the SAP standard menu by choosing Tools -> ABAP Workbench, and then Object Navigator.
    4. Display either program SAPLMGD1 (industry) or SAPLMGD2 (retail) as required.
    5. Copy the subscreens as required, ensuring that they already contain as many as possible of the field names you want to use in your function group. You do this as follows:
    a) Choose Screens, position the cursor on the corresponding subscreen, and choose Copy in the context menu.
    b) Enter the program to which you want to copy the subscreen, prefixing it with SAPL, and enter a screen number. Use the screen number of the original subscreen where possible. If the F1 help is specific to a particular subscreen, this ensures that this context-specific help continues to be displayed.
    You have called your function group YENTERPRISE, to which you want to copy subscreen SAPLMGD1 2301. Enter SAPLYENTERPRISE as the program to which the subscreen is to be copied, and enter (preferably) 2301 as the screen number.
    6. Return to the initial screen of the Object Navigator and display your program. In the example above, you would enter SAPLYENTERPRISE.
    7. Choose Update object list.
    8. Select the subscreen you have copied and activate it by choosing Activate in the context menu.
    Using the Screen Painter, you can remove fields you do not require on the subscreen or include additional fields from other subscreens (see the ABAP Dictionary). For information on the Screen Painter, see the SAP library documentation BC ABAP Workbench Tools.
    Points to consider when removing or adding fields
    Make sure that a field statement exists for each field on the subscreen since data may not otherwise be transported correctly. You can use subscreen SAPLMGD1 2002 as an example.
    For the fields you have added, include any check modules and modules for self-programmed F4 help that are called up for these fields on the original subscreen. You can do this by displaying the flow logic for the original subscreen and searching for such modules. They normally have the same names as the fields themselves. When you find a module, copy the corresponding module call to your subscreen.
    If you change the order in which fields are transported that are checked together in the flow logic (such as the safety stock and minimum safety stock), you must deactivate the check module for the first field and activate it for the second. The system would otherwise transport the first field, and carry out the check before the second field is transported.
    Any error messages that fields are unknown when activating the subscreen are due to the fields still being included in checks, even though you have removed the fields from the subscreen. Search for the fields in the source code and make the lines in which they appear comment lines. Then reactivate the screen.
    9. Assign the subscreen to a data screen as required.
    Note on transport
    Use the Workbench Organizer to transport the copy you have created.

  • How to create a new field

    how to create a new field form se 38 and update it to the customized table in the se11. I have done modification insertion deletion and update of field values in se 38 and has updated to the table in se 11. I want to know how to create a table from se38 and update it to the table in se11.I dont know whether it is possible. Enlight me.
    with regards,

    have a look

  • How to create narow down field?

    How to create narow down field?
    when i type the data in a field that field show list of value in narrow down style...

    Have you tried "Text Field with Auto-complete" ? ( available only in APEX4.0)

  • How to create a new field for Q3 - QM notification in Header and item level

    Dear All,
               Sub: How to create a new field for Q3 - QM notification in Header and item level
    Ref. the link --> Quality Notification
    We want to create a new field in header level and item level.
    As per the thread the solution is given below.
    In the IMG Config: Quality Management -> Quality Notification -> Notification Types -> Define screen areas for notification types Then Choose 'Define screen areas' Then Click on 'New entries' button Now, select the relevant Notification Type and click in 'Enter'. Select the 'Iten Cases' register and remember to setup the Tabstrip Header, Icon, etc. Set the 'Tabstrip active' flag. Then Save.
    Quality Notification -> Notification Types -> Define screen areas for notification types
    Please help.
    Question No. 2 :
    We want to hide the field in Q3 - QM Notification
    In header --> Reference tab --> Item (sub heading) --> "DEFECT LOCATION" FIELD TO BE ELIMINATED (HIDE)
    Ref the link --> Quality notification
    The solutiion is given below.
    Hi Sami,
    We can hide the collumns using the Transaction OQM1 and Program Name SAPLIQS0.
    Lets say Defect location need to be hidden, the field TXTCDOT need to have the radio button HIDE.
    Hope this will suffice your requirement.
    Kindly ask me if you need any other details.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Hi Sami,
    We can hide the collumns using the Transaction OQM1 and Program Name SAPLIQS0.
    Lets say Defect location need to be hidden, the field TXTCDOT need to have the radio button HIDE.
    Hope this will suffice your requirement.
    Kindly ask me if you need any other details.
    Thanks & Regards,
    By double clicking the "DEFECTIVE QUANTITY (EXTERNAL), WE COULD NOT GET --> field TXTCDOT .
    Plese do the needful.
    We are using ECC6.0 Ehp3 and Ehp4.
    With Best Regards,
    Raghu Sharma

    Dear Pushpa,
    Transaction Code :SHD0 is working fine.
    Please accept my sincere thanks for your sharing your Knowledge.
    I am able to fulfill my
    Regarding the enhancement, I have not tried.
    Once I will complete, I will award the fulll marks to you.
    With Best Regards,
    Raghu Sharma

  • Quick Tip: How to create editable form fields | Acrobat X Tips & Tricks | Adobe TV

    A short tip that details how to create editable form fields using Acrobat X Std. or Pro.

    I have created a form which will be filled out by customers and sent back to me via 'submit' button. What I am trying to figure out is when we receive the filled out form, is there any way to have it as a pdf. To clarify, when the form is filled out and sent, the receiver opens the email and attached is a non-editable pdf. This way the customers information is no longer editable.

  • How to create an update listener using event notification in MDM Java2 API.

    Hi folks,
    I need some help on how to create an update listener for Customer updates in MDM using notification API. Could some one point me to where I should start. We are still using SP5.

    Hi All,
    I need to create update listener with notifications and it is giving this error.
    Nov 14, 2008 12:26:21 PM finalize
    INFO: Disconnect was not called. Cleaning up connection in finalize.
    Nov 14, 2008 12:26:21 PM finalize
    INFO: Disconnect was not called. Cleaning up connection in finalize.
    Nov 14, 2008 12:26:21 PM finalize
    INFO: Disconnect was not called. Cleaning up connection in finalize.
    I am still using SP05 and noticed that some mentioned that MDM4J.jar has to be used. Can someone throw some pointers how to do this with MDM4J.jar. Can I  include MDM4J.jar in the same project along with mdm-admin.jar, mdm-core.jar, mdm-common.jar, mdm-protocol.jar or I shoudl have only MDM4j.jar to create this listener. Any help is appreciated.

  • How to create Auto PR ?

    Kindly guide me & send me a manual for "How to create Auto PR ?"

    Make MMR from MM01..Maintain MRP view...Enter necessary data like reorder point, MRP type, procurement type, etc..
    Then maintain the source list for the vendor material combination, make it MRP relevent using the MRP indicator in it. Enter other data like validity period etc and other necessary data in it..and save it..
    Then Go to MD03, make entries like Processing key as NTECH or NETPL or NEUPL as per your scenerio..
    Other entries like 2 for PR, 3, 1, 1, 1,
    and use tick for display result before you save the results...
    Then save it...
    Check MD05 and MD04 for your PR generation result....

  • How to create conditional update trigger in sql server

    How to create conditional update trigger in sql server

    You cant create a conditional update trigger. Once you create an update trigger it will get called for every update action. However you could write logic inside it to make it do your activity based on your condition using IF condition statement
    Say for example if you've table with 6 columns and you want some logic to be implemented on update trigger only if col3 and col5 are participating in update operation you can write trigger like this
    CREATE TRIGGER Trg_TableName_Upd
    ON TableName
    IF UPDATE(Col3) OR UPDATE (Col5)
    ....your actual logic here
    UPDATE() function will check if column was involved in update operation and returns a boolean result
    Please Mark This As Answer if it helps to solve the issue Visakh ----------------------------

  • How to create a calculated field

    Hi. I'd like to know how to create a calculated field for a master- detail form. For example: having two db fields price and quantity, i created a the total item (price * quantity) as pl/sql function like this:
    :p13_item_total := :p13_price * :p13_quantity;
    However, the item is not calculated. It is not and instant calculation. I mean if i modify either price or quantity, how to recalculate item total immediately

    You must submit the page to do it with PL/SQL. If you do not want to submit the page, you must do it with JavaScript.

  • How to create  Auto suggestion component by using of ADF tag

    Hi ,
    In my project, I am using the ADF frame work and I need to use the auto suggestion component.
    Can any body suggest me how to create Auto suggestion component by using of ADF tag.
    Waiting for your valuable suggestions...

    Try this forum:
    JDeveloper and ADF
    You might get a lot more response.
    Jan Kettenis

  • Creating auto-increment field in SharePoint List

    In SharePoint, we can create the auto-incremental field by many ways, I am going to discuss two ways of doing it.
    Calculated field
    Item Event Receiver
    1. Using Calculated field:
    Using this we can accomplish it without doing any programing and it is a relatively simple way of doing it. By using “Calculated” column in SharePoint List we can create auto-increment field. We can accomplish this by creating a new column and choosing the
    column type as “Calculated (calculation based on other columns)”. And in Formula field, we have to enter [ID]
    In fact this will be using the values from “ID” field from SharePoint list that starts from 1.
    For example, if we want to start our auto-increment column from 100, we can modify the “Formula” field of Create New column screen, we can have to enter [ID] + 99
    For detailed info please follow the blog I wrote here:
    2. Using Item Event Receiver:
    By using this strategy, users have advantage to edit the existing values, we can also avoid it by making field read-only on feature activation. Using item event receiver, on ItemAdded event, we have to find the highest value among previously added items
    and then save the incremented value to current newly created auto-incremental column.
    For code of event reciever please follow the blog I wrote here:
    Happy Coding

    Use Sharepoint Designer to create a Workflow for the list containing the field to increment. For my project I had an Invoice field that I wanted to start with 1001 and increment from there so I made the following workflow to do this.
    In the new workflow screen in Sharepoint Designer create two actions in Step 1:
    Calculate Current Item:ID plus 1000 (Output to Variable: calc)
    then Set AutoIncrementNumber to Variable: calc
    This is just a guide. If you just want the auto-increment to start with 1 then you can just use this step
    Set AutoIncrementNumber to Current Item:ID
    Also, make sure you select the correct name for your field in the Workflow action instead of AutoIncrementNumber.
    Save the Workflow, close it, and then open it again in Sharepoint Designer. Check the box for "Start workflow automatically when an item is created." Save it again and then click on the Publish button to make it active on the sharepoint site. The value should
    now increment for each new item created in the list.

  • How to Create the new Field ( Table - Row) in SAP B1

    I have a scenario in which the Purchase calculation is based on LR, so for that we have to add new field in Purchase  Document. that filed is not available in form setting.  kindly let me know how to Create a new field in Purchase document.

    I have adding new & existing forms and creating User Defined Field in row. example on adding a field in an existing Form and its corresponding to the database, including user input validations?
    I want to add a new field in the detail section ( row area ) of a Production Document, and save it to database and read it back when the document is opened.
    Syed Waqar Khurshid

  • How to Enable Auto Update functionality in  adobe AIR application?

    Hi All,
         How to Enable Auto Update functionality in  adobe AIR application and ask for new version to install to user.
         Please provide some informarion regarding above topic.
    Sunil Rana

    Hi All,,
    Got solution. call checkUpdate() function in application level initialize event.
    private function checkUpdate() : void
                    appUpdater.updateURL = "";
                    appUpdater.addEventListener(UpdateEvent.INITIALIZED, updater_initializedHandler);
                    //we can hide the dialog asking for permission for checking for a new update;
                    //if you want to see it just leave the default value (or set true).
                    appUpdater.isCheckForUpdateVisible = false;               
                    //we initialize the updater
                 * Handler function for updater_initializedHandler events triggered by the ApplicationUpdater.INITIALIZED
                 * @param updater_initializedHandler
                protected function updater_initializedHandler(event:UpdateEvent):void
    In NativeUpdater.xml
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <update xmlns="">
         <![CDATA[                 * This a Win update
    Upload NativeUpdater.xml file on your Server. When you open your old .air file it will ask for replace with new version.
    Sunil Rana

  • How to Disable Auto Updates on Flash Player 10 using mms.cfg

    Hi Friends,
    I am a newbee into this.I am trying to install a customized Adobe Flash  Player in which auto updates are disabled.  I went through the Adobe guidelines and found that it is possible to do the same using a MMS.CFG file. Can anyone tell me how exactly this would look like. I will be extremely thankful if someone can attach a sample of the same.
    One more question...
    When we disable auto updates using mms.cfg file, will this be updated in the Global Settings Manager ?
    Tries from my end till now:
    I tried to create a mms.cfg by editing a txt file and adding "AutoUpdateDisable=0 " and then saving teh same as mms.cfg using UTF-8 encoding. this didnt make any difference in the Global Settings manager.
    Please help me...
    But it seems that you have done everything correctly; doesn't it work?
    dilzmail wrote:
    One more question...When we disable auto updates using mms.cfg file, will this be updated in the Global Settings Manager ?
    No, I don't think so; these settings are stored in a different place.
    Some users have reported that AutoUpdateDisable via mms.cfg does no longer work in Flash Player 10.3.  Please check if this failure already occurs in Flash Player 10.2.

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    I have a file that i need to email to someone, however when i fill in the information at the bottom of the page i have an option to submit via email or print... when i submit via email, it states its being sent but the person on the other end doesnt

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    Hello I have some single layer images using cmyk (black only) + Pantone Process Blue U that will eventually be printed on a sheetfed offset press. A ballpark estimate would suffice for this low budget book, so I thought I'd give soft proofing a try.

  • Question about Java complying

    I have a question here that I cant seem to figure out. I would really appreciate it if someone would help me out with the answer. I just got started learning Java and have a question: Suppose list is an array of five components of the type int. What

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    Hi all am doing project with struts, j2ee, jsp ete.. and am getting client side exception like javax.servlet.ServletException: BeanUtils.populate at org.apache.struts.util.RequestUtils.populate( at org.apache.struts.action.Reque

  • Passing variable from one JSP to another

    Hi.... I am working on customizing Oracle Application(istore). I need to pass variable from 1 JSP to another. JSP 1 contains the following line of code: <INPUT type="HIDDEN" name="soldtoCustPartyName" value="<%=soldtoCustPartyName%>"> How can I pass