How to create smaller .exe file use JBuilder7

I am currently using JB7(EE), which can create native executable file for me. But I found it so foolish that add so many unneed classes to .exe(As I can use WinRar open it, but cannot change it).
Does anyone know how to reduce the .exe?
ps: As I use castor, so I had to include castor class in it, but I really don't want to add all of these to it.

In the Wizar you employ to make the native executable,
in the second step the Wizard ask you what to do with
the libraries you have employed in the proyect,
include all them include only the classes and
resources nedded, or not include. This way you'll be
able to control what is in you .exe file.
AbrahamYes, I had tried it, and tried every possible combination/permutation of the four choice.
But still bigger than it can be.
For example: I used castor.xml library, but JBuilder include all castor include xml parser, html parser, xhtml parser, etc.
As castor.xml --> cannot remember its name) --> castor.html-->...
So JB7 maybe confused by the complex deps.
So JB7 include ALL in my exe fiel.
It may be impossible to create smaller .exe file with normal way.
So anyone know any other way to create .exe file with the .jar file?
As I can change the content of .jar, but cannot to .exe.
thx for continous reply

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    My application is: I have connected my arduino to my PC via USB for read input/output pins. I have to read all the time an analogue input from arduino and I have to draw the graphical representation of the input. I would like to know if I can create an exe file of this application. I would like to use the created exe file to another PC without labview installation. 
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    Yup you sure can.  With Application Builder, that is bundled with several LabVIEW packages you can make an EXE, and then make an installer that can include the LabVIEW Run-Time engine (free) and you'll also need the VISA run-time for talking to serial devices like your Arduino.
    Then you should be able to run that installer on any normal Windows PC and without the development environment be able to run your program.
    Note that currently Student, and Home versions of LabVIEW do not have the application builder since it is intended for learning, and hobbyist, not for distributions.
    Unofficial Forum Rules and Guidelines - Hooovahh - LabVIEW Overlord
    If 10 out of 10 experts in any field say something is bad, you should probably take their opinion seriously.

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    How to create the exe file for java project.Have you ever heard of google? I pasted your exact "question" into a google search:
    and got several useful links.
    Better search terms might yield even better results.

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    In terms of converting java applications into exe files, there are 3 schools of thought:
    1) Instead of converting it to an exe, convert it to a jar file. Jar files are more portable than exe files because they can be double-clicked on any operating system. The caveat is that a Java interpreter must be installed on the target computer for the double-clicking to work.
    2) Create an exe launcher that, when double-clicked, attempts to find a Java interpreter on the local computer and launches the Java application. The exe file is still double-clickable but whether your java application runs depends on whether a Java interpretor is installed on the target computer.
    3) Create an exe launcher that bundles a Java interpretor. Same as above but when the exe file is double-clicked, it searches for a Java interpreter and if one is not found, it installs one on the target computer. The caveat is that the exe file would have an overhead of 10 MB in size for the interpreter. (evaluation version available)
    4) Convert the Java application into a native exe file. The caveat is that if you use Swing for your GUI, it won't be converted. Also this option is still somewhat experimental.
    Can't think of any free options right now.

  • How to create new XML file using retreived XML content by using SAX API?

    hi all,
    * How to create new XML file using retreived XML content by using SAX ?
    * I have tried my level best, but output is coming invalid format, my code is follows, class :-
    import javax.xml.transform.OutputKeys;
    import javax.xml.transform.Transformer;
    import javax.xml.transform.TransformerConfigurationException;
    import javax.xml.transform.TransformerException;
    import javax.xml.transform.TransformerFactory;
    import javax.xml.transform.dom.DOMResult;
    import javax.xml.transform.sax.SAXSource;
    import javax.xml.transform.sax.SAXTransformerFactory;
    import javax.xml.transform.sax.TransformerHandler;
    import org.w3c.dom.Document;
    import org.xml.sax.Attributes;
    import org.xml.sax.InputSource;
    import org.xml.sax.SAXException;
    import org.xml.sax.helpers.XMLFilterImpl;
    public class PdfParser extends XMLFilterImpl {
        private TransformerHandler handler;
        Document meta_data;
        private StringWriter meta_data_text = new StringWriter();
        public void startDocument() throws SAXException {
        void startValidation() throws SAXException {
            StreamResult streamResult = new StreamResult(meta_data_text);
            SAXTransformerFactory factory = (SAXTransformerFactory) SAXTransformerFactory.newInstance();
                handler = factory.newTransformerHandler();
                Transformer transformer = handler.getTransformer();
                transformer.setOutputProperty(OutputKeys.ENCODING, "UTF-8");
                transformer.setOutputProperty(OutputKeys.INDENT, "yes");
            catch (TransformerConfigurationException tce)
                System.out.println("Error during the parse :"+ tce.getMessageAndLocation());
        public void startElement(String namespaceURI, String localName,
                String qualifiedName, Attributes atts) throws SAXException {
            handler.startElement(namespaceURI, localName, qualifiedName, atts);
            super.startElement(namespaceURI, localName, qualifiedName, atts);
        public void characters(char[] text, int start, int length)
                throws SAXException {
            handler.characters(text, start, length);
            super.characters(text, start, length);
        public void endElement(String namespaceURI, String localName,
                String qualifiedName) throws SAXException {
            super.endElement("", localName, qualifiedName);
            handler.endElement("", localName, qualifiedName);
        public void endDocument() throws SAXException {
        void endValidation() throws SAXException {
            try {
                TransformerFactory transfactory = TransformerFactory.newInstance();
                Transformer trans = transfactory.newTransformer();
                SAXSource sax_source = new SAXSource(new InputSource(new StringReader(meta_data_text.toString())));
                DOMResult dom_result = new DOMResult();
                trans.transform(sax_source, dom_result);
                meta_data = (Document) dom_result.getNode();
            catch (TransformerConfigurationException tce) {
                System.out.println("Error occurs during the parse :"+ tce.getMessageAndLocation());
            catch (TransformerException te) {
                System.out.println("Error in result transformation :"+ te.getMessageAndLocation());
    } class :-
    Sax.startElement("", "pdf", "pdf", new AttributesImpl());
    Sax.startElement("", "basic-metadata", "basic-metadata", new AttributesImpl());          
    String xmp_str = new String(meta_data.getByteArray(),"UTF8");
    char[] xmp_arr = xmp_str.toCharArray();
    Sax.characters(xmp_arr, 0, xmp_arr.length);
    Sax.endElement("", "pdf", "pdf");
    Sax.endElement("", "basic-metadata", "basic-metadata");* In
    class, I have retreived the xml content in the meta_data object, after that i have converted into character array and this will be sends to SAX
    * In this case , the XML file created successfully but the retreived XML content added as an text in between basic-metadata Element, that is, retreived XML content
    is not an XML type text, it just an Normal text Why that ?
    * Please help me what is the problem in my code?

    Sax.startElement("", "pdf", "pdf", new AttributesImpl());
    Sax.startElement("", "basic-metadata", "basic-metadata", new AttributesImpl());          
    String xmp_str = new String(meta_data.getByteArray(),"UTF8");
    char[] xmp_arr = xmp_str.toCharArray();
    Sax.characters(xmp_arr, 0, xmp_arr.length);
    </code><code>Sax.endElement("", "basic-metadata", "basic-metadata");</code>
    <code class="jive-code jive-java">Sax.endElement("", "pdf", "pdf");

  • How to create a exe file of a .class file

    how to create a .exe file for windows .class file of java
    please answer this so that i can complete the project to be submited to collage

    There is a program called JET. Is enables you to create .exe files of .class files.
    This is the URL:

  • How to execute a exe file using javascript on app window.load.

    How to execute a exe file using javascript on app window.load.

    Hi sb00349044,
    As I have already mentioned in multiple replies to your previous questions, the SUMO forums focuses on providing help to end users with usage-questions and issues.
    For developer-related questions, please refer to one of the many resources readily available that I have linked to in the past:
    * [ MDN]
    * [ StackOverflow]
    * [ Mozilla Mailing Lists]
    - Ralph

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    Hi i wanted to create an .exe file extract the content from .zip using winzip extractor,  please
    see the below piece of code. the same is working in 32bit machine, but not working in 64bit machine windows server 2008
      private bool CreateExeFile(string directoryPath, string zipFileName)
                bool status = false;
                string emuPath = String.Empty;
                emuPath = System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["winzipSe32Loacation"];
                //string emuParams = @" -e " + directoryPath + "\\" + zipFileName + ".zip " + directoryPath;
              string emuParams = " " + directoryPath + zipFileName + ".zip -win32 -y "; 
                //string emuParams = " " + directoryPath + zipFileName + ".exe a " +zipFileName +".Exe -mmt -mx5 -sfx" + directoryPath;
                    Process p = new Process();
                    ProcessStartInfo psI = new ProcessStartInfo(emuPath, emuParams);
                    psI.CreateNoWindow = false;
                    psI.UseShellExecute = true;
                    p.StartInfo = psI;
                    status = true;
                    status = false;
                return status;

      What error with you program?
     if the reply help you mark it as your answer.
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    Word,  PDF, Excel, PowerPoint Component(Create,
    Modify, Convert & Print) 

  • How to create a .exe file for a java application

    Hi, I want to create a .exe file for a java application I am developing so that I can schedule it to run at a particular time using Windows Scheduler on WinNT. Is there any way to accomplish this? Or is there any other way in which a Java application can be scheduled to run at a particular time on Windows everyday?

    Create a .bat file and run that. Just have, in the .bat file:
    java YourClassName Alternatively, you can use javaw YourClassName (without *.bat, just put it into Windows Scheduler like suggested above).
    using javaw won't pop up any window...

  • How to create a .exe file with eclipse 3.1

    Hello every body. I want to know how create a .exe file with eclipse 3.1. A friend tell me it's possible but he forgot how ! So I ask my question ay you, how can I do that? I think it's like in Dev-C++, when he compiling the programme he create
    a .exe file but in eclipse, i don't know how do that. Please help me, I have finish some programs but I don't know how create .exe file for give their at my friend.
    P.S : I'm a young french so maybe there are some mistake on my post. I hope you understand it.

    There might be a plugin in eclipse to do this, but I don't know what it is.
    The normal way to deploy a program is to create an executable jar file. This will be a .jar not a .exe.
    Or you can try ggogle.

  • SAX: How to create new XML file using SAX parser

    Please anybody help me to create a XML file using the Packages in the 5.0 pack of java. I have successfully created it reading the tag names and values from database using DOM but can i do this using SAX.
    I am successful to read XML using SAX, now i want to create new XML file for some tags and its values using SAX.
    How can i do this ?
    Sachin Kulkarni

    SAX is a parser, not a generator.Well,
    you can use it to create an XML file too. And it will take care of proper encoding, thus being much superior to a normal textwriter:
    See the following code snippet (out is a OutputStream):
    PrintWriter pw = new PrintWriter(out);
          StreamResult streamResult = new StreamResult(pw);
          SAXTransformerFactory tf = (SAXTransformerFactory) TransformerFactory.newInstance();
          //      SAX2.0 ContentHandler.
          TransformerHandler hd = tf.newTransformerHandler();
          Transformer serializer = hd.getTransformer();
          serializer.setOutputProperty(OutputKeys.ENCODING, "UTF-8");//
          serializer.setOutputProperty(OutputKeys.INDENT, "yes");
          //Get a processing instruction
          hd.processingInstruction("xml-stylesheet","type=\"text/xsl\" href=\"mystyle.xsl\"");
          AttributesImpl atts = new AttributesImpl();
          atts.addAttribute("", "", "someattribute", "CDATA", "test");
          atts.addAttribute("", "", "moreattributes", "CDATA", "test2");
           hd.startElement("", "", "MyTag", atts);
    String curTitle = "Something inside a tag";
              hd.characters(curTitle.toCharArray(), 0, curTitle.length());
        hd.endElement("", "", "MyTag");
    You are responsible for proper nesting. SAX takes care of encoding.
    ;-) stw

  • How to create an exe file for single class

    Hi all,
    l have one some program with only one class and want to create one exe file for
    easily execute for the user.
    I've use exe4j and another tool to do but all failure, the error message always shown me that main class not found.
    Any idea??
    Thanks a lot!

    I suspect your class has somewhat invalid thing.
    Have you verified:
    - The class you wish to be executed contains public static void main(String args[])- The package declaration on your executable-wannabe class is valid
    - In case you need to import another class, make sure the import statement(s) is valid
    No matter what kinda program you use to create .exe from java class, the above things must be valid. AFAIK.
    Farid Herman

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    Can any body help me out on this..

    You can create a text schema while creating a File Adapter. If schema is specified for File Adapter, it takes care of converting XML into fixed length or delimited format.

  • How do I create an exe file using Sun One?

    Hello everyone,
    I need help in creating an executable file in Sun One, can someone please help?

    Hi all I search the forum and came up with some suggestions so I'll run with these until I exaust all of them!!! thanks anyways

  • LabVIEW 8.0 how to create a *.exe file?

    Do you know how to use LabVIEW 8.0 to create a executin file(*.exe)? If you know,please you use your free time to let me know how to operate it. Thank you for your help. Now, I sent my operate processing to you, please help me to find which processing I operated wrong?
    由 小邱 在 02-03-2007 06:09 AM 上編輯的訊息
    LabVIEW8.0存成exe(執行檔)步驟.doc ‏231 KB

    There is much more that what you show to build an application. For example what did you fill out on the first section "Application Information". Don't forget, there is also always a help button.
    Everything you need is described in detail in the following tutorial:
    Distributing Applications with the LabVIEW Application Builder
    We probably cannot tell it better.
    LabVIEW Champion . Do more with less code and in less time .

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