How to determine the values for Model Parameters in Forecasting

Hello Gurus,
      On basis we will determine the values  for the Model Parameter values (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Sigma).

Dear Siva,
the values are dependent from the forecast stratey and forecast model.
The forecast strategy determines the method or the techniques that are used to create the forecast. You set the forecast strategy in the forecast profile.
There are some settings that you must make for certain forecast strategies. The table below shows you which settings these are. You make these settings either in the univariate forecast profile or under the Model and Parameters tabs of the Forecast view on the demand planning desktop.
Model initialization is the process by which the system determines the necessary model parameters for the chosen forecast model. These parameters are in following link:
I hope this helps you further.

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  • How to determine the value of  -D__SUNPRO_CC?

    Could any body tell me how to determine the value of -D__SUNPRO_CC? Iam now using Sun Studio 9.
    Thanks in advance.

    The C++ Users Guide describes all the predefined macros set by the compiler.
    The __SUNPRO_CC macro is a 3-digit hex number. The first digit is the C++ compiler major version number, which is 5 for all releases from WorkShop 5 in 1998 through the current release, Sun Studio 10. The second digit is the minor version number, increasing by 1 for each release in the major release series. The 3rd digit is a place holder for the very rare (none since 1994) cases when we have a micro version number. It is zero in current releases.
    The current compiler release is C++ 5.7, so __SUNPRO_CC is set to 0x570.
    You can see the macro setting by running
    CC -dryrun -c
    and look for the -D__SUNPRO_CC =0xNNN on the ccfe command line.

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    Thanks for help~~~

    a^b = n
    a = n^(1/b)
    a = Math.pow(n,1.0/b)

  • How to determine the value of a Standard Value in a routing operation

    Dear Experts,
    Kindly guide me on how to detemine the value of my Standard Value in the  operation of my routing, or in the phase of my Master Recipe.
    I mean what determines the value that I enter for the Standard Values: Machine  and Labor in the phase of my Master Recipe?

    In the Routing / Master Recipe, the standard values are based on the lot size.
    For Example, if you have the lot of 100 KG, then in recipe the machine time will be 2 hr and labor time will be 2 hours, it means to make 100 KG we require 2 hrs of machine and 2 hrs of labor.
    Normaaly all production manager / supervisor will have the date for the hours. The system will calculate will respect to batch / lot size.
    If you have order for 1000 KG, then the system will assign 20 hrs for Machine and 20 hrs for labor.
    This will be used for Capacity planning and Costing.
    Capacity plan here your requirement is 20 hrs for machine and labor. If you have a reacto which wil run for 24 hrs a day, then the order will be completed in a day.
    Costing is concerned, all std. valur key will be assigned with an activity type in work center / Resources and the prices for activity type / cost center will be maintained in KP26.
    Based on the cost and hours, the system will allocate cost for the order (it will be planned cost). When you are confirming the order you will enter the actual time for the operation, then that will be your actual cost.
    Pl do a sample test scenario in your sand box, and surely you will understand more.
    The data for Routing / Recipe will be provided by the production manager of the plant and activity price will be provided by the finance team.

  • How to get the values for the Authorization Object Fields....

    Hi Everyone,
    I'm pretty new to the SAP Security and have been working on the Basis sides...I created a new role in PFCG and added a few transactions (ME13) and clicked on the Authorizations tab. In there, the authorization tree is in yellow and red. After providing the Org Values, only the yellow lights remain (apart from the green one ofcourse). Now how do we get the values for the different auth obj fields that are in yellow... say for example
    Conditions                                                   COND
    Maintain Condition: Auth. for Use/Appl./Cond.Type/Table      V_KOND_VEA
    Activity                       03                                                                        ACTVT
    Application                                                                                KAPPL
    Condition table                                                                                KOTABNR
    Condition Type                                                                                KSCHL
    Usage of the condition table                                                                 KVEWE
    Here the values for V_KOND_VEA fields e.g. KAPPL, KOTABNR etc are missing.
    My question is how do we get these values in regard to the requirement provided by the it the functional guys who provide these values or else how is a security person supposed to know it...
    All the help in this regard is sincerely appreciated along with the awarding of points...

    Hey thanks Alex and Catastrophe for the quick response...
    I'll be sitting with the functional team and reviewing the roles created.
    Thanks for all the help once more

  • How to get the value for the LIT_Withheld field in the city tax form?

    I am trying to get the value for the LIT_Withheld field on the city tax form , PAYUSEET.. This is not a database column but is generated based on some conditions.. Appreciate the help. Thanks, Suguna

    Hi Abhmanyu,
    Thanks for your response.
    Search Help Name : ZZ_MG_MARITAL_VH
    Selection Method  : T502T
    Search help parameters are SPRSL, FAMST, FTEXT,
    Can u provide me a sample code to fetch the value of corresponding text.

  • How to set the value for Power Cost in SCCM reports in Euro's?

    I have found out how to change the value of the 'cost' of the KWh for these reports (reporting) . But ther original settings where displayed and set in USD($) with some other values. I have of course changed the USD to EUR (€) in my case, but my question
    is: how do i know what I have to fill in in the field : costOfKwh, according my manager for my organisation it is in euro's 5,9 euroct/Kwh
    Do I have to fill in 5,9 or 0,59 or 0,059 ???
    Then also ther are some other values set in the original reports, like :
    KwhConsumptionDesktopComputerOn value = 0,07
    KwhConsumptionLaptopComputerOn  value = 0,02
    KwhConsumptionDesktopMonitorOn    value = 0,03
    Do i have to leave this settings ?

    Yes, I know this is an old post, I’m just trying to clean them up.
    The default of 0.09 is 9 cents/ KwH so  I’m assume that 5.9 cent (euro) so that you bet 0.059
    BTW if you have edit the report to change $ to € then you can also set eh default value to whatever the current power cost is too.

  • Abort Couldn't determine the value for 0P-KEYD2 from Authorizations

    Hi All,
    When attempting to open a query, i'm encoutered with an error like "Abort Could not determine a value for variable 0P_KEYD2 from the authorisations".
    Last month it was working fine, and working fine in Quality enviroment also.
    If anyone come across such situation or any ideas, Please help me out in this regard.
    Awaiting to see replies for this.

    Dear PRK,
    I'm facing exactly the the same problem - which solution did you finally find.

  • How to get the values for checked and unchecked chekboxes

    Hai i have using the checkbox in for loop.
    I need the urgent help from anyone,
    for example in the loop there is having 5 checkbox if i checked 3 of the ckeckboxes and 2 of the checkboxes are unchecked. I need to get the values for checked checkboxes and unchecked checkboxes. Because if i checked the checkboxes, those values need to be inserted into the database. Those for unchecked checkboxes values need to be deleted from the database. Can anyone help me for this
    i am using the following jsp code for this. If anyone can know about this please post me the sample code.
    <form name="confirmcontainer" id="confirmcontainer" method="post" action="submit.jsp">
    <% for(int i=0;i<value.length;i++) {%>
    <td><input name="assigncontainer_chkbox" d="assigncontainer _chkbox" type="checkbox" value="<%=value[0]%>"></td>
    <td class="bottomborder"><div align="center"><font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><%=value[1]%> </font></div></td>
    <td bgcolor="#FFFFFF" class="bottomborder"><font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><%=value[2]%></font></td>
    <% } %>
    <tr><td><input type="submit" name="submit" value="submit"> </td></tr>
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hey thanks Alex and Catastrophe for the quick response...
    I'll be sitting with the functional team and reviewing the roles created.
    Thanks for all the help once more

  • How to determine the week for credit management?

    Is there a transaction that will show the week for which credit is determined. For example, when running RVKRED88, it shows the week the order is processed under.

    Hi Rocha,
    In Credit management S066 and S067 information structures play a vital role in updating the credit values of a customer. This works in tandem with the update group present in the OVA8 settings in case of automatic credit check.
    When an order is created S066 information structure and OEIKW field is updated which increases open order value. when order is delivered S067 information structure and OLIKW field is updated which increases open delivery value and decreses S066-OEIKW
    When delivery is billed S067-OFAKW value (Open billing)gets increased and S067-OLIKW gets decreased.
    Updation is through the information structures S066 and S067.
    In the transaction code OMO1 select the information structure and double click it. You will be faced with parameters pop-up.
    In this pop-up you have radio buttons day ,week  and Month. _Based on the value you choose here you will get day or week or month for the Period split: info structure field present just besides horizon field of dynamic credit check in OVA8 Screen_If you choose week it will be till the end of the week and if you choose Month it will be end of the month. it is how system considers.
    For example if we have created an order today i.e. 19/08/2011 and the Period split: info structure in the OVA8 has 1month.
    System evaluates dynamic credit check as today's date + one month =19/09/2011which is =30th september,2011.
    So while evaluating credit for the order, system will consider all the open orders whose  delivery date is on or before 30th september + open deliveries + open bills + A/C receivables.
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  • How to determine the value of max-beans-in-cache

              As we have CacheFullException problem, but I dont know what is the side effect
              if I set an extremely large value for this parament. Is there any proper way
              to determine the proper value?

              "Jenny Wong" <[email protected]> wrote:
              >As we have CacheFullException problem, but I dont know what is the side
              >if I set an extremely large value for this parament. Is there any proper
              >to determine the proper value?
              Hi Jenny,
              The WebLogic Server allows you to configure the number of active beans (with an
              identity) which are present in the EJB cache.
              This cache is the in-memory space where beans exist.
              When a bean is brought into the cache, ejbActivate() is called, when it is removed,
              ejbPassivate() is called. It is basically
              equivalent to virtual memory being kept in memory or on disk. Tuning it too high
              will use up memory unnecessarily.
              Activation and passivation of EJBs is analogous to virtual memory on a computer.
              You want to minimize the number of times that
              your beans are activated and passivated. The cache size can help minimize this
              activity. To set determine if you cache size
              should be bigger, take a number of execution snapshots. Look at these snapshots
              of your execution and see if there is a lot of
              passivation and activation going on. If so, increase the size of your cache and
              see if performance improves. Otherwise, leave this
              value alone.

  • How to ge the value for attribute for terminal services attribute in Active Directory from userParameters attribute

    I am using dirsync to get  the attributes value that have changed in Active Directory(changelog).
    The following link explains how the dirsync is used to get attribute values :
    I am changing the attribute Local path under Remote Desktop Services Profile of a user. I have ran a client which uses dirsync to get the changed objects in AD.
    In the client the attribute that is changed is `userParameters` and the value is in encrypted form. 
        CtxCfgPresent                                   P☺CtxCfgPresent???? ☻☺CtxWFProfi
        connectionTime????☺CtxMaxConnectionTime????☺CtxMaxIdleTime???? ☻☺CtxWorkDirector
    Is there a way to get  the actual value form the userParameters.

    What about other changed attributes? Are other attributes retrieved by DirSync control turn to be encrypted form?
    Best Regards,
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  • How to restrict the values for selection in the search help..

    i have a requirement regarding screen programming. i have added a i/o field in a screen and i linked a search help for that field.
    i used the standard search help it holds some 15 values for selection...
    when i click on the  search help i m getting some 15 values for selection. but i dont need all the 15 values. i need only 4 values for selection..can any one help me regarding this...
    waiting for ur reply...
    Edited by: uday13 on May 31, 2010 9:17 AM

    Refer the below code and you can provide your own search help to a parameter depending on the value in another parameter:-
    PARAMETERS : p_belnr TYPE belnr,
                 p_bukrs TYPE bukrs.
    DATA : BEGIN OF itab OCCURS 0,
             bukrs TYPE bukrs,
           END OF itab.
      PERFORM f4_bukrs_help USING p_bukrs.
    *&      Form  f4_bukrs_help
    FORM f4_bukrs_help USING p_bukrs.
             tb_dynpfields LIKE dynpread OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE,
             v_belnr TYPE belnr.
      CLEAR:   tb_dynpfields.
      REFRESH: tb_dynpfields.
      MOVE 'P_BELNR' TO tb_dynpfields-fieldname.
      APPEND tb_dynpfields.
          dyname                               = 'Z_F4' "program name
          dynumb                               = '1000' "screen number
          dynpfields                           = tb_dynpfields
      IF sy-subrc NE 0.
    READ TABLE tb_dynpfields INDEX 1.
      IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
        v_belnr = tb_dynpfields-fieldvalue.
      SELECT bukrs from <db_table> INTO TABLE itab WHERE belnr = v_belnr.
          retfield               = 'BURKS' "internal table field
          dynpprog               = 'Z_F4' "program name
          dynpnr                 = '1000' "screen number
          dynprofield            = 'P_BUKRS' "screen field name
          value_org              = 'S'
          value_tab              = itab "internal table
      IF sy-subrc NE 0.
    ENDFORM.                    " f4_bukrs_help
    Hope this helps you.

  • How to determine the SAPS for Systems

    HI, I have the cuestion concerning to value SAPS
    I need to know the value = 600 SAPS
    value memory = ???
    value CPU   =  ????

    Hi Eli Daniel Ramones,
    You should do the sizing of the sap system that you want to install, depending of the paramteres yoy obtain a several SAP units, that will be converter for your hardware vendor as a specified machine, that you need.
    good luck

  • Scripting: How to retrieve the value for next year

    Hi Experts,
    Need help on HFM rules for retrieving the next year value
    Specificationt: Financial year values start from Apr to Mar
    I am bale to retrieve the values from Apr to dec, when trying to retrieve for Jan and mar getting the wrong values
    using : A# xxx.C1#xxx.y#cur
    please suggest your comments

    Still getting the wrong values
    FYear start from April to Mar
    For ex:
    2012                                                                                    2013
              apr     may     jun     jul     aug     sep     oct     nov     dec   jan     feb     mar
              1        1            1     1       1        1         1        1        1       1       1        1
    OT     1          2          3      4       5        6        7        8        9     10     11     12

Maybe you are looking for