How to find DMS documents without object links in ABAP?

How can I find DMS documents without object links,  in ABAP language?
thank you

this functionality is not available as on till date with sap dms and it's current version.
Hope this will help.

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    We are having a requirement that - For a particular 'Document Type' Object link shall be made mandatory.
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    How do I achieve this?. Pl. advise.

    Hi ,
    In DC10 define document type and assign sap object links . To make fields as mandatory its an risky in DMS customization it will effect on other sap object links like BOM item,BOM header. why beacuse for an BOM item you cannot assign values directly on CV02N.So that you need to create DIR  first and than assign BOM item from user t-code . 

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    Where are you seeing these duplicates?  In the iPhoto window or in the Finder? 

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    Please suggest me, how to find out web content files linked in folio through scripting.

    @Moorthy – can you tell us a bit more? By mentioning "folio", I think you are referring to Adobe Digitial Publishing Suite (ADPS or short: DPS). If yes:
    1. Do you want to analyze Folio files *.folio and get the linked web content files?
    2. Or do you want to check an InDesign file with an overlay and check what files are linked as web content?
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    Where is your base problem?
    Packaging the InDesign files and copy/relinking the web content files after the packaging process?

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    This won't work with duplicate words, will it? well, maybe, since you are putting both strings in sets. But then, how would this handle capitalization? This is my ugly solution:
         public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
              String s1= "computer notebook sony";
              String s2=" sony Computer notebook ";
              s1 = s1.toLowerCase();
              s2 = s2.toLowerCase();
              String [] words1 = s1.split("\\b");
              for(String w : words1)
                   s2 = s2.replace(w,"");
              if(s2.trim().length() == 0)
                   System.out.println("The strings are equal");
                   System.out.println("They are not equal.");

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    BTW:my iphone also got lost yesterday。另外,我的IPHONE昨天也丢了……伤心……

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    Hi All,
    Will u plz help me knowing  "How to find which SAP Standard Objects r been modified wit a transport request imported" in general.
    Wt i mean is how and where can v check the differences or modified ones.
    Thanks All in Advance,

    Hi Malti,
    I have replied to your question elsewhere

  • How to find out selected AssignedStory or Link?

    Hello to all,
    can anyone pls. explain how to find out which assigned story or link is selected at the time the script is fired.
    My problem is this: I would like to place an image into selected rectangle which is exported into .icml. So, for example, you have few exported rectangles and you would like to place an image into the one which is selected (through link or assignment panel). Because you can not select a rectangle in InCopy like you can in InDesign I tried to take a look through assigned stories...
                       For aCounter As Integer = 1 To myDocument.Assignments.Count
                            Dim myAssignment As InCopy.Assignment = myDocument.Assignments.Item(aCounter)
                            For sCounter As Integer = 1 To myAssignment.AssignedStories.Count
                                Dim myAssignedStory As InCopy.AssignedStory = myAssignment.AssignedStories.Item(sCounter)
                                Dim myStoryRef As Object = myAssignedStory.StoryReference
                                find out if assigned story or story reference is selected
                                If TypeName(myStoryRef) = "Rectangle" Then
                                    Dim myObjectRectangle As InCopy.Rectangle = myStoryRef
                                    If myObjectRectangle.Graphics.Count = 0 And myObjectRectangle.Images.Count = 0 Then
                                        'CheckOut if needed
                                        'Place Media
                                    End If
                                End If
    Kind regards,

    I couldn't solve this without using a placeholder image. I found that you need to check if the selection is an image and than replace that image... So something like this below:
                    'Check if there is a selected image for relink
                    If myDocument.Selection.Count = 1 Then
                        If TypeName(myDocument.Selection.Item(1)) = "Image" Then
                            myImage = myDocument.Selection.Item(1)
                            myImageLink = myImage.ItemLink
                            Dim msgRet As MsgBoxResult = MsgBox("Would you like to relink selected image?", MsgBoxStyle.YesNoCancel, "Relink seleceted image?")
                            If msgRet = MsgBoxResult.Yes Then
                                        ' DO some action
                                        Dim MediaLink As String = something...
                                                'CheckOut action
                                                If myCheckOutMenu.AssociatedMenuAction.Enabled() Then
                                                End If
                                                End Try
    Hope this helps.

  • How to Display DMS document in Enterprise Portal

    Hi All,
    I have a scenario as described below.
    I have a workitem which goes to user in his/her UWL  for  execution. When  this  workitem gets  executed  it  displays an Adobe Interactive form.
    Iin this  Adobe form i am giving links to DMS(Document Management System)  documents. So  when this link is clicked the related DMS document files should  get  displayed.
    Thru BAPI i m able to get DMS document number its  Object Links and  details of the  files (PDF,DOC,XLS etc..) attached to it.
    But I am not able to display this attached files on my enterprise portal. I debugged in R/3 and found out standard Function Modules which are used to display this attached  documents of DMS and wrap them in RFC and called this RFC when user   clicks link on Adobe Form in EP.
    The problem I m facing is this RFC is not able to display the attached document files of DMS document on Portal front end. it gives error as u201CException condition "NOT_SUPPORTED_BY_GUI" raised., error key: RFC_ERROR_SYSTEM_FAILURE"
    The reason behind why it is running successfully in R/3 is, it gets  front end as SAPGUI but  while we execute it thru portal it does not get frontend type as SAPGUI cause  portal always runs in Browser not on SAPGUI.
    So, Is there any way to display this DMS document files on Enterprise Portal?? Or  is it  possible using Knowledge Management?? Or any other standard  BAPI or FMs which can be used for the same  purpose??

    Hi Steelman,
    You have to create a new iview and include it in the page that youhave created.
    There are many types of iviews that you can create.
    Please refer these link
    Revert back for further queries.

  • In DMS,CV01N,CV02N, object link for production order is not enabeling

    To the Document in cv01n or cv02n, while trying to give production order in Object Link : Production order tab, The order tab is not enabling. How to enter the production order in object link and can we do this thing in change mode.

    Hi Mastan,
    You need to enable the object PORDER and  screen number 251.This is used to transfer of Document from Material master or Bill of Material based on Production Scheduling Profile (Header material) Configuration.
    Please refer below document for more details


           I want to know how to find the last document details based on material number.
    Is there any Functional modulle or BAPI programe?
    i,e, I want know last goods receipt details (MIGO)  based on material number.
    Can u please anybody tell me.
    Edited by: Subramaniyan Marimuthu on Jan 2, 2008 9:07 AM

    Get GRs after a specific date for a specific plant/ storage location and movement types
      wa_budats-sign = 'I'.
      wa_budats-option = 'GE'.
      wa_budats-low = '20071201'.
      APPEND wa_budats TO budats.
      wa_plants-sign = 'I'.
      wa_plants-option = 'EQ'.
      wa_plants-low = '1000'.
      APPEND wa_plants TO plants.
      wa_stlocs-sign = 'I'.
      wa_stlocs-option = 'EQ'.
      wa_stlocs-low = '0001'.
      APPEND wa_stlocs TO stlocs.
      wa_mvts-sign = 'I'.
      wa_mvts-option = 'EQ'.
      wa_mvts-low = '101'.
      APPEND wa_mvts TO mvts.
      wa_mvts-low = '901'.
      APPEND wa_mvts TO mvts.
      wa_mvts-low = '123'.
      APPEND wa_mvts TO mvts.
          plant_ra        = plants
          stge_loc_ra     = stlocs
          move_type_ra    = mvts
          pstng_date_ra   = budats
          goodsmvt_header = header
          goodsmvt_items  = item
          return          = return.
    Reward if helpful.

  • How to find sales document and billing document number of a accounting doc

    I have opened a accounting doc. using fb03. Now how to find the corresponding sales doc. and billing doc. no. of this accounting doc. no.

    Dear satyam
    Go to SE16 / BKPF, give the accounting document number reference in "Document number" and execute, so that you will get the respective billing document number.  Make a note of it.
    Now go to again SE16 and give table VBFA and give all the billing document references in "Follow-on doc" and maintain "C" in "Prec.doc.categ." and execute.
    Alternatively, you can try with table joining BKPF and VBFA in SQVI.
    G. Lakshmipathi

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