How to get airplay on my new macbook pro

just buy a new macbook pro 13" and cant seem to find airplay anywhere on system.. trying to stream video on my new panasonic smart viera tv ...using os x maverick....

Airplay needs an Apple TV to function:
To stream a video from your computer to tv you have to find another way using a HDMI cable.

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  • How to get airplay to work on macbook pro that is newer than 2011

    I have been looking to use my computer to play onto my Apple TV, my Mac Pro is Mid 2012 and running OS X Lion 10.7.5.  Everything that I have seen is telling me that I should be seeing airplay available for my use, unless I am misunderstanding what is being said.  Please help, I am not quite sure what to do about this problem.  Thanks in advance!!

    talnguyen wrote:
    Would the Genius Bar at Apple Store UK do it for free? My mac warranty is expired.
    I doubt it
    It is a very simple job to do it yourself. remove the bottom of the case, undo the 2 screws that hold the drive in, take it and put te bottom case back on.

  • HT4007 How can I get Aperture onto my new Macbook Pro 15" Retina that DOESN'T have a superdrive from my 5 year old Macbook Pro?  I still have the CD and serial number for Aperture. HELP! PLEASE!!

    Like the thread topic says. I need help getting Aperture onto my new macbook pro that does not have a drive. I have no need for a drive after this to be honest just need my programs back on it. Thanks.

    Two options:
    Make a disk image or a clone of the installer CD on your Mac that has a super drive - you can create a disk image using Disk Utility or use Carbon Copy Cloner (if you have it) to clone the DVD to a thumbsdrive. Then run the installer on your MBY from this copy.
    Or download the Trial Installer and install from there:
    Download the Aperture 3.1 Trial. .20101020.AprE3/ApertureTrial3.1.dmg
    Open the Aperture Trial disc image.
    Double-click the "Aperture Trial.mpkg" file.
    Follow the onscreen instructions to install Aperture.
    After the installation completes, choose Software Update from the Apple () menu.
    Install the Aperture 3.4 update from the list of available updates.

  • How do I set up my new Macbook Pro without using the annoying Voiceover?

    How do I set up my new MacBook Pro without using the annoying Voiceover?  I cannot get it to work right; it seems to get stuck and repeats the same thing over and over.  It is driving me nuts!  Is there a way to begin the setup process without using the Voiceover system?  I am a new convert from a PC and I thought a Mac was supposed to be "intuitive!" 
    Any help is appreciated.

    There is no good reason to register your Mac anyway.
    You can opt out of the setup process and registration by pressing Command (Apple key) and the "Q" key.
    The registration process requires you to divulge a lot of unnecessary information.

  • Any tips on how to improve battery life on new macbook pro?

    Any tips on how to improve battery life on new macbook pro?

    It all depends on how much you plan to run on battery power. If you don't use it often, set yourself a reminder to let it run unplugged about every couple of weeks to aboout a 40% charge and then plug it up and let it charge back to 100%. If you'r'e a frequent battery user (like me) don't let your MBP discharge to the point where you're running on reserve power - down to about 30 minutes remaining and then charge it back in.
    I have over 130 cycles on my computer and I've just had it since March. Even though my battery health was 102.2% when I got my MBP, it's still at 98.8% health and I'm still getting 7+ hours out of my battery. To get the longest use when under battery, keep your activities to low-CPU intensive apps (browser, email client, word processor, etc.) - Internet surfing alone, and not watching a lot of online videos, will give you mor ebang for the buck. You can also check your battery health in 'real time' by using "Battery Health" - free from the App Store and you can make sure that you're running on integrated graphics, which uses less power, by downloading Cody Krieger's exceptional gfxCardStatus.
    Keep your screen brightness down to about four ticks and your keyboard backlighting to one tick - should work fine.
    Good battery health to you,

  • How do I set up my new Macbook Pro to associate with my Apple ID so I can download purchased music?

    How do I set up my new Macbook Pro to associate with my Apple ID so I can download purchased music?
    Under 'Manage Devices' it only lists my iPhone and iMac. I've bought stuff on my new Macbook Pro using my Apple ID, but I can't find music I previously purchased using the iMac.

    Oh, wait, I've found it. Silly me!

  • Can anyone tell me how to stop / turn off my new macbook pro properly?

    Hey. Can anyone tell me how to stop / turn off my new macbook pro properly? Every time I want to put away my computer for a while and then restart the computer again at a later time the battery has been used. That is, the computer indicates that I have used battery, even though I put away the computer with 100% charged.

    Every time I want to put away my computer for a while
    Prior to shutting down, attach the Magsafe.  It will prevent your battery from draining while turned off or even sleeping.
    is how you shut down properly.

  • How do i get imovie on my new macbook pro

    using a new macbook pro and can't find imovie.  is it pre-installed? how do i get it?

    In iMovie 9 there are a lot less effects than in iM6(HD) & that's one of the reasons that a lot a people have both 6 & 9 installed. My advice to most people who have such basic questions is to check out the "Help" section there at the far right hand corner of the basic menu. Your question & many more are there just for the asking. Don't know what you mean by "real" effects but maybe you'll have to invest in FinalCut Express or Pro, they have tons of what I'd call real effects.

  • How can I get 2tb in a new macbook pro

    I want to get a new macbook pro but I would need it to have 2TB of storage since I do music production and I have tons of software and sounds/samples I need in my laptop. Can I make a new macbook pro have 2TB or would I need like a 17in macbook pro which I would have to find a used one

    all 4 platter 2TB  2.5" HD are  15.2mm THICK. theres utterly NO WAY a single HD will fit in any macbook like that.
    only option is a 1TB in the internal bay, and removal of the superdrive DVD/CD player and installing a secondary 1TB HD in the "optibay"
    See OWC for the optibay option.
    2.5" hard drive thickness and capacity
    7mm = 500gig
    9.5mm = 500gig up to 1TB
    12.5mm = 1.5TB
    15.2mm = 2TB
    (however there are new HD just out that are 5mm = 500gig and 7mm = 1TB  and 9.5mm = 1.5TB)
    You have the POTENTIAL of 3TB in your macbook between 2 HD, however those drives are western digital, which I and most here wouldnt recommend. Also they just came out, and their reliability is UNKNOWN.

  • Idvd how do I get it to my new MacBook Pro

    Just bought my new MacBook pro and found out that IDVD is not included any longer - what to do???
    I can not find it in App store, and my MacBook was not delivered with any Installation CD's.
    Please help my someone - alternatively I would like you recommendations for another programme to make Videos burned to DVD's
    Thanks in advanced.

    Just bought my new MacBook pro
    Call Apple they will sent out iDVD at no charge.  (There are no realistic substitutes for iDVD.)
    If you are still within your 15 day return period,  nicely explain that you may return the computer without iDVD. That usually does the trick.  You MUST speak to a senior advisor to get a free copy. The first tier people cannot do it.

  • How to transfer data to a new MacBook Pro?

    My wife has a 12" Power PC G4.
    Running OS 10.5.8.
    She is receiving a brand new MacBook Pro today from Apple.
    How do we transfer all her "everything" from the G4  to the new computer?

    Avoid the "Transfer from another Mac" when you set the machine up.
    If you don't have or want to set up the networking for the Internet when settingup the machine, just click the "Other Network" button until you get the "I don't have a nework" option.
    Unless you want your name all over the computer and viewable to everyone on a network, I would avoid the registration screen (you can do it at and use a nickname in the setup.
    Since the G4 PPC machine is rather old and the processor is differnet, you don't want to use "Transfer to my Mac" feature. Can't use the PPC programs on the new Intel Mac's.
    Place files from the G4 onto a USB thumb drive and transfer them manually to the new machine.
    If you need a Office Suit product, LibreOffice is free and cross platform, Linux, OS X and Windows, reads/writes Office files and makes PDF's too.

  • Just bought a new MacBook pro to replace my old PC.  I have LR 4 on disk and LR 5 upgrade on disk and need to know how to load LR on my new Macbook Pro.  Also how do I transfer photos?

    I'm not very good with computers and need help.  My LR 4 and LR 5 upgrade are on disk but my new MacBook Pro doesn't use disk.  How do I load LR on my new computer?  Also, how do I get the photos from LR on my old computer to the new computer?

    You can download Lightroom thru the link(s) below.  If you only want to install the version 5 upgrade you do not need to install 4 first - you likely just need to provide the serial number for it when you activate 5.
    Lightroom - all versions
    As far as transferring photos goes, that is something you might get help for in the Photoshop Lightroom forum.  But you could wait here and see if anyone knows, or you could search Google and probably find out how.

  • How to install Mountain Lion on New Macbook Pro from APPS

    How can I install Mountain Lion into a VM on a New Macbook Pro running YOSEMITE  from APPS
    I have it in my apps purchased but It tells me the system is to New to download/run it
    I have tried mounting my install ESD copy but it has the same Problem
    I don't have another Mac

    I think the problem is that you can't install an older OS X version onto a system running a newer OS X version. So I would try the following:
         1. have an external disk or create another partition on an internal drive to use for the Mountain Lion install (you might have to shrink an existing partition to make room for another)
         2. Create an external bootable USB thumb drive with the Mountain Lion OS on it (do a search on the web for this - for example see tall_drive.html
         3. Reboot Yosemite and then boot from the USB thumb drive by holding down the option key
         4. run the mountain lion installer and install on the new disk/partition you created in step 1 - it will also create another recovery partition from this same part of the disk
    Now your Mac system will have both a Mountain Lion install as well as the Yosemite install. You won't be able to use Migration Assistant to move things from Yosemite to Mountain Lion because it will see that you're "going backwards" and won't allow you to.
    Have a good backup of everything before starting in case there are problems.
    Good luck...

  • How do I install on my new macbook pro retina without a cd drive?

    I got Photoshop Elements 10 for Christmas and now I just finally got my new Macbook Pro retina that doesn't have a cd/dvd drive so now I don't know how to install it?? Help please!!

    Either Copy the content of the DVD on a USB drive and then install or Download the trial from website and use the serial number on the Box to serialize it.

  • How to re-install CS3 on new MacBook Pro? [was: ADOBE REFUSES TO HELP ME]

    I've downloaded their software and I received an error stating I must contact Adobe.  So I do, and they REFUSE to assist because my licensed software is not the most current version.  How do I place a call to them?

    John, thank you for your response.
    It is Adobe CS3 and I was reinstalling it onto a new Macbook Pro.  I had a backup with Time Machine and I restored my files to the new laptop. Of course because of serial number conflict I needed to reinstall my software. The Macbook Pro no longer has a built in Super Drive so I downloaded the software off of the Adobe site. I uninstalled, and tried to reinstall but received a message stating there is a problem and to contact customer support.  I did, via their chat system, and was told that they would not help me because it was CS3.
    After uninstalling and restarting several times I finally resolved whatever the error was.  I apologize for the long winded reply, but wanted this to be in a forum in the event someone like myself goes looking for self help answers.  Thank you again!

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