How to get good quality slideshow?

Im in a true war with Photoshop 6 Elements and Premiere 6 Elements to build a photo slideshow DVD to be played in a common DVD player on a LCD TV
All photos were taken at least with 6 MB size and in 16:9 format, and edited in Photoshop 6 Elements for color, brightness and contrast correction, sharpness and other common adjustments. Soon afterwards they were downsized to 1920 X 1080 pixels with Genuine Fractal 5 PSE plugin, maintaining 72 dpi. I used this relative large size intending, in the future, to use these same pictures to build a slideshow in Blu-ray HD, and Genuine Fractal was used to get the best resizing without loss of quality.
After these adjustments in PSE, these pictures were arranged in slideshow format in Phosotshop Elements itself (Create > slideshow), put the transitions and, in sequence, exported directly to Premiere 6 Elements. In PREL the clip was breaked apart for best edditing, adding here some titles, narration and exported in MPG clip.
To build the MPG clip, I used the best adjustments settings: quality 5, target bitrate 7.5, maximum bitrate 8, VBR 2 pass. These clips were later arranged together to build the disc in Encore.
I noted that, when editing the pictures in PREL6, the image were very small in Premiere Elements monitor, filling only 50% of the monitor screen, even having the pictures 1920 X 1080 pixels size, being necessary to manually increase its size to fill out the whole screen.
When playing the DVD disc in the computer, the images were great, with good clearness and details and color consistence. However, when playing this DVD in a common player on a LCD TV, the image was terrible, losing all the clearness, with discolored colors, loss of details and with jagged edges.
Did anybody already have this problem? Does some special technique or adjustments setting exist to prepare the pictures or the video clip to be presented as a slideshow in DVD on a 16:9 TV LCD?
Thank you. Any help will be welcome.
Valter - Brazil

I've been using Adobe Encore CS4 to author Blu-Ray discs with slide shows on my iMac.
When I import high-quality 16:9 MPEG photos directly into Encore and build a slide show using Encore, the results are terrible when viewed on a big-screen HDTV connected to a Blu-Ray player.  The colors seem off, and the resolution is horrible.  There are all sorts of jagged edges and other artifacts.  It looks far worse that a slideshow on a standard-definition DVD built using iPhoto and iDVD.
A better solution is to simply build the slideshow in iPhoto and export it as a QuickTime movie file (*.mov).  You have to play around a bit to find the option in iPhoto that allows custom settings, but once you find it you can encode the slideshow in H.264 with full 1920 x 1080 resolution.  Then you can import the resulting *.mov file into Encore as an asset, then create a timeline for it.  You basically treat it like a movie.
Encore CS4 has lots of bug in it.  For example, I just downloaded the latest update yesterday (I think it was 4.0.1).  Now, whenever I try to build a Blu-Ray disc, I get an error message.  So I had to use Apple Time Machine to restore the previous version of Encore (, which works fine.
Another bug is that you can't change the title of a menu in Encore.  Encore has a very limited number of HD menus.  If you want to change the title of a menu from the generic one provided ("Our Travel Diaries", for example) to your own title ("Our 2009 Summer Vacation", for example), you can't do it in Encore.  I have to export the menu to Photoshop Elements, change the text there, and re-import it into Encore.  You can change the titles of buttons in Encore.  But not the actual menu title.  This is ridiculous.
Also, Encore isn't much good for burning Blu-Ray discs.  I simply create a *.iso image file in Encore, then burn it using Roxio Toast 10 Titanium.
Anyway, with these various workarounds, I'm able to create high-quality Blu-Ray discs with movies and slideshows that look great on my 60-inch Sony SXRD TV.
I edit my HDV movies using Apple Final Cut Pro 5.1 (a couple of versions old, but it works), then use Compressor to export the movie as an HDV 1080i60 Quicktime file, which I import into Encore, which then encodes it using H.264.
One bug I encountered with my Sony Blu-Ray player is that when I installed the latest software update, it somehow set the player to downconvert 1080i and 1080p material to 480p.  The results looked terrible, and I initially blamed Encore.  However, I eventually discovered the problem and reset the player to output everything in 1080p.  Now my home movies look great on Blu-Ray.
Anyway, Encore CS4 needs a lot of work.  Unfortunately, Apple does not yet produce any software that can be used to author a Blu-Ray disc.  When they do, I'll probably throw Encore and Premiere Pro in the trash.  The only reason I bought Premiere Pro is because you need to buy it to get Encore, and Encore is currently the only affordable Blu-Ray authoring software for the Mac that works (or, more accurately, "sort of works").  Toast Titanium claims to have Blu-Ray authoring capability, but I've tried it and it's worthless as an authoring tool (though it works great as a burning tool).
Incidentally, I tried importing my Final Cut Pro HDV movie into Premiere Pro CS4 as an XML file, which is supposed to be the best way to get it into Encore, but this method caused all sorts of problems and I eventually had to abandon it. 
It's a shame that somebody doesn't produce a simple suite of consumer-grade Mac-compatible tools that can be used for the entire HD workflow from camera to Blu-Ray disc, similar to the way in which iMovie, iPhoto, and iDVD work for standard-definition DVDs.

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    Also, dropping the frame rate should massively effect filesize and you might not even notice the difference when viewing. If your original sequence is 25 fps try halving it to 12fps.

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    As a horn player for 25 years, I have found this to be the most poorly represented area for samples that don't consist of licks and riffs. The best Big Band sounds I've heard to date is Garriton Jazz and Big Band.
    For Pop/Rock/R&B, Kick *** Brass is solid and authentic.

  • How to get good picture quality on a burned DVD slideshow using IDVD?

    After producing a slideshow on IDVD from either jpg or psd photos, it looked great when I played the project. Picture quality was excellent. When I burned a DVD to share the slideshow with a friend and when I played this on the same computer, it had lost resolution and looks awful. I am using best quality but this made no difference. On a hdtv using a standard player, the quality is mediocre. Is there any way to get a decent picture quality. I have also burned a DVD and CD from the IPhoto album, and the quality is better. IPhoto will not burn a slideshow or at least I do not know how to. Can you produce decent quality DVD using IDVD or is there a better application to produce decent DVD of photo slideshows?

    ....or is there a better application to produce decent DVD of photo slideshows?
    Yes. It's called DVDSP (apple's top of the line DVD Authoring application). It has a much longer learning curve than iDvd and is more $$$ but it does work well. The Help Menu alone is over 640 pages long. However, is this app significantly better than iDvd solely in terms of visual quality?.... No.
    But it does offer many more tools to address visual artifacts on the finished DVD, more audio control, much better control of durations per slide, audio, buttons that work as expected, among other things. (for additional examples of this see chapter 12 of the DVDSP Help Menu / starting on p. 373).
    Short of DVDSP, and much less money, you can also try these 2 third party apps which come highly recommended on this iDvd Forum:
    At the moment most macs do not yet support burning to Blueray (which does offer much better results). Once this technology is more commonplace, then I believe we will see a significant improvement in what you are trying to do above.
    Hope this is helpful but if not just come on back.
    Disclaimer: Apple does not necessarily endorse any suggestions, solutions, or third-party software products that may be mentioned in this topic. Apple encourages you to first seek a solution at Apple Support. The following links are provided as is, with no guarantee of the effectiveness or reliability of the information. Apple does not guarantee that these links will be maintained or functional at any given time. Use the information above at your own discretion.

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    I am a web designer. I have a few customers who I make video tutorials for so they can find their way around their website. I have been using Quicktime Screen Recording to make videos so far. The quality is great when I view the origional movies on my own computer but when I export them to Youtube via Quicktime or export the movie as a .MOV file, the quality is lost. So I end up sending a video to my customers to watch that is fuzzy and out of focus.
    What I want to be able to do is upload high quality, sharp video tutorial to a 3rd party video hosting platform like Youtube.
    There are a number of paid apps on the app store for screen casting, but I am not if they would be any better than Quicktime.
    I am willing to pay for an app if it does what I need but I would rather use the software that ships with the Mac if possible.
    I am using a mid 2009 MacBook Pro. The screen on the laptop is not high resolution, the 27 inch monitor i am using is (I don't know if that will effect the video quality)
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    Your problem is not with the screen recording app but with YouTube's method of making the movie smaller when you upload it.  You could try using Vimeo or some other service instead of YouTube.  But I suspect that you will get best results by experimenting with exporting to different video formats before uploading it to YouTube.  Everyone's in love with MP4 at the moment.  A lower resolution in MP4 won't undergo so much compression at YouTube's end.  Best advice from YouTube is here: 48&ctx=topic
    The resolution of your capture area will definitely change how much compression is applied to your video.  If what you're demonstrating allows it, you should be capturing a smaller area than your entire display.  Remember that the smaller the file that you deliver to YouTube, the less YouTube will compress it at their end.
    And lastly, remember YouTube is a free service: you pay nothing and get what you paid for.  If you want to host exactly what you want, get your own server and pay for your own bandwidth.  Then you get as much resolution as you like.

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    I need to print best quality A4 colour prints for a friend.
    My Macbook is connected wirelessly to the home network and prints documents usually on the Epson with no problems.
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    1. What settings should I use from Aperture to get the best quality print?
    2. Should I print from Photoshop CS3 or Elements 6 to give a better print and if so what settings should I select.
    3. I have read all about ICC profiles for the printer and paper and have downloaded the latest from the Epson web site and installed but are these being used when I print using the AE. I ask as I seem to remember in the past that to print over the network the settings on the Macbook were saying I had an an Apple Laserwriter P/S driver and not the Epson R800 driver.
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    Hi, I am also interested in the answer to your question and likewise I am wading through lots of threads with no answers...
    I did come across something that recommended importing straight from iDVD rather than using iMovie to send to iDVD ... something to do with it being encoded twice? Also people seem to think that iMovie HD creates higher quality mpegs compared to iMovie 8.
    But would be good to find a definitive FAQ about all this. There is this site but it is out of date:

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    Thanks for looking at this!

    Well, it wasn't Java that created the icon on the saved files. It was the operating system, which used the icon that I had on my executable, once I said "open with" this executable.
    Well, now I am using a better icon maker program from Axialis, which creates icons at different sizes, and the icon on my saved files look perfect.
    Sorry for taking your time thinking about this.

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    I hooked it up my iBook to my TV using Apple's mini-VGA to S-video converter and the result was lousy - awful resolution, slow white lines periodically float thru the screen, and it made everything blurry. So I know this is not the answer. Is the component cable better?
    I really want to use the TV as a larger monitor to watch web content, but can't watch it like this.
    Am I missing something here? Should it not match the quality of the iBook screen?

    I've only used the composite video connection and haven't had any problems with my replacement adapter. Is your mini-VGA to video adapter new as well? Did you get it through the Apple store?
    I think what you need to do is try the composite connection and see if the picture is any better there. If not, and you're certain everything is connected securely, either the adapter is bad or the mini-VGA port on your computer isn't working properly.

  • Steve Jobs keynote speech - how to get that quality and speed?

    I watched Steve Jobs keynote speech with interest and envy.
    How is it possible to get the video quality so good combined with so fast download - even on a relatively slow bandwidth I could more or less instantaneously scroll to the end?
    I run a local net based TV station in Denmark and would love to supply that quality and speed. Can anyone help, please?
    Sigurd Bo Bojesen

    Dav Sigurd!
    You are right, the videos on your site do not run smoothly - lots of stopping and re-buffering.
    Presumably they are Flash videos?
    Have you tried contacting Adobe?

  • How to get good slow motion w/FCPX?

    Okay, so I've been trying to get some good slow motion video. I'm new to this whole video thing, but I'm fortunate enough to be able to have some cool toys even though I don't know how to use them yet! Anyway, here are my questions (prefaced by some details to help you answer my questions!).
    What I'm working with:
    Two cameras
    1) GoPro shooting at 720p, 60 FPS
    2) Canon Vixia HF G10 shooting at 1080i, 60 FPS
    - In case my terminology is wrong, the GoPro shoots in 60p, and the Canon shoots at 60i....not sure the best way to describe it.
    Editing with:
    - FCPX
    - I don't have Motion 5 or Compressor yet, but I can get it if its necessary for any reason
    Goal that I'm working toward:
    - I want to get some smooth "creamy" slow motion footage every now and then when the video I'm making calls for it.
    - Here's a couple examples of the type of slow motion I'm hoping to end up with:
    - (right about at the 3:10 point) 
    Problem I'm having:
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    - With the Canon (60i, but much higher quality video), I can barely slow it down at all without it looking choppy and sloppy.
    - Am I doing something wrong?
    - Do I need to download other software?
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    - I'm stumped...any help will be great!

    I'm a bit short having time for my tests, but what I found out so far.
    • avoid any 'natural motion blurr' in your recordings
    • if optional on your device, select super-short shutter speed (<1/1000th), depending on 'action' in front of cam (ever wondered why those demos are preferred in bright sunlight? )
    • avoid too high 'angle speed' = too fast too close: if the picture content changes too fast btw. frame#1 and frame#2 the eye is not able to blend the content = stutter
    • Optical Flow: excellent on small angle speed, failing on fast angle speed or rotation:
    watch my short demo here (YT-link) testing speeds and blending modes:
    (recording 720/60p, ~1/1000th shutter speed, Project setting 25p)
    • notice the perfect blending of motion far away from cam (player girl in green)
    • notice the unwanted 'warp' effects around the player in blue close to cam, esp. legs
    • notice the 'wobble' of rotating ball in 10% slowmo ... that is beyond Optical Flows skills
    What I've seen so far from the famous TWIXTOR plugin for FCPX/Motion5, it lacks the 'plus' features (e.g. seperating background/layers) and has to be handled as unconvenient as the old version for FC/e (copy/paste clips to lengthen etc). Info: the vers. of Twixtor for FC/e and FC/p differed dramatically!
    => imho, the actual vers. of Twixtor4FCPX isn't worth the 300$ (yepp, three HUNDRED) …
    and my personal opinion upon marketing: a plugin shouldn't be more expensive than its host

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    I am trying to record vocals on Garageband, I have a Yeti mic and it works well, but I am getting some playback issues.  I have played with the settings on the mic like altering the gain and such, but nothing is working so far.  I'm getting small moments of imperfections when certain sounds are made, like when saying words with P's and C's in them.  I played around with the settings in Garageband but nothing has fixed this issue yet, I have also tried just to speak softer on those letters but that doesn't seem to help.  Any advice on how to improve the overall quality on my recordings would be great!

    I'm confused by your post. Quick Reorder makes it easier to drag slides into different positions. There is no such thing (at least not in PSE, maybe you meant PRE?) as "quick recorder". There is a button to record audio for a particular slide, but that is all.
    If you're asking about something in Premiere Elements, better to ask in their forum, since not many of us use PRE:

  • How to get best quality when exporting presentation to dvd?

    I have just completed a keynote presentation with 21 slides including various movie clips.
    I want to export this to Dvd where it can be played on someone elses computer and then onto a projector.
    I have tried exporting it as a Quick time movie and then to idvd, however the quality seems to dimish considerably. The picture is shaky and the resolution seems rather low and grainy.
    Could someone tell me how I can get this onto Dvd with the best quality possible. i.e if I change the slide size will this make a difference, or if I make the dvd interactive?
    I am a completely new keynote user so I apologise for my ignorance but would appreciate any advice!
    Macbook   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    Thanks David.
    I will give that a go. I went to the Mac store on Regent street, and they were really helpful. The guy there advised me to compress the movie in quick time and then export it onto either a flash drive or ipod, which can then be transfered onto any other computer (mac or p.c) which has quick time downloaded on it. This works for me as I needed my presentation to be exported to my bosses laptop P.C.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hey everyone, In Final Cut Pro 5, is there a way to set print to video on a timer? For example, print to video on Friday at 2PM.... Or simply, just play the entire video in the timeline at a specific time? I'm assuming not, so does anyone know of any

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