How to get PDF icons out of Word Toolbar??

Hello all,
I installed photoshop CS2, and now I cant seem to get the "make pdf" icons out of the toolbar.
I went into the toolbar options in word and de-selected "Adobe acrobat PDF maker" which removes them for that session. But the next time I restart Word they are right back where they were before!
Any ideas??

Kill these files:
Hard Drive/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/PDFMakerLib
Hard Drive/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Startup/Word/
Hard Drive/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Startup/PowerPoint/PDFMaker.ppa
Hard Drive/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Startup/Excel/PDFMaker.xla
The next time you launch Acrobat 6, you will get an error message asking to repair PDFMaker. Uncheck PDFMaker, check Don't show this again, and click Continue. That is the end of the annoyance.
Or from
5. Banish Acrobat from Microsoft Office
If you have Acrobat 6.0 Professional and Microsoft Office v. X, you may have noticed a small Acrobat PDF toolbar in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. The file responsible for this toolbar can become corrupt, causing intermittent problems, such as slower performance. To permanently delete the toolbar, search your Mac for all instances of PDFMaker.xla, PDFMaker.ppa, and, and delete those files. You’ll never see the Acrobat PDF toolbar in Office apps again.

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    Welcome to Apple Communities
    Facebook will be added in an update

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    Send Apple feedback. They won't answer, but at least will know there is a problem. If enough people send feedback, it may get the problem solved sooner.

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  • I used to see a monthly "Feb 2014" photo stream category in my library for each month.  Now all of my photo stream photos (from my iPhone) are under "iCloud" under "Sharing" and I don't know how to get my pix out of there and separate them into libraries

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    The monthly events "Feb2014" will show you all photos that have been imported from "My Photo STream", if you have enabled "Automatic Import" in the "Preferences > iCloud" tab.
    The albums you are seeing under "iCloud" are the "Shared Photo Streams" and "My Photo Stream". To import from your "Shared Streams" drag the photos frommthe Shared Streams album to the Projects in the library panel.

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    Dharam Veer Sharma

    hi Dharam Veer Sharma,
    Thanks for sharing the solultion with us.
    It is helpful for others who have the same issue. And if you have any Office developing issue, please feel free to open a new thread.
    Have a nice day.
    Regards & Fei
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