How to "hold" G/L Account Document?

I use T-CODE F-02 to Enter G/L Account Document.I want to hold current document and input tomorrow again.So I select the menu Document->Hold.But the sap show the error message like below.
Is there any one could tell me how to resolve the problem or give me some advice?I will appreciate him/her very much.Thank you.
error message:
Held documents must be converted; read long text
Message no. F5410
The structure of the document data has changed in the meantime. Before new documents can be held or held documents can be processed, the documents held up to now must be converted.
The conversion of the held documents is carried out by report RFTMPBLU . For larger data volumes (more than a couple of hundred held documents), the report should be planned as a batch job.
The conversion of held documents is generally supported for documents which were entered in release 1.3A or later.
A conversion of older held documents is not possible. You must delete these documents with the report RFTMPBLD . Afterwards, you must start the report RFTMPBLU to activate the version management for held documents.
If only small datasets are to be converted or deleted, you can carry out the action in another window and after completing the action, continue the current processing.

In the new versions from SAP (ERP 2004 and ERP 2005) There are 2 versions to keep documents:
Parked documents.
Hold documents. (this is not the option Hold data, from system / user profile / hold data)
For completing them there are special transactions. The best is to use one of these options (I use parked documents) otherwise it is difficult to found documents back. This is the reason to for the coversion question

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  • How to find out the Accounting document status for sales order

    We have created the sales document by referring the billing document of contract no.Aftre that we have raised invoice for sales document. Now system is generated both invoice , accounting document and the value is appearing against the invoice document. However the status against the accounting document is showing as not cleared. I want to know where we could see this status in Table,
    Normally we can see the status in FPLT for contracts since its having the billing plan no. Suppose if the billing plan is not available like S.O , How to check the status in table?
    I have refered so many tables but not helping. Since i want to get the uncleared value of accouting document.
    Please help me.

    Hi Thenna
    The accounting document status in the document flow is determined dynamically when you display the document flow,
    it's not saved in a specific table.
    Here is the relevant logic:
    IF vbrk-vbeln <> vbfa_tab-vbeln.
       PERFORM vbrk_ermitteln USING vbfa_tab-vbeln.
       REFRESH xbkpf.
        LOOP AT xbseg WHERE bukrs EQ xbkpf-bukrs
                      AND   belnr EQ xbkpf-belnr
                      AND   gjahr EQ xbkpf-gjahr
                      AND   ( koart EQ 'D' OR koart EQ 'K' ).
                IF NOT sy-subrc IS INITIAL.
      SET STATUS TO 'No items are cleared'
                  l_xdoc_num-status = 'A'. <<<
                  LOOP AT xbseg WHERE augbl IS initial
                                AND   umskz NE 'A'
                                AND   vorgn NE 'AZUM'
                                AND   ( koart EQ 'D' OR koart EQ 'K' ).
                  IF NOT sy-subrc IS INITIAL.
      Set status to 'All items are cleared'
                    l_xdoc_num-status = 'C'. <<<

  • How to create invoice but accounting document is cleared already?

    I cannot able to create invoice for the return order, for this return order accounting document has been cleared
    but the invoice is not created.
    Here i need to create the invoice.
    Advice me to solve this issue.

    for this return order accounting document has been cleared
    For return order, accounting document will not be generated.  Not sure what do you mean by this.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • How to check if the accounting Document is cleared or not. Need a FM

    Hi Gurus,
    I have a requirement which I need to know if an accounting document is cleared or not.
    My requirement is: from an invoice (VBRK-VBELN), I need to know the correspondent accounting document number which I can get from table BKPF (accounting doc number - BELNR). After that I can go to table BSEG to check the status, then I will know if the document is cleared or not... But this will take a lot of time, and the performance will not be good. I need to implement this functionality in a program.. And I would like to know if I can get all this information using some Function Module.

    Hi again,
    IF you have the invoice document + BUKRS + GJAHR, try this:
    Search in the BKPF with the following:
    GJAHR = Fiscal Year (get from the dates)
    BKPF-AWKEY = (INVOICEDOC Concatenated with GJAHR. Example 54002230392009)
    I tried that on my system and it was pretty fast.
    PD. I have checked with a trace and SAP works the same way, it uses the fields described before + AWTYP (If you know it, In my case I used RMRP) to obtain the Accounting Doc.
    Gilberto Li
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  • How to Extract & View Archived Accounting Document

    Hi all,
    My user has posted Diff Excise posting through Transaction code-J1IH, 3 years back. If I display this Excise JV through J1IH and click on Accounting Doc. Button, system shows message u201CDocument is not in database. Search documentu201D then if I select option u201CYESu201D following error message (Message no.) is displayed
              u201CDocument XXXXXXX   BBBB does not exist in fisc.year XXXX or has been archivedu201D
    I checked Table u2013 J_1IPART2 for this Excise JV and noted down Accounting Doc. No. I tried to view this Acc Doc through Transaction code-FB03, but system gives following Error Message. F5 238
              u201CDocument XXXXXXX   BBBB does not exist in fisc.year XXXX or has been archivedu201D
    Is this Accounting Doc is archived?
    If yes, how to recover it back.

    Archived documents can be viewed with help of SAP data archiving tools ( eg: PBS archive add ons). Please check with your database team.

  • RSEG Accounting document no

    I  want to get the purchase order wise payment  (check no),I have already get the miro document no in rseg,pls tell me how to get the miro accounting document no

    try to make use of this FM
      call function 'FI_DOCUMENT_RECORD'
          i_awtyp            =  'RMRP'
          i_awref            =  w_awref1 --->IR numner of PO
          i_aworg            =  w_gjahr1----.year
        I_AWSYS            = ' '
        I_AWTYP_INCL       = ' '
        I_AWTYP_EXCL       = ' '
        I_BUKRS            = ' '
          t_documents        = t_doc.
    <b>MIRO numner is Nothing but IR numner ? just pass this along with year .</b>
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  • Accounting document in asset transaction

    We are on ECC6- EHP4. The question is regarding display of accounting document when I post the credit value to the asset through transaction code "ABGF".
    For IFRS purpose, I have created new "Z" transaction type "Credit memo in following year". This transaction type is attached only to "IFRS" depreciation area and no entry is posted in "Leading ledger".
    Everyting is getting posted perfectly, no issues about that. But after posting the entry I get the document number only of asset accounting and I do not get the acocunting document number. To get the accounting document number, I have to go to "AW01N"  and check the asset.
    How can I get the accounting document number at the same time when I get the asset document number?
    Please advise.

    I reproduced the same process with the 2 cases
    - ABGF social TType 160: System post document and indicate the accounting documlent number with company code ID just after posting
    - In case of TType for IFRS only, system post document also but indicate below that document was posted in AA
    Then no accounting document to show
    Once document posted in ABGF click : Transaction -> Display and you will see whether you got accounting document or only asset document
    Thus, This depend on TType used in ABGF and depreciation area
    Hoipe this can help you
    Nice day

  • Related Accounting Document Number for an SO

    How will I determine the Accounting Document number related to a Sales Order?
    I know the flow is in VBFA but, I can't seem to see the Accounting Document number in there be cleared/completed or not cleared.
    Is there a function module, bapi that I could use?

      If you to check whether the accounting document is cleared of not ..Check the field BSEG-AUGBL not initial..
      If the field BSEG-AUGBL is initial.
         accounting document not cleared.
      elseif the field BSEG-AUGBL not initial.
         accounting doucment is cleared.

  • Cancellation document does not generate Accounting document

    Hi Experts,
        I am facing an issue that when a Billing document is getting cancelled through workflow ,the billing document does not generate a accounting document .I tried debugging the issue to check it but could not find the root cause of the issue.
    In the code we are using 'BAPI_BILLINGDOC_CANCEL1 to cancel the billing document.
        How to find that the accounting documents are getting  generated from the corresponding billing documents correctly.

    First of all, are you able to create S1 type cancellation document after you call the BAPI? If you are not even able to generate the cancel document, perhaps you are missing committing the BAPI after calling it by using BAPT_TRANSACTION_COMMIT.
    Also are you able to create cancellation and accounting document by calling the BAPI through a test ABAP program? First check it out before using it in your workflow.

  • Accounting document no.

    Please tell me how to find out an accounting document for a particular no.
    How it is mapped to Vendor.
    Can u please tell me the table names where we can find this data.
    Thanks & Regards

    See the Tables BSEG And BKPF
    BSAK - Accounting: Vendors Cleared Items
    BSIK - Accounting: Vendors Open Items

  • Accounting document auto cleared

    we create billing document and accounting document is generated, after that, we cancelled the billing,
    another accounting document generated. both of the two accounting
    document appear as open in Accounts receivable. Status of
    both these documents is indicated as in process.
    How should the invoice & cancellation accounting
    document be automatically cleared and status of these documents
    should be indicated as completed
    Do i need to setup in SPRO, thanks

    As per the standard system will show  as zero document in the open items coz
    once the billing document genearated  the accounting entries will be as follows
    customer account  will be debited
    sales  account will be credited
    once the billind document cancelled the accounting entries as below
    Customer account will be credited
    sales account will be debited
    then you need clear the items  through F.13

  • Decimal place in accounting document

    For my client for all the accounting document decimal place is set to 2.
    Can any one tell me where is the configuration for setting this decimal place. I guess this is not in general settings for currency. How this decimal place for accounting documents in a company code is set ?
    Please give some idea.

    GOTO T CODE SU01 and then enter user name and go for change and then goto DEFAULT tab and GOTO decimal notation.....
    ifuseful assign points....

  • Check accounting document from FI / MM invoice?

    Hi All,
    May I know how I can identify the accounting document are created either from FI Invoice or MM invoice.
    What are the related table involve and search through?
    What I required is.
    If Accounting Document is created from FI Invoice.
        Display the invoice in the report.
       Remove the invoice from the report.
    If I need to used BKPF-TCODE to identify MM invoices (value = MIRO). How I can code it? Appreciate your advise. Thanks.

    How can I determine the document created are from FI Invoice and not from MM invoice.
    Can I used BKPF-TCODE to identify MM invoices (value = MIRO)?
    BKPF-TCODE = MIRO  ( Is it the way to identify the document is created from MM invoices)??

  • Accounting Document for Mvt 561

    Hi Sap Gurus,
    Could any one help me out how i can create an accounting document for the initial load Movement type  561, and 601.
    Pleaase could any one help me out regarding this issue.

    Intial upload in MM means while converting the data into sap by means of LSMW. some of the materials we need to upload the stock into system.
    For example the system stock is 40nos. But actual is 100 nos.
    so we need to do add 60 nos. this we will do by means of 561 mvt in MB1C
    Rewards if useful.

  • Two accounting document from Cancel. Invoice (S1)

    Dear All.
    I am facing this problem that I have one cancel Invoice (S1) was posted with two identical accounting documents with different numbers. The original invoice has only one accounting document.
    Does anyone know how it happens? So far, one document was created with this condition. And I also dont know how to cancel this double accounting document since the billing type is cancel invoice (S1). Thanks.

    Hello Tandi,
    Have these 2 accountig docs been posted almost simultaneously or there was a time difference between posings ?
    Have these 2 docs been posted under the same user ID ?
    I think to reverse one of these accounting docs you will need to make a journal entry (manually create FI doc to post a reversal doc for one of these).

Maybe you are looking for

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