How to Insert a User Defined Column with CheckBox In ADF Swings

I have create JTable by dragging a view object from Data Control Palette .But apart from columns listed in JTable i need to insert a User Defined column with Check Box selection option in each row .
Can any one help me out to sort the problem.
Bhanu Prakash
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I retrieve 10 column from Database and build JTable. But apart from 10 column displayed i need to display one more column( User Defined) at run time with the check box option for each row . Because on select of corresponding check box i need to do some mathematical calculation. add also How do i know whether check box is selected or not.
Bhanu Prakash

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  • How to insert data in a column with uniqueidefier data type

    I need insert data in a column with uniqueidefier data type, when i am trying to that getting error.
    error message says: "Conversion failed when converting from a character string to uniqueidentifier."
    I have data in table a col1,col2,col3,col4 - col3,col4 has datatype as varchar and i am updating table b columns col1,col2 with table a col3 and col4.
    Please guide how to do it.

    Not any String can be convert to uniqueidentifier.
    1. you have to make sure u use a value which is fir to be uniqueidentifier
    2. Use convert or cast in the insert query in order to convert the string into uniqueidentifier
    insert X ... convert(uniqueidentifier, 'string which fit to be convert to uniqueidentifier')
    Please post DDL+DML for more specific help
    DDL = Data Definition Language. In our case that is, CREATE TABLE statements for your tables and other definitions that are needed to understand your tables structure and there for let us to test and reproduce the problem in our server. Without DDL no one
    can execute any query.
    How to get DDL: Right click on the table in Object Explorer and select script table as CREATE. Post these create table scripts here.
    DML = data manipulation language is a family of queries used for manipulating the data it self like: inserting, deleting and updating data. In our case we need some sample data in order to check the query and get result, so we need some indert query for
    sample data.
    If you post a "create query" for the tables and "insert query" with some sample, then we could help you without Assuming/Guessing. There is a reason that DDL is generally asked for and expected when discussing query problems - it helps
    to identify issues, clarify terminology and prevent incorrect assumptions.  Sample data also provides a common point of reference for the discussion. A script that can be used to illustrate or reproduce the issue you have, will encourage others to help.
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  • How can I access user defined column(in query) inside the trigger?

    I have 3 unions and each query displays different records on some criteria. I also have a column hard-coded
    select a.col1, a.col2,
    add as update
    from table1 a
    where ...
    select a.col1, a.col2,
    change as update
    from table1 a
    where ...
    select a.col1, a.col2,
    del as update
    from table1 a
    where ...
    And I need to display a column in the report only if update is Add. I was thinking of writing a format trigger for that field. But I do not know how can I access this user defined column named update in the trigger?
    Any help?

    Try ":update" minus the double-quotes. Ex:
        IF :update = 'add' THEN
          RETURN FALSE;
        END IF;
    You'll want to place your hard-coded values in single-quotes. Ex:
        select a.col1, a.col2,
        'add' as update
    - Brian

  • URGENT!!! how to render af:table af:column as checkbox in ADF faces

    How i can render table column as checkbox.
    I used <af:selectBooleanCheckbox id="my CheckBox"
    value="#{row.CheckBox}" />
    and it is visualizied az checkbox in table but value is not set.
    I mean that when i make setAttribute("CheckBox", "Y") checkbox is not checked.
    My attribute CheckBox is transient String attribute with default value "N".
    i will appreciate if you give ideas how to render colomn or some links to read about it, because i didn't find anything in internet.

    Hi Timo,
    Thanks for info, But I am not using any Business components in my case, Also this article explains about re-Querying , Is there any way without re-querying we can apply the filter with '>& < ' operators on date columns?

  • Is it Possible to link user defined column of system matrix ?

    HI All,
    Is it possible to link (with ExtendedObject) user defined column  of system matrix?
    For Example, In purchase order form, I have added one column called U_ItemCode (through Tools-User Defined Fields-Marketing Doc). I want to give drill down to Item master.
    Here is the code:
    OColumn = OMatrix.Columns.Item("U_ItemCode")
    olink = OColumn.ExtendedObject
    olink.LinkedObject = SAPbouiCOM.BoLinkedObject.lf_Items
    the last line gives me 'Object refrence not set to an instance of the object' error.
    For user form, it works fine (since it has the column defined as LinkedColumn in screen painter). How can we do this in system matrix?
    thanks in advance

    Hi Binita,
    nice to see you
    i mean the following:
    1.) add the field in marketing document lines -> you need this to store the values in database
    but this user field column will not have the arrow so we do ...
    2.) you also add a linked column to the system matrix. you can copy the values from the udf column
    to your manual added column and than you can use the arrow. (maybe you should disabled this column)
    the result is you have two columns - the udf column and the linked manual column
    i hope you know what i mean - very complicated

  • How can I enter user defined info into a seq file

    I would like to insert some user defined information that I can extract either viac C-code (step invoked) or from the Operator Interface once the seq file has been loaded into memory.

    Hi hurst,
    You probably want to create a dialog panel that will allow the user to enter the information.
    Where you store this information really depends on how much of the sequencefile needs to have access to this information.
    If its global then writing it to either StationGlobals or to FileGlobals. Writting to StationGlobals means it going to be available after the execution of your sequencefile has finished. Writing to FileGlobals means its only going to be available during the execution of your sequencefile and also only in scope for the sequencefile its contained in. Unless you change the default setting so that all sequencefiles use the same FileGlobals.
    To get the information to the SequenceFile will be by TestStand API calls using the PropertySetValue.
    Another way would be to use the propertyloader.
    There are plenty of examples either with TestStand or on the NI website on transferring data of all types from a step during execution.
    This is a bit general. Maybe if you can expand on your query.
    hope this helps
    Ray Farmer
    Ray Farmer

  • Is posible to do a choosefromlist in a user defined column of system matrix

    Hi all,
    I have a question that i can´t solve. Is posible to do a choosefromlist in a
    user defined column of system matrix?How can i do it?and i can use a datatable?How? 
    Thank you all again!

    The answer is No , that I know of.  The matrix permits ony the it_EDIT, it_COMBO_BOX, PICTURE, and CHECKBOX types.  Additionaly it has an LINK_BUTTON type
    Choosefrom list works best with UDOs.  Which means that you have to create your table and specify it in an UDO in order for the choosefromlist to have access to it.
    Maybe there's a manual workaround, like say for instance that if the user clicks the Tab button you can then pop up another screen with a list of items.
    Hope it helps!

  • How to add a User Defined Field in OUBI

    Dear Experts
    I would like to find out how to add a user defined field into OUBI from a Customer Care & Billing source system. If anyone could list the steps involved or point me toward a source of documentation that sets out the steps involved it would be much appreciated.

    Is there anyone out there who has had experience using OUBI with CC&B?

  • How to Add a user defined field in transaction-PKMC?

    Could anyone tell me the step by step process of how to add a user defined field in transaction-PKMC?
    Moderator message: please do some research before posting.
    Edited by: Thomas Zloch on Jan 16, 2012

    Is there anyone out there who has had experience using OUBI with CC&B?

  • How to send a user defined parameter to a web form?

    I4m looking for a solution how to send a user defined parameter to a web form when I start the form from a html-page.
    I think that it should work to add the parameter to the URL.
    Example: I added myparam=myvalue at the end oft the URL[email protected]&otherparams=useSDI=NO&lookAndFeel=generic&colorScheme=teal&myparam=myvalue
    How can I fetch the parameter myparam in forms?

    You have the user the otherParams parameter, which you can specify in the formsweb.cfg file, or override on the url. e.g. http://myhost/servlet/f690servlet?config=myApp&otherParams=myParam=myValue
    In the Forms Builder, in the Navigator window, there is a node called Parameters. Create one in there, and then you can refer to it like a block variable. e.g. if :myparam = 'myvalue' then...
    At runtime, Forms will match up any parameters on the command with parameters defined in your form, and populate them for you. You don't have to do anything.
    Robin Zimmermann
    Forms Product Management

  • How to use a user defined function in XI

    Hi Experts,
    I would like learn how to use a user defined function  in Xi during mapping . Is there any step by step on that.
    Besides during when me make communcaton channels I see the following tabs...Paramters ..Identifiers ...Module...
    The module that is given here ...where and how it is used.

    You can write UDFs in java in Graphical mapping to enhance your XI Graphical mapping functionality
    The steps for doing it would be:
    1. Click on Create New function Button found on Bottom left corner on your XI Mapping window.
    2. Write your java code.
    3. Run the Mapping Test as usual.
    >>The module that is given here ...where and how it is used.
    The adapters in the Adapter Framework convert XI messages to the protocols of connected external systems and the other way around. When doing so, some
    functionality might need to be added specific to a situation which is possible with the use of custom modules.
    Typical example would be validation of file content when using a File Adapter or modification of the message payload to a common content structure which is not supported by any of the standard SAP modules.
    An Adapter module is developed as an Enterprise Java Bean and is called locally by the Adapter.
    An example on modules :
    <a href="">How to develop a module for reading file name in a sender file adapter XI 3.0</a>

  • Add data in a user defined column in System matrix

    Hello All,
    I have created a User defined column in the Goods Issue Form
    When I choose a particular order, I get values in the matrix defined by system
    Based on this selection, I fire a query which returns a value and this value has to be
    displayed in the user defined column.
    I am trying to add a value to this column but I get the following error message
    Form Item is not Editable
    Here is the code written in form activate event
           code = (EditText)matrix.Columns.Item(1).Cells.Item(i).Specific;
                    string strcode = code.Value.ToString();
                    string str;
                    str = "select itemCode from owor where Docnum='" + strcode + "'";
                    e = (EditText)matrix.Columns.Item(15).Cells.Item(i).Specific;
                    strcode = RecSet.Fields.Item(0).Value.ToString();
                        matrix.Columns.Item(15).Editable = true;
                        e.String = strcode;
                        matrix.Columns.Item(15).Editable = false;
                    catch (System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException com_err)
    Nirmala B

    On system forms, you cannot update the DataSource (DBDataSource) of system matrixes, SAP blocks it.
    The only solution is to set the column visible and editable, and write in it with the matrix cell set value method.
    The downside is that the user will be able to see and edit the values (unless you catch all edit and click events to that cell).

  • Insertion of user defined structure in CORBA ANY

    I am using JDK 1.4.2 CORBA (ORB) APIs.
    I am using CORBA Any in my application. I am able to insert primitive values like short, long, char, etc. into the Any using the specified APIs. But if I try to insert a user defined structure, I get an exception.
    This can be explained further by the code below:
    Consider the following IDL definition:
    // IDL
    struct Foo {
    string bar;
    float number;
    interface Flexible {
    void doit (in any a);
    Now in order to pass the structure Foo in Any, I use the following code snippet:
    // Java
    import org.omg.CORBA.*;
    Flexible fRef;
    Any param = ORB.init().create_any();
    Foo toPass = new Foo(); = "Bar";
    toPass.number = (float) 34.5;
    try {
    fRef = FlexibleHelper.bind("anyMarker:anyServer", hostname);
    fooHelper.insert (param, toPass);
    fref.doit (param);
    catch (Exception e) {
    But I get an exception when I use the above mentioned methodology.
    What is that I am doing wrong.
    Or is there some known issue with Sun Java ORB.

    I just noticed that these files appear to be under copyright. My first question is do you have the copyright permissions to post them in a public forum? If not then you may wish to delete them. That being said I have examined the code and it seems easy enough to work around your issues (provided you have the copyright permissions). The way to work around the issues is indeed to replace the struct fields with variables. This will of course require you to change a couple function definitions to input and output the neccesary variables which I believe was at most 5 variables. You will also need to redo the error checking code that uses a cell array. Altogether I estimate about 30 minutes of work. I would have given you the work around in these files had the files not been copyrighted. So, unfortunately, you will have to implement the work around yourself.
    Good luck!
    K Scott

  • How many types of user defined functions are there?

    how many types of user defined functions are there?

    Hi Ramakrishna,
    A user-defined function is only visible in the message mapping in which you created it. You can insert the function in the data-flow editor as a standard function by using the User-Defined function category.
    You can use the following user-defined functions:
    1.Simple functions, which can process individual field input values for each function call. Simple functions therefore expect strings as input values and return a string.
    2.Advanced functions, which can process several field input values for each function call. You can import either all field values of a context or the whole queue for the field in an array before calling the function. For more information, see Advanced User-Defined Functions.
        go through :
         Advanced user-defined functions, which can process more than just individual field values.Instead, you can import a complete context or an entire queue for a field as an array before your function is called
        go through :
    *Pls: Reward points if helpful*

  • User-defined rules with SPIN (SPARQL CONSTRUCT)

    We are looking at SPIN as an alternative to define and execute user-defined rules. It is very expressive and in that point looks superior over Jena, SWRL and Oracle type of user-defined rules with IF (filter) -> THEN type of syntax. Although, SPIN is TopQuadrant's, it is entirely SPARQL, and Oracle supports SPARQL CONSTRUCT via Jena Adapter. TopBraid Composer provides and excellent tool support and rule editor for SPIN rules as well.
    There is no problem to execute SPIN rules via Jena Adapter, and I believe even via TopQuadrant's SIN API, which is TopQuadrants's SPARQL based infrence engine's API.
    My question is about whether Oracle has looked into supporting SPARQL CONSTUCT based user-defined rules in its native inference engine?
    Do you have a recommendation for how to use SPIN based user rules in combination with Oracle inference today?

    Hi Jürgen,
    We are actually looking into a general mechanism that allows users to plug in their own queries/logic during inference. Thanks very much for bringing SPIN up. This general mechanism is very likely going to cover CONSTRUCT queries.
    To extend the existing inference engine using the existing Jena Adapter release, one possible way is as follows.
    1) Assume you have an ontology (model) A.
    2) Create an empty model B.
    3) run performInference on both A and B using OWLPrime.
    4) run SPARQL CONSTRUCT queries against A, B and inferred data
    5) store the query results (in the form of Jena models) back into model B.
    6) If the size of model B does not change, then stop. Otherwise, repeat 3)
    Note that model B is created to separate your original asserted data from inferred data.
    If you don't need such a separation, then don't create it.
    Zhe Wu

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