How to list the files in a directory which are recently modififed few mins

I need command to list the files in a directory which are modified few minutes ago in SunOS. like "find . -cmin 2 -print " which list files that are modified 2 mins ago in Linux platform.
Thanks in advance.

The find command that comes with solaris doesnt have the cmin operator. Only mtime whose option is days.
So install gnu find from sunfreeware which is the same one that comes with linux.

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    How to  delete the queries in BW production which are no longer existing in DEV.
    1. I tried Using RSZDELETE in Production it is not getting deleted and the below message given.
    Query object 4A7V83T3RB4ABIOKSDJT2HWDL is blocked. Deletion has been cancelled.
    2. I tried creating another query in dev with the same technical name and send a transport with deletion
    it is not working.
    Please advise me on this for any function module or any other method.

    If you transported the query from DEV and now you want to delete it, you should open a BEx request (Dev Class under which it was originally transported -- or-- Standard - type) in DEV delete the query and move the transport to Production.
    As far as your error is concerned, usually  when you  can delete a query using the delete option in query designer itself,
    Business Explorer> query-> delete objects , when you press execute the system offers you a list of dependent objects on the query(workbook,views), in case the sysytem is unable to delete them i.e.they being used as a input query for a characteristic variable (replacement path),then system throws this error.You can delete these all depndents under there prescribed roles , fav s & then proceed.
    Hope this will be expedite.
    Thax & regards.
    Vaibhave Sharma

  • How to list the files I saved in //var/mobile/ApplicatiDocuments directory?

    I want to list the JPG files in the directory of /var/mobile/Applications/XXXXXX/Documents. Have any API like [[NSBundle mainBundle] pathsForResourcesOfType:@"JPG" inDirectory:path]; to list the files? Thanks. Kevin.

    I think you can just do something like this:
    NSArray *paths = NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains
    (NSDocumentDirectory, NSUserDomainMask, YES);
    NSString *documentsDirectory = [paths objectAtIndex:0];
    NSLog(@"documentsDirectory=%@", documentsDirectory);
    NSArray *docDirContents = [[NSFileManager defaultManager]
    for (NSString *fileName in docDirContents)
    if (![[fileName pathExtension] caseInsensitiveCompare:@"jpg"])
    NSLog(@"fileName=%@", fileName);
    - Ray

  • How to list specific files in a directory

    Hi. I have a FilanemeFilter derived class which works fine. The problem I have is how do I list the files in the subdirectory of the current directory?
    I wrote sth like this but it doesn't work:
    File dir = new File( File.separator + "components");What am I doing wrong?

    Well, I know it doesn't work becouse I used the JFileChooser to check this out. I gave it as a constructor parameter. According to the docs if the given dir doesn't exist the JFileChooser opens the system default drectory, which under Windows happens to be MyDocuments folder. That's how I know.

  • How to list hidden files in a directory with "ls" bash command?

    I'm in the top visible directory of an iPod "IPOD (ADMIN" and I want to see the iTunes folder. How can I see the hidden folders? Alternatively is there a flag I can swtich to make them visible just inside the terminal application. I found a terminal command to do it in the Finder after you do a forced reboot.

    FWIW. if these are not dot files or folders and they are hidden from finder view, you can do one of the following to make them finder visible:
    chflags nohidden file-or-folder
    Or if you have the developer tools installed:
    /Developer/Tools/SetFile -a v file-or-folder
    Use this technique instead of the finder option to make all hiden files visible.

  • How to upload the files of a directory to a server at one time?

    in a jsp page ,the user choose a directory ,then I want to upload the files of the directory to a server at one time.How to do this?Thanks!

    You create multiple file input fields and you have them select each file they want.
    Or tell the user to zip the directory and upload the zip file.
    Or use a signed applet to get all the files and send them.
    There's no way for the browser to select a directory.

  • How to get the file name from directory

    I have a directory called test inside i have only one .txt file. i dont know that file name.
    Is it possible get the file name using PL/SQl code. ???
    Using that .txt file i have to create a dynamic table.
    If i have use *.txt also not working
    Anyone suggest me its possible to do or not????

    Hi Saubhik ,
    Wheni execute the function i am getting the following error
    Warning: compiled but with compilation errors
    PLS-00201: identifier 'DBMS_BACKUP_RESTORE.SEARCHFILES' must be declared       
    PL/SQL: Statement ignored                                                      
    PL/SQL: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist                                
    PL/SQL: SQL Statement ignored                                                  
    PLS-00364: loop index variable 'EACH_FILE' use is invalid                      
    PL/SQL: Statement ignored      Cheers,

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    Can you please let me know the tables in which the 'data available in MD04' are stored.
    I would like to have the data pertaining to the customer order/Item with requirements available in MD04.
    Thanks and Regards,

    Probably the easiest way in this case is to run the performance trace (System/Utilities/Performance trace). Start transaction MD04, put on the trace in another window, press enter to see the stock/requirements list, then stop the trace and list the results. Then you'll see which tables were accesses with which queries.

  • How to calculate the difference of two totals which are of the same group?

    Post Author: mingli
    CA Forum: Formula
    I have an existing report which has a group defined. The group generates two set of data, at the footer of each set of data, the total is calcuated. Now I need to calculate the difference between the totals. For example:
    set 1
          item 1         100
          item 2         200
          item 3        300
    set 1 total         600
    set 2
         item 1         200
         item 2          20
         item 3        300
         item 4         40
    set 2 total       560
    difference       40
    My question is: how can I do this? I'm thinking about create a formula. But the problem is, these two totals have the same field name. Could someone help me out?

    Post Author: deejayw
    CA Forum: Formula
    Hi,I have a similar type of Sets only ever contain two entries but there is an unknown number of sets.                        value
    set 1
          item 1         100
          item 2         200
    difference (item2 - item1) =   100
    set 2
         item 1         200
         item 2          20difference (item2 - item1) =    -180
    Set 3, Set 4, etc, etc I need to figure out how to calculate the "difference (item2 - item1)" total above. I am really confused by this and need assistance. Many thanks. 

  • How to get the values of drop downs, which are gonna create at run time.

    As per my design requirement, I have to create drop downs in an ADF display table.
    The no# of rows of the table are gonna decide the no# of the drop downs. User can select the values from drop downs. My issue is, how can I capture the selected values of those drop downs as those are gonna created run time.

    ohh ,ok ,then as u said that u r storing twenty values ,thats y i aksed earlier ,are these form values part of tbale ,or as u said 20 values are there ,for these u r creating 20 form values ???.
    My suggestion would be ,u do four calculation and put all your results in a hashmap ,and keep this hash map in to sesion ,using the following method
    and inside the PFR method when u want to display these values ,u can loop through your hashmap and can display these values.
    like this
    HasMap hm=pageContext.getTransactionTransientValue("HashMapName");

  • How to send the notification email to users which are in workflow in ucm

    Hi All,
    Does anyone know how to configure ucm to send the actionable notification email to particular users in workflow?
    Please Help!!!!

    The send mail function will send mail to the users and or alias in the workflow step where you invoke it. The IDOC script guide will help you with implementing these kinds of things.
    IDOC script by usage / Workflow
    wfNotify is the one you want to look at specifically.
    The following Idoc Script variables and functions are related to workflows.
    Configuration Variables
    Global Functions
    Workflow Functions
    Other Variables

  • How to open the forms in Form 9i which are saved and compiled in Forms 10g?

    Dear all,
    i have froms created with form 10g. now i want to open it in form 9i it gives the following error:
    FRM-30085 : Unable to adjust form for output.
    can i open it in form 9i?
    Muhammad Nadeem
    [email protected]

    you can't downgrade forms through different versions. Never ever do that. It's not supported.

  • List all files in a directory, not including the sub directories if any

    I have been looking around for a bit and can not work
    out how i list the files that are in a directory i.e.
    I would like the names of each file to be placed in an array,
    but not to have the sub directories in this list should there be
    I was given some code a while ago that done this but it
    listed the sub directories and i would like them not in this list.
    I do not have this code anymore and do not know where i got
    it, so i can not get it amended to what i need.
    please can someone tell me what line of code i should be
    thank you in advance for your help.

    (_seb_) wrote:
    > not very clever wrote:
    >> Hi,
    >> I have been looking around for a bit and can
    not work out how
    >> i list the files that are in a directory i.e.
    >> I would like the names of each file to be placed in
    an array, but not
    >> to have the sub directories in this list should
    there be any.
    >> I was given some code a while ago that done this but
    it listed the
    >> sub directories and i would like them not in this
    >> I do not have this code anymore and do not know
    where i got it, so i
    >> can not get it amended to what i need.
    >> please can someone tell me what line of code i
    should be using.
    >> thank you in advance for your help.
    > The follwoing PHP code will do just that. Just replace
    > with the path to your folder.
    > I made the list of files also link to each file. Just
    remove the link
    > echo if you don't them to be links.
    > <?php
    > function listFiles($path){
    > if($handle = opendir($path)){
    > while(false !== ($file = readdir($handle))){
    > if (is_file($path.'/'.$file) &&
    > $files_array[]=$file;
    > }
    > }
    > }
    > return($files_array);
    > }
    > $path = 'pathToFolder';
    > $files_array = listFiles($path);
    > foreach($files_array as $file){
    > echo '<p><a
    > }
    > ?>
    I spotted one error:
    foreach($files_array as $file){
    echo '<p><a
    should be:
    foreach($files_array as $file){
    echo '<p><a
    (a dot after $file, not a coma)
    seb ( [email protected]) | high-end web
    Downloads: Slide Show, Directory Browser, Mailing List

  • List of Files in a directory

    Is there a way that you can get a list of files in a directory that are spelt a certain way? Ex. If in a directory there are html files, txt files, et, In java can I get *.html or a html file with certain text in the name? java.html??
    How you can Help

    here are the code to list your files
         File startDir = new File("your directory goes here" );
         File[] dirList = startDir.listFiles();
         if (startDir.isDirectory());
         out.print( startDir.getPath() );
              //Start cycling through the array for the file
         for ( int count = 0; count < dirList.length; count++ )
    String fileName = dirList[count].getName();
              int index = fileName.lastIndexOf('.');
              String newString = null;
                   if (index >= 0)
                        newString = fileName.substring(index, fileName.length());
                        if ( newString.equalsIgnoreCase( ".txt"))
                             if ( dirList[count].isDirectory())
                                  out.println( dirList[count].getName() );
                                  out.println( dirList[count].getName());
                             }//end else
                        }// end if newstring
         }//end if index
         }//end for

  • List all files in a directory

    How can I list all the files in a directory which has folders and files as well? I just wanna files..
    File dataDir = new File("c:/data/);
    File[] listing = dataDir.listFiles();
    but it list the immediate no of folders in the data directory. Is there a way to get all the files in the subdirectories in data folder and excluding the folders?

    Iterate over the returned array, ignoring those whose isDirectory() returns true.
    Alternatively, you could call listFiles(fileNameFilter) instead, with an implementation of FileNameFilter which rejects File objects whose isDirectory() returns true.

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    Hi all, I am trying to laod a flat file in BI 7.0 with the following short dump. Runtime Errors         UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION Except.                CX_RSR_X_MESSAGE Date and Time          04.02.2007 01:13:2 What happened?     The exception 'CX_RSR_X_ME

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