How to print out a date from the past

I am trying to print out a date from the past but I cant seem to get It,
Lets use for example Independece Day,
How would you write the code in order to print out that exact date?

Look at the
java/util/Date.html]Date APIActually the Calendar class would be better to use, since you can set all the different fields from year to second, plus things like day of week, day of month, week of year, etc.
too slow
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  • How to print out multilingual reports from the main report using Xliff temp

    Hi all,
    How to print out multilingual reports from the main report using Xliff temp?
    When I want main report call subtemplate and finish xliff tranlation
    <[email protected]:INVOICE?><?end for-each?>
    <?start:body?><?call:Header?><?call:Line?><?call:Weights?><?call:Banks?><?end body?><?call:Footer?>
    Prints out fine with Finnish translation
    But if I want in main program to check what language is used e.g.
    if trx_number = 142 call Finnish translation and if trx_number =144,
    call English translation.
    <[email protected]:INVOICE?><?end for-each?>
    <?start:body?><?call:Header?><?call:Line?><?call:Weights?><?call:Banks?><?end body?><?call:Footer?>
    <?end if?>
    <?if: TRX_NUMBER=’144’?>
    <?start:body?><?call:Header?><?call:Line?><?call:Weights?><?call:Banks?><?end body?><?call:Footer?>
    <?end if?>
    Prints out always in English and never the Finnish translation.
    Program goes fine to if branch but does not print out Finnish
    Does anybody know what could be wrong?

    Thanks Amit,
    I have two layout, main-layout and sub-layout
    Main layout call subtemplate
    I have registered layout and xliff-file
    Main template
    Localized Templates
    File Name           Language Territory
    XXNS_INVOICE_MAIN.rtf      English
    SUB template
    Localized Templates
    File Name           Language Territory
    XXNS_INVOICE_SUB.rtf      English
    Translatable Template
    File Name           Language      Territory
    XXNS_INVOICE_SUB.rtf      English      United States
    Available Translations
    Language Territory Progress
    English Finland Complete
    If main report call subtemplate and finish xliff tranlation
    Prints out fine with Finnish translation
    But if I want in main program to check what language is used e.g.
    .....end if;
    .....end if;
    Prints out always in English and never the Finnish translation.
    Program goes fine to if branch but does not print out Finnish
    Do you it's set up problem or program problem

  • How to print out a contact from the address book?

    I must be missing something very basic.  I select a contact in my address book.  Now, I want to print it... you know things like the contact's name, address, phone number, etc.  When I try printing, I get a blank page.  In the print dialog box, it continues to say "No Addresses ()" below the page preview, this even when I've selected one or multiple contacts in my address book.  Please help!  Thanks!! 

    In the Print dialogue box select Lists in the Style drop down box.

  • How do I get routing data from the Map App (powered by TomTom) so I can display the point-to-point annotations (turn-by-turn navigation) without leaving my own application.

    I have a tableView displaying a list of contacts from a Cloud Database.  After selecting a contact, I push to a programmatically created MKMapView.  Then I display the initial region (the view) that includes the users current location (starting point) and their selected destination (end point).
    Now I want to display annotations (as described in the Location Awareness Programming Guide) that displays polylines which will represent the turn-by-turn navigation IN MY OWN APPLICATION, and not in the Map App currently used in IOS6. 
    Due to licensing and its becoming depricated in IOS 6, I do not want to get routing data from the Google Maps API.  How do I get routing data from the IOS 6 Map App (powered by TomTom) so I can display the point-to-point annotations (turn-by-turn navigation) without leaving my own application?
    I checked out Stack Overflow and other forums which basically left me with the impression that this is not possible. I also checked out the TomTom iPhone Mobile SDK User Guide from the TomTom Developer Portal and am still confused.  It must be possible to retrieve routes, since the Map App can display turn-by-turn directions.  How can I retrieve turn-by-turn data that I may display as a route within my own application?

    Thanks Michael. Apologies for the slow reply I was away for a bit (holiday blitz at work and visiting family madness etc.etc.) back now, I set both options you requested to "never " and retried the CMS software with no change. 
    I do have progress of a sort though, as a test I took a separate test PC and put a clean install of Win7 on and loaded up the CMS software (it worked perfectly) and then took the version of ole32.dll off that machine and put it onto the computer I had built
    for her (using Linux) and...
    got a new error code. Darn I was so sure I had found a clever solution this time lol.
    Anyway now when the CMS fails it gives me a similar error but the offending module is "ntdll.dll" sooo... I tried taking the "working" version of ntdll.dll from the test box and moving it over (making sure to back up the existing ones
    first so I could put them back if needed) to her new PC and the PC would not boot. 
    It seems to want the original versions of a few Dynamic Link Libraries and if I could somehow give it those while not breaking Win7 it should theoretically work seeing as it no longer errors with ole32.dll. 
    ntdll.dll however seems necessary for Win7 to boot.
    So what I am wondering now is:
    Is there some way to have both versions of the DLL file in the system32 folder (bypassing the "cannot have two files with the exact same name in the same folder" thing) or rename the original DLL's something else and somehow make the CMS look for
    the new named versions so the system has the updated DLL's it needs to boot/run and the CMS has the old ones it wants to run or is there someway to have a self contained install of the CMS, say on a USB flash drive and give it it's own E:/windows/system32/needed
    dll's  path to the files it needs? 
    Willing to try any other options or settings you may have come up with as well.
    Thanks again for your reply and my apologies for not answering sooner.

  • Is there any way so that I Being able to clear out old data from the Order

    Hi Friends,
    Is there any way so that I Being able to clear out old data from the Order Gate forecast, tolerance, and confirmed order to date tables on a monthly basis?
    Means I want data in data table for particular time (I want that if suppose today is 13-11-2008 then my data table must contain data from 13-10-2008 to 13-11-2008.
    Is it possible thru ABAP development or thru any t codes ?
    Any pointers will be rewarded.

    Before archiving you have to put the Deletion flag for the object(May be for PO, MMR etc as per your req.)...
    After that the you use the archiving procedure to archive the docs which are already flagged for deletion...
    For MMR you use the transaction SARA...and its respective object for the archiving....
    You can use the SDN search to see the many threads on it...
    Or use this link as per your req. and make the search...

  • How can delete my iphone5 data from the date its restored?

    how can delete my iphone5 data from the date its restored?

    it's unclear what you mean
    if you wish to remove your iphone5 data you connect it to iTunes on the computer and click the restore button and choose restore to factory defect

  • How do I recover Apps Data from the iCloud on iPhone 4S with IOS 6.1?

    How do I recover Apps Data from the iCloud on iPhone 4S with IOS 6.1?

    You would have to restore to your entire iCloud backup, if you have one.  (The backup includes app data.)  Restoring to an iCloud backup has to be done in the initial setup process.  If you have any data on your phone now that is not in the backup that you want to save you'll need to do that first.  Then go to Settings>General>Reset and tap Erase All Content and Settings.  You will then go through the setup screens as you did when the phone was new. When given the option, choose Restore from iCloud Backup.  Be sure you are connected to wifi and your charger as this will take some time to finish.

  • How can I restore my datas from the trash ( itunes music)?Thanks

    How ca I restore my datas from the trash( i-tunes) I still can read the lists, but they are not backed. Thks

    Try DataRescue from ProSoft.

  • HT1296 I bought my wife a new Ipad 3. How do I transfer her data from the old Ipad 1 to the new one?

    I bought my wife a new Ipad 3. How do I transfer her data from the old Ipad 1 to the new one?

    Sync the old one, and get a full back up stored.  Make sure you transfer your purchases to I tunes, and make sure you upload any photos taken on the pad, or imported thru the cck.
    Then plug the new pad in, and set it up from the backup of the old one.  In theory, all the stuff that was in the back up will migrate to the new pad.  If apps, music or books get lost, you can redownload them for free, using the same appLe id.  
    If you are selling or gifting the old one,   When you are done and happy with the new set up,  go to setting, general, reset, reset all content and data.  This will place the pad in factory new condition.   Lastly, if it is a 3 g pad, especially if it a Verizon pad, make sure to cancel the plan

  • How do you get deleted data from the app Tote M'Notes back on iPad ????

    How do I get deleted data from app Tote M'Notes back???...Not displaying in my notebook anymore...also how do i retrieve data from apps stored in Icloud?

    Why don't you use the fully-qualified-domain-name (FQDN) of your GW and perform a re-direct to this ?
    This should be known (and everytime the same), addtionally you won't have any problems if there's any load balancer in between or in fron of the GWs.
    Secondly you'll have problems to get the IP -address if there's any proxy server involved.

  • Iphone4s water damage, phone is on but no network or wi fi. How can I download my data from the phone

    iphone4s has water damage but the has power but no network or blue tooth or wi fi is NOT working, how can get my data from the water damaged phone.

    Looks like the Wifi and network antenna has been damaged by the water. It is a hardware problem and can only be fixed by the professionals.

  • Apple just replaced a defective iPad. How do I restore my data from the cloud to my iPad?

    My iPad was replaced and would like to know, how do I restore my files from the cloud to my iPad?
    Go to Settings>General>Reset and tap Erase All Content and Settings.  This will erase your device.  Then you will go through the setup screens again as you did when your device was new, and when given the option, select Restore from iCloud Backup.

  • How do I get the system to print-out a date at the bottom of page?

    When I am at a website and ask for a print-out of the page -
    the current date and time of print-out no longer appears at the lower right corner of page.

    I have resolved the problem. I will not use your time attempting to explain the process of elimination. However, the end result---
    I had taken delivery of a new printer mid-January - it is a HP OfficeJet 6000 (E609) - I wondered if that might be the problem - since I could not ascertain exactly when the print-out problem had presented itself.
    O.K. I logged on to the system and brought up the "Google" page to ask for a print-out. I checked for a print - and when the print box appeared I checked on "properties". That showed - to the left: "General Everyday Printing" and over to the right: Page size "A4 210 x 297mm" also the option "letter 8.5" x 11" and Legal 8.5" x 14" - so, I changed it to ask for the "letter - 8.5" x 11" - then I checked to "print" - I believe it was the "OK" - and the "Google: page was printed intact - showing the data generally associated with the top of the page and the date/time at the lower right.
    I placed a telephone call the HP this morning to ask them about the "A4" option and was advised that it is a "standard size paper" - but could not explain under set of circumstances it would be applicable.
    Hopefully, this data will be helpful to someone - thank you very much for your assistance in this matter.

  • How to print a specific page from the internet

    I have tried to print a specific page, and get about seven pages that are linked to it, without
    seeing the specific page I wanted printed out. The page settings under printer only lists header and footer
    info, and no choices to print only this page or frame. There is no way to print  one specific page on this printer?
    I always was able to do this  with the Epson printer I just replaced, but unable to with this printer.
    Please help! There must be a way to do this when printing from the internet. Thanks for any help.

    Welcome to the HP Community Forum.
    I don't have any idea what you are trying to print, nor do I wish to know.  Smiling.
    The key may be to control this in Print Preview like you would with most things when you are printing from a Browser.
    Manage Print Output with Print Preview
    Depending on which browser you are using, you might also be able to make use of Smart Print:
    Downloads and Information:
    HP Printing Software
    Scroll down > look on the right side of the page under Web Page Printing for the HP Smart Print download
    Smart Print Help and FAQ
    Includes: How to update your installed version of Smart Print:
    #6: How do I get the latest version of Smart Print?
    Smart Print updates automatically using the default settings. You can choice to update manually by selecting the "?" on the Smart Print Preview/Print bar located in the upper left corner of Smart Print. Select the Updates tab to get the latest version.
    Click the Kudos Thumbs-Up to say Thank You!
    And...Click Accept as Solution when my Answer provides a Fix or Workaround!
    I am pleased to provide assistance on behalf of HP. I do not work for HP. 
    Kind Regards,

  • How to print out a copy of the address book

    No longer going to be using the Blackberry pearl 8130. Heading to a different phone.
    I have never activated the email only used as a phone. Would like to printout a copy of my adress book.
    I have backed up the address book using the blackberry desktop manager, but I don't see any way to print out the address book

    there is not a way to print out the Backup file.
    You should sync your contact to outlook or outlook express and print it out from there.
    Additionally, printing out and manually re-entering all the contacts when you already have the electronic data would be a waste of time. Just sync your data to outlook then you can export your data back to the new device, according to whatever device you are getting.
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