How to recover my notebook at factory - out of box settings with recovery DVD's.

Due to hard disk crash i formatted my hard disk, also deleted all partitions including HP Tools and HP Recovery partitions. But I have my recovery DVD of my notebook that i have created at the time of notebook purchase.
When i Inserted First Disc of my RECOVERY DVD's ..WIndows installation started and recovery manager shown the error : "The System recovery media does not support this computer. you are not able to restore this system with media."
Please assist me to how to recover my notebook at factory - out of box settings with recovery DVD's.
I have hp pavillon dm4-1222Tx Entertainment notebook, Genuine Windows 7 64-bit. Thanks

Hello Anshul-Gautam,
Please take a look at this document, and let me know if the troubleshooting steps help resolve your recovery issues.
Good luck!
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  • Can't figure out what is wrong with recovery DVDs

    Last year, right after turning my laptop ON, I've created 4 DVDs as such:
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    Here is what I have done so far:
    I inserted 'Windows Recovery Environment (64-bit)' DVD and booted the laptop from it.
    First thing that loads up is a window with two options:
    - Toshiba Recovery Wizard
    - System Recovery Options
    Taking Toshiba Recovery Wizard as choice, clicking Next.
    It asks me: "Please set 1st Recovery Media and press Next to Continue.
    So, I insert Recovery DVD 1 and then click Next. However it ejects the disc drive (seems Recovery DVD 1 is not the correct Disk!).
    So I repeat the same process with Recovery DVD 2 and Recovery DVD 3 and again the Disk Drive ejects the Disks.... As a desperation attempt I even put the Windows Recovery Environment Disk inside but that as well get ejected.
    Okay, so the Toshiba Recovery Wizard is not the right choice 'it seems'.
    So, I restart the laptop and inserted 'Windows Recovery Environment (64-bit)' DVD and booted the laptop from it.
    First thing that loads up is a window with two options: (First choice failed, now trying second choice)
    - --Toshiba Recovery Wizard--
    - System Recovery Options
    So, choosing System Recovery Options this time and clicking Next. I Choose US as Keyboard, then click Next. A small window appears which gives me two further options:
    - Use Recovery tools that can help fix problems starting Windows. Select an Operating System to repair.
    - Restore your computer using a system image that you created earlier.
    So, I already tried the first choice and it takes me to another window with several recovery tools. One of the tools is System Image Recovery but when I click it, it gives a Warning messagebox that says:
    Windows cannot find a system image on this computer. etc.
    But when I insert every disk, still the warning messagebox shows up as if all the four recovery DVDs are irrelevant.
    So, it seems the first choice doesn't lead me anywhere. So, remains the second choice:
    - Restore your computer using a system image that you created earlier.
    Turns out it is exactly the same 'System Image Recovery' from first option mentioned few lines earlier. So, there you have it, checkmate.
    Please guide.

  • Want to recover my notebook to factory setting but hdd of notebook is fully formated

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    If you didn't burn your Recovery Disc set before formatting you will need to phone HP to order a set.Choose your country here>> Contact HP
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  • How to recover ny notebook pc

    hi, i am desperately trying to recover my notebook pcTouchSmart tx2z.. i had some errors and my brother formated it and installed windows 7. now on startup it gives me a message that i should backup because of an imminent hard disk failure. how do i recover the origina version "factory settings including windows Vista"

    It sounds like you are getting SMART errors as you start up, in which case you will really need to replace the Hard Drive before reinstalling Vista.
    You can order a replacement set of your Vista Recovery Discs using the link below.
    If you have any problem with this link, order them directly from HP.
    If you live in the US, contact HP Here.
    If you are in another part of the world, start Here.
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  • How to recover the notebook?

    Hi guys,
    Ok so I've got a really bad virus on my computer, which my Norton software is not picking up.
    Somebody told me I could reboot my computer to get rid of the virus but my files will be lost.
    I think the process is called recovery as it recovers the manufacturer's original settings.
    As you may have already guessed by my lack of knowledge when it comes to computer terms, I haven't a clue how to do this.
    Please can someone help!
    Thanks for your time!

    Why you dont read some threads here in the forum if you have no clue how the recover works?
    There are a lot of threads about this theme!
    By the way; new Toshiba notebooks are not delivered with recover disks.
    You have to create one using Toshiba recover disk creator or you could use the Toshiba HDD recovery!
    PS: user manual contains also some details about recovery process!

  • How to recover notebook with Recovery DVD's instead of USB-stick?

    I've ordered a Recovery kit from for my Compaq Mini 110c.
    Apperantly HP sends DVD's to recover notebooks... I don't know if they know it, but there is no DVD-player in a notebook.
    To order a recovery kit, I had to fill in a sheet with my model number and serial number. So they should know what kind of system I have. But OK, let's get to the point.
    First of all, my keyboard doesn't work, my trackpad only works when I didn't touch my keyboard after reboot. If I press any key the trackpad doesn't work anymore and I have to connect my USB mouse. And I cannot connect to my wireless network.
    I've had a stupid virus on this notebook and I think that's why its acting strange.
    Before ordering the recovery kit, I tried formatting my system with a default Windows XP disk (after copying it to a bootable USB stick). I managed to get to the setup menu in XP, but apperantly the SATA-disks in my notebook are not recognized by the WinXP setup.
    I don't have a legal Windows Vista or higher version available.
    So I've ordered the recovery kit from HP. When I try to make a bootable HDD with the recovery DVD's, I get a warning that some file on the DVD was not found.
    I'm a bit out of ideas to recover my notebook.
    Any help or remarks would be great...

    Hi Thom,
    There are Two options available.
    1.  You can order a replacement set of Recovery Discs using the link below - these will reinstall the operating system, all required drivers and nearly all of the original software ( the exception often being trials of MS Office ).
    Order HP Recovery Discs.

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    Use WLST snippet as shown below to create a basic JMS config OOTB.
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        jmstopic1 = theJMSResource.createQueue('MyTopic1')
        jmstopic2 = theJMSResource.createQueue('MyTopic2')
        print "Error while trying to save and/or activate!!!"
        dumpStack()Hope this helps,

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    Ok, I've got a dinausour: Satellite A40-210 But hey, it ran just fine until an antivirus wiped out something crucial (or at least that's what I think), as Windows is no longer able to startup.
    Now the error is given: system32\Drivers\Ntfs.sys is unavailable or broken.
    I still got my recovery-disks (all 3 of them)
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    2:product recovery CD-Rom 1
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    If moving the hard drive to an external enclosure is not convenient, it should be possible to use a Linux live CD to find your files and transfer them to a USB drive.
    I managed this with an old laptop whose Windows 2000 installation stopped working. In that instance, it was simply a matter of booting from a Linux live CD (I used Puppy Linux, as it has modest RAM demands). Once the Linux system was up and running in RAM, it allowed me to mount the Windows partition, and to read the files and photos I wanted to recover. It also allowed me copy those files to a USB flash drive.
    Easier than I expected. And meant that, with my date safely copied elsewhere, I could relax and try to repair/reinstall the Windows system.

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    Do you synchronise your device with iTunes? If so, then iTunes should have created a backup of the device's data when you last connected it to your computer. (You can view your backups in the Devices tab in the preferences window.) If you don't have a backup of your data, then I don't believe it can be recovered.
    Your device is displaying the "connect to iTunes" screen because it's unable to start iOS due to a fault and therefore needs to be restored to its default configuration. Yes, I think it's possible that using an uncertified Lightning cable could cause an upgrade of iOS to fail.

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    Follow the instructions here >  Transferring purchases from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to a computer

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    i bought movies and stuff and i got a new pc because the other one crashed and now i wanna put it on itunes on my new pc

    The official policy on music/media purchases is that you only get one download and it's up to you to maintain a backup against loss: iTunes Store: Purchased content can be downloaded only once
    The licensing of Purchased applications allows for them be downloaded over again, see this article for details: How to redownload purchased applications from the App Store
    If you have an iPod that still has any of your purchases on it you'll find details in this article on how to transfer them to the computer: iTunes Store: Transferring purchases from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to a computer
    Failing this, you could try contacting iTunes Store Customer Service and you might be able to persuade them to sanction a second free download. There have been occasional reports in the iTunes forum of this happening, however just be aware that they are not under any obligation to do so. If you click on this link it'll take you to the support/contact page, from there click on Music Purchases then the Lost or Missing Items option, from there click on "Email Us": Customer Service - iTunes Store Support
    You might also want to check out these pages for future reference:
    How to back up your media in iTunes
    Back up your iTunes library by copying to an external hard drive

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    Im sorry but I figured it out now. I hate when you figure something out right after you do something extreme like signup for a profile here and post a question. Well to those who want the answer all in one shot there are 2 solutions for me.
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    How to Get Started
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