How to remove the worksets from the Top level navigation for the ESS role.

Hi All,
I am working on enabling and disabling certain services in the ESS worksets.
we are using EP 7.0, ECC 6.0 (NW2004s).
When I login as a user with ESS role, I can view the changes in the overview pages. However, the worksets are still visible in the TOP Level navigation of th poral. can anyone please explain me how to remove the workset from the Top level navigation.
Thanks for your help

Go to the ESS role via Content Admin, then double click the workset (or page or iview) and in the drop down select navigation. Then click the <i>Yes</i> radio button of the "<i>Invisible in Navigation</i>" property.

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  • How to hide name of Role from the top level navigation of the portal

    Hi Experts,
    In my project, I have created 2 roles Role A and Role B. These roles have been assigned to User X.
    When user X logs in, he is able to see name of role that is 'A' in the top level navigation.
    As per the requirement, user X should not see the 'A'.
    Rather user X should see following:
    Top Level Navigation: 'My Work'
    When user clicks on 'My Work', he should see
    'My Sub Work1' and 'My Sub Work2'.
    After that under 'My Sub Work1' user should see following
    All Objects of Role A
    All Objects of Role B
    Name of role i.e. 'A' or 'B' should not be displayed at all at any place in navigation.
    Only whatever objects  has been assigned to Role A and B should be displayed in detailed navigation area.
    Can you please let me know how to achieve this?
    Pictorial Diagram:
                      My Work       (In top level navigation)
    My Sub Work1    My Sub Work2    (In top level navigation)
    _________Objects of role
           |_________Objects of role
    Please note that 'My  Work' and 'My Sub Work1' and 'My Sub Work2) are not roles. They are just the name of folders.
    Can you please let me know how to achieve it?

    Hi Brian,
    Try the following steps.
    1. Change the 'Entry Point' property of Roles A and B to 'No'.
    2. Create a role folder called 'My Work' under A and B.
    3. Set the 'Entry point' property of this folder to 'Yes'.
    4. Set the 'merge id' property of the folder as "mywork" (or any other string) under both roles A and B.
    5. Under 'My Work' in Role A,
    a. Set the 'Merge Priority' property to 50.
    b. create subfolder 'My sub work1' and create all your objects.
    6. Under 'My Work' in Role B,
    a. Set the 'Merge Priority' property to 100.
    b. create subfolder 'My sub work2' and create all your objects.
    7. Make sure the user is assigned both the roles A and B. Only then he/she can see objects of both the roles.
    8. One thing to remember while merging folders is that, all the entities that are being merged should be at the same level. For eg: in our case, you cannot merge 'my subwork1' in role A, with 'my work' in role B.
    Reward points if helpful.

  • Problem with switching tabs in top level navigation for Roles

    I've created two tabs (based on two roles) in the portal top level navigation menu. When clicking the first one it opens as it should. Then when clicking on the second tab it will not open, instead the first tab open up again, it sort of switches back automatically.These  two roles  are  basically consists of worksets and iviews(accessing to r/3).
    Does anyone have any expericene with this type of problem?
    please  suggest me

    Hi Aravinda
    Please check this link
    Re: Problem with switching tabs in top level navigation

  • How do remove an app from desk top?

    Hoe do I remove an app from the desk top?

    Hold your fingers down on the app icon until they all start to wiggle. You'll see a little white X in a red circle. Tap on it and the app should delete (there may be a 'are you sure?' dialogue box)
    Tap the home button when you're done.
    If the app in question is a bundled app, one that came on the iPad, it cannot be deleted.

  • Top Level Navigation Manipulation in "Hosted Portal"

    We are in a position where we have to begin hosting additional content in our portal from a portal that is being decommissioned.
    The problem is we need to keep it seperate from the existing content from a user access point of view.
    While users can have access to roles from the existing content and from the soon to be "hosted" content, they have not to be seen in the portal at the same time.
    For example if the user accesses the portal with URL 1 they only see tabs in the top level navigation for the current content but if they access using URL 2 they only see tabs in the top level navigation for the "hosted" content.
    I know we can control most of the issues such hosting raises using URL Aliases in our Desktop Rules to display different desktops, but wanted to know if anyone knows of a simple way that this can be enforced in the standard top level navigation iView via either configuration or simple code change to prevent us having to develop our own TLN to cope with this.
    We are currently on EP7.0 SP13
    Thanks (and of course points) for any help you can offer.

    Hi Micheal,
    Thanks for your suggestions.
    We have managed to get halfway to our required solution with a very simple change to a copy of the standard top level navigation whereby we only process the PrintNavNodes method for iterations of the "initialNodes" which have the required node names - e.g.
    private void PrintNavNodes(IPortalComponentRequest request, IPortalComponentResponse response)
    for(Iterator it = initialNodes.iterator(); it.hasNext();)   {
    INavigationNode initialNode = (INavigationNode);
    // Start of Change - Portal Share Project
    String nodeName = initialNode.getName();
    if ( nodeName.endsWith("ccmaint_user")  ||  nodeName.endsWith("ccmaint_supervisor")  ) {
    // End of Change - Portal Share Project            
    firstContent = PrintNode(initialNode, request, response, 0);
    try {
    This effectively filters out the unwanted tabs in the desktop where this amended TLN is used. 
    This works fine where the tabs you want to see have sort priority putting them at the front of the list but leads to problems when used for the converse set of content as the desktop is still referring to the full "initialNodes" list and so while filtering at this level does render the TLN as required, it becomes unusable as the tab positions are still considered to be as they would be if you had not filtered any.
    For example:
    We have 5 tabs in total.  For URL 1 we wish to show only tabs 1 & 2.  For URL 2 we want tabs 3, 4 & 5.
    Using this method for URL 1 we are fine as Tabs 1 & 2 are in the correct positions but for URL 2 when the tabs are rendered they appear in positions 1, 2 & 3 as required but act somewhat as though they are still in positions 3, 4 & 5 (e.g. Select the first tab and the 3rd is highlighted and a page error occurs - "'children' is null or not an object").
    Not only this but the Inner Page still displays the content from the filtered tab 1 as opposed to tab 3.
    Can anyone advise a way we can get round these issues?
    P.S. Please excuse my naïvety in this area.
    Edited by: I. Butcher on Mar 27, 2008 10:31 AM

  • How make the Top-level Navigation and Content Area in one page as a whole?

    I want to make the Top-level Navigation and the Content Area in the one page as a whole displayed in user interface.In the default framework,the Top-level Navigation and the Content Area were contained  in 2 pages, So the vertical scroll bar could only control the Content Area. I want to control the full page with  one vertical bar like the page of "" Web.

    Hi Jianguo,
    One advantage of the external facing portal solution (SP14) is that the framework page is displayed in a single frame. Perhaps this could be of use to you.
    Hope this helps.

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    As a result of that, using Activation Lock will become the best way for disgruntled employees to take a parting shot after being fired. They will report their device lost, then turn it in and leave. After that, the company will no longer be able to use the device, even though the company owns it.

  • How to make top level navigation not refresh

    Hello Guys,
    I have a question concerning on my External Facing Portal, my boss wants that when I click on a tab or a link in the Top Level Navigation , to load the content in the Content Area without refreshing the whole page, What I want is that when I click on a tab or link of the Top Level Navigation , the Top Level Navigation and the MasterHead not to refresh and that the content be loaded and refreshed only in the Content Area. The only way I know to do this is by making a frameset of my page and to make the masterhead and toplevel navigation a frame and the detalied navigation a frame and the content area a frame, and in the links to put the target property to the name of the content area frame, but I don't know if this is possible to do in the portal, I see that all is embedded and I don't know how to make a frameset like this in the portal.
    Any highlights to solve this will sure be appreciated.
    Rewarding points will be given.

       When you are implementing External Facing Portal, i think you have used Light Framework Page.  In Light Framework Page, only one Framework has been used, so when you click on the top level navigation, the whole page will get refresh, so there is no otherway as of my knowledge.  If you use standard framework page in portal, it is possible to do (i.e. the content area only get refresh)  and the concept of your External Facing Portal is eliminated here.
    Venkatesh. K
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  • How to display image in top level navigation

    how can i display an image in the top level navigation?
    (looks like the top level navigation of the SDN)

    Hello Norman,
    Please read through these forum links which also deal with customization of Portal 'Top Level Navigation'.
    Basically you need to download the required masthead.par and make the necessary changes as mentioned in the forum messages as belwo:
    [Customizing Top Level Navigation|]
    [Customize Portal TLN|]
    Hope this helps.

  • Portal Top Level Navigation

        How can i remove the display bar on Top Level Navigation(Left side).

    Hi Shah,
    Please follow the procedure:
    <b>To Configure Top-Level Navigation</b>
    1. In the Portal Catalog choose <i>Portal Users</i> -> <i>Standard Portal Users</i>. This folder contains the <i>Default Framework Page</i>.
    2. Right-click <i>Default Framework Page</i> and choose Open -> <i>Object</i>.
    3. From the Page Content List select the <i>Top-Level Navigation</i> iView and click <i>Properties</i>.
    4. Scroll to the <i>Number of Display Levels</i> property and enter the <b>value 0, 1, or 2</b>, depending on how many navigation levels, if any, you want for top-level navigation.
    <b> Choosing 0 removes your top-level navigation and displays your navigation structure in the Detailed Navigation iView. </b>
    5.Click Save.
    For more information see SAP Note <b>687485</b>.
    I hope this solves your problem.
    PS: Always consider rewarding points for helpful answer on SDN.

  • Display Icon/Image instead of Role name in top level navigation

    I want to display a image / icon instead of role name for a particular role. Can you please tell me how to achieve this ?

    the thread is just for the background image (for all elements).
    if you want to display icons instead of role names, you have to create your custom top level navigation using the
    navigation taglib from SAP. There are lots of examples. make a blog search for Mr "Kannengiesser" from SAP.
    In case you are using already an EHPx in your EP 7.0 the AJAX framework might have this feature.

  • Show/Hide tabs in top level navigation of a role based on assigned services

    I have an interesting requirement. I have created an overview page in abap web dynpro which has links to various services.
    Based on the r3 roles assigned to the user, we need to show/hide the services in the overview page and top level navigation.
    I can show/hide the views in the overview page but the links on top level navigation are created in the portal frontend by creating worksets, iviews, etc.
    Is there a way I can show or hide these worksets which are defined in the role on top level navigation?
    In a nutshell, can i update the visible/invisible property of a java workset from a call in abap web dynpro?

    Please refer the framework page [|]
    What i meant was that you can do a custom TLN like this
    Seems to me java/jsp is more appropriate than doing it via WDA.
    ANother way that you might look into this is Application integrator which again java programming effort needed.

  • Link to top-level navigation items

    hi all,
    does anybody know how to create a link to a top-level navigation item from an jsp iView? the idea is similar to Home-page and area-page concept in the new ESS with WebDynpro. From the home-page, users can navigate direct to an item which is displayed in the top-level navigation. fyi, we are on EP6.
    Thanks in advance.

    You can create links to any navigation node, the keyword here is NavigationTarget.
    Check this for more:
    Praveen Gudapati

  • Make top-level navigation smaller in size

    Hi all,
    the default top-level navigation in the AJAX framework uses quite a big piece of the browser window (almost 70 px). This space could be used better especially when integrating reports.
    So my question is how to reduce the height of the top level navigation (first level only) from around 70px to maybe 40-50? Can this be done in the portal theme editor? Unfortunately there is no preview available yet when editing AJAX specific settings. Or do we need to change the coding of the framwork page?
    I think it would be pretty messy to change all the pictures and fonts that are used in the top-level navigation.
    Thanks for any suggestions or even the "it's not possible" answer.

    Hi Fabian.
    But shouldn't it already be possible to change this?
    At least you can built your own theme on a base of default one and then directly modify css and image files. However, I do not recommend this solution as far as AFP still in active development.
    Will the mechanism to change the theme be enhanced in EhP2 an do we know when EhP2 will be available?
    Yes, full support for customization is planned in Ehp2. According to an addendum to SAP's Release Strategy for Large Enterprises, status July 2009, which you can find at [Service Marketplace|], EHP2 for NetWeaver 7.0 is rescheduled to June 2010.
    Best regards,
    Aliaksandr Zhukau
    P.S.: Why not just use the "Full Screen" button? It hides TLN.

  • Top Level Navigation - Design bar borders

    SAP EP 6.0 SP9 on NW04
    We're using the top level navigation iview (TLN) out-of-the box and have configured the look and feel of TLN using the Theme Editor so that it follows the customer's corporate identity.
    However, we cannot remove the two white vertical borders around the design bar in top level navigation or change the color to the same color as the top level navigation. It is only possible for us to change the background color of the design bar but not the color of the design bar border. The marketing department thinks this is a huge issue, which must be fixed.
    We're almost certain that the problem cannot be solved by configuring the Theme Editor.
    Does anybody know whether it is easy to modify the code or css files to change the white borders of the design bar? Any idea of what is the best approach?
    Best regards

    I have similar problem but there is no "Display of Design Bar Container" option in the Top Level Navigation section of the Theme editor.

Maybe you are looking for

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