How to use an iPad as a second monitor with Bluetooth?

I know there are several apps that will allow me to use my iPad as a second monitor over my wifi connection. But is there a way to us it over blue tooth or with a special cord?

I use a projector as a second monitor for a desk top. When the shutter is closed it is hard to minimize or exit a window. I would like to use my iPad as an additional second monitor so I can tell what I am doing.

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  • How do I use my iPad as a second screen with my macbook pro?

    I've got splashtop streamer for my ipad. In school my computer teacher has two monitors and she is able to drag stuff from one screen to the other. If i was streaming to my ipad, how could i use it as a second screen? and how could I do this with any old monitor?
    BTW if you dont know splashtop streamer, it is a software that lets you stream content from a computer or laptop to a wireless device, such as an iPad.

    Splashtop only has the ability to mirror your Mac's single screen. It does not let your iPad work as a second screen.
    You need an app that is designed to turn your iPad into a real second monitor.
    I use Air Display to move all of my pallets to one screen when I am working with my graphics programs on my Mac. I keep my iPad connected to my iMac to keep it charged while I am using my iPad in this manner.

  • How to use i pad 2 as second monitor

    does anyone know how i can use my i pad 2 as a second monitor to my mac book pro?

    You can try Air Display.

  • How to use an iMac as a second monitor for an iMac

    I have two 21.5 inch iMac's (late 2009) and I want to use one as a second monitor for the other. I have a Mini DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort connector but when I connect it to both computers, nothing happens. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong once they're plugged in or if I have the wrong cable all together. Any tips or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks

    Not going to work, the ONLY 2009 / 2010 iMacs that supported Target Display Mode were the 27" models, 21.5" models simply will not work. Please read Apple FAQ on TDM and you will see I am correct.
    Target Display Mode: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    While Neil is correct, Screen Recycler's performance is not that good so the user experience probably will not be worth it.

  • I am a teacher and would like to know how to use the iPad in the classroom?

    I am a teacher and would like to know how to use the iPad in the classroom?

    Since this is a user forum you might wish to do some Google searching on your topic. There are hundreds of ways an iPad could be used in the classroom both by teachers and students. Apple is very much involved in education so you may wish to look further into their programs, but that is not done on the forums but through Apple's website. For example, Students - Mac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad for college and Education - iPod touch and iPhone enable on-the-go and Education - iPad makes the perfect learning ...

  • How to use a iPad mini with a projector

    How to use a iPad mini with a projector

    Use an AirPlay compatible device, such as an AppleTV or an AirPlay compatible AVR.

  • Best place to go to learn how to use my iPad mini?

    Where can you go online to learn how to use the iPad mini?

    Here's the User Guide:
    iPad User Guide - For iOS 7.1 SoftwareMar 10, 2014 - 25 MB
    There are other good books available, but the User Guide is an excellent reference.

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    Is there a Guidebook available that explains how to use an IPAD?

  • How use my apple tv like second  monitor

    how use my apple tv like second  monitor
    some very help me

    About AirPlay Mirroring in OS X Mountain Lion
    tambien en Español

  • Using a TV as a second monitor

    I'm trying to use a TV as a second monitor (for watching movies) with Windows through Boot Camp (netflix instant play isn't support in Mac yet). When I plug in the mini-DVI adapter with the yellow video cable, my screen goes blank for a moment and comes back on but nothing happens on the TV. I've tried updating the nVidia and ATI drivers in Windows, but they won't install properly. My System Profiler says I'm running Intel GMA x3100 graphics. I've tried what I can think of and what I've read. Can anyone offer advice?

    Robert Enyeart wrote:
    Thanks but what I am looking for is a wireless connection between my mac and my tv screen
    you might be able to devise a workaround (with old Mac or PC) using ScreenRecycler.

  • Can I use the HDMI out on a HP ALL IN ONE TOUCHSCREEN Desktop to connect a second monitor with HDMI

    Can I use the HDMI out on a HP ALL IN ONE TOUCHSCREEN Desktop to connect a second monitor with HDMI  in without any additional  software or graphics adaptor.  I have a 520-1070
    HP - 23" Touch-Screen TouchSmart All-In-One Computer - 8GB Memory - 2TB Hard Drive ? I used a HDMI to HDMI cable and the monitor was not  recognized.

    Here are the specs for your HP TouchSmart 520-1070 Desktop Computer. As previously stated your computer Doesn't have a HDMI output, instead it has a HDMI input. This is designed to let you connect a game console, a DVD/Bluray player, etc. to use as a monitor.
    If you wish to conect a second monitor to your computer, you will need to use a USB-to-video adapter such as the EVGA UV Plus+ UV39 or EVGA UV Plus+ UV19. Using an adapter like these with the touch feature of your computer may cause issues with pointer control and you may need to disable the touch feature to use "extended desktop".
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    This is a user supported forum. I am a volunteer and I don't work for HP.
    HP 15t-j100 (on loan from HP)
    HP 13 Split x2 (on loan from HP)
    HP Slate8 Pro (on loan from HP)
    HP a1632x - Windows 7, 4GB RAM, AMD Radeon HD 6450
    HP p6130y - Windows 7, 8GB RAM, AMD Radeon HD 6450
    HP p6320y - Windows 7, 8GB RAM, NVIDIA GT 240
    HP p7-1026 - Windows 7, 6GB RAM, AMD Radeon HD 6450
    HP p6787c - Windows 7, 8GB RAM, NVIDIA GT 240

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    How can use my Wireless Location Appliance to work with RF ID's for Asset Tagging.
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    Thanks in Advance

    There are two kinds of RFID tags: Active tags, which have a battery or other internal power source, and passive tags, which have no power source and work by reflecting the energy from an RFID scanner (basically). At the energy levels and distances used for WiFi location detection, passive tags will not return a detectable signal.
    Take a look at for more info on WiFi RFID tagging.

  • How to use Crystal Reports XI release 2 Preview with Lotus Notes  Scripts ?

    <br />Hi all,<br /><br /> How to use Crystal Reports XI release 2 Preview with Lotus Notes 7 Scripts ?<br /><br /> <br /><br />Thank&#39;s  <br />

    we are using Lotus Notes and Crystal Reports for preview and printing reports from our Lotus Notes Applications. We use the RDC object model. For previewing the reports we export them in an pdf-file and then start the PDF Reader to show the Preview. This works fine.
    But with Crystal Reports > 11 the RDC Object Model is no longer supportet, so we look for another way to preview and print our reports.
    I try to preview a report build with crystal report XI release 2 in my thick client (Lotus Notes) using java reporting component JRC, this report uses an native xml file as datasource. If the datasource is saved with the report everything works fine, but otherwise I have the following error:
    JRCAgent1 detected an exception: javax.xml.namespace.QName: method getPrefix()Ljava/lang/String; not found
    I also tried the .jars from Crystal4Eclipse. Doesn't work. When I use Eclipse to view the report everything works fine. The class QName exitsts in the jaxrpc.jar and in the xbean.jar, but only in the xbean.jar a Methode getPrefix exists.
    This is what we tried:
    Works fine with RDC. Doesn't work with JRC until now.
    Did this help you ?
    Perhaps you con help me with the JRC, because I'm a java newbee so any ideas could be helpful.
    <p><a href=""></a></p>

  • How to use the special character pallet in Maverics with Illustrator

    How to use the special character pallet in Mavericks with Illustrator - I follow the help instructions, but the pasted in object looks like a rectangle with an X, I have done this before, in earlier versions of AI, but cannot make it work in CS6.
    In fact, I can open an old AI file (CS4), copy the character (a graphic symbol, also taken from the special character set), paste it in, and it works, but can't do this with a new one, from the drop down, Show Character Viewer, in the Mavericks menu bar.

    The box with an X indicates the font you are using does not have the glyph you are trying to paste. Try a different font.

  • How to use LABVIEW to collect wireless network camera (with video server) video.

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    I believe NI Vision is what you are looking for. 

Maybe you are looking for

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