HT1338 OS X Numbers Update Problem...

OS X Version 10.9.1 on 27" late 2009 iMac.
App store Updates, shows 'Numbers' updated to v3.0.1 , but version 2.3 was not removed.
What would be the problem, and how do I remove version 2.3 'Numbers'  ...?

Yes, it's possible it could be the RAM.  To test that theory out, pull 1 stick out.  This will leave you with 2GB RAM.  Try to install Lion as you were.  If you still get the panic, then swap RAM sticks.  Try again.  If you are still getting panics, then it is likely something else, unless both of your RAM sticks are bad, which is unlikely but possible i suppose.

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  • Numbers Update problem

    How do I get Numbers 2.3 to update to the new Version 3 when the App Store keeps telling me incorrectly that Version 3 is already installed?

    Run Software Update to get Version 3.0, don't try to download it directly from the Mac App Store. There is also the chance that you actually do have version 3.0 already and don't know it, but this is unlikely since Apple has built-in devices to make it your default version.
    Use Spotlight to search for Numbers. On my system, Numbers 3.0 is identified as Numbers - Applications, and Numbers 2.3 is identified as Numbers - iWork.

  • Numbers Update/Problem Opening Old Spreadsheets

    I am currently running Numbers 09, Version 2.3 (554) and when I attempt to open an "old" (older then the last update) spreadsheet, I receive a notice; "You need a newer version of numbers to open this spreadsheet.  You can download the latest version of Numbers from the mac store"
    Mac store is telling me that all of my updates are current?

    Hi everybody, I have the same error message, and  I try the 2 Number version I have with this result :
    Number 3.2.2 from /applications  "You need to upgrade OS X and Numbers to open this spreadsheet" but I have both the last version installed !
    Number 2.3 from /applications/Iwork'09  "A newer version of numbers existe on the Apple store" and the program quit while I clic "OK" whithout open the spreadsheet.
    Any one have the same ?
    any one have a solution ?
    Thanks for any help.

  • HT1338 My Numbers update shows 2.3 but the app store says I was updated to3.1?

    My Numbers update shows 2.3 but the app store says I was updated to 3.1?

    You should have both versions. After the update, the old versions are moved to an iWork '09 folder in the Applications folder.
    The new versions are completely rewritten and are missing some features. I imagine that is why the kept the old versions arround. It is much like iMovie, Final Cut X, etc.
    They have been slowly adding features as they go.

  • Frame Crashes on Save Book After Performing Document Numbering Update

    Frame 10 crashes every time when saving book after performing a Format\Document\Numbering update. All of sudden when performing a document "Update" Frame starting generating errors for specific documents in the book. Numbering in docuement does not match numbering for book. So I select those documents generating the error and then do a Format\Document\Numbering and just hit the set button. Then try to save the book and it crashes every time. It crashes for Format\Document\Numbering one document or all of them.

    In Frame 7.1/Unix, it is commonly the case that an unrelated crash corrupts the Book's settings for Numbering, although it appears that nothing has changed. It is, of course, a nuisance to reset all the dialogs.
    So what I do instead, and which you might try, is to set all of the book number dialogs (all six panes, for each component file) to "Read from File". That seems to be stable and survives crashes. It may or may not fix your problem.

  • Chart x scale update problem

    LabVIEW  8.5.1
    Sweep Chart Problem
    The x scale values do not update until after the 2nd sweep.  The red line cursor gets to the end of the sweep and starts the next, but the scale numbers do not update until the next sweep starts.
    It appears to be a problem with the chart, since it happens with any vi with a sweep chart.  I've used versions 6 through 7 for years and never seen this.  I've only recently moved to a new job with a new machine and version 8.5.1., so I'm not sure what to try.
    I've included a simple example.
    Thanks much,
    Chart Sweep Scale Update ‏32 KB

    You have a typical race condition!
    There is no data dependency between the property node and the while loop, so in your case the loop starts executing first and the property node starts slightly later, immediately erasing the first point. Execution order is not defined.
    All you need to do is add a data dependency, e.g. as with the error cluster in the image. This forces the property node to complete before the loop is allowed to start.
    (Execution order is enforced even if the wire value is not even used inside the loop )
    Try it!
    Message Edited by altenbach on 12-23-2008 11:08 PM
    LabVIEW Champion . Do more with less code and in less time .
    HistoryRace.png ‏10 KB

  • Why won't Numbers update free, when my other iWork apps have update for free?

    why won't Numbers update free, when my other iWork apps have update for free?

    I'm not sure if this answers your question. I will update them in iTunes. Then I will connect my phone and in the phone controls I can click the "Update" button and it will change to "Will Update" but doesn't.
    That's part of the problem. Once upon a time, iTunes would just automatically update apps from the computer to the phone and now it apparently requires prompting that doesn't work.

  • Numbers update won't install

    Recent numbers update did not install
    The version which was supposed to install is 3.5.2 and on the app store it indicates a successful install but when I open numbers and check the version it is version 3.2 - how can I fix this

    Thanks Ian but had tried that. The only way to solve the problem was to copy Numbers (and Pages - same issue) from my MB Pro which had successful updates, to my iMac which had incomplete updates. Worked great but am still concerned why it wouldn't complete update in the first place, even though App store acknowledged successful completion - Gordon

  • Software Updates problems

    I have the following items in Software Updates from Apple;
    Garage band update 2.0.2., J2SE 5.0 Release 4, X11 Update 2006 1.1.3, Quick Time 7.5., iTunes 7.6.2., Safari 3.1.2., Security Updates 2008/04.
    Every time I try to download and install any of this software, it downloads, then will not install, posting messages either "Codec error", or "The update "X11 Update
    can't be installed. The digital signature for this package may have been tampered with or corrupted since being signed by Apple"
    I have tried many times to install various of these items, to no avail.
    Other non-Apple software will sometimes do likewise, say "Codec Error", but can sometimes be allowed by clicking the 'skip' dot.
    Any solutions for a non-technical user?
    Had no problems before getting OS 10.4.11 installed by an Apple reseller. Had 10.3. before that.

    There are no guarantees, but following this procedure when installing updates and upgrades on your Mac, or even re-installing them, will go a long way towards avoiding unpleasant after effects and ‘post-update stress disorder’.
    It is also worth noting that it is an extreme rarity for updates to cause upsets to your system, as they have all been extensively beta-tested, but they may well reveal pre-existing ones, particularly those of which you may have been unaware. If you are actually aware of any glitches, make sure they are fixed before proceeding further.
    So before you do anything else:
    If you can, make a full backup first.
    Turn off sleep mode for both screen and hard disk.
    Disconnect all peripherals except your keyboard and mouse.
    1. Repair Permissions (in Disk Utility)
    2. Verify the state of your hard disk using Disk Utility. If any faults are reported, restart from your install disk (holding down the C key), go to Disk Utility, and repair your startup disk. Restart again to get back to your startup disk.
    At least you can now be reasonably certain that your system does not contain any obvious faults that might cause an update/upgrade to fail.
    3. Download the correct version of the COMBO update from the Apple download site. If your car runs on gasoline you would not want to fill the tank with diesel, so don’t try to install the PPC updater on an Intel Mac!
    The 10.4.11 Combo Updater for PPC Macs is here: eppc.html
    And for Intel Macs: eintel.html
    If you prefer to download updates via Software Update in the Apple menu (which would ensure that the correct version for your Mac was being downloaded), it is not recommended to allow SU to install major (or even minor) updates automatically. Set Software Update to just download the updater without immediately installing it. There is always the possibility that the combined download and install (which can be a lengthy process) might be interrupted by a power outage or your cat walking across the keyboard, and an interrupted install will almost certainly cause havoc. Once it is downloaded, you can install at a time that suits you. You should make a backup copy of the updater on a CD in case you ever need a reinstall.
    More information on using Software Updater here:
    Using the Combo updater ensures that all system files changed since the original 10.4.0 are included, and any that may have been missed out or subsequently damaged will be repaired. The Delta updater, although a temptingly smaller download, only takes you from the previous version to the new one, i.e. for example from 10.4.10 to 10.4.11. Software Update will generally download the Delta updater only. The preferable Combo updater needs to be downloaded from Apple's download site.
    Now proceed as follows:
    4. Close all applications.
    5. Unplug all peripherals except your keyboard and mouse.
    6. Install the update/upgrade. Do not under any circumstances interrupt this procedure. Do not do anything else on your computer while it is installing. Be patient.
    7. When it ask for a restart to complete the installation, click restart. This can take longer than normal, there are probably thousands of files to overwrite and place in the correct location. Do nothing while this is going on.
    8. Once your Mac is awake, repair permissions again, and you should be good to go!
    If your Mac seems slightly sluggish or ‘different’, perform a second restart. It can’t hurt and is sometimes efficacious!
    9. Open a few of your most used applications and check that all is OK. In this connection please remember that not all manufacturers of third party applications and plug-ins, add-ons, haxies etc, will have had time to do any necessary rewrites to their software to make them 10.4.10. compliant. Give them a weeks or two while you regularly check their websites for updates. This applies particularly to plug-ins for Safari 3.
    N.B. Do not attempt to install two different updates at the same time as each may have different routines and requirements. Follow the above recommendations for each update in turn.
    Lastly, Apple's own article on the subject of Software Update may also be useful reading:
    If you are updating Safari (or just have):
    Input Managers from third parties can do as much harm as good. They use a security loophole to reach right into your applications' code and change that code as the application starts up. If you have installed an OS update and Safari is crashing, the very first thing to do is clear out your InputManagers folders (both in your own Library and in the top-level /Library), log out and log back in, and try again.
    So, disable all third party add-ons before updating Safari, as they may not have been updated yet for the new version. Add them back one by one. If something goes awry, remove it again and check on the software manufacturer's website for news of an update to match your version of Safari. Remember: Tiger up to 10.4.10 used Safari 2.0.4 or, if you downloaded it, Safari 3.0.3 beta. Safari 10.4.11 used Safari 3.0.4 which was not a beta. If Safari 3.1.2 on 10.4.11 is not the fastest browser you have ever used, then something is wrong!
    Moreover, trying to revert to Safari 3.0.4 (or worse still, version 2) when running 10.4.11 or 10.5 can have repercussions, as Safari 3.1.1 uses a completely different webkit on which other applications like iChat, Mail and Dashboard Widgets etc also rely, and may entail you having to reinstall an earlier operating system.
    Most errors reported here after an update are due to an unrepaired or undetected inherent fault in the system, and/or a third party ad-on. Two such add-on that have been frequently mentioned here for causing such problems are Piclens and Pithhelmet. If you have them, trash them.
    Additional tips on software installation here:
    To reiterate, Input Managers reach right into an application and alter its code. This puts the behavior of the affected application outside the control and responsibility of its developers: a recipe for problems. That's not to say that issues absolutely will ensue as a result of Input Managers, but you, as a user, must decide. If the functionality of a specific Input Manager or set thereof is really important to you, you may well choose to assume the associated risk.
    Again, the advice is to remove all Input Managers from the following directories:
    • /Library/InputManagers
    • ~/Library/InputManagers
    especially prior to system updates (they can always be added back one-by-one later).

  • I ran the update for the newest version of Numbers.  Now I cannot open some of my spreadsheets.  When I try I get a drop down box that says I need a newer version of Numbers!!!!  I have just installed the newest Numbers update.  Any suggestions?

    I ran the latest Numbers update and now I cannot open several of the Numbers files I created and saved previously.  When I try, a box appears that says I need to update to a newer version of Numbers.  I ALREADY updated to the newest version!!!!  Any suggestions?

    Welcome to Apple Support Communities
    When you upgraded Numbers to the most recent version, the Mac App Store kept the old version in case you need it in the future. Your problem is that you are opening the old version by mistake instead of the new one.
    To fix this, open a Finder window, select Applications in the sidebar and drag the new Numbers version (the one with the new icon) to the Dock. By doing this, you can access to the new Numbers version easily, so you will not open the old version by mistake anymore. Also, I recommend you to open the documents after opening Numbers. The same applies for all other iWork applications.
    If you want, you can remove the old Numbers version, but some users have complained about the lack of features of the new Numbers version. Apple will add more features in the future. See >

  • Update problem - VBDATA table

    Dear All,
    We have update problems in our Quality systems, and also in every R/3 system that we create from a Production system copy.
    Sometime the UPD and UP2 work processes hung without apparent reason.
    In the SM50 I can see one or more of my update processes running for a lot of time (many hours) on the table VBDATA without perform any action.
    In the tcode SM12 I donu2019t see any kind of lock, and I donu2019t understand why only sometime this problem happens.
    Of course, from the SM13 I can see that during this problem the system is not able to perform any kind of update.
    As I told in the beginning of the message, I have the same problem in other two R/3 systems, both created with a system copy from the production system.
    The Production and the Developer systems seem not affected by this problem.
    Have you got any idea about the reason of the problem?
    Even if the Production systems is not directly affected, all the IT department is not able to work on the Quality system (or any other Test system), and the only workaround is to kill the UPD (or UP2) WPs affected.
    Thanks in advance,
    Federico Biavati
    My R/3 System is a 4.7 on SLES9 and Oracle

    Hello Siva,
    This is what I did:
    > Check how many entries do you have in VBDATA currently.
    More than 1.000 in every SAP systems that Iu2019m creating from Production
    > You might want to run the reorganize updates program to clear the old updates
    > that are pending/in error
    Good point!!
    After the reorganization (ST14 u2013 Reorganize update requests) the table VBDATA is empty.
    Iu2019ll check and Iu2019ll let you know if the problem is definitively solved.
    Thanks for you help,

  • Updating problem...I have a update that starts out going through but then does not finish just keep running

    also with the update problem it says software update and below the running bar it says connecting to the server

    Please do the following:<br><br>
    #Go to [ Download Firefox 4.0.1] and download a fresh installation file to the desktop.<br><br>
    #Then go to Add/Remove Programs, scroll down to "Mozilla Firefox" and remove it, choosing to keep your bookmarks, customizations etc., (''don't checkmark the box'').<br><br>
    #Then reboot and delete the folder called "Mozilla Firefox" at this location: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox<br><br>
    #Finally run the installation file you downloaded to the desktop earlier.<br>
    Your bookmarks, customizations etc., are maintained in a different location and will become available to you again once you complete the installation.

  • 10.5.7 update problems

    After installing the 10.5.7 update, Mail, iTunes and iPhoto will not run anymore. Anyone else having this problem?

    jjtopspin wrote:
    Before I came to these apple discussions re: update problems with 10.5.7, I tried to update this version yesterday and at the end of the download this message came up, the update "Mac OS X update" can't be saved. The digital signature for this package is incorrect. The package may have been tampered with or corrupted since being signed to Apple.
    I got the same message. The downloaded file that generated the message was only about 560 KB, indicating it was an incomplete download. I moved it to the trash & tried again. The second download attempt succeeded. I had a minor if nerve-wracking issue with the update (the blue looping screen reported in another topic in this forum) but after a forced shutdown & restart the update was completed successfully.
    I have since updated my two other Macs so all those listed in my profile are now running 10.5.7. All do so without any problems & in fact work better & more stably than ever before.
    I doubt that I'm unusual in this respect. Some users will have problems but I believe most won't, & for those that do most problems will turn out to be caused by something other than the update itself. So it has been for every previous Leopard update; I see no reason to think this one will be any different.

  • Cache update problem in Integration Directory

    Hi all,
    We have a cache update problem in our PI development server.
    If we try to edit, save and activate any of the ID objects, under Cache notifications>Central Adapter Engine> all these objects are displayed as gray items.
    We have tried:
    1. Clearing the SLD Data Cache.
    2. Did SXI_CACHE complete refresh.
    3. Did CPA cache refresh.
    4. Did a complete cache refresh of the server.
    5. Restarted the server.
    But still the problem has not bee resolved. Could you pls provide your inputs and resolution points.
    Thank you very much.
    Jack Nuson

    HI Jack ,
    first try to manually update the cache from ID select on your cache notifiaction and click on delta cache refresh button and refresh button .IF it does not yied any result then
    Perform a full cache refresh using the URL
    http://<host>:<port>/CPACache/refresh?mode=full . If the cache refresh happens properly then your problem will get resolved other wise you have to see the cache log to view why it failed there it will show you the exact reason . You might need to restart your java server also if the problem persist .

  • Numbers documents will not open it says "will not open during numbers update"

    My numbers documents will not open.  I keep getting a message telling me my documents will not open while numbers is updating.  I have the latest numbers update already downloaded.

    open the application "Launchpad":
    then click, and hold, on the icon for "Numbers", once the icons start to shake, click the "X" in the top left to remove.  Now click anywhere on the desktop to exit this remove/adjust mode.
    Open the App Store  (menu item " > App Store…")
    now locate and install numbers

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