I have an android phone which is now dis-connected; I traded in for an iphone5c, which, by the way, I love.  Now I am trying to figure out how to retrieve the many photos on my silent android and move them onto my Macbook Air.  Help?

Does anyone have advice about how to move my photos from my android phone to my Macbook Air?  The phone is no longer in service (I traded to an iphone) and I can't locate my cable--which may not have helped, anyway.  I tried inserting my micro memory card into a USB reader, and the computer will not acknowledge any photos from the card.  Thoughts?

I think you will find the cable to be very necessary.
For some phones - samsung for example, you may need to down load their manager program (I think samsung's is called Kies or keis)  A bit like how one uses itunes to connect to a iphone. 
Once you have the cable and are connected, you should see a file system and look for the DCIM directory.

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