I just bought a new IMAC and i want to install the Office Mac 2011, but it doesn´t have a CD unit. How can I do it?

I just bought a new IMAC and I want to install the Office Mac 2011, but it doesn´t have a CD unit. How can I do it?

Howard has the easiest answer. Or at least, cheapest, since you don't need to purchase an external CD/DVD drive.
The "demo" software from Microsoft's site is exactly the same as what's on the DVD. Install that and activate it with the key in your software box.
From Microsoft's site:
How do I install Office for Mac 2011 if my Mac doesn't have a DVD drive?
There are two options for installing Office for Mac if your Mac doesn't have a DVD drive.
Option 1: Convert your Office for Mac 2011 trial. To convert a trial version, you must have a valid product key. The product key will convert your trial into a fully licensed version of Office for Mac.
1. Locate the 25-character product key in your product package or confirmation email.
2. Open any Office for Mac application, like Word, PowerPoint, or Excel.
3. On the first screen of the Microsoft Office Setup Assistant, click Enter your Product Key.
4. Enter your product key and complete the installation instructions.
Option 2: If you have not previously installed the trial version, you can download Office for Mac from the Office for Mac website. To download, install, and activate the software you must have a valid Office 2011 product key.
1. Locate your 25-character product key found in your product package or confirmation email.
2. Go to www.officeformac.com/download
3. Click Get Started to start the download process.
4. When prompted, enter your 25-character product key and select your product language.
5. When prompted, sign in with your Windows Live ID or sign up and create a new Windows Live ID account.
6. After you enter your Windows Live ID, you will see a link to download the software. (You will also receive a confirmation email with a link to your My Account page if you prefer to wait and download your software at a later time.)
7. Click Download Now to start the download.
8. Save the file to your desktop. Do not change the file name.
9. When the download is complete, double-click the .dmg file icon on your desktop. This opens the Installer application in Mac OS X.
10. Follow the instructions in the installer screens to complete your installation.

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