I'm in the market for a laptop.  Which of Apple's laptops will I best connect 2 external monitors/displays?

I'm in the market for a laptop.  Which of Apple's laptops will I best connect 2 external monitors/displays?

I've just bought a Pro Retina. As far as I know this is the only one which will connect 2 external monitors running different programmes ie not cloned.
You use the 2 thunderbolt ports for the DVIs (if they're not Apple monitors)
You need 2 thunderbolt to DVIs. MiniDisplay port to DVI might work too (MIGHT WORK! Not sure yet) and these are a lot cheaper.

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  • I am in the market for a new HP Laptop.

    I am in the market for a new HP Laptop seeing as how my current one is starting to die out on me. I am looking for one that would last me at least 3 or more years like my current has and i kinda have one i like in mind at this link:
    So my my main question is going to be this: Does Best buy match prices or beat them out if i find the same model cheaper and with a mail in rebate on another retailer's website such as office depot?
    I am doing price comparisons right now, because i don't know how long my current HP Pavillion Entertainment PC will hold out. I have had it for 3 years and now my on board graphics chipset or the LCD Monitor one are starting to mess up on me and i had to replace the fan and battery almost 2 or 3 months ago and now this issue is popping up. It boots up with a green screen when i turn it on at the moment, but then after it has warmed up the screen clears back up like normal. So that is why i figured that it is about time for a newer model laptop and where my researching and price comparing will come in down the line.
    If you have any other laptop suggestions for me to at least look at please tell me. I want at least 750 GB or 1 TB HDD and an Intel Core i5 or I7 Processor in these suggestions too, because i do heavy duty Video Editing and Processing for my website and for Video Game Video Walkthroughs and need not only the best Processor it can handle, but for website backups and for the space doing Webcam video recordings can handle too.
    Thanks for any suggestions you may have and if the current one i have linked is worth my time in saving for please be so kind as if to let me know that as well. I don't care if it has a Touch Screen or not. But any suggestion for research is always welcome.

    The RAM of my HP Pavillion Dv4-2164us model is currently 4, but it is starting to boot up with a green screen when I first start it. So I am thinking about going with the J020 Envy which is a 17 Screen display or I might go for this:
    http://www.bestbuy.com/site/envy-touchsmart-17-3-touch-screen-laptop-8gb-memory-1tb-hard-drive/18203... if I go 4th gen Intel Core i7 Processor and Touch Screen
    The next thing after I save up after getting whatever next Laptop I buy will be a Cooling Pad and an External HDD that I can put into one of the USB Ports or where ever you hook them up so that I can backup it up for a rainy day as they say.
    The only reason why I am not opting for the becoming popular SSD is the Price tag to get the amount of space I would need is still out of my price range if I got one included. I have to be realistic and on budget as much as I don't want to be.
    If I went 4th gen I5 I might get something like this:
    I would have shown a 15 screen laptop, but the CD/DVD Combo drive is not included in any of them. I would need one to back up my new laptop's OS and files the first week I use it to save from having to reformat or reinstall stuff if things even got messed up.
    I have been thinking a lot about all of this not like it was a just now knowing this type of thing either. I have known for some time about that. Thanks for trying to help too.

  • In the market for a new laptop..

    Hi everyone,
    i am currently in the market for a new laptop and seeking some advice.
    I am debating between getting a basic rMBR 15' 2.4 GhZ 8/256 model and MBR 2.3 GhZ 4/500. The price for the basic rMBR 15' 2.4 GhZ 8/256 model is 1,867 euros with Apple's friends and family discount i am getting (stock price is 2250 euros here in Ireland). MBR 15' 2.3 GhZ 4/500 starts at 1850 euros and i am not getting friends and family discount off that (don't want to go into details). In any case this isn’t the sort of cash I have lying around.
    Apple’s rMBP is a wonder of modern engineering, there is no doubt about that. What i am concerned about is all the software that has to update to add higher res images which takes time and a lot more space because they are effectively doubling the size of the image and my general browsing experience where buttons, logos and anything affected by Photoshop’s “Save for the Web” setting will look blurry or pixelated. This is certainly not the kind of experience I am looking forward to after spending 2k on a laptop.
    I'm not a heavy user also I like to take my stuff around with me and I do a little Pro Tools and Logic once in a while.
    Any thoughts are appreciated.

    What you were told is not correct. Apple doesn't care where your music originated and nothing will be "blocked", but you can only sync your iPhone to one device at a time.
    When you first connect your iPhone to a different Mac or PC, you will see a dialog similar to the following (substitute iPhone for iPad - the result is the same):
    It will do exactly what it says. If you "Erase and Sync" the iPhone will be erased first. So, make sure whatever music you have on the iPhone is stored someplace else first. Transfer that music to your new Mac's iTunes Library, and then sync your iPhone to it. You will lose nothing that way.

  • I'm in the market for the new Mac Pro.

    I'm in the market for the new Mac Pro. I've been waiting for it to be released and have some cash set aside for this. I am a video editor and use Premiere Pro CC, and After Effects. My primary content is simple documentary films - so nothing too intense, but always HD (1080) video. I don't see 4k in my future but it's always a possibility so I want to future-proof my purchase for the next 3 years or so. With respect to storage space and RAM, I can make that decision myself based mostly on cashflow (since they are likely both user-expandable). However, with the basic configuration of the number of cores and video graphics card, I could use some advice. I think they are both set for the life of the computer, so important to get it right.
    My current thinking is to start with the 6 core model (I guess I have no real reason for this decision, except that I feel like the 4-core base model is put there to make the price feel lower, while the real advantages in performance start at the 6 core - am I way off on this one?). But, I wonder if I should spring for the 8 core or even the 12 core? Probably overkill for me - out of my budget anyway.
    The other decision is the graphics card - is the D500 enough? Will it be limiting factor in the future? Or should I move to D700?
    Here are the cost differences:
    from 6 core to 8 core is $1500
    from D500 to D700 is $600
    Which is worth it? (neither, both?)

    Whether it's worth it depends more on you and what your current and future needs are.
    The good news is that Adobe's CC apps can already take advantage of the AMD FirePro GPU's in the Mac Pro, and offer hardware acceleration of the Mercury Playback Engine, which you'll see in Premiere, After Effects, and Media Encoder.  According to the Adobe staffers I've talked to, even the FirePro D300's will see a big benefit, in fact they say you won't see a big bump by upgrading the GPU.  As far as Adobe's apps are concerned, their OpenCL use is all single precision, and the D500/D700 upgrades put a lot of weight in double precision performance (which is unused in their apps).  Their recommendation - put the bulk of your budget on cores and RAM.
    How many depends on how elaborate and complex your work is.  Simple documentary films with the odd effects, transitions, titles, and grading.. you'd be fine with a 6-core IMO.  If you're leaning towards getting into really layered comps and effects, you'd shorten those long render times down a lot with the 8-core.  As for memory, I'd recommend at least 4GB per physical core.
    Good luck!

  • In the market for a MBA 13" and cant decide between 128gb vs 256gb. Help please?

    I am in the market for a MBA 13" and cant decide between the 128gb vs 256gb. I will be finishing up grad school within the year and plan on purchasing an iMac to use as the main computer. I would be using the MBA for internet access, some word docs, viewing pdf files, etc. Nothing really heavy, no video/sound editing, or photography type funtions. I would however like to mess with the garage band program but am new to apple and dont have any experience with it. Itunes library is currently about 600 songs and very few pics. I was originally planning on the macbook pro 13" until I talked to a sales person at the apple store who introduced me to the idea of a MBA. I really like the price point of the 128gb vs 256gb but just want to make sure that I am being realistic with size. Help please?

    I've worked part time for an Apple reseller for a very long time and sold a lot of low end computers to people who thought they were going to use the computer for just email and surfing, maybe writing the Christmas letter. It didn't take me long to realize that a lot of those customers were coming back within a year or 18 months to upgrade their computer or replace it with a more powerful one.
    Based on this experience, I try very hard not to let someone walk out of the store with the low end MBA if that's the only computer in the household. It can't be upgraded. Since the 2011 MBA shipped I've seen another trend developing - it has happened in my own household, with a lot of the people I work with, and customers too. Despite having another computer, even one that in terms of specs is more powerful than the MBA, a lot of people have turned their MBA into their main computer. With that in mind, the 128GB drive really is the bare minimum and it will be costly to upgrade - not to mention voiding the warranty.

  • Hello, I am a user of the iPhone is not the place for bi çıkıcak turkey apple brand products and product support and equipment does not work as it used to fix and send back waiting for your help. Please support me in this regard quit

    Hello, I am a user of the iPhone is not the place for bi çıkıcak turkey apple brand products and product support and equipment does not work as it used to fix and send back waiting for your help. Please support me in this regard quit

    We are all iphone users just like you.
    Do you have a question for fellow iphone users?

  • Acrobat Standard XI, but can only find the CD for windows.  I have a mac (I have access to an external CD drive and I have the product keys for windows).  What is the best way for me to install it?

    Hi, I purchased Acrobat Standard XI, but can only find the CD for windows.  I have a mac (I have access to an external CD drive and I have the product keys for windows).  I have never installed it anywhere else.  What is the best way for me to install it?

    Hi lintonm86921521,
    I can understand your concern & will guide you through this.
    I am so sorry to inform you that Acrobat XI Standard is not available on Mac, you can only use it on your Windows computer.
    You can also refer to the system requirements at : System requirements | Acrobat family of products—older versions (XI, X, 9)
    In case if you have any further query please let us know, we will be happy to help you.

  • Can anyone send/post me the code for RTP server which reads soundcard

    hi all,
    can anyone send me the code for RTP server which reads soundcard and RTP client to tranmit the sound.

    How much are you going to pay?

  • The surver for e-mail used as Apple-ID is going to shut down.  How do I change my Apple-ID to another server?

    The surver for e-mail used as Apple-ID is going to shut down.  How do I change my Apple-ID to another server/anothe e-mailadress?

    RISEABOVE wrote:
    Change your Apple ID - Apple Support

  • I am in the market for a laptop, but I don't know whether to buy a Macbook Pro or a windows laptop

    I am going to buy a laptop in the next month and I don't know whether to buy a Macbook pro with retina display 13 inch or a windows laptop. I like the simplicity of apple but windows can run more games like minecraft or league of legends.

    Hi Bueaucoop17,
         The computer I would probably recomend for you is a Macbook Pro. I love windows for gaming, but they are not as simplistic and easy to work on as Mac's. I recently bought a standard 13-inch MacbookPro six months ago and I game on it a lot. I run Minecraft and League of Ledgends all the time as well as Team Fortress 2, Garys Mod, etc. and always get arround 60 fps. If you have 2 more years of high school and all of colege ahead of you I would recomend a Mac over Windows any day for work.
         Cost can be a factor, though. A base model 13-inch Macbook Pro starts at around $1,000, while a basic 15-inch Windows laptop starts arround $500.
    Hope this helps ,

  • How do i find the serial # for my cs5.1 upgrade, my new laptop doesn't have a dvd player.

    how do i find the serial # for my cs5.1 upgrade.  my new laptop doesn't have a dvd player.

    Gmavaughn for information on how to locate your serial number please see Find your serial number quickly - http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/global/find-serial-number.html.
    You can also download a fresh copy of the Creative Suite 5 installation files at http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/cs5-product-downloads.html.

  • In the market for a new computer would love some feedback

    Ok so I have a dilemma,
    First problem is I can't decide between a laptop and a desktop if I went the laptop route I would go with the Asus N53qm
    Asus N53 Specs
    Its got i7 720qm, some sites have it with 740qm, ddr3 memory, 425m cuda video card,
    Id upgrade the ram to at least 8gb or ram maybe upgrade more down the road.... Id be editing video off esata or usb 3.0
    I see the advantage of having a laptop being able to work on the road, taking it to my bed....
    Id plug it into an external monitor/mouse, keyboard when at my desk.
    My other option I would be a desktop
    Specs would be,
    x58 motherboard, havnt decided which one yet, theres a lot that seem to all have the same features, eg. msi, asus, gigabyte.
    Again ddr3 memory I notices 2000 was not much more than 1333, so yea as much ram as I want down the road....
    GTX 470
    850 watt corsair
    Intel Core i7 950
    Thermaltake A60 Case
    Again most of my projects would most likely be through esata or usb 3.0 not sure which is better...
    Oh and I would be editing HD Video from a flash based camcorder, Cannon HSF 10 to be specific, so its .mts avchd
    Anyways, how much of a performance increase would I get from the desktop over the laptop?
    I notice a lot of people overclock, is that really necessary, isnt an i7 pretty fast stock?
    Thanks and please let me know your thoughts, advice changes to my specs...

    Would love some feedack from the experts on this config available at Tiger direct for about $1,000
    My Goal: to edit AVCHD footage using CS5....looking at the specs below specifically the processor, the video card and the RAM..what do you think?
    ( I  currently have CS3 on an HP Quad Core 2.4Ghz w/ 8GB RAM which is great for SD, but I realize that when upgrading to CS5 and editing my Sony HDR-500v AVCHD footage I'l need much more power)     Thanks!!
    Lenova Brand PC
      Operating Systems:
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit
      Orientations Allowed:
      PS/2 Connectors:
    1 - Mouse
    1 - Keyboard
      USB Ports (Total):
      Audio Out Jacks:
    1 - Headphone
      Line In Jacks:
      Microphone Jacks:
      VGA Ports:
      HDMI Ports:
      S-Video Connectors:
      S/PDIF Connectors:
      Processor Brand:
      Processor Class:
    Core i7
      Processor Number:
      Processor Speed:
      Processor Interface:
    Socket 1156
      Processors Supported:
      Processors Onboard:
      Memory Type:
      Total Memory:
      Memory Speed:
      Hard Drives Included:
      Hard Drive Types:
    Hard Disk Drive
      Optical Drives Included:
      Optical Drive Type:
      Optical Drive Class:
      Supplemental Media Type:
    Card Reader
      Audio Description:
    Integrated Audio
    5.1 channel Surround Sound Support
      Graphics Description:
    Dedicated Graphics
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 320
      Video Memory:
    1GB dedicated
      Video Interface:
      WiFi Chipset:
      WiFi Data Transfer Rate:
    up to 300Mbps
      WiFi Description:
    Wireless LAN 802.11 b/g/n
      WiFi Standards Supported:
      LAN Data Transfer Rate:
    10/100 Mbps
      LAN Description:
    Fast Ethernet
      LAN Interface Type:
      LAN Ports:
      Mouse Type:
      Connection Type:
      Power Source:
    USB Connection

  • What is the process for reinstalling my product to a new laptop?

    I purchased  Adobe Acrobat Professional version 9 Win on Dec 2, 2011.It was installed in my old laptop and now want install it in my new laptop. How to go about this, just want to know the process for re installation. Is the installation restricted to only one laptop?

    Hi honorary2009_mangi,
    You need to deactivate the software from the older machine before installing it on the new machine else it will increase the activation count.
    To deactivate the software you need to launch Acrobat, go to 'Help' menu and select 'Deactivate'
    Please refer : Activation & Deactivation Help
    As per the End User License Agreement (EULA), a retail license is good to be installed on 2 computers.

  • I can not run the depreciation for particular asset which was not acqustion

    Hi Masters,
                     I have created asset master in july 2010 when i did purchase that asset, but i did not post  the asset aqusistion in f-90 up to january. but on remianing all assets i did run the depreciation job  on every month.  Now in january ,  i have openend the posting periods from july to march and post that asset aqusisition f-90 in july psoting period., we are using april to march fiscal year.
                      when i am trying to  run depreciation job repeat run in  afab in test mode from july to december   it showing the error message that, depreciation already done for that proper periods. But in janauary when i am trying to run in test mode, It showing total depreciation amount from july to january , and it hit to only in january month but not to july to december each months.
    Now i want to psot the deprectiation for each month of july onwards to january 2010.
        pelase reply how to do run deprecaiton for that particular asset for each month for july to january

    Repeat run you can do only for the last depreciation period. For the asset which you are tryin to post depreciation from July to Jan, please check the asset value date which you have given while posting the transactions or in the asset master.
    If the asset value date is in July, then deprecaition from July - Jan will get posted in the current month depreciation in total. You will not be able to post depreciation individually month wise using AFAB.

  • How to update the path for a field which is of type textarea

    1.I have multiple record block,i need to update the textarea field in this multi entry block.I have put a for loop to achieve the same,however i'm able to update the path for text field,checkbox,selecttype,but am unable to update the path for field which is of textarea.Please suggest.
    2. Also i have another problem which occurs randomly.although i have record for a button click event in  my property file,button click is not happening during the playback.am getting error asVariable "obj.libraryname.web_button_BTN_1" not found for string:
    please not i have entry for the above button in my property file.
    Please suggest.

    Say i have 5 rows then
    for(int i=1;i<=5;i++){
    String Newpath = updatepath(eval("{{obj.libraryname.web_input_text_fieldname}}"),i)
    web.text_area(Newpath).setText("Text to be set")
    Below function is used to update my path
    public String updatepath(String path,int i) throws exception {
    String FPath = "";
    if(i<2) {
    FPath = path.substring(0, path.indexOf("'", path.lastIndexOf("@id=")+5))+path.substring(path.indexOf("'", path.lastIndexOf("@id=")+5));
    } else {
    FPath = path.substring(0, path.indexOf("'", path.lastIndexOf("@id=")+5))+(i-1)+path.substring(path.indexOf("'", path.lastIndexOf("@id=")+5));
    return Fpath
    anyother way to update path and set the fields in mutiple block is appreciable

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    Hi all, Please help me in solving this installation problem. I've tried installing the setup several times but every time i get this same error that : An error occurred while processing option SAP NetWeaver 7.0 including Enhancement Package 2 > SAP A

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  • Everything in iTunes has gone!!

    I remember that once I restarted my computer and opened iTunes regularly, and I found my play list is blank which means everything has gone. its like I reinstalled the program. However I didn't. what I did was add my 3000 songs again.... and I also c

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