I want to close my account with Verizon Wireless.

I want to close my account with Verizon Wireless.  Their customer support is horrendous and I do not want to do business with them anymore.  How do I close my account?

The port out closes your account. If you had any early termination fees or if you ported out in the middle of your billing cycle you are going to be billed for used services. They will send you bills for about 3 months and the bill should be the same. If you refuse to pay it it will go into collections and then negatively affect your credit report. You must pay for services used.
If this is not the case then you should call 1-800-922-0204 and speak with VZW directly as they are the only ones that can give you the specifics of why you are receiving the bill. Get to it because we want to but can't help you with the here. ;-)

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  • I want to run down how dissatisfied I currently am with Verizon Wireless

    I want to run down how dissatisfied I currently am with Verizon Wireless; this stated with the pre-order of the iPhones on Friday I like many other customers received the "ecdp" error on the web site and it took 45 minutes to actually be able to place the order.  I got the order in and had a 09/19/2014 ship date; spoke with a few Customer Service Reps in various areas such as 611, on many of the 800 numbers available, Internet Orders (including a Supervisor) and even a Social Media Service Rep all who have confirmed this ship date to be accurate. 
    Well today (09/17/2014) I check the Pre-Order Status page and my date has been changed to 10/14/2014 so I call in to speak to Internet Orders and the Rep advises me that yes my date was pushed back but no reason is supplied, I asked to speak to a Supervisor and was transferred to Howard, Operator # 2431235, who stated that yes the prior rep was accurate and that there was no reason available as to why my ship date changed.  Howard continues by stating that as per upper management, Apple reported to Verizon that no iPhone 6+'s would be available at launch for Verizon to ship and that this has been common knowledge, within the company, that the 6+'s were not shipping until 10/14/2014, and that prior Verizon employee's to include supervisors were misinforming me of my shipping date.  Howard continued to state that the reason I got the "ecdp" error was because of the company that I work for as Verizon offers a discount so the 'ecdp" error is not something Verizon is currently addressing.  Howard then tells me not to worry that with the 10/14 date is a guaranteed delivery date and not to worry, if the phones come in early the order will be filled, I at this point ask Howard to note my account with our conversation to include the fact that he stated the 10/14 was a guaranteed date, at this point he states that while he is telling me this he will not put it in writing as at that point Verizon would be obligated to meet that date at minimum and he was not willing to put his position on the line if the phone is not shipped by that date(this can be confirmed by reviewing the recording of the call as I was advised that I was on a recorded line).  I then asked to speak to his supervisor and was told his supervisor went home for the day and that he was the highest level supervisor on at this time.  When I then asked for his supervisors contact information to lodge a complaint he said that I would need to call back in on 611 from my handset as Customer Service handles complaints not supervisors. 
    I did call back and speak with a Representative on 611 who tried to assist but was not able to do much, this rep took my information and is having their supervisor call me to try addressing the way Howard handled the call however this has not occurred at the time of this writing.  I did tell this rep that I was honestly considering going to another carrier, (I have been with Verizon 7-8 years and currently have 10 lines of service on my account) I know I will not get the iPhone 6+ on launch day with another carrier which was not the driving factor but rather the way Howard dealt with the situation and the lack of respect that as a customer of Verizon I have always got from other representatives, as you know it takes one person to sour someone on a whole company, Howard even stated that if I want to go to another carrier that was fine with him.  However, the Customer Service Rep I spoke with after Howard (I wish I could remember his name) calmed me down not to leave Verizon but did agree that a complaint needed to be filed, personally I would like to file it directly with an Associate Vice President or higher but do understand that there is a “Chain of Command” that needs to be filed
    Let this be a warning to anyone who call internet sale and gets Howard, operator #2431235, I would suggest you immediately request a different supervisor that will treat you with respect.  As stated above Howard will tell you that the iPhone 6+ was not and has never been available to ship on launch day due to Apple purposely not providing enough units to meet the demand and that Verizon knew this while taking our pre-orders. 

    I feel your pain Robert. I do believe VZW and Apple knew all along the I6 Plus would not be available on 19 Sep and that it was a way to bolster new contracts, renewed contracts and apple sales stats. It's unfortunate the company wasn't more clairvoyant, most of us would have still pre-ordered but been a little less frustrated.

  • I want to close my account

    I want to close my account, I do not need this service anymore, please cancel my account

    Please click the Chat link at https://www.acrobat.com/misc/en/contact-support.html, and a Customer Support agent will be able to assist you with that. Chat is available from 5am – 7pm PST.

  • I want to close my account. HOW DO I??? Thanks

    Hi I really want to completely terminate (close) my spotify account but after following the steps given in a solution on here, they take u round in circles saying u have to click on contact form> account/ subscriptions> closing account> how to close ur account- problem is tho, that last bit takes u straight back to where u click on contact form! So I'm stuck and I dont want to get charged for it after a certain amount of time! Please, what do I do?
    Please help me find a way to close my account
    Thank you very muvh if you do!

    Hello Welcome to the community! :)
     To unsubscribe from premium follow these steps:
    Canceling your subscription reverts your account to the Free level.
    Go to the subscription page. (Note: If you don’t know your password, go here to reset it.)
    Under Subscription and payment, click cancel your subscription.
    Select a reason (select Other reasons if you're canceling for a promotion). Click CONTINUE.
    Enter your password in the password field. Click CANCEL SPOTIFY PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION.
    Your subscription page now shows the date you will revert to our Free ad-based service. We hope you decide to upgrade again!
    Note: If you subscribed through any other company than Spotify, you need to contact that company to cancel. If your subscription is through iTunes, please see Apple's instructions for canceling.
    If you want to close your account:
    You can contact Spotify support here to assist you with your issue :)
    If you receive a No-Reply email that says to check out the FAQ or Community just reply to that email and Spotify support will contact you :)
    Support takes 24-48 hours to reply to you if they have not replied to you by tomorrow you can ask me here and i will escalate the issue for you :)
    I hope this helped solve your issue :)

  • I want to update iCloud account with new apple id but don't know password for old apple id.  Plus can no longer receive email at old apple id.  How can I delete the current iCloud account on my iPhone if the previously stated conditions exist?

    I want to update iCloud account with new apple id but don't know password for old apple id.  Plus can no longer receive email at old apple id.  How can I delete the current iCloud account on my iPhone if the previously stated conditions exist?

    If the old ID is yours, and if it is an earlier version of your current ID, go to https://appleid.apple.com, click Manage my Apple ID and sign in with your current iCloud ID.  Click edit next to the primary email account, change it back to your old email address and save the change.  Then edit the name of the account to change it back to your old email address.  You can now use your current password to turn off Find My iDevice, even though it prompts you for the password for your old account ID. Then save any photo stream photos that you wish to keep to your camera roll.  When finished go to Settings>iCloud, tap Delete Account and choose Delete from My iDevice when prompted (your iCloud data will still be in iCloud).  Next, go back to https://appleid.apple.com and change your primary email address and iCloud ID name back to the way it was.  Now you can go to Settings>iCloud and sign in with your current iCloud ID and password.

  • HT2500 I have an email account (with Verizon) but neeed to change the names of the incoming and outgoing servers.  How do I do this?

    I have an email account (with Verizon) but neeed to change the names of the incoming and outgoing servers.  How do I do this?

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    If you still know the ID and password, you can change your email address.
    Start here, change your country if necessary and go to manage your account.

  • HT2731 i want to creat an account with out cridit card but the opption of noon is not in page

    sorry because my english is week but i well tri my best u understand my problem . i complate my all detta  and i want to creat my account with out card what can i do

    There are instructions on this page for creating a new account without giving a credit card number : http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2534 e.g. select a free app in the store and click on 'create Apple id' when 'buying' it

  • HT4864 I have been using AOL for many years as my ISP but now I want to close my account and use iCloud.  My challenge is I don't want to lose five years worth of emails and attachments saved in AOL personal folders.  Can I can transfer the files using iC

    I have been using AOL for many years as my ISP but now I want to close my account and use iCloud.  My challenge is I don't want to lose five years worth of emails and attachments saved in AOL personal folders.  Can I can transfer the files using iCloud?

    Do you receive AOL mail in the Mail app or on the website?

  • I want to close my account app store

    I want to close my account app store

    Remove your payment method and stop using it. If that's not enough, click here and ask Apple if they'll delete it.

  • HT3702 Want to close my account.

    I want to close this account and will not pay any more charges as of 6/1/2013

    you are addressing a user forum, not apple itself.

  • How can I reach a person with Verizon Wireless

    Due to Hurricane Sandy I have a bill payment problem.  I called my bank this morning to see if they were open.  They were.  I drove to the bank to make a deposit and they had already closed so I could not make the deposit.  Tomorrow is a wait and see.  I may not have power.  That wouldn't prevent me from making a deposit.  If my bank is closed due to no power and I can not make a deposit what will happen with a payment I made via phone using my checking account information already saved in the billing part of Verizon Wireless.  I always make my payment either via computer on-line or by phone.  Always using my same checking account.  I knew I could get to the bank the next morning (today, Monday, November 29th) and there would not be a problem.  I even went to my checking account and checked on line.  The Verizon payment which would show up as an ACH (I think I got that right, I don't have my checking account open and in front of me right now) payment and indicate it was to Verizon Wireless was not on my account yet.  My concern began to grown as the storm is causing so many closures.  Tomorrow the bank may be open, I make my deposit, and no problem.  I wish I had the security of speaking with someone from Verizon Wireless since this is something I've never encountered and hopefully never do again.  I am a worrier.  I try not to worry about things I can not do anything about. Considering that my cell phone was my only contact once power goes I wanted that security or I would have waited and done things in the opposite and normal order.  I do not know how and have not been able to reach an actual person with Verizon Wireless.  I am hoping someone else will have the answer to my question and know how to reach a person.  I would then stop worrying.  I have been a Verizon Wireless customer for about ten years and I have four cell phones on my plan including my father who lives alone in Groveland, FL and was nearly killed in a tractor accident a few years ago.  He did not have a phone.  I have gladly provided him with one and I don't want to jeopardize my wireless account.  That is why I am so worried about this.  He is worried about me up here in this storm and I am always glad to know I can reach him to check on him since he lives alone.  Verizon Wireless provided the security I needed for myself, my father, and my son.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Must have cell phone family - Janice

    Hi Ebru,
    Subsequence results are actually stored in their own resultlist container within TS.Sequencecall, which is accessible through the following statement:
     where step is the index of the sequence call step. This resultlist is structured in the same way as the main resultList array. You can also access your subsequence directly from the sequence file container if it is in the same sequence file as the main sequence.  Navigate to this reference using the following:
     Using this reference, you can access the containers for each step's result container.
    Hope this helps!
    Al B.
    Staff Software Engineer - TestStand

  • Problems with Verizon Wireless BlackBerry Tour BlackBerry OS update:

    Problems with Verizon Wireless BlackBerry Tour BlackBerry OS update - I was anxious to download the update to see if it addressed the sticky trackball problems and the low volume issue when using a blue tooth device. However, in the process of updating my BB Tour yesterday, the install stopped on the 8th out 12 updates. After a couple of 'retrys', the BB error message on the desktop came up which instructed me to: i) disconnect the device, ii) restart the computer. iii) restart the loading process and, iV) restore my data by loading the loader back-up file using Restore. Unfortunately my Tour was left without any software and the Desktop manager couldn't recognize it. The error message on the Tour was 503. Called Verizon Wireless tech and bottom line, the only fix is a new Tour, which they're sending me. Anyone else having issues with the update? Also, does it address the trackball and blue tooth issues?

    I had issues with the trackball and had to have my Tour replaced.  I was told this model does not have a removable trackball so the entire phone has to be replaced.  My current one is working OK but does stick a bit.  Seems to get worse over time.  My wife's tour is newer and so far she is not experiencing the problem.  Have not experienced a problem with the Blue Tooth volume.
    I have another issue with this upgrade that I am wondering if anyone else has seen.  My wife has the Tour as well.  She was prompted to do the upgrade and went through it.  It appeared to work except it blew out her Contact Alerts.  When we put them back in we can no longer get the sound to play when she receives an SMS message in her holster. Vibration works but doesn't do any good when it is in her purse.  Phones calls, calendar alerts, alarms all work in holster.  As soon as we delete the contact alert the default SMS alert will play in the holster.  If she takes her phone out of the holster the Contact alert will play.  My phone is still running and this function works fine.  I am thinking about trying to put her's back to my version if possible but not sure the best way to go about this 

  • Having trouble with Airport connecting with Verizon wireless modem.

    Having trouble with Airport connecting with Verizon wireless modem.  Any ideas?

    Haven't asked Verizon.  I think it is in my settings for Airport.  Need to know proper settings.

  • Very fed up with Verizon Wireless customer service, wanting to cancel?

    Let me start by saying I've had Verizon since it was Bell Atlantic Mobile.  As a current customer I have 7 phones and a hotspot, my monthly billing is somewhere in the neighborhood of $600 a month, my service has never been turned off for non payment.  I know in today's wireless this doesn't make me a special customer, if anything just a good customer to have if you are lucky enough to have me.
    I only call into Verizon customer service when I need something.  Not want, not to complain, only need something.  Lets give some examples.  I received a $3,000 bill in the mail that had a ton of international LD charges on it.  So I call into Verizon because me nor my wife knows anyone in the Caribbean.  Not one to jump to judgement I politely called my wife first and asked if maybe she had a pool boy that went home to S. America that she was keeping in touch with, she assured me that she did not so then I called VZW.  It ended up being fraudulent activity that I spent a good deal of a day or so ensuring they were going to credit it off, and to VZ credit they did.  As annoying as that it, I understand that it happens.  Lets rewind to my previous phone call a month before this happen.
    I added my wife to my plan, and my rate actually remained the same with the new plan (we won't complained that obviously that means I was over-billed for maybe two to three years if I can add a line and the rate is the same) so I was happy.  What I wasn't happy about was when I added her onto my plan I saw my upgrade date had been moved from 22 mo (which is what I agreed too, signed for, and used too) to the full 24 mo.  Calling into VZ customer service I just wanted what was fair, the ability to upgrade at 22 mo.  After being told no, hung up on by a supervisor (accidentally I'm sure) while they "researched" my current, 7 line $500 a mo account, and then calling in a finally getting someone who gave a rip, they told me I would manually be allowed to upgrade but I would just have to call into customer service and not go into a store.  To me this was fair, but again a good hour wasted trying to receive what I deemed fair to myself.
    So, ff to after the $3k bill, which occurred after seeing my upgrade date changed, while my pregnant wife is out, and I'm at work I attempt to call her and I receive a fast busy on my cell.  I message her, same thing.  I log into my online account to see if I have forgotten to pay the bill and its paid, however I see my two devices has been changed from my i phones to some old Samsung phones.  Unfrigginbelievable.  Some one, some how, has swapped my phones with someone else phones.  Once again I check with my other lines to see if something happened accidentally, I was almost sure one of my sisters (one of the 7 lines) had went into a store and screwed up the account.  I called both (I own an ATT iphone as well) and neither has changed anything.  I then called VZ from my ATT phone and ask them WTH happened?  Being a former telecommunications rep I ask all the relevant questions (can you give me a location id where the change was made?  Was it online or a store? etc), after being blamed of changing it myself, I finally got my original phones turned back on for my wife and I.  However I then address the obvious with the representative, "honey your customer accounts are being hacked, and it's serious, I've been hit twice in three months."  Knowing this rep is on the bottom rung, will probably mention it to her supervisor who won't do anything about it, I also forward a suspicious text to VZ fraud dept as well.  While on the phone Im assure this won't happen again and for "safety and security" we changed my verification password.
    So lets count, we have my account hacked once and my phones swapped, we have my numbers hacked and used for LD calls to the tune of $3k, and we have me adding a line and seeing my upgrade date has changed.  This is from July to DEC 2013
    FF to 2014 Jan, my father is concern about his hotspot usage and would like to know why he keeps coming close to usage.  After explaining to my dad he shouldn't be using his ipad to view anything on NFLX he assures me he is not.  So I call in to verify what line is using up all the data usage on the account, when asked to verify my code, you know that code we assuredly had changed a few months earlier, Im told I need to go into a store and show ID.  Not sure about everyone else but I don't really like near a corporate VZ store, and secondly I can verify my SS, address on both accounts, all MTN's, when the phones were activated etc.  Yeah I just don't have the verification code that you guys supposedly changed after I requested a specific code since my account has been HACKED 2x in 6 mo.  Oh yeah, ALL I WANT IS USAGE ON MY ACCOUNT to see who's hogging the data.  Sigh.  After reasoning with the representative (and threatening to take the day off to escalate this up to the call center director if I need to so I can find out who is using up the most data) he gives me this information, and finally corrects my pass code.  I apologized to the rep because I know he's just doing his job, but at this point every time I need something simple from VZ it's an act of congress.
    So lets go to what is the final straw for me, my wife and I welcomed our first child into the world on Feb 7th.  On the day we took him home it was raining pretty bad and her phone dropped and basically became water damage, once I had time to call in I was simply going to upgrade my line (remember that promise to upgrade manually if I call customer service) and switch my phone to hers.  Well I call in an after not finding the note (on hold 15 mins, then once the nice young lady came on line she had me on hold for maybe another 5, and her advising me of all she couldn't do), they finally locate the note that I am allowed to upgrade and bill my phone to my account EXCEPT an iphone.  Not to sound like a pretentious apple whore but everything I use is aapl.  Two laptops, one desktop, 3 iphones, 2 ipads, 2 ipods and a partridge in a iphone tree.  Yeah Im that guy.  At this point I tell her (VZ customer service rep) of my last 6 mo. with VZ and at this point, Im beyond frustrated.  My wife needs a phone and Im supposedly allowed to upgrade yet again VZ is telling me what they can't do.  Im not asking for a free phone, I just wanted to pay for a 64gb, iphone 5s, and switch my existing phone over to my wife number.
    I ask the representative to just take ownership of this, I cannot spend hours on the phone with VZ every time I call in.  At this point I wanted one of two things, either allow me to upgrade my phone line or just zero out the contracts on these two lines and allow me to leave.  I have been more than patient and understanding with VZ.  At this point I believe any rational objective person can agree,  VZ and I need to break up at this point. Even the representative is in a bit of disbelief, she assures me she or someone will call me last night. 
    Well now it's today.  Ball is in your court VZ.  Im a good day away from buying the domain, www.VerizonETFclassaction.com, tweeting it at you, making it a comment page until some ambulance chasing attorney decides to make it a class action case.  I couldn't care less about the money as much as Im demanding FAIR customer service to customers like myself that dealing with your nonchalant bullying.  So I ask you, what do you think is fair at this point?  Contact me directly.  Thanks.

    Well that's several minutes of my life reading this long post that I'll never get back....
    I'll explain somethings to you. 1...This is not a direct message board to a vzw rep or higher who will read your post. 2. Yes, although things that happened to you are unfortunate, YOU have to take ownership of your account. Verizon does not babysit accounts. 3. Also due to high cases of fraud vzw does not allow I phones to billed to consumer (and possibly business) accounts. I never understood why cell phone carriers allowed phones to be billed to the account anyway. If you want or need the phone that bad pay for it like any other customer. If you can't do that and want to "break up" over it, be my guest. However any lines still under contract will be subject to a valid etf owed by yourself. 4. It was well publicized that upgrade dates would be changed going forward from date of said announcement. This was in bill notifications and print media. It's not Verizon fault that you may not receive a paper bill however if you log in your account you can regular see notifications.
    congrats on the baby, sorry for the wet phone (again not a vzw issue)
    See a pattern here?

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