Incident/Accident Log CBIH82 - How to attach a picture?

How can I attach a picture to a Incident/Accident Log (CBIH82). I know we can use DMS but this is long and fastidious.
I use ECC 6 and I know there are update from EHP3+ but I'm not planning to migrate soon.
I also see an option in CBIH82, in the menu Environment > Document Management -> Create Document but this menu is greyed out.
What do you suggest me?

Sorry François,
why don't you want to use SAP DMS to attach a pic to incident/accident log? It takes a little configuration and works pretty fine.
Does your resistance with the SAP DMS is something technical? I could provide you with some help regarding that subject.

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  • Risk Assessment link with incident/accident Log entry.

    Nee your input for below Challenge.
    We are looking for development, which help us to link Risk Assessment with incident/accident Log entry in CBIH82.
    Scenario - We would like to add Risk Assessment option in the incident / accident log entry screen, like we standard have function for safety measure
    Sunil Jawalkar

    Hi Sunil,
    Are you attempting to u201Clinku201D the standard IHS Risk Assessment functionality to the Incident/Accident log?
    In my opinion there is a fundamental problem with this solution approach.  The standard IHS Risk assessment is inherently linked to a Work Area.  The intention is to identify, evaluate and control risks and hazards that are encountered within a specific work area.  This functionality supports measurement management and exposure management but does not fit well with the acute nature of the incident based risk assessment, although, a risk that is identified and addressed initially as the result of an incident may ultimately be added to the Risk Register of the Work Area where the incident occurred.      
    The best approach I have found is to enhance the incident record with a Risk Assessment tab that allows the user to identify the individual incident risks based on different risk impacts like People, Environment, Assets, Reputation, Quality and so forth based on client requirements.  Any incident could have one or more risk impacts that contribute to the overall risk rating of the incident.  Each u201Crisk impactu201D is evaluated on the clients standard risk matrix dimensions like Severity, Likely hood and so on.  In this way each risk impact has a unique risk rating.  You can then either identify one of the impacts as the main incident risk rating or have a routine that, based on logic and risk matrix, evaluates the unique risk impact ratings and determines an overall risk rating for the incident.
    Once the unique risk impacts have been evaluated, there should be the ability to reevaluate each impact based on the controls or safety measures that have been implemented.  These u201Cresidual risksu201D could be linked directly to the safety measure that addresses the risk so that the details of the control are apparent.
    I would also consider some type of status management that would indicate when the risk assessment was complete.  This could be used to enforce a risk assessment for incidents that meet predefined conditions like u201Cincident cannot be closed if it meets criteria 1, 2 and 3 and the risk assessment status is initialu201D.  The risk assessment status could also be used support reporting requirements for outstanding risk assessments and so on.
    To implement this approach, I would recommend utilizing one of the menu exits or, if possible, a custom Web Dynpro application linked via BAPI.
    Hope this helps or at least spurs some thought.

  • Incident/Accident Log - Create description field in new tab page

    Dear all,
    I have a question about Incident/Accident Log.
    In the Incident/Accident Log, a new tab page and fields inside it can be created using class and characteristics, respectively. The characteristic value field is limited to 30 characters length by the system.
    Is there any way a field for comments (say, of 100 characters minimum length) can be created in the tab page.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Mohan,
    I don't think there is any standard way to increase characteristic value field.  However, you may want to consider a workaround.  You may create a 'Multivalue' characteristic with 30 characters length.  This gives you an option of entering multiple lines of 30 characters.  The problem with this is... SAP automatically sorts the values.
    For example,
    if you enter
    (Please note that I am putting the word in next line if it cannot be accomodated fully in the current line.  That means, some lines may contain less than 30 characters.)
    SAP Shows it as,
    You may put numbers infront of each line to avoid this.
    I know it is not the best solution, but worth giving a shot.

  • Incident/Accident log - plant maintenance notification

    In the incident accident log, from the safety measures screen, there is provision given to raise "os ihs notification" for the technical safety measures suggested. Can anyone explain in details why & where this would be required as the user department (production department) normally raises breakdown notifications if there is damage to any equipment in an incident.
    Thanks and regards,
    Edited by: Santosh.Tiwari on Sep 14, 2009 2:27 PM

    Hi Santosh,
    The facility to create PM notifications from EH&S workbench has been provided for separately tracking EH&S safety measures as deemed by various EH&S departments in organizations. This helps in determining the KPI's and KRA's of the EH&S management in an enterprise. The notification gets created with separate notification type i.e. OS in SAP R/3 which communicates through SAP EH&S through function module "REHS_GET_ACTIONS_FROM_PM". This updates the status of the notification in EH&S. So, for a EH&S representative in an organization, getting a report of what all EHS notifications are open for action, is quite handy to plan his follow-up and reporting. Moreover, it's not always the case that notifications are raised for only braekdown of the equiments. It can be more elementary such as some gasoline spill have occured out of an incident. In this case person reporting the event would like to list safety measure for cleaning the pump area and tightening the leaking flange for arresting the leak. The first would amount to triggering notification to the housekeeping dept by specifying the relevant person responsible, and the second would trigger the notification to the maintainance dept. for flange tightening.

  • Standard measure for every incident/accident log

    Is it possible to have a predefined standard measure for every incident/accident log of a specific type entered in the system (or when the type changes to one of the specified types), e.g. that this measure is created when the incident/accident log is saved?
    For another question we looked into BAdI: Handling of Actions after the Database Commit, but for this issue that will not work,  because an update of the log itself with a standard measure cannot be done, because the log is still open at that time.
    Thanks in advance for any help!
    Kind regards,

    Hi Pavan,
    The standard measure will be used to prompt the departments to do a specific check. This is a new procedure that not everybody is used to yet, so hence the standard measure. And also to guarantee that this important check is in fact done.
    The contents of the measure will be something like this: 'Add this risk in the RI&E.'
    Hope this clarifies things.
    Kind regards,

  • Incident Accident log entry - Problem in involved person displayed

    Dear All,
    I am currently working on the Incident accident log development. I am creating the IA log using the function modules and it is generated properly. The RECN number getting generated in a sequential way while running in development and quality, but in production the numbers are getting mismatched. Like for the first time creation the numbers are sequential, for the second time in change mode if i try to add any involved person, the RECN number getting generated is not greater than the one which is created first.
    I have some doubts,
    1. The RECN generated is a number range object
    2. The missed numbers in the sequence will be reused
    3. The implication of these numbers on displaying the involved persons in the table.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Raghuram K.R.

    Solved by myself

  • Incident/Accident log - Immediate Action taken

    can anyone explain me where to record immediate actions taken against an incident or accident.
    thanks in advance

    Hi Ravi,
    You can use the following methods to  solve your problem:
    1. In the Investigation tab, u will find the Root cause tree.. For each node, you can link the Safety Measures.
    2. Provide the Action details in More accident data tab
    3. If you need a new tab, create a new Value assignment type in the Customizing, assign it to Object type "IAL - Incident/ Accident Log entry" and then you can provide Free text or assign phrases as Immediate actions taken (If you opt for Phrase Management).
    Hope it Helps,

  • DMS link in Incident/ Accident log

    Hi Gurus,
    I want to provide a DMS link in the main screen of inccident/ Accident log transcation code CBIH82. How I can do this?
    Edited by: V M on Sep 3, 2010 7:00 AM

    Hello VM,
    With ECC 6.0 ENHP 3, by activating business function set: u201COPS_EHS_CI_1u201D in tcode SFW5 ( SPRO-> Activate business functions), there is a tab page Documents created in CBIH82. You can directly assign document in this tab page which will create a DIR in the back ground. For this there are certain IMG activities required from DMS and EHS side.

  • How to attach a picture to a reply post

    How do i attach a picture to a post i reply., i.e. within the posts text area directly so it will be visible always and not through the 'add attachments' option.
    With regards,
    (Certified LabVIEW Developer)
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    Here is a little How-To:
    Upload the image with the 'Add Attachment function'
    Save the message
    Return to the message
    Right click on the image URL, select 'Copy URL' (or similar function)
    Click on the 'Options' function on the right hand upper side of the message window
    Click on 'Edit message
    Place the cursor on the place you want to import the image
    Click the  'Insert Image' function
    Paste the URL you copied to the clipboard
    Et voilá the image is 'inline'
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    If anyone knows apple support info, please give it to me. thank you.
    John "Kenny" Chunn

    SMS is just that, text only. MMS, which the iPhone does not support, is a stripped down version of email and supports images.
    However, you have email on the iPhone, and can email to most carrier's phones who use MMS.
    If you would like to see MMS, you could submit feedback at this link:
    Hope this helps,
    Nathan C.

  • Incident/Accident Log: additinal text for Investigation causes

    Hi there,
    We are investigating the options in EHS for our business.
    I have two questions relating to EHS::
    - Is there any way we can add some user-defined text to the Cause Hierarchy on the Investigation tab
    - Is there any useful config documentation on EHS (not including the SAP Help)
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Pete
    Following four points comes to my mind for the question raised by you.
    1. Although I can understand the business requirement of detailing the root causes against the conncerned nodes, but one has to keep in mind that cause heirarchy is only meant for identifying the root causes amongst the already structured causes.
    2. The details of the root causes has to anyhow be a part of the subsequent accident / investigation report, which can be uploaded as document or written as free text either at "user-defined texts, documents" (under "goto") and/or "Investigation result" field.
    3. The "cause description" for the cause nodes are 128 character long field in SPRO. You can revisit the spro for writing some more details of the cause description subject to 128 characters.
    4. Still, if you wish to have a work-around, I would suggest to use "Safety measure" facility. Safety measures can be assigned to every cause nodes, and for every safety measure, one can maintain its description as a free- text field. Here you can include details of the cause identified.

  • How to attach a picture to gmail.I can do a PDF file or document.

    I open Gmail compose & reduce it to ~ 1/2 of monitor screen .Then i open my pictures folder, select the picture to be sent as an attachment & reduce this screen to ~ 1/2 of monitor screen & then i drag the picture to the Email i am composing.The picture goes over but it remains a full picture that occupies the entire area for the message.When i do this with a PDF file it transfers as an attachment. Further, when i send the Email with the picture it cannot be manipulated by receiver. I am using Windows 8.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    You may need to use the paper clip button (attach file button) to ensure that Gmail attaches images instead of placing them inline in the message body.

  • I can't figure out how to attach  a picture to a post.

    Some times it would just be easier to answer a question with a screenshot. I've noticed some pictures in posts but can't figure out how to do it.
    Thank you.

    To post an image in  Discussions, create a Screen Shot of the image you wish to post.
    Upload the image to an online storage facility, like one of these linked to below.
    Then use HTML formatting, to insert the URL of the location.
    Use this format <img src="Insert URL Here">
    Post the resulting line of text.
    Keep the images small, and unobtrusive, when possible.
    You can also just post a Link/URL, to the image location, using either of these formats:
    <a href="Insert URL Here">Type Title Here</a>
    <img src="Insert URL Here">
    Or use Skitch.
    Quoted from the Sktch website:
    " is a webservice that works hand in hand with our application Skitch to give you 1-click uploading of images for fast and fun image sharing.
    ali b

  • Incident/accidnet log entry type/ Specify Accident Categories

    I have configured
    incident/accident log entry type
    and Specify Accident Categories
    serperately. as these seperate config nodes
    when i create incident/accidnet log
    i dont see the filed accident categorioes coming in any screen.
    do we need to activate this field somewhere?

    Hi Niraj,
    I am facing the same problem like
    i don;t see the filed accident categorizes coming in any screen.
    Please help me out for the same..
    Many Many thanks

  • EHS: Incident/Accident management. Workflow

    Hi Everyone,
    I need to trigger a workflow that will send a notification to a user/s every time a status change occurs on an incident. I am not familiar with EHS at all and need to know if anyone can tell me what object and event will be used to trigger this workflow. I also need to attach a smartform to the workflow notification that will be send to the users inbox and I am not sure how that is done.
    Any help will be appreciated.

    Thank you both for the replies.
    BUS1240 is not defined on our system and the demo workflow WS11200006 also does not work for what we want to do.
    I had to create objects  for the Incident/Accident  log and Safety measures and had to define the attributes,methods, events etc. and used that to trigger and drive the workflow.

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