Inventory posting list report not shown transaction data

Dear Viewer,
As my english is not good inspite of this i am trying to give you detail where i have stucked in SAP.
As you know there is some standred report in SAP .inventory report is one of them.
when i am going to see inventory posting report in inventory report i am unable to see all transaction .
Like recv qty,issue qty,daily sub total so on somthig like taht.
When i login to other super user id i am able to see all these data.This is happen only one super user id dont know why.
Please help me out regard this.

Hi Divya,
Do this,
->> Login SAP(which user id did not show the issue Qty, rec qty & total) in normal user id.
->> Goto Inventory module.
->> Inventory reports.
->> Inventory Posting List.
-> Run the Inventory Posting List report.
->> Goto Form setting on Menu bar.
-> put the Tick mark in Visible button on Form setting window.

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  • Inventory posting List report

    I have an A/R invoice posted of an item as its Quantity is 2 in the SAP Business one system. when i go to the Inventory posting list report, this same report only displays the Qty as 1 instead of 2. what could be the reason why this is happening? This problem  is specific to this one invoice. The rest of the invoices have correct Quantities displayed in the Inventory posting list report.
    Thank you.

    Hi Peter,
    please see these screen shoot for this specific item and the corresponding inventory posting list and also see another invoice of the same item.
    pic 1, invoice  90001017
    pic 2. its corresponding inventory posting list.90001017
    pic 3 the same item , different invoice
    pic 4 corresponding inventory posting List for invoice above
    note of the differences on the Quantity it displays.
    thank you.
    kind regards,

  • Inventory Monitoring Query Like 'Inventory Posting List ' Report

    I like to ask how to monitor/Track my Items in the Inventory. Inventory Posting List is a good Report but I want to customize it into my query. I have found a table OITW but the record is up date, there is no date i can refer to which I can back track the records.
    I want to create a report (query) which I can back track the previous transaction. Please guide me what tables i can refer to.
    Thank you very much.

    Hi Gordon,
    It seems I cant found any data regarding the transactions for my inventory because in the present the report is up to date.
    I want to get the previous inventory month of the item in which i will consider it as my beginning balance for my current inventory, in the the system its showing the current inventory.
    Thank you very much,

  • Like "inventory posting list" query

    In SAP B1, i found 'Inventory Posting List'  report.
    And i need modify the report, so i must create a new query.
    But now, how to find the table can show stock balance in period date?
    stock Item No: A1234
    2007-12-01  Qty : 10 (last balance)
    2007-12-02  Qty : 13 (in 3)
    2007-12-03  Qty : 9 (out 4)
    How to show stock in only between dec 02 - dec 03, :
    2007-12-02 Qty : 13 (last balance)
    2007-12-03 Qty : 9 (out 4)
    Anyone can help me? I confused searching, i wasted about 1 day to search stock history table?

    Hi Suda,
    thanks for your respond.
    But i cant found the last quantity (balance qty), but i found Onhand in OITM.
    So i must doing a manual calculation.
    i assume i get last stock from OITM.Onhand = 10, then i query OINM day by day, and i SUM(Onhand-(Dec02+Dec03))
    Or you have another solution? Thanks
    but i think OnHand in OITM is not actually qty, because i use inventory posting list, i have all open balance is bigger than OITM.Onhand
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  • SAP standard sales report not shown data

    We have following standard reports for sales. We have authorisation for these reports. But when we execute these report for 3P00 sales org., these reports will not shown any data saying that no data exist.
    Customer Returns-Analysis - MC+A
    Customer Analysis- Sales - MC+E
    Material Analysis(SIS) - MCTC
    Sales org analysis - MCTE
    Sales org analysis-Invoiced sales - MC+2
    Material Analysis- Invoiced Sales - MC+Q
    Sales office Analysis- Invoiced Sales - MC-E
    Shipping point Analysis - MC(U
    Request you to kindly provide the solution.

    Have u configured Logistic information system proper - mean to say r u maintained same settings for this sales organization
    IMG >>> Logistic genral >>> LIS >>> Logistics data warehouse >>> Updating.
    R u maintained statastical group in material & customer master, check that.

  • Difference Between Inventory Audit Report & Inventory Positing List Report

    Dear all,
    Please tell me the difference  between these twoInventory Audit Report & Inventory Positing List Report, Because I find difference , when observe Closing and Opening Stock Quantity on 1.4.10 audit report showing 610 units but on 1.4.10 posting list showing 973 units of opening stock
    Why so happen ? can anybody explain............
    Thank you

    Please read below.....
    Inventory Audit:
    This report provides an audit trail for the posted inventory transactions in the chart of accounts.
    You use this report to make comparisons between the accounting view (inventory balance accounts)
    and the logistics view (inventory value displayed by the audit report). The report explains the value changes in inventory accounts.
    Inventory Posting List:
    The inventory posting list provides an overview of all postings in the system, based on various selection criteria and sort options. You can generate a report for specified warehouses based on one of the following selection criteria:
    Business partner
    Other: Enables you to specify a selection criterion such as warehouse or sales employee.
    Inventory Transfer:
    You use this function to transfer inventory from one warehouse to another. An inventory transfer can also be carried out as a consignment for a customer. The items are then stored in the customeru2019s warehouse and are sold from here.
    You cannot change the table after it has been added. If you display an existing inventory transfer later on, none of the fields in the table are active.
    You can, therefore, only correct an inventory transfer table that has not been entered correctly by entering a compensatory goods movement later.
    For more detail please refer help file in SAP.....

  • How to get master data records that do not have transaction data in a query

    How to get master data records that do not have transaction data in a query output. Can we create a query or any other way to get the master data records that do not have transaction data?

    Create a multiprovider which includes transactional data target and master data info object. Make sure that identification for this master data info object is ticked on both the provider.
    Create report on this multiprovider , keep the master data info object in rows , and now you should able to see all the values which are there in master data info object irrespective of transaction happened or not .
    Next you may create condition showing only zero keyfigure values , ie. master data without any transaction.
    Hope that helps.
    Mr Kapadia

  • Hierarchy leaf not shown while data exists

    Hi experts,
    We have the following issue regarding the (in)visibility of hierarchy leafs:
    We know that transactional data exists for a particular item in the hierarchy (total value is zero). This item is not shown by default in the report output (while zero suppression has been turned off). There are a few ways to make the item visible, e.g:
         1. Deactivate the hierarchical display
         2. Filter on the item
         3. Filter on another characteristic value for which the transaction data doesn't add up to zero.
         4. .........
    However, we would like to show the item in any case, so even when the underlying transactional data sums up to zero.
    Has anyone faced a similar problem before? Any idea how to solve the issue?
    If necessary, I can send some screenshots with detailed information by email.
    Thanks in advance !
    Kind regards,

    We had a similiar issue in the Cost Element Hierarchy & got resolution.
    I followed the below method an extract from SDN Forum reply.
    You need to make the InfoObject an InfoProvider. Then you create a multiprovider with your InfoCube and the InfoObject. When you create a query, insert a new column that contains the key figure 0ROWCOUNT and a restriction on 0INFOPROV to your InfoObject.
    When you right click on 0INFOPROV you now have the option to select Constant Selection. When you've turned it on you do a right click again and you're able to activate "Display non-posted values."
    Finally hide the new column and execute the query.
    Also we found out that for the nodes that were not appearing , the master data was incomplete. there was no source system assignment to those, we updated the field manually & with the above method the query worked.

  • Inventry Posting List Report PLD

    Hi Experts,
    I am using SAP 2007 B Pl 13 . I am running the report Inventry Posting List. The data comes dailywise total , monthwise total yearly total but in PLD it does not show in this manner. I need the PLD in this format. Please help me.
    Thanks and Regards

    Hi Rahul,
    Thanks for reply but what the problem  creating is that what i am choosing the option on this report is not showing in PLD as that way.
    Thanks and Regards

  • Using SSRS Date Range- Data Not shown for date greater than by Analysis Services

    Hello Friends,
     I am using Date Range filters(Start and End Date) in my SSRS Report. The Problem is that if i am using the start date will be today, then the end date will be the future date by using Analysis Service as my Data Source, the report is not generated.
    I don't know why it happens? If I give the date range filters before the current date, then the report will shown.
    The problem is that the future date is not in my database. Could you please answer for this. I am struck in here,.
    Table contains : 1-7-14 ,
    If my Date Range will be 1st to 3 of 7th month, then the report shows the data.
    if my date starts with 1st of the 7th month and ends in the future, then the report will not shown the 2nd and 3rd records...
    Please teach me why?

    Your question should be posted to the appropriate MSDN forum.  This forum is for questions regarding Microsoft Certifications.

  • Export to Excel Action in MS SSRS Report not exporting all data in Report

    I have developed a complex Report that has many expandable nodes in a table format. The report works fine.
    However, when I export the Report to Excel using Actions --> export to Excel, only the data in expanded nodes is included. The data in collapsed nodes is not included.
    I am looking for approach to include data in expanded nodes in Excel Export. The expanded data can be expanded in Excel.
    Any help in this regard will be appreciated.

    Hi Abhijit PS,
    Per my understanding you are experiencing the issue with the excel report which have add the drill down action, after export to excel only the expanded nodes included and the collapsed nodes is not shown, right?
    Generally, if we expand the nodes before export to excel then the excel will display the expanded details row and keep collapsed the details row which haven't expand, but we have the toggle "+","-" on the left of the Excel to help
    control the expand and collapse, when you click the "+" you can expand the collapsed notes to see the details rows.
    I have tested on my local environment with different version of SSRS and can always see the "+","-" as below:
    On the Top left corner you can find the "1","2", this help to control the "Collapse All" and "Expand All".
    If you can't see the "+","-" in the excel, the issue can be caused by the Excel version you are currently using, and also excel have limit support of this, please provide us the Excel version information and the SSRS version. You
    can reference to this similar thread:
    lost collapsing columns when export to excel
    Please try to export other drill down report to excel and check if they work fine, if they did, the issue can be caused by the drill down action you have added in this report is not correctly, if possible, please try to redesign the report.
    Article below about how to add  Expand/Collapse Action to an Item for your reference:
    If your problem still exists, please feel free to ask
    Vicky Liu

  • Firefighter - SoD Violations Report - not showing any data

    We have ECC6 and GRC 5.3 with latest patch. Our RAR is working well also. We recently installed firefighter. All reports are working fine except following two reports,
    1: SoD Violations Report
    2: Critical Transactions
    We want to use RAR critical table and SoD data, therefore In our configuration table we have following paramter set as:
    Critical Transaction Table from Compliance Calibrator (VRAT) = YES
    Could someone please direct in right direction how to get it fixed. Is there any SAP Note suggesting configuration setup etc.
    Thanks in Advance
    Masood Akhter

    There are a number of settings to be made in order to get this working. The note is helpful but effectively you need the following:
    In ECC
    TCP/IP RFC Dest created with a unique report name.
    This RFC mentioned in the /VIRSA/ZRTCNFG transaction
    In RAR
    The Report name entered into the RAR connector.
    The SAP gateway mentioned in the RAR Connectior.
    The RAR connector marked as outbound connection.
    The SAP Adapter activated.
    In SPM (ECC)
    Set the "Connector ID for Risk Analysis" parameter to the name of the RAR Connector in the SPM configuration table.
    You may also have to do a Java system Restart if you encounter error messages when activating the SAP adapter in RAR.

  • XL Reporter not getting any data

    When I am using XL Composer and generating report using it, I am getting data what the fields I have dragged. Not getting any data when generating same report in organizer from composer except the Title field names. Before I got but now I am not getting.
    <b>STEPS Taken</b>  
                     XL Reporter Composer Tool bar
                     Generate(Window)(Name: given Sample & checked Generate report    then ok)
    And having another problem when generating sample reports I am getting data and when editing that report are preparing new with some fields, I am not getting any data.
    <b>Example:</b>   I have made Edit of Bank Book and placed extra field Document No,   saved the report and generated I am not getting any data except titled fields.
         In new report I have taken BP Code and sales Employee I am not getting any data.
    Please Can any one help me,   It is urgent.
    Thanks in Advance.

    If you did not select any "total" field (quantities, totals, etc), XL Reporter will show data only at report composer. It will not work at final XL Report itself.
    This is a normal behaviour of XL Reporter, unfortunetaly.
    If you are trying to create a simple list of records, I suggest to use Query Generator, combined to PLD in order to get a formatted report.

  • Crystal report not shown after application idle time

    i have a web page which uses around 10 session variables to store values on a button click.and after assign session values Response.Redirect("~/url",false); to a a page which contains crystal report viewer.and report should show those session values.after keeping the application idle for 45 mins i click on the button which assign session values.then it's redirecting to the report page but the report is not shows a empty page and no errors shown(only happens application is idle for nearly 45 mins other wise works fine)
    i'm using iis 7
    in the web.config i have set sessionState timeout="60" and application pool idle time out to 60 mins.
    any idea why this happens

    Make sure you are on SP 8
    Make sure you are using .Close and .Dispose on your report objects as you get done with them.
    What OS? (2003, 2008, 2012)
    Provide more info on the following:
    The problem is that the Crystal Report Viewer does not load after a few hours.
    What does that mean? Errors? Warnings? Behavior? Symptoms?
    - Ludek
    Senior Support Engineer AGS Product Support, Global Support Center Canada
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  • Purchase requisition report not showing any data R12.04

    when i run "Printed Requisitions Report". Report run without any information.
    EBS R12.04

    Please refer to Note: 472332.1 - R12: Printed Requisition Report Ends With "No Data Found"

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