IOS 7 asking for activation, even though it its already out

So, I have had iOS7 for a while now, but just last night my ipod stopped playing music, and said activation required. I dont know why it's saying this, I can't recover it, because iTunes says I need to disable Find My iPhone, but I Can't get into my iPod to do it.
Its a 32GB iPod Touch 5G
I had the Beta(legit, I payed some website like $5 for them to put me on some thing for the beta)
Please Help me

First: This is normal. The beta expires today thats why the message comes up. Plug it in to iTunes and let iTunes restore it to 7.0.2. (The final one)
Second. 5$. You got ripped off, theorically to can install the beta without paying, even you shouldn't. (You are not a developer, don't install betas)

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    Hi, my problem is that i bought the serial and registered pages and keynote, and they were working great until yesterday (of course, when i really needed them). i opened keynote and it was acting as if i had never put in the serial number, basically just as if i took it out of the box. the only thing i can think of is that i had repaired the permissions and then downloaded and installed the java 5 release 4. everything was working perfectly just before i did this. i didnt try to use the programs until much later that night, and hadnt done much between those times. any help would be appreciated, thanks

    It is highly unlikely that this is a result of installing another program & repairing permissions. Actually, you should repair permissions after installing anything that asks for your admin password.
    Were you logged in as an administrator when you first entered the serial number? If not, iWork will not "remember" the serial number. If you were, it would appear that the in HD > Library > Preferences is corrupt. Delete this .plist & enter the serial number again. This is not the same as the or that exist in each user's Library > Preferences.

  • Running adobe captivate keeps asking for flash even though its already installed

    running adobe captivate keeps asking for flash even though its already installed

    iTunes will ask you to enter your password when buying songs for each browsing "session". This wouldn't explain why you are being asked to enter it every 3 minutes though.
    I would suggest logging out of your Apple ID on iTunes and logging back in. Also, you may verify that your computer is "Authorized" for use with your iTunes content.
    To do this on a Mac, go to the "Store" tab at the top of the screen and click "Authorize this Computer"

  • Install window continues to appear everytime Firefox activated even though it's already in applications menu

    I installed Firefox a couple months ago. Now every time I want to use it, the install window pops up asking me to place it into the applications even though it's already there. It's a pain to deal with. How do I stop it?

    Ok, it doesn't seem to solve my problem. (DMG stands for document manager?)
    (I took 3 screen shots but am not sure how to attach them here. They are too large)
    Let me describe again:
    When I turn on my computer, the Firefox is a "?" in my dock.
    When I try to drag the question mark to the applications folder it doesn't go. When I click on the "?" and then try to drag the firefox icon (which is now in a blue folder with an arrow indicating it wants to go to the applications folder), it doesn't go
    ....or it says: that it already exists and do I want to replace it.
    When I double click the ? in the dock, of course, it runs for the session.
    I appreciate your solution but am no further ahead.

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    I have my hotmail account configured to my mail. Its asking for the password every time I click check for mail.
    When I do type the password I click add to keychain and it still asking the next time
    any suggestions?

    I have my hotmail account configured to my mail. Its asking for the password every time I click check for mail.
    When I do type the password I click add to keychain and it still asking the next time
    any suggestions?

  • App gives tryout screen, asks for activation, even after purchasing CC sub and logging in

    Just as the title says:
    I'm getting "(App Name) CC Tryout" screen after starting an app, then getting trial screen - I try to log in, and it regiters that I'm logged in, but still wants a serial #. I quit the "registration", and have just been going to work, but it concerns me anyways, since I'm guessing this isn't supposed to be happening.
    I tried with customer chat this morning, but they logged off when I didn't answer back immediately, even though they left me alone for a while. This isn't stopping me from working at the moment, but it is something that I need fixed before the countdown for the trial (at 27 days now, purchased the sub last week).
    CC app automatically logs me in and gives me no issues, it's just the apps I'm using like Illustrator, AE, and Photoshop that are giving me constant trial screens (not even consistent trial screens - sometimes they come up, sometimes they don't). may help

  • HT204266 App store say's I need to answer three security questions but keeps asking for my password! Won't log in to fill in info keeps asking for password even though I fill in password.

    After setting up new account with iCloud so I can use the app store it asks me to answer three security questions for further security then I am prompted for my password to log in then I put in password and it never logs me in and keeps on asking for my password. I went over all setting but found no problems wit network as I can go on line etc, if anyone has had this issues please help. I was able to download too apps and then was prompted to answer these questions and it would not let me proceed.

    Reset Security Questions
    Frequently asked questions about Apple ID
    Manage My Apple ID
    Or you can email iTunes Support at iTunes Store Support.
    If all else fails:
      1. Go to: Apple Express Lane;
      2. Under Product Categories choose iTunes;
      3. Then choose iTunes Store;
      4. Then choose Account Management;
      5. Now choose iTunes Store Security and answer the bullet questions, then click
      6. Sign in with your Apple ID and press Continue;
      7. Under Contact Options fill out the information and advise iTunes that you would
          like your security/challenge questions reset;
      8. Click Send/Continue.
    You should get a response within 24 hours by email.
    In the event you are unsuccessful then contact AppleCare - Contacting Apple for support and service.
    Another user had success doing the following:
    I got some help from an apple assistant on the phone. It is kind of round about way to get in.
    Here is what he said to do and it is working for me...
      a. on the device that is asking you for the security questions go to "settings", > "store" >
          tap the Apple ID and choose view"Apple ID" and sign in.
      b. Tap on payment information and add a credit/debit card of your preference then select
          "done", in the upper right corner
      c. sign out and back into iTunes on the device by going to "settings"> "store" > tap the
          Apple ID and choose "sign-out" > Tap "sign -in" > "use existing Apple ID" and you
          should be asked to verify your security code for the credit /debit card and NOT the
          security questions.
      d. At this time you can remove the card by going back in to edit the payment info and
          selecting "none" as the card type then saving the changes by selecting "done". You
          should now be able to use your iTunes store credit without answering the security
    It's working for me ...I just have to put in my 3 digit security pin from the credit card I am using.
    Good Luck friends!

  • Mail keeps asking for password even though I checked "add password to ..."

    This started happen a few days ago. Every few minutes when it checks my main mail account, the password box pops up. I searched on here, saw recommendation for running Keychain FirstAid. Ran it and it gave me this error message:
    "Repair started
    Checking keychain configuration for user (user ID=501)
    Home directory is /Users/user
    Checked login keychain
    User differs on ~/Library/Preferences/, should be 501, owner is 0
    Owner not corrected on ~/Library/Preferences/, reason: No such file or directory
    Checked default keychain
    Checked keychain search list
    Checked contents of ~/Library/Keychains/login.keychain
    Checked contents of /Library/Keychains/FileVaultMaster.keychain
    Warning: some problems were not fixed
    Repair failed"
    How do I fix this problem? l have several mailboxes for different accounts and I have seen this happen occassionally with them as well.

    Of course you only had read access to that file. That’s precisely what I said and why I suggested to do File > Get Info (⌘I) on, to fix that problem by changing the Owner in the Ownership & Permissions > Details section, which was wrong and the cause of the problem...
    Anyway, the file should be re-created when needed, so I wouldn’t worry about that. Actually, opening Keychain Access and running Keychain First Aid again may cause the file to be re-created.
    The thing is, do you still have the problem of Mail repeatedly asking for the password? If Keychain First Aid doesn’t report any problems now, you may try removing the password entry from the keychain and letting Mail create it again the next time it asks for it.
    Note, however, that Mail often doesn’t correctly report what the problem really is. If Mail can connect to the server but cannot log into your mail account for some reason, it’ll ask for your password regardless of whether that’s really the problem or not. Don’t keep entering the password every time, because that’s not the problem (click Cancel instead, and take the account back online afterwards).
    Some ISPs refuse connection attempts if they are too frequent, for example, or limit the number of simultaneous connections that are allowed from the same IP address, or there may be too many messages on the server and Mail times out before the server responds, or there might be a problem with the network, or there might be a problem with the server...
    Go to Apple Menu > System Preferences > Network, choose Network Port Configurations from the Show popup menu, and make sure that the configuration used to connect to Internet appears at the top of the list. Try also turning OFF all the network port configurations except the one needed to connect to Internet and see whether that helps — if it doesn’t, turn ON again the ones you want enabled.
    What’s the time interval chosen in Mail > Preferences > General > Check for New Mail? If it’s set to Every minute, try changing it to Every 5 minutes.
    Try using a different method to connect to Internet, if possible, or connecting the computer to Internet as directly as possible, i.e. bypassing any routers that might be present, using an ethernet cable instead of wireless, etc., and see whether that makes a difference.
    You may also want to check with the provider of this account in case they’ve made some changes recently that could have a bearing on this.

  • Yahoo mail is not working on my keeps asking for password even after entering its d same

    Please help me resolve the above stated problem

    Hi Aurion23,
    If you intend to keep using iCloud on your iPad, your best course of action would be to update your Apple ID/iCloud information so that you have a known password and it is associated with an active email address. You may find the following articles helpful:
    iCloud: Change your iCloud password
    Apple ID: Changing your Apple ID
    - Brenden

  • Prompted for authorization even though it's already authorized

    I just bought a new song in iTunes. Whenever I try to play it, I'm prompted to authorize my computer. When I authorize it, it tells me that my computer is already authorized. It does it again every time I try to play the song. It only happens for this song. Help?

    If you are in a country where re-downloading is possible (check this with iTunes in the Cloud and iTunes Match Availability by Country -, delete the track (and the original file) and download again (Downloading [using iOS or computer] past purchases from the App Store, iBookstore, and iTunes Store -  See tips on downloading in, especially unchecking the "Allow Simultaneous Downloads" box in the downloads tab of iTunes.
    Select the store on the left side of iTunes.
    Click on Purchased on the right side under Quick Links.
    You can re-download your available previous purchases.
    If you cannot download a second time, contact iTunes Store support staff through the report a problem links in your account history or,
    iTunes Customer Service Contact - > Get iTunes support via Express Lane > iTunes > iTunes Store

  • My Ipad's repeatedly  asking for activation and can't be activate through cellular data, what could I do?

    MY Ipad's repeatedly asking for activation, even though I activated 20 times, not kidding! And the worst is I can't activate it through cellular data, for no good reason. Yes, I checked the setting for the cellular data about itunes and so on. I also tried to reboot, to remove and put back the sim card. I also tried to send a request to apple support, but the f... button in the email sent doesn't work. I'm kind of ****** off, cause I couldn't use my ipad all the last evening till I get to a wifi zone... What the **** is going on with Apple? It's getting worst and worst... I have a ipad retina, not the last generation, but the one before... Not sure which number it is though.

    I understand the question fully. Your issue is that the activation does not seem to be registering nor working properly (which is why you keep being asked to activate it). Maybe activating through Wi-Fi will activate the iPad properly since as you say yourself, "I can't activate the Ipad by cellular data." I don't think it would much more trouble to try it through Wi-Fi and could very well solve your issue.
    A question does not come up though...which activation are you actually talking about? The initial activation of the iPad for use (when you are first setting up the device) or the activation for cellular data with the device's cellular data carrier for use on the device? My initial response was for the first scenario.

  • HT1937 I have successfully restored my iPhone 3 gs( Ios )  by itunes. After activation it is asking for activation. When I am going for activation its saying that no SIM card is inserted, but I have already Ufone SIM card is inserted. I checked it with ot

    I have successfully restored my iPhone 3 gs( Ios )  by itunes. After activation it is asking for activation. When I am going for activation its saying that no SIM card is inserted, but I have already Ufone SIM card is inserted. I checked it with other SIM card like Zong etc but the response was same i.e; no SIM card is inserted. It not catching the signals. I am trying to use  my wifi to activate my iphone but it iss not processing then i used itunes to activate by it's again saying that no sim card is detected.
    My all contacts and all data is in this mobile. Now Iam unable to contact anyone. Please help me. How can I sort it out?
    Thank you
    Wazir Ali

    Well, if you did it yourself, then there is a chance that you damaged some other component inside the device that is causing your issue. The iPhone's are not user serviceable, and once you have opened the device you have voided any warranty and post-warranty support from Apple. I would try Google to see if you can find any other way to repair your device, as Apple will no longer look at it.

  • I got a Sim Free 64GB Iphone 5 from Carphonewarehouse in UK n gifted the same to my Bro in law in India. He inserted the nano sim and can see the carrier and 3G symbol but the phone asks for activation. Its a SIM FREE phone, why cant he use it?

    Please help me with this as the phone is currently lying as a dead paperwieght with my brother in law. The phone, even though bought as SIM FREE, keeps asking for ACTIVATION!!!
    Does it mean that I need to activate it with a SIM of one of the carriers that offers a contract and then I am free to use it with any SIM anywhere in the world?
    Please assist in as much detail as you can.

    Hi FelipeV,
    Thanks, tried that.. half their numbers keep going busy and when they do pick up they are unable to assist.
    I called up APPLE in UK as well, no help there either..
    but.. I say.. its a SIM FREE phone for crying out loud, what is this ACTIVATION nonsense??
    Thanks for the suggestion anyways.

  • I updated my ipad to ios 8 and now my ipad is locked asking for activation when i put it doesnt accept my apple id do you have a solution?

    i updated my ipad to ios 8 and now my ipad is locked asking for activation when i put it doesnt accept my apple id do you have a solution?

    Did you by this iPad new? Or used? If it was a used iPad, you'll need the Apple ID login for the original owner. If you bought it new, contact AppleCare with proof that you are the original owner and they may be able to help you.

  • Already activated iPhone 5 iOS 7.0.2 asks for activation - Unable to activate. now what?

    So, my phone has not been used in 14 days now, cus my charger stopped working wich it shouldnt, I guess?
    Anyways, thats not the point. When I finally got a new charger in the mail, I plugged my phone and powered it on.
    Now it asks for activation. Im like; okay, didnt i do this twice already?
    anyway, I tried to activate, both with wifi, and mobile network.
    No success.
    I even tried activation through iTunes.
    NO ******* SUCCESS.
    How come my device suddenly not work, while being untouched, out of power and completely unable to turn it on?
    Someone help me out, I really want to be able to use my phone, and this situation costs me alot of money, while im unable to answere my phone.

    Hi mt.ahsan!
    I have a website for you that can help you find that Apple ID, then you can reset the password for it if necessary:
    Apple ID: How to find your Apple ID
    Thanks for using the Apple Support Communities!

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