Iphone not detected in itunes 10.5

Hi I have a iPhone 4  I went to update it on my Windows XP computer via iTunes but it said I had to update my iTunes to 10.5 which I did then I went to connect my iPhone and it does not recognise my iPhone at all. I have uninstalled itunes and installed it again a few times, I have tried different usb ports and different iphone cord but still no luck. Has anyone had the same problem. I have been speaking to Apple but at this stage do not know the cause.

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  • My iphone not detecting in itunes.

    am using iphone 3g model
    and this phone not detecting by itunes so please any one help me
    thank you in advance

    Try the suggestions in iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows, http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1538

  • IPhone not detected in iTunes

    I recently updated my iPhone 4 to iOS. Now when I connect my phone to iTunes, the iPhone is not detected. Why is this?

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    iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch not appearing in iTunes

  • Iphone not detected on itunes and DFU mode isn't working

    I tried updating my iPhone 4s (iOS 5.1 , not jailbroken) to the latest firmware using iTunes . I backedup my phone to my computer and proceded to update the firmare . During the process , after a few minutes , my phone just showed the "Connect to iTunes" picture , and the message on iTunes was " itunes is updating the software " .
    I waited about 15 mins to see if there was any change or progress .
    So I disconnected my phone and reconnected it and iTunes didn't recognize or show any device being connected .
    I tried entering DFU mode to restore the phone , but it isn't entering DFU mode ( I tried the 3 sec pressing power/sleep button +10 secs of simultaneous power/home buttons + 10 secs of home button ) . I tried this atleast 30 times . I have successfully entered DFU mode with my previous iphone 3gs few months back , so I know how it's supposed to be done . Still my phone isn't being detected by iTunes .
    I unintalled/reinstalled all apple software on my Win7 , (including bonjour, quicktime, itunes , and other apple software) .
    And even after that it isn't being detected.
    I think I've followed all the advice from different forums on the internet and still not successfull .
    Any help would be really appreciated . Thank you

    same here
    i dont thinkk there is any solution made for this problem

  • Iphone not detected in itunes at all; detected in Windows as camera only

    When my proximity sensor busted on me yesterday the Apple store gave me a completely new phone, except this time they activated it for me. Now I can't get any of my backed-up contents sync'd on account of my lame OS (XP Pro) thinking it's just a camera. I've done the 5 R's more times than I can count, restarted the AppleMoblieService.exe, uninstalled the camera drivers that Windows gave me for the phone. I'm assuming if the phone were yet to be activated it would easily be detected by iTunes but it's too late for that. Or is it? I need help.

    I had the same issue with a new replacement iPhone that I just received. I completely uninstalled all Apple software (itunes, quicktime, Apple mobile device software and Apple software update) and then re-installed itunes from a fresh download and it worked fine after that.

  • After running the recent update Iphone not detected by itunes

    After running the recent iOS update on my iphone4, itunes no longer detects my iphone when I plug into my USB port.  I ran the troubleshooter and got no relief.  The phone also charges much slower from the USB than it used to but still seems to charge about the same when plugged into a separate power source.  The phone also does not indicated it is charging anymore even when plugged into a separate power source. 

    Duh Norm. Didn't find first time through.
    That's why you have 32k points and I have close to zero.
    Thanks much.

  • IPhone Not Detected in itunes on windows

    Right, My iphone works fine on mac no problems but when I try to run it on windows using parallels it doesn't work. It will not show up in itunes at all (on windows). I am sure there is some kind of nube fix for this.
    It does show as being connected to windows in the bottom corner and shows as adding new hardware, I have reset the pc, the iphone.
    Sometimes the iphone pops up as some kind of still camera
    any ideas?

    try this
    first attach iPhone & make sure XP instance "sees it" and is connected to it.
    1. Click Start
    2. Right-click on "My Computer" icon
    3. Select "Manage"
    4. Click "plus" sign next to "Services and Applications"
    5. Click "Service" from that dropdown
    6. Click on Service named "Apple Mobile Device" and select "Restart"
    7. Click on Service named "iPod Service" and select "Restart"
    iTunes should start up & recognize device at this time. Next you will have to step through the sync steps to get your data merged properly.

  • IPhone not detected in iTunes 64-Bit

    I have just bought a new computer and i installed Windows 7 Ultimate, everything has worked fine except, when i put into the computer the Usb cord of the iPhone, the computer sees that i have connected the iPhone and the Autoplay screen comes up but then in iTunes, its like that iTunes cant find my iPhone..
    I have gone through several times the steps of rebooting the iPhone but nothing helps.

    Instead of having Apple Mobile Device USB Driver, i have a driver called MTP USB Device

  • Updated iTunes to latest version ( resulted in computer no longer recognising my iPhone 4. Uninstalled and then reinstalled iTunes, still my iPhone is not detected by iTunes.

    Updated iTunes to latest version ( resulted in computer no longer recognising my iPhone 4. Uninstalled and then reinstalled iTunes, still my iPhone is not detected by iTunes.
    Please can anyone help…..

    c) unistalled and reinstalled iTunes
    Doublechecking. Have you also tried a complete uninstall of both iTunes and all the other related software components and then a reinstall? If not, try the instructions from the following document:
    Removing and reinstalling iTunes and other software components for Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8

  • Hi, i purchased iphone 4s with ios 5.1 from saudi arabia.my iphone 4s is not detected in itunes 10.6 version although i tried it by re installing itunes.i use windows 7 ultimate on my pc.

    Hi, i purchased iphone 4s with ios 5.1 from saudi arabia.my iphone 4s is not detected in itunes 10.6 version although i tried it by re installing itunes.i use windows 7 ultimate on my pc.

    Refer to this article:
    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows

  • My iphone 5 is not detected by itunes.

    my iphone 5 is not detected by itunes. I followed the procedure that was given on apple's website about checking the drivers etc. and but in the last step where we have to select option have disks and select file"usbaapl" as the driver file, a message comes that the file is not compatible as a driver and make sure that it is using 32 bit format only . i had downloaded itunes 32 bit version but still the message appears. i have vista 32 bit

    Refer to this article:
    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows

  • IPhone 3G not detected by iTunes. Not the same problem like everyone has!

    I have iPhone 3G. It shows on screen, connect iTunes all the times. I read all the solutions on internet. I tried everything to fix the problem even Restore Mode or DFU Mode, but iPhone never detected by iTunes or computer. I tired both Mac or Windows Computers, but still nothing. Any ideas??? This forum is my last chance. I gonna break this phone if still nothing and buy a different brand. I don't wanna pay $268.00 to Apple, change with the refurbished one. I paid much enough to buy this one. Thanks for all help.

    The iPhone can only sync on one computer. Is this a new phone or an old phone? If it's a phone you already had, did you change computers? If the phone you had was already synced on another computer then it may have to be deauthorized on that other computer, but I'm not sure. I had an older original iPhone that we replaced and then I wanted to use it as a iPod. I forgot that I had synced it with an older computer. When I connected it to mine my iTunes would recognize it, but wouldn't let me sync to it because it was synced to another computer. So I had to connect it to the older computer, deauthorize it and then it synced fine on my new computer. Not sure if that is a similar issue to yours or not. You need to give us more information. Like were you able to sync it before and this is something new etc. More info that you give the easier it will be for someone to answer you.

  • Iphone 6 plus not detected in itunes for mac

    When I try to plug in my iPhone 6plus, it is not detected on iTunes for mac.  All the software is up to date (iOS 8.3 for iPhone and iTunes 12.1.2 versions).I have tried several USB ports, but no luck.  Under FILE/DEVICES, everything is in grey which means that I cannot do anything from there.  I have tried to uninstall itunes twice, restarted the computer and iphone and NOThing is working

    Can you confirm your lightening cord is functioning? If you plug the cord into a wall outlet, does the phone charge?

  • Ipad and Iphone will not detect via Itunes

    Ok here is the issue,
    I have IPhone 4 Verizon and Ipad 2 3g Verizon.
    My Ipad2 screen broke and I received a warranty  Ipad 2 but my Dellinspiron with the Intel 3400 chip will not detect on iTunes.
    Windows 7 see it and I can pull photos off. I worked with Apple onissue and at store with 10 reps. my old I pad detects just fine and my IPhone but any other
    IPhone or I pad will not detect. I have tried and wiped ITunes, QuickTimeect ect and even went into registry and deleted all files and still same issue.
       It’s boiling down to the Intel chip 3200 and its almost lookingfor a certain IPhone or I pad and will not detect any other but original phoneor pad.
    If anyone is experiencing a similar issue let me know. I have been allthe way up the ladder at both apple and dell and still the issue looms.
    If any other info is needed let me know. I have both the diagnostic test for my laptop and itunes.
    I can post diagnostic from CPU if needed.

    This is reported quite often.. more often the iphone than the ipad.
    Reset the TC and do the setup again. This time setup wireless manually.. use no spaces and only alphanumeric characters in any name and password.. TC name, wireless name, wireless password tc password if you set one.
    Set wireless to manual not auto, and give 5ghz a different name.
    Set channels.. this is the important part for iphone as it can only use 2.4ghz.. so set channel 1, 6, 11 in turn. These are the only non-overlapping channels.
    Set wpa2 security.
    You should be able to get the iphone to connect.. if not remove the security until you do and try again.

  • TS1363 IPhone 5 is visible in Windows 8 but not detected by iTunes 11

    Anybody can help me solve this? I just updated to the iTunes 11.1.4 yesterday. My iPhone 5 is not detected by iTunes anymore!!...

    Hey sergioll,
    Thanks for the question. I understand that you are experiencing issues with your iPhone 5 not being recognized in iTunes for Windows. The following resources may provide a solution:
    iOS: Device detected but not identified properly on iTunes for Windows
    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows
    Matt M.

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