Issue in grouping in RTF template

I have a requirement as below.
The report header part contains : Order number,
the report body part contains the details for each order like
item number, item name
Again the line section is based on the another group, so it should repeat for each group.
My requirement is in header section for each order and email address i need to repeat the while header and line for a order.
Ex: Header : Order_number :101
Email :abc&
Line section :
Here we have another group like demand_class
Item1: abc,
item quantity1 :1
Item2: abc,
item quantity2 :1
Header : Order_number :101
Email :def& --------------------------------------same data only email changed
Line section :
Here we have another group like demand_class
Item1: abc,
item quantity1 :1
Item2: abc,
item quantity2 :1
Another section : to display total calculation for each demand class for a order.
So my requirement is to repeat the same data for each order and email address.
Please help me on this

If the demand_class group is under your first group, then you need to go one level up by using "../".
So try using ../order_number, ../Email_address
I really need to see your xml data structure.
Send me the RTF template and xml file to [email protected] and I will try to help.

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  • Not able to use @section and Sort within a group in RTF Template

    When i try to use sort with [email protected] in my template, the Output Post processor is throwing the following exception
    Caused by: oracle.xdo.parser.v2.XSLException: <Line 31, Column 84>: XML-22047: (Error) Invalid instantiation of 'xsl:sort' in 'fo:flow' context.
    My tags in the RTF template are as below:
    <[email protected]:G_PERSON_ID;./DEPT?><?sort:DEPT;'ascending';data-type='text'?>
    -- there are 2 more groups within this.
    <?end for-each-group?>
    I don't get the error if i remove @section from the above tag in my RTF template.
    IF i remove the sort tag and keep the @section , it still works.
    I need the "sort" so that i can sort the output by department number and I need the "section" so that i can acheieve context based header title for the page using the tag given below in the header area of the word RTF doc. The DEPT number should change as per the data shown in the report.
    I am stuck with either being able to use the Sort or the Header feature but not both.
    I guess that section is needed for the context based header title to work, because all the data shown in the current page should correspond to only one single DEPT value (to make the Header title consistent with the data). But i dont get why i am not able to sort. The exception from OPP simply beats me. Please help!!
    I am using the XML Pub Desktop 5.6.2 to develop my templates.
    Is there any way to acheive this? Can someone throw some light on this.
    Thanks in advance.

    Help About says I'm on 20.0.1
    Up until last week, I was able to use the tab key when typing emails and other multi-line text boxes.
    Suddenly the behavior of the tab key changed. This isn't the first time. It's been quite a while ago that the function of the tab key changed from indenting to moving around the page, then after some time it changed back to indenting.
    Can we get this fixed and leave it alone, please?
    I may give one of those add-ins a try, but my problem with add-ins is that they break when FF is patched or upgraded, then I'm left with out the solution they provide.
    Can we just fix Firefox, please?
    P.S. Another potential fix I came across suggested starting FF in safe mode to see if the problem goes away. It does not. It seems to be a change to FF that appeared after an update last week. On or just befor 24 Apr.

  • Grouping in rtf template like oracle reports - a newbie question

    Hello all
    I am new to BI Publisher and have probablly a silly question to ask.
    I have a basic query that returns a flat xml file which looks something like this. it will have multiple rows.
    <ROW num="1">
    <NAME>Test Customer</NAME>
    Because i am fairly new to xml i am at a loss trying to work out how i can form a template that will effectively allow grouping at say
    1. Date Level
    2. Package Level
    3.Drop Off level
    4. put all other data in here
    In reports i would just do groups and alter the layout accordingly. Obviously if i had an oracle report version of the sql that generates the xml then i could just generate the xml from the report and i would get the xml i am looking for .
    But I am working with basic sql not reports and am wondering What do I have to do with my xml to get it looking live the grouping I mention above, given all i have to play with is the example xml I included. I am really bamboozled and think i am missing something simple.
    I dont want to have to write multiple queries with different groupings using cast , multiset as I thought one of the benefits of BI Publisher was one query multiple layouts.

    If you haev word plugin installed,
    please follow the documentation and try using that,
    load the xml in the word plugin
    and then select insert table/form and then you can do the drag and drop,
    and group by each fields.

  • PDF formating issue in RTF Template

    I have an XML for which i have data for both subavisor level and fund level and the data at each fund level are derived/aggregated from Subadvisor level(using complex formula which is taken care at the database level not at the RTF level).
    I need to show both Fund level data and SubAdvisor level data in the report, so i have designed the required RTF Template to show the Sub Advisor level data for each fund Level Data.
    The Sample XML is(i have only included one SubAdvisorLevel data(XYZ) for the Fund(ABC) :
    - <G_1>
    - <G_1>
    - <G_1>
    Because of this structure the XML, i have designed the RTF template by putting the following code:-
    <?FUND_NAME?> <?SUB_ADV_ANA_MIL?> ............................................(other Attributes are also present)
    <?for-each-group:current-group();./SUB_ADV_NAME?> <?if:SUB_ADV_NAME!=''?> <?SUB_ADV_ANA_MIL?>............(other Attributes are also present)
    <?end if?><?end for-each-group?>
    The only issue i am facing while exporting this RTF Template to PDF is that i am getting a blank row in the PDF(because of the condition <?if:SUB_ADV_NAME!=''?> ) for the 1st level of Sub Advisor level Grouping and there after all the Sub Advisor level data are coming up fine.
    Can you please help me out in resolving this issue

    Thanks Bipuser,
    But the inlines function in not giving the desired result, it is working in the same way even if i haven't put any condition.
    The problem with the existing condition <?if:SUB_ADV_NAME!=''?> is that only PDF is generated with the extra space and Excel does not comes up any space.
    Please let me know if you need any further information from my end.
    Thanks again,

  • RTF Template Issues.

    I have 2 issues with a custom rft template for Printing POs from EBS using XML Desktop ver 5.6 Build 45.
    1 I have 2 tables on the template corresponding to 2 different groups.. I will display only one table of data dynamically based on the type of the document (Standard PO or Blanket Release).. This logic is working but when the second table appears for blanket relase, there is lot of empty space between the column lables (which is static for both the tables) and the table data.. It looks like though the first table is not displaying, it is still using that space.. Is there a way that i can remove the empty space ?
    2. When i generate the PDF from my rft template, the alignment of the table is not right (e.g the lables on the table are not getting aligned with the actual data) even though it looks aligned exactly righton my rtf template.. Can you explain me what seems to be the problem.

    Did u get the solution for this ?
    if not
    Shoot me a mail
    [email protected]
    with your template and XML,
    and description what you want ?
    will have a look @ it.

  • Issue in RTF Template

    Hi All,
    Could you please solve the following requirement:
    Requirement: In my RTF Template for the fisrst page we are displaying parameters of the report.
    In the second page we have 2 tables one is for statement and other one is for Receipt.
    My requirement is in the second page i need to display "statement table" at the starting of
    second page[i.e @Header part] and "receipt table" at the end of the second page[i.e @tailor part].
    My issue is if statement table is having many rows some of the rows are skipped and displayed at 3rd page.and the receipt table is @ 2nd page.
    If receipt table is having many rows it is breks into two dispalyed at the end of second page and starting of 3rd page.
    Can anyone please provide me the solution.
    Thanks in Advance,
    Edited by: DhanaSurya on Nov 6, 2009 1:06 AM

    Hi Dhanasurya,
    It sounds like you are using headers and footers, and that what you seeing is standard expected functionality.
    You could try extending your header/footer regions to make them bigger, but if there are too many rows of course then the tables will break across pages.
    Depending on your requirements you could limit the number of rows so they always if on one page, otherwise you'd need to either accept the data will break across pages, or implement something like Fixed Row Enumeration.

  • RTF templates- Issue with inconsistent outputs

    Hi All,
    I have an issue with rtf templates.We are on XML Publisher 5.6.3 with EBS with Bursting.Bursting is set at G_HEADERS in the contorl file.
    I am using the <[email protected]:body?><?end body?> function.It displays amount total for single page output and amount total only on the last page for multiple pages output.The above logic works perfectly when I have single header data in the XML file(single G_HEADERS).
    Lines Data(tree sub levels)
    Lines Data(tree sub levels)
    Lines Data(tree sub levels)
    However when there are multiple headers(G_HEADERS) in the same XML data file at the same tree level, all the outputs get generated as minimum 2 page outputs.Even though the data fits in 1 page for some of the G_HEADERS, it shows continued on the first page and just prints the total on the last page along with the header.
    I appreciate your help with this.

    I'd like to know if anyone out there has come across this issue before..

  • Issue with ROUND function in RTF template

    Hi All,
    Can anyone please help me in implementing the ROUND function at the RTF template.
    Need to handle rounding of amounts at the RTF template level itself.
    The ROUND function should be implemented to the following tags:
    <?sum(current-group()/TAXABLE_AMOUNT)?> (Record level)
    <?sum(TAXABLE_AMOUNT)?> (Report level total)
    Eg. If the Sum(current-group()/TAXABLE_AMOUNT) for a particular record is 401.65 then it should round of to 402
    we try to do this using following syntax ..
    1) by declaring variable "value"
    <?xdoxslt:set_variable($_XDOCTX, value, sum(current-group()/TAXABLE_AMOUNT))?>
    2) <?xdofx:round(sum(current-group()/TAXABLE_AMOUNT))?>
    but we ding get the solution.
    A quick response on this is highly appreciable.

    Re: Summing derived values within xdofx:
    Re: Rounding not working

  • Trouble with Group By in RTF Template

    Hello All,
    I'm very new at RTF Template building, and I've spent hours trying to figure this out with no avail. I'm using BIP Desktop add-in for Word to load in my XML data and create some tables and charts. Right now I'm able to create a detail level table on the RTF, but I want to also create a summary level table. The summary table is where I get stuck, as I can't get my group by statements to work. I've tried to insert a table/form and use the table wizard, but neither work.
    My detail level table has customer and shipments (among a few other noncritical fields). I just want a summary table to show customer and total number of shipments (simple count function). Right now, my output looks something like this:
    Customer     Customer
    Brian Jones     Shipment 
    So it groups by the customer fine, but doesn't actually count the shipments. It assigns a 1 for each shipment number, but doesn't actually count the fields to give a Brian - 9.
    Again, I'm very new at this, so this might be very basic. Also, if there are any good resources on RTF template building, I'd love some help on learning to do this stuff better.

    Don't you want to actually find the sum of the shipments to give you a count of shipments for the customer? Have you tried using the sum function for your shipments field?
    You could insert the shipment field, select function sum (from the drop-down menu) and check the 'On grouping' box..
    Send me your template and sample XML to [email protected] if you would like.

  • Data of one group not getting displayed (in rtf template)

    We have build one rtf template it has 2 sectrions one is main section where data is being displayed with out any issues.
    where as for Sub section data is not getting displayed though there is data in xml file
    1) Main section
    <[email protected]:G_ORDER?>
    data in this porting is getting displayed
    <?end for-each?>
    <?end for-each?>
    2) Sub section at the end of page
    data in this portion is not getting displayed
    <?end for-each?>
    Edited by: kamalakarg on Jul 13, 2012 8:47 PM

    Please, post sample XML and desired output.

  • RTF Template: sums with nested groups

    Hi all,
    i've got quite a pickle of a problem it seems ...
    my data structure looks something like this:
    multiple companies can have multiple stores, which in turn have multiple departments, which also in turn can have multiple items.
    my select statement looks something like this:
    select company_id,
    sum(qty) as my_sum
    table_1, table_2, table_n
    where ...
    group by ...
    order by company_id;
    my xml data template grouping looks something like this:
    <group name="G_company" ...
    --<element name="E_company" ...
    --<group name="G_store" ...
    ----<element name="E_store" ...
    ----<group name="G_department" ...
    ------<element name="E_department" ...
    ------<group name="G_item" ...
    --------<element name="E_item" ...
    --------<element name="E_item_total" value="my_sum" ...
    ------<element name="E_department_total" value="G_item.E_item_total" function="SUM()" />
    ----<element name="E_store_total" value="G_department.E_department_total" function="SUM()" />
    my report currently looks something like:
    if i just focus on the Store --> Department --> Item, i achieved this in my RTF template by doing something like the following:
    ----<td><[email protected]:G_store;E_store?>Store</td><td><[email protected]:G_department;E_department?>Department</td><td><[email protected]:G_item;E_item?>Item<?end for-each-group?> <?end for-each-group?> <?end for-each-group?> </td>
    ----<td><[email protected]:G_store;E_store?><?E_store_total?></td><td><[email protected]:G_department;E_department?><?E_department_total?></td><td><[email protected]:G_item;E_item?><?E_item_total?><?end for-each-group?> <?end for-each-group?> <?end for-each-group?> </td>
    as you can see, the store --> department --> item go across the report horizontally.
    my problem is i want to have grand totals for each column, like:
    so i did a SUM on each of the E_store/department/item_totals like:
    now that works for E_store_total ... but not for E_department_total and E_item_total!
    it seems BI Publisher doesn't like sums used with inner loops.
    because if i extract just the column for E_department, the grand total value at the bottom is correct!
    but once i put back the outer store loop, it breaks.
    what i am currently getting with this is:
    it is doing the grand total for Store correctly, but it just gives me the first row for the other grand totals.
    i have tried:
    1. using the CUBE function in my SQL query, which gives me the results i want with all the totals i want, except i cannot seem to translate it into XML.
    2. trying to use the pivot table option but i can't seem to ever get it to work the way i want.
    3. using a separate sql query to retrieve the grandtotals but that doesn't work either because of the multiple looping required.
    i'm at a complete dead end, any help would be really appreciated!
    ps. i'm a very fresh newbie

    Hi Vetsrini,
    thank you very much!
    when you said to use current-group i was confused because i thought i was using it, but when i opened up the RTF template i realized you meant the actual looping.
    so instead of doing:
    <[email protected]:G_DEPARTMENT;E_DEPARTMENT?>
    i should have been doing:
    <[email protected]:current-group()//G_DEPARTMENT;E_DEPARTMENT?>

  • Regarding Matrix Report Issue in (RTF Template)

    We are developing the new report in XMLP (Matrix Report) and this is new stuff for us in XMLP. we dont have any material to explore about how to apply matrix report concepts in RTF Template.
    We have tried with some xml data with the RTF file but the data is not coming out well..since the mapping we did
    correct in the RTF File but the field VALUE not populating the data and also
    not able see the full table in the pdf output.
    Please help me out why this formatting issue happening with the matrix report format ?..
    Also please provide some notes to understand about how to apply Matrix concepts in the RTF to get perfect output.
    Thanks in Advance.

    can you put your simple requirement here.
    like some sample xml, sample out required, and what you have tried.
    check for crosstab should find something.

  • Urgent: Issue with the size of an xls file generated from a rtf template

    Hi all,
    I have a template.rtf
    In BI, when I get the file in excel format and save it, the size of the report is 32 MB. When I just "save as" the same report, without changing anything, the size of the report is 8 MB.
    Do you know how to get directly the report with the size 8 MB or would you have some guidelines to avoid this issue.
    Thank you in advance,

    Thank you Kurz for your answer. I'm going to try to be more precise.
    Actually I'm not in EBS. I generate the output (xls format) direclty from BIP.
    The DB of my application can't be requested directly, then I use HTTP request.
    From BIP, I launch the report choosing excel as output - the template is an rtf template.
    I have been requested to open or save the xls file that I save (32 MB).
    I open the excel file, save it again and the size of the file is now 8 MB.

  • Grouping of Individual groups of Data Template in the RTF

    Hi All,
    We have a scenario where we may require the grouping of Individual groups of Data Template in the RTF.
    Lets say
    1. I have group of Invoices with the Group Name G_INV
    2. I have a list of Payments done for the Invoices under G_PAY
    3. I also have a list of Prepayment Applications that are happened on the Invoices G_PRE
    All the three groups G_INV, G_PAY, and G_PRE are independent and they are at same level
    G_INV (Main Header)
    G_PAY (Main Header)
    G_PRE (Main Header)
    But in the Report output,
    we need the data to be displayed as follows
    G_INV (Main Header)
    G_PAY (Sub Group of Payments)
    G_PRE (Sub Group of Prepayments)
    So, Can you please suggest us,
    Whether we can get these Individual groups into the above required hierarchical manner. If so, please let us know how to achieve the same.
    Also, it will be great if you advice us regarding the Performance, how best will be if we group the queries in this heirarchical manner in the RTF rather than getting the hardcoded dependency through linking of the Data Queries in the Data Template file.
    Praveen G

    I dont think you can stop the table growing using Word controls. The easiest way to do it would be to limit the amount of data coming in.
    This is take only the first 5 rows

  • Problem with Cross-tab report (RTF Template) null values, current-group()

    Hi, experts!
    I generate Cross-tab report using RTF Tamlpate and I have problem with grouping.
    My XML file have to be with one group only because I want to using dynamic regrouping inside the RTF template.
    Here is my data structure (XML file):(Look the images for details)
    Here is my RTF template:
    When I'm using grouping and I want to have for each group cross-tab report I have the following problem: (Look the images for details)
    And this is my code I'm using inside the RTF template with groups:(Look the images for details)
    Here is my RTF template:
    When I generate one cross-tab there is no problem: (Look the images for details)
    This is my code I'm using inside the RTF template WITHOUT groups:(Look the images for details)
    Can someone give me a hand to deal with this?
    Thank you!

    better to ask this question in the BI Publisher Forum than here in the Oracle Reports Forum:
    BI Publisher

Maybe you are looking for

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