Issue with Value Mapping table

I want to upload a external value mapping table to XI.
I do not want to code for it on the SAP R/3 side. and there might be more than 2000 value mappings. so can we upload a external mapping table.
Is it possible?? if yes, then how??.

XI 3.0
first of all one helpful information:
You can see all data of the value mapping tables using the
runtime workbench: Go to the IntegrationBuilder->
Integration Monitoring->Cache Monitoring, select 'Search
for Value-Mapping' and choose your context.
The value mapping tables are located in the J2EE part of
XI. You have to send your value mapping data to an Java proxy
located in the J2EE part. First, the inbound proxies
(synchronous and asynchronous) need to be activated.
There are two urls, named in the docu, you have to call
from a web browser:
(asynchronous replication scenario)
(synchronous replication scenario)
You only need to perform this step once (for each
If you already have a sender for the mapping data, the
next step is to configure the scenario in the directory
Create a communication channel with
Adapter type: XI
Transport protocol: HTTP 1.0
Message-Protocol: XI 3.0
Adapter-Engine: Integration Server
and host name and http port of the XI J2EE Engine and Path Prefix: /MessagingSystem/receive/JPR/XI
The user XIAPPLUSER has the required permissions.
For an asynchronous communication you can use the
inbound interface ValueMappingReplication from the namespace
In that namespace there are also outbound interfaces you
can use to generate a sender proxy and synchronous
interfaces for the same purpose. Set the created communication channel as the receiver channel.
You may need a mapping and so on depending on your
sender. If you use the provided outbound interfaces there
is no mapping required.
The Data:
You can create your own GUIDs using some function like GUID_CREATE in ABAP. You don't need to declare the context you use. Something like should be ok.
A sample in ABAP:
CRM and R3 are the names of the business systems.
data: lcl_value_mapping type ref to co_svmr_value_mapping_rep,
        ls_value_mappings type svmr_value_mapping_replication,
        ls_item type svmr_value_mapping_rep_item,
        lcl_system_fault type ref to cx_ai_system_fault.
  ls_item-operation = 'Insert'.
  ls_item-group_id = '315286378563858425463215845123548'.
  ls_item-context = 'http://Test'.
  ls_item-identifier-scheme = 'FormOfAddress'.
  ls_item-identifier-agency = 'CRM'.  <- Business System A
  ls_item-identifier-value = '2'.
  append ls_item to ls_value_mappings-value_mapping_replication-item.
  ls_item-operation = 'Insert'.
Use the same guid for another value of the same group
  ls_item-group_id = '315286378563858425463215845123548'.
  ls_item-context = 'http://Test'.
  ls_item-identifier-scheme = 'FormOfAddress'.
  ls_item-identifier-agency = 'R3'. <- Business System B
  ls_item-identifier-value = '1'.
  append ls_item to ls_value_mappings-value_mapping_replication-item.
  create object lcl_value_mapping.
      call method lcl_value_mapping->execute_asynchronous
          output = ls_value_mappings.
      commit work.
    catch cx_ai_system_fault into lcl_system_fault.
      write: 'Error: ', lcl_system_fault->errortext.
See the XI documentation at SAP XI Design and Configuration Time -> Configuration -> Value Mapping -> Value mapping Replication for Mass Data.
Hope that helps.

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  • What are "value mapping tables"..

    hi friends,
    I am not getting the clear idea of value mapping tables and how it refers in cache monitoring....pls help me out...
    with regards,

    Value Mapping
    A perticular object/field could have different interprtations from applications to applications and Business to Business. For e.g Suppose a particular document XYZ has an identity code 001 in one application or may be in one orgnization. But the same document could have different ID in different applications.
    With the help of Value Mapping you could map these IDs with each other, thus while transaction of the data XI will act as an smart mapper to pass the Application specific values.
    There are many docs available about Value mapping in SDN forum.
    How to Perform Value Mapping – A Walkthrough
    SDN Discussions
    SAP - XI Value Mapping : Mapping two values to a single value
    Value Mapping Issue in SAP XI
    Value mapping

  • Import conversion data table from SAP R/3 into value mapping table in XI

        Somebody knows how to import a table with conversion data that are in SAP R/3 and to take it to a value mapping table in XI?
        The purpose is to use a mapping table that can change in the future. Must I use a ABAP programming that retrieve data and build the value mapping table?
        If so, how I specify in the ABAP programming the group id, the scheme, the agency and the corresponding value?
        Please, help me.

    Hi David,
    please refer to this section in the help:
    There is an interface for mass replication of mapping data. The steps you need to carry out to use this are:
    To implement a value-mapping replication scenario, proceed as follows:
           1.      Register the Java (inbound) proxies.
    To do so, call the following URLs in the following order in your Internet browser:
    ¡        http://:/ProxyServer/register?ns= (for the asynchronous replication scenario)
    ¡ http://:/ProxyServer/register?ns= (for the synchronous replication scenario)
    You only need to perform this step once (for each installation).
           2.      Application programming
    The ABAP program must perform the following tasks:
    ¡        Read the value mapping data from the external table
    ¡        Call the outbound proxy used to transfer the data to a message, which is then sent to the Integration Server
           3.      Configuration of the replication scenario in the Integration Directory
    This involves creating all the configuration objects you need to execute the scenario successfully. One special aspect of the value-mapping replication scenario is that the receiver is predefined (it must be on the Integration Server). The sender, however, is not predefined in the replication scenario and can be defined to meet your individual requirements.
    For example, you can use the shipped ABAP proxies.
    In the case of the receiver communication channel, choose the adapter type XI. Ensure that you configure a channel for the Java proxy receiver in this case.
    Enter the path prefix /MessagingSystem/receive/JPR/XI for this purpose.

  • How to insert bulk values in value mapping table at a time.

    Hi all,
    I hv one issue in value mapping i.e,
    I hv some bulk data in MS- Excel, i am unable to copy all the date from ecel to value mapping table.
    SO, How can i insert bulk values in my value mapping table at a time.
    plz, help me in this asap.

    hai mahesh check the below links,
    note:reward points if solution found helpfull.....

  • Accessing ID Value Mapping table in XSLT

    Hi Experts,
    In the XSLT mapping,I would like to access my value mapping table which i defined in ID .The purpose of ID value mapping here is, the table entries will be changing in future and i don want to use fix values, XML table  which is defined in runtime.
    I have gone through the blog
    which explians design value mapping table in XSLT.
    Is there any way to access Configuration Value Mapping table in XSLT? If yes, can you explain how should i achieve it ?

    you can use the xivmService to call ID val map tables.
    Use tha java function executeMapping, Its a standard SAP api.
    Declare the Service in XSLT at start
    <xsl:stylesheet xmlns:xsl="" xmlns:vm="" version="1.0"> 
    Call the val mapping table using below template wherever required.
    <xsl:template name="ValueMapping">
    <xsl:param name="SenderParam"/>
    <xsl:value-of select="vm:executeMapping( 'SenderType', 'SenderTypeSchema', $SenderParam, 'receiverType', ReceiverTypeSchema')"/>
    Call template like :
    <xsl:call-template name="ValueMapping">
    <xsl:with-param name="SenderParam">
    try it and let me know if you have any doubt.
    Edited by: Kulwinder Grewal on Aug 12, 2009 11:36 PM

  • How to put identical target value in value mapping table

    Hi all ,
             I am implementing a value mapping function .Problem is occuring for repetated target value.for ex: if key is GL001 GL002 GL003  and destination value is 4 5 4 then its creating problem for identical values i.e for  both GL001 & GLOO3 its not accepting 4 .Same manner for many diffrent glncode i have  identical values.not understanding how to deal with these identical values please guide me as its very urgent.

    Hi saurabh,
    you can try this out....
    First you create a value mapping table in ID like:
    GLOO1     10
    GLOO2     20
    (without GLOO3).
    now in your message mapping do the following mapping:
    AWSYS-------------> equals---->if----------------->Value Mapping---->GLNCODE
                        |          |(else)
                        |          |
    Constant[GLOO3]-----|        AWSYS
    **Reward points if helpful...
    --Sankar Choudhury

  • In the Value Mapping Table n:1 relations is not allowed???

    I'm using Value Mapping but if I try to fill the Value Mapping Table with 2 different source values (e.g AA, BB) and the same one as target (e.g. ZZ) the Integration Builder does not allow it.
    I receive the message:
    "Rappresentation already exists.
      BB | ZZ
      AA | ZZ
    Do you want to delete it from the existing group and assign it to the current group instead?
    Any idea?
    Message was edited by: Sergio Ferrari

    Hi Sergio,
    I think it does allow you to have n:1 relations. The error you are getting is because the mapping already exists in another group. You can try to display it to see which group the mapping belongs to.
    Nevertheless, since it exists, you do not to enter it again. You are able to use it in your mapping program anyway.

  • Issue with data dictionary -Table maintanance generator

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    I have an issue with Data dictionary, table maintenance generator. I have entered some records in a custom table (ZBCSECROLETOGRP) and changed the delivery class from C to A. When I create the table maintainance generator, I am encountered with the following errors:
    1)Field ZBCSECROLETOGRP-PORTALGROUP shortened (new visible length: 000032)
    2)0012 could not be generated
    3)In TCTRL_ZBCSECROLETOGRP field LENGTH has the invalid value 01
    My main motto is to create the table maintainace generator and transport to the furthur systems .
    Please help.
    ThnX in advance,

    Regenerate the table maintenance by selecting the checkbox of "Modified field structure" => new entry & then save.
    Also ensure that the new changes are not affecting old data bcz of data type changes. If that is the case, then delete the old records, regenerate table maint. & re-enter those records which you had deleted.
    Best regards,

  • How to access value mapping table in xi ?

    Hi All,
    i want to load all value mapping table data from XI to a excel sheet. how can i do it ?could anyone provide java code needed for it ?

    Maybe you could extract it via the Integration Directory Webservice Programming Interface...
    Check this link:
    There is a section for Valuemappings there. Apparently it would be a matter of calling the corresponding webservice with the GUID of the valuemapping and it returns the data.
    Good luck and please tell us if it works!

  • Mass data update in Value mapping table

    Hi ,
      I have used Value mapping replication to update the mass data from external source to Value mapping table . Its updatating in Runtime Cache but i want the data to be visible in GUI Value mapping table as well. Is it possible ? Because i doubt that the data in Runtime Cache may get  removed if the system restarts . Can any one help ?

      Thanks for your prompt reply but i didn't get what you are trying to convey . My issue here is
    Instead of manually entering key-value pair in Value mapping table , I used Value mapping replication ( )
    Its updating the data in Runtime Cache ( you can see this using Cache Monitoring )  but not able to view the data in Actual Value mapping Table (GUI in Directory of SAPXI) I want the data updated using Replication to be visible in GUI table is it possible ?
    Hope you got the question much better now

  • Read Value mapping table (java chace)

    I've updated the value mapping table in java cache via teh replication method. now for some reasons i need to read the values stored before i update the cache in a program. any idea on how to read the data stored in value mapping cache?

    Hi Prabhu,
    I donu2019t recall all the details, but after researching this before I came to the conclusion that the XI Value Mapping cache should only be used as a cache and not used as the master where item level maintenance is performed.  I believe it mainly involved the fact that there is no Update operation.  You need to delete first then re-create.  However, itu2019s easy to introduce duplicate items if you donu2019t use all the right values for the delete.
    So, I added the DeleteContext operation as the first item in the ValueMappingReplication  xml.  In this way the entire Context is deleted and re-created every time.  We can then be sure the cache is always in-sync with our source, which we maintain in Excel.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <ns:ValueMappingReplication xmlns:ns="">
        <Identifier scheme="Alpha" agency="Alpha">A</Identifier>
        <Identifier scheme="Alpha" agency="AlphaPos">1</Identifier>
       u2026 etc u2026

  • ABAP Mapping with Value Mapping

    Hi folks,
    Anyone knows if it is possible to query a value mapping table inside an ABAP mapping?
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Bhavesh,
    Thanks for your prompt answer.
    I’m already using the Value Mapping with Master data Replication on several graphical mappings. Unfortunately, some changes happened for one mapping program, the complexity increased and the graphical mapping doesn’t fulfill these new requirements. So, I thought to use ABAP mapping, because is a language that I know well.
    I understood your concern; we are talking about two levels, ABAP and Java stack. It will be needed a call from ABAP stack to Java Stack, but maybe there is an API for that? But, about system performance, I guess Value Mapping its better then RFC lookup, right?
    My mapping problem is: I need to generate two nodes (not a field) every time the code “MODI” (modification) comes in a source field. Inside these two nodes, I have to fill a field, into first node, with an old id and for the second node with the new id.
    I can’t found any standard function to fulfill this requirement. Maybe this is easy with UDF, but I’m not filling comfortable with Java and I don’t know how to do it. If you know, please let me know.
    Thanks in advance.

  • CVC creation - Strange issue with Master data table of 9AMATNR

    Hi Experts,
    We have encountered a strange issue with Master data table (/BI0/9APMATNR) of info object 9AMATNR.
    We have a BADI implemented for checking the valid Characteristic before creation of the CVC using transaction /SAPAPO/MC62. This BADI puts a select on master data tab of material /BI0/9APMATNR and returns no value. But the material actually exists in the table (checked through SE16).
    Now we go inside the info object 9AMATNR and go to the Master data Tab. There we go inside the master table
    /BI0/9APMATNR and activate that. After activating the table it is read by the select statement inside BADI (Strange) and allows the CVC to be created.
    Ideally it should not allow us to activate the SAP standard table /BI0/9APMATNR. I observed that in technical settings of this table it has single record buffering as switched on. (But as per my knowledge buffer gets refreshed every 2 to 4 mins and not in 2 days or something).
    Your expert comment is valuable to us. Thanks.
    Best Regards,
    Chandan Dubey

    Hi Chandan,
                 Try to use a WAIT statment with 5 seconds before your select statment.
    I'm not sure whether this will work. Anyway check it and let me know the result.

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    Now if we remove the refinement then it would show complete US map as hot which is again wrong.
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    Is there anyway to overcome this issue?

    This issue was resolved after applying latest patch from Oracle.

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