Itunes/ express failure

Hello, I`ve downloaded the latest version of itunes and when connecting to my airport express, I get "Unknown error code -3256"..... and no connection.
I`ve had itunes for years, had the usual glitches and have tried to sort this one out, spent all day going thru` the sites trying to find clues. I`ve restarted the express many times and can always get onto it.... just itunes cannot. What am I missing,
Regards, Mike.

I also have this problem. I'm using an airport express that is my main wi-fi connection. When I go to a friend's place who has an airport express, but is not the main connection (it is only used for iTunes and not for the internet), I am able to play my music over her system.
I had read that firewall settings could cause this. I'm using Intego Netbarrier, but my settings are set to allow iTunes play over an Airport network.

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  • Itunes install failure - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\.aif\OpenWithProgIds

    Hi Guys,
    I am admin on this machine. I have tried regedit as suggested for the .cdda error (1402 1406 errors) with the .aif\OpenWithProgIds entry, but have had no luck
    1. There is no key within this subdirectory (Get error - 'Cannot Open OpenWithProgIds: Error while opening key')
    2. Trying to update the permissions meets with failure as there is nothing to update the permissions on. I have checked on the .cdda entry and I can do this no problem).
    The full message I am getting while trying to install is:
    Could not open key:
    Verify that you have sufficent access to
    that key, or contact your support personnel.
    I do have adequate permissions.
    Please can you help?

    This isn't really my thing but no one else has replied.
    A few thoughts, if this is an upgrade, are you using the same account to do the upgrade as you used for the original install? If now it might be worth trying the other account.
    Although you account has admin status, it might be worth logging in as THE adminstrator, if you haven't done that.
    Although you don't have HKEYLOCALMACHINE\Software\.aif\OpenWithProgIds, you didn't say if you have HKEYLOCALMACHINE\Software\.aif - if you do it might be worth checking permission there.
    If this is an iTunes 7.5 upgrade problem - you didn't say - it might be worth gettting the details to royb - see this post:

  • Itune installation failure

    I am having an installation failure issue with my itunes 11 software.  File is corrupted and i don't know what to do.  I've un-install and re-installed the software three times and continue to get the same error message.  It states that "This copy of ITunes is corrupted or is not installed correctly.  Please reinstall Itunes"

    I went a step further than before and got itunes running again.
    The Updater had also installed Quicktime.
    I launched quicktime, it appeared to be configuring and then launched. Then when I run Itunes now it is working...
    Hope this is your problem also.

  • How do I broadcast to my iTunes Express?

    I have a G5 with NO Airport card. It is connected to a wireless router which I use for the iBook. I was told that I can use my G5 to play my iTunes library to the Airport Express in the living room, which is connected to speakers. Typically, I use this connected to an iPod, but would like to use the G5. I don't understand how I can do this since the G5 has no "broadcast" capability. It IS connected via ethernet to the wireless router.
    Am I missing something?

    Your set up should work. It's almost identical to mine.
    Have you configured the Airport Express? You'll have to do that from the iBook.
    More info here:

  • Itunes installation failure, error code 80070246

    I was attempting to upgrade to the latest I tunes version, unfortunately the installation stops during the publishing product information stage. I am using Windows Vista, home edition 32 bit.
    While searching the help topics I have tried uninstalling itunes, quicktime, apple software update, apple mobile device support, bonjour and would have uninstalled apple application support if it showed up.
    After rebooting and attempting to reinstall (with another failure) I tried running Microsoft fix-it basic and advanced because I came across this fix in another article for this error code. Now not only can I not install Itunes, no updates show up in the history for Windows Update and when I run Windows Update it also fails with another error code 80080005.
    After spending 2 days working on this I am worse off than I was when I started, does anyone have any suggestions for what I should do next?

    A quick search of the error code shows a VBScript error. Perhaps this could help:

  • Airport Express Failure Caused by Ethernet Switch

    I was baffled for a while with frequent dropouts of one of my Airport Express units.  This one receives wireless from an Airport Extreme, then I connect its ethernet port to a gigabit switch which provides hardwire connections for my television, Blu-Ray, and Dish Network reciever.  I also use its audio port for AirPlay music to my stereo.
    This configuration worked flawlessly for a long time.  Then it suddenly dropped out.  Timing coincided with the release of 7.6 AirPort firmware, and iTunes 10.5.1 ... so naturally I blamed Apple, downgraded the software, and still had the problem.
    The bigest clue came when I switched this Aiport Express with another one that had been working flawlessly in another room.  It had te same symptoms. Conclusion:  It wasn't the Apple hardware!
    I unplugged the audio jack and ethernet cable.  Suddenly the Airport Express was visible to my network.  Next step change the CAT5/6 cable.  That's when I discovered that my ethernet switch was blinking abnormally.  So I removed its power.  Upon restart/reset everything has been working normally for the last three days!
    So the lesson learned is that the Airport Express is sensitive to the downstream devices connected to its ethernet port.  I hope this can help someone with troubleshooting in the future. Dont panic!  Check your cables and reset your devices.

    I did initially leave it all to do its own thing and the new Airport Utility picture layout appeared to show it all connected up... but that would only last a minute or two before we noticed that the wifi was just gone (the pictures in Utility would change to yellow triangles and say the devices were no longer available.)
    Sorry, but I cannot duplicate this error. 
    When you connect devices using Ethernet, AirPort Utility will display a solid line between the devices.  A dotted line is displayed if the devices are connecting using wireless.

  • ITunes update failure. Trouble accessing appData file iTunes64.msi

    My Lenova will not update the iTunes software. The failure alert states iTunes64.msi not found.

    (1) Download the Windows Installer CleanUp utility installer file (msicuu2.exe) from the following Major Geeks page (use one of the links under the "DOWNLOAD LOCATIONS" thingy on the Major Geeks page).
    Here's a screenshot showing the particular links on the page that you should be clicking:
    After clicking one of the circled links, you should be taken to another page, and after a few seconds you should see a download dialog appear for the msicuu2.exe file. Here's a screenshot of what it looks like for me in Firefox:
    Choose to Save the file. If the dialog box does not appear for you, click the link on the page that says "CLICK HERE IF IT DOES NOT". Here's a screenshot of the page with the relevant link circled:
    When the dialog appears, choose to save the file.
    (2) Go to the Downloads area for your Web browser. Doubleclick the msicuu2.exe file and follow the prompts to install the Windows Installer CleanUp utility. (If you're on a Windows Vista or Windows 7 system and you get a Code 800A0046 error message when doubleclicking the msicuu2.exe file, try instead right-clicking on the msicuu2.exe file and selecting "Run as administrator".)
    (3) In your Start menu click All Programs and then click Windows Install Clean Up. The Windows Installer CleanUp utility window appears, listing software that is currently installed on your computer.
    (4) In the list of programs that appears in CleanUp, select any iTunes entries and click "Remove", as per the following screenshot:
    (5) Quit out of CleanUp, restart the PC and try another iTunes install. Does it go through properly this time?

  • ITune launch failure

    Hi, I'm new here and I'm hoping someone can help me out. I'd really appreciate it.
    A few days ago I was moving my icons on my desktop and I accidently set my iTunes icon on top of my Firefox icon. A pop up came up, but I don't remember what it said (although I wish I could). Afterwards, I couldn't open iTunes. It'll appear in my taskbar for a splitsecond and then disappear. I can't even open my iTunes folder in My Music folder.
    I tried following this: iTunes for Windows: Troubleshooting unexpected quits, freezes, or launch failures. I created a new account and tried opening iTunes there and it worked. So I tried Remove iTunes Plug-in, Remove iTunes Preference files, and Check for content files with issues, but like I said I can't open my iTunes folder at all. When I moved my iTunes folder onto my desktop and opened iTunes, it still wouldn't open but a new iTunes folder appeared in My Music folder.
    I've also tried uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes, but it still won't open.
    I'd really appreciate some help. This is quite distressing. I really don't want to have to delete my music and import all of them again :[
      Windows XP  

    I went a step further than before and got itunes running again.
    The Updater had also installed Quicktime.
    I launched quicktime, it appeared to be configuring and then launched. Then when I run Itunes now it is working...
    Hope this is your problem also.

  • Airport Express Failure / Replacement

    One of my two AExpress just failed (no clue why - but the light is not coming on) I am considering to replace it with the AExtreme i naddition to the remaining AExpress. Does the additonal expediture make sense, or is the combination of the 2 AExpress just as good? (the second was set up as an "extender").
    is there a way yet to send ITunes to two AExpresses at the same time?

    When the Express is operating normally, it will flash green for a second on turn on, then stay solid amber for 15-20 seconds, then turn to solid green.
    If there is a problem with the setup, then the Express will continue to flash amber instead of displaying solid green.
    my airport express does not work after reset. when powering on the green button flashes then amber then nothing
    If this is true, you have a defective Express that will need to be replaced. As a last resort, try a Factory Default Reset as follows:
    Power off the Express
    Wait a minute or two
    Hold in the reset button first, and then keep holding it in for an additional 8-10 seconds while you simultaneously plug the power back into the Express
    Release the reset button after the 8-10 second hold period
    Allow a full minute for the Express to restart
    At this point, the Express should be slowing blinking amber, indicating that it has been completely reset and now can be reconfigured again.

  • 3 itunes express & IMac g5 as base station?

    just Trying to get itunes into 3 rooms no internet or ethernet etc.. I have a Imac g5 and 3 airport express with itunes. I Can get 2 to work but third still seems to be out of range.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. i see you can use the devices as WDS but not sure of the configuration and if my Imac g5 should be my main base station for some reason it is not in my list of choices.
    My dining room express which works is set up as my main base station for the network i called itunes.
    Thank you

    Here's some information on creating a WDS network.

  • Airport Express failure to connect to network

    My new airport express will not join the wifi network at a Kimpton Hotel. It is incapable of giving any clue as to it's problem other than that the error is "unexpected" thus I have no idea what to do. CAn anyone throw sone light on the subject?

    Yes, there's an exception for Bonjour in the firewall (Bonjour is allowed)
    I've try to re-add the "APAgent" which control Airports and restart the firewall but it didn't worked...
    The only solution I've found was to desactivate Windows firewall...
    (Firewall of my ADSL box is activated).
    Maybe I should try to repair iTunes Installation like WPLU...

  • ITunes Match failure on Windows 7 64-bit

    Ever since I have installed the latest update of iTunes 10.6.1 on my computer about ten days ago, iTunes Match will come on and try to synchronize my library to the iCloud.  As soon as it reaches step 3 to upload remaining tracks to the iCloud, iTunes shuts down with an error, repeatedly.  I have tried reinstalling iTunes and rebooting my system.  No iPod or iPhone is even connected. 
    If I disable iTunes Match then I can at least use iTunes to sync my iPod, but that is all.
    Any ideas?

    SNMP has nothing to do with iTunes.  I think you are looking at a coincidence.

  • Time Machine and iTunes: hd failure, tm restore, itunes permissions problms

    Can someone please help me?
    I had my brothers old laptop, a powerbook g4 al 15" 1.25 ghz, 2 gig ram, 80g hd. The hd failed a couple days ago with big clicks that sounded like that arm slapping backing a forth. So, I bought a new 160 gig hard drive from ifixit, and replaced that yesterday. I installed leopard. I wanted a fresh install, so I just installed in normally, and then went manually into the external hard drive (500gb), and tried getting some of my music back from itunes in the time machine backup folders. It did not work well, and I could not find all of them, so, I re-instered the leopard install disc.
    I restored from Time Machine (not migrate because i did not know about it at the time), and have what looks like my old laptop back. Now I went to copy my itunes music from my laptop to my iphone, and here is my problem:
    My iTunes now says that 49 of my files are not authorized to play on this computer. I could give the exact error; it is: "..." well actually I can't right now because I am running onyx to try to fix disk permissions, so when that is over I could give the error message.
    Does anyone know what to do?
    The end of all this is to backup all my iTunes music on a disk (which includes downloads from, and then delte the whole OS, and reinstall leopard, again, with a fresh install, but this time with my itunes restored.
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    in that case it shouldn't count as a new computer when you authorize it. If for some strange reason it does count as a new computer you can deauthorize all your currently authorized computers and then authorize the ones you need.
    To do that in iTunes go to Store menu->View my accounts, and then click Deauthorize All. If you don't see this option, it's because you don't have five authorized computers.

  • ITunes installation failure

    I was trying to update my copy of iTunes to 10.1 but during the installation process the following error message appears.
    An error occurred during the installation of assembly 'Microsoft.VC80.CRT, version="8.0.50727.4053", type="win32", publickeyToken="1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b", process or Architecture="x86". Please refer to help and support for more information. HRESULT: 0x8007054F
    I have uninstalled iTunes and all associated elementsand attempted to re-install them but this message appears everytime. I have installed Quicktime separately which is fine, but iTunes still will not install.
    If anyone has any ideas I would be awfully grateful!

    This was suggested in Microsoft's support forums; it might work for you:
    Ckeck if the "Windows Modules Installer" service is started. If not, try to start it from the services console. If you receive an error "1450 Insufficient System resources" error, then follow this steps:
    1) Open regedit and replace the following value:
    Key: RegistrySizeLimit
    Type: REG_DWORD
    Value: 0xFFFFFF (4294967295)
    2) Reboot
    3) Open a command prompt as administrator and run SFC /SCANNOW to check the integrity of system modules.
    4) Install pending windows updates
    with this additional explanation:
    "If you open your registry editor (regedit) you should see a series of folders down the left hand side. One of them is called "HKEYLOCALMACHINE"
    if you double click on that folder there should be a subfolder "System" and in that a subfolder "CurrentControlSet" and in that a subfolder "Control"
    Then on the right hand side there should be a series of files, one of them called "registry size limit". If you double click on that it should open up a small window where you can manually change the value. I did this by entering the letter "F" 8 times. Once I clicked okay, the number in brackets (4294967295) changed automatically. I then clicked okay, exited regedit and restarted my computer. I was then able to dowload itunes."
    Hope this helps.

  • Poor upload speeds via speedtest affecting iTunes match failure to upload new songs?

    Hi Guys,
    My itunes match is stuck at stage 3 - I only have a couple of albums worth of songs to update but it is freezing and eventually erroring saying it can't complete the request and times out.
    generally it is fine with a 15,000 song library. My itunes is up to date. I have logged out and logged in and now I can't even see any of my icloud tracks, even though it says I am logged in...
    My internet browsing has also become very sluggish. I have done various checks and the only thing I have noticed is that my upload speed via a speed test is 0.01 if am lucky which is very low seeing as I should be on around 5MB (via virgin media superhub)
    Would this explain my Itunes match issue?
    Any help or advice on these issues would be hugely helpful.

    Hi rhirons,
    Unfortunately at present there isn't much I can suggest, you've pretty much covered off most of the troubleshooting there is for iTunes match. This is a common problem and has been ongoing since the beginning of the month affecting a lot of people. It appears to be an issue at the iTunes side and until Apple acknowledge there is a problem and fix it I'm afraid we're stuck.
    I'd recommend contacting Apple Support online by going to then selecting iTunes Store > Connecting & Downloading > iTunes Match
    The more people that contact Apple to report the issue will hopefully will trigger a response to get the problem sorted.

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