ITunes Producer upload error

I've got a 41.2MB iBook I'm trying to upload using iTunes Producer.  I've got a book, sample book, cover art and 5 screenshots.  At the delivery screen, I get text at the top that says Validation Completed.  I hit the deliver button, the barber pole starts and I get text saying validating metadata with the iTunes Store, validating assets with the iTunes Store, negotiating, validating assets with the iTunes Store, validating metadata with the iTunes Store, then I get an error, and when I send it to Apple I get this summary:
Package Summary:
1 package(s) were not uploaded because they had problems:
          /Users/Rock/Music/iTunes Producer/Playlists/9780615628196.itmsp - Error Messages:
                    An error has occurred during the upload.
                    An exception has occurred: The operation timed out.
                    Transfer error.
                    An exception has occurred: The transport has been detected as having failed and has been aborted.  Please try again.
                    An error occurred while uploading the files to Apple's remote server.
                    An error occurred while uploading the package 9780615628196.itmsp.
                    Apple's web service operation was not successful
                    Unable to authenticate the package: 9780615628196.itmsp
                    ERROR ITMS-9000: "java.lang.Error: Internal error: unknown protocol: bundle schema/20/rng/opf.rng" at Book (MZItmspBookPackage)
Two days ago I got this message from Apple:
Thank you for contacting iBookstore Publisher Support.
We appreciate your report of this error in iTunes Producer. Our team is aware of this issue and is currently working towards a resolution. You will be notified by email once it is resolved.
Thank you for your patience.
Then today, I got this from Apple:
The attached list of items did not upload successfully to the iTunes Store. If you still want to make these items available to customers, you will need to retry the uploads.
The iTunes Store Team
I've read some stuff in the forums and I see a lot of problems with video but my book has none of that.  It's text and a lot of aviaiton historical photos and artwork, with two gallery widgets.  Nothing fancy.
Anybody have any advice?  I'd change the book if I need to but I don't have a clue as to what's causing the problem...

I got a reply from iBookstore support that fixed me right up.  My issue was not a JAVA issue.  Here's what they sent:
You can make an update to your settings in iTunes Producer to avoid this issue.
1. Open iTunes Producer
2. From the iTunes Producer menu, open Preferences.
3. Click on the icon for Advanced settings at the right side of the screen.
4. Uncheck the box next to Signiant.
5. Close settings and reattempt your delivery.
You will be notified by email once Signiant is available again.
Once I did that, my book delivered on the first try.  I'm fixed and thanks to Apple.

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  • ITunes Produce delivery error ERROR ITMS-3000

    Hi everyone,
    I am going crazy trying to publish an e-book on the iBookstore, and I hope I can get some help here.
    First some background info:
    I am intending to publish a small collection of short stories written in Pages '09 and converted to .epub in a writing tool named Scrivener (where I can have each short story as a separate chapter, which I wouldn't be able to do - I think - if I just converted straight to .epub in Pages), through iTunes Producer.
    I have previewed the file many times (in many versions) on my iPad and it works perfectly.
    However, when I intend to deliver via iTunes Produce - after filling in all of the required fields of course - I receive this error message upon delivery:
    1 package(s) were not uploaded because they had problems:
              /Users/willustav/Music/iTunes Producer/Playlists/9789198015713.itmsp - Error Messages:
                        Apple's web service operation was not successful
                        Unable to authenticate the package: 9789198015713.itmsp
                        ERROR ITMS-3000: "Line 48 column 27: element "audience" missing required attribute "scheme" at XPath /package/book/metadata/audience_info/audience"
                        ERROR ITMS-3000: "Line 48 column 38: element "audience" incomplete; expected element "range" or "value" at XPath /package/book/metadata/audience_info/audience"
    Now, I cannot for the love of God understand what it means. I have tried to tweak the .epub conversion settings to be as plain as possible (in Scrivener) and I just can't make any sense of the "help" from Apple support, which just says:
    Why am I getting a delivery error in iTunes Producer?
    Import errors can appear after a validated EPUB file and the required metadata have been delivered. An import error can be caused by the following:
    Your EPUB contains files not listed in the manifest. This error is not generally caught by EPUBCheck. All files must be listed in the manifest, or there is no way to confirm that they are intended for distribution.
    Your EPUB contains characters that are not UTF-8 or UTF-16. This is typically caused by including accented or other special characters in the EPUB. If they are not properly encoded, they will not appear as expected when the customer reads your book. iTunes Producer lists the exact files that have these issues in the delivery error report.
    XHTML namespace is not properly declared in all HTML in your EPUB. This is a strict requirement for the EPUB standard. Check to ensure the proper namespace is declared in each HTML document. See the current spec at
    All date formats are not full and complete. There are strict requirements for dates listed in the EPUB OPF and NCX files. Check to see that they are complete and properly formatted.
    Your filenames have spaces or encoded characters. If your EPUB has any spaces in filenames, be sure the spaces are properly encoded in the EPUB manifest by using "%20" in their place. Filenames may not contain periods (".") other than to separate the filename from its extension.
    Note that even if your book package passes EPUBCheck, it might contain one or more of the errors above that prevent it from appearing in your iTunes Connect account. [/quote]
    There are no periods of spaces in the filenames.
    The only thing I can think of is that the text is in swedish, and perhaps the letters "å, ä, ö" can cause difficulties? But I fail to see why or how, if it works and shows perfectly on my iPad upon preview.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    I had the exact same problem but solved it. The solution lay in eliminating one unmanifested file within epub. In other words, I had listed a file in the opf manifest and also had it included in my folder as a jpg, but it was unused in the actual html file. This caused the epub to pass epub check but to fail apply validation.
    Hope this helps,

  • New Ibook/itunes producer delivery error message

    I've been uploading ebooks via itunes producer with no plroblem until just recently. Now I get the following error message ";)[B". The epub file is validated and nothing has changed about how I do or prepare the delivery. This seems like it must be a bug on Apple's side. Has anyone else had this issue and how have you fixed it? I am at a loss. No fixes have worked so far.

    I am also having this same problem.  I'm just using iTunesProducer 2.3.1. and OSX 10.6.7.
    Has anyone had any response from Apple about this?
    I have asked today, but I don't hold out much hope of a reply.

  • ITunes Producer installation error

    iTunes Producer gives me this installation error:
    "The installation failed.
    An unknown installation error occurred.
    The Installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance."
    I'm using a MacBook Pro, OS X 10.6.8, 2.53 GHz Intel processor, 4 GB RAM, with 30 GB of space available on my hard drive. I've already contacted iBookstore Publisher Support. They sent me here. Any ideas?
    Thanks for your help,

    I just installed Snow Leopard from install DVD 10.6 and then used software update to insure I have the latest system everything on this MacBook Pro with Intel Core Duo 2.4 GHz processor, 2GB ram, 133 GB available space on the hard drive.
    I get the same error as above.
    "The installation failed.
    An unknown installation error occurred.
    The Installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance."
    Not only that, I also tried the installation on a recently purchased Mac Mini. Same problem.
    Any hints, folks? It's annoying that the only install of iTunes Producer I can use is on my old, out of date Mac that I am now afraid to upgrade the system on because if this keps happening, I won't be able to upload to iBooks at all.

  • Deliver ePub with iTunes Producer strange error.

    I have a validated epub file, but when I try to deliver with iTunes Producer to iBookstore, I get the following error: ";)[B"
    Can someone help me out?

    Thanks Valcolm, but it doesn't appear to be a problem with "iTunes Producer" since apps are submitted through "Application Loader" (another tool that comes with XCode)
    I've been trying to update another of my apps, but I have the same error message ";)[B" and Google can't help me with this... I'll wait for Apple (I asked them via iTunes Connect, as soon as I have an answer I'll post it here)

  • ITunes Producer: submission error message

    Yesterday I made my first attempt to submit my book to iBooks and got the following error message:
    "@env: parameter is null: (null)"
    I have no idea what this error refers to, nor does iTunes Producer give you any clues what it is nor how to correct it. I'm left in the dark to know what to do next.
    Has anyone come across this error before and successfully corrected it? Any help would be appreciated.

    I had the same problem and somehow solved it.
    I guess you just published from iBooks Author and it launched the NEW iTunes Producer that had been seamlessly updated by the App Store mechanism.
    The issue appears related to the new Producer not authenticating properly, maybe because it inherits data from the previous version but something does not translate completely.
    Try this:
    - quit Producer
    - launch it again DIRECTLY (find the icon and click it)
    - you should see the login form, fill it and ensure everything is fine
    - go to your project folder and remove the old *.itmsp file that was generated but left pending
    - retry publishing from within iBooks Author

  • ITunes producer import error

    I have completed my first iBook and wanted to publish...which fails of course. Everything works fine through the whole iTunes Producer thing until it says "Import error" in the package status. When I go to the contact us at iTunes Connect and try to get in contact with apple it says that my Apple-ID is wrong, it has to be a numeric identifier.
    Is there some file in the system that states WHAT is wrong with the book? Or is there a way to actually get in contact with someone at Apple? *frustrated*

    I struggled with the same issue for a couple of days earlier this week.  My issue was definately related to vido, but not necessarily the format of the videos.  It was related to 2 things:
    1.  We had adjusted the Poster frame from the default to a selectable frame. 
    2.  We had adjusted the start/stop of the video
    I deleted the videos that had either of these settings changed and added them back into the book without any adjustments and the Import worked.  Unfortuantely, this took me 2 straight days of work to figure out since the error message doesn't tell you anything.
    Good luck.

  • IBooks Author / iTunes Producer Import Error

    Looking for some help....
    I have now attempted 9 different imports of my iBook Textbook created with iBooks Author - all ended in Import Error.   I have scoured the forums and took some community members'  advice to:
    Change all my video formats to iPhone / iPod 3gs .m4v instead of iPad .m4v (even though the documentation says that iPad .m4v should work)
    Made sure there is a preview version of the iBook
    Made sure all the Metadata is filled out
    The ITMSP package validates successfully in Producer and gives me a green check mark on upload.  After watching the package status it goes from Uploading > Uploaded > Internal Processing > to Import Error ever single time.   This is beyond frustrating since there is no error log for me to review to have ANY idea what the error is.  Please advise! 
    This is going on over a week now of struggling with this and an entire week of work waisted.   I was told it will take about 10 days for the book to be reviewed to get placed in iTunes - BUT I CAN'T EVEN GET IT SUBMITTED!
    Please help!

    I struggled with the same issue for a couple of days earlier this week.  My issue was definately related to vido, but not necessarily the format of the videos.  It was related to 2 things:
    1.  We had adjusted the Poster frame from the default to a selectable frame. 
    2.  We had adjusted the start/stop of the video
    I deleted the videos that had either of these settings changed and added them back into the book without any adjustments and the Import worked.  Unfortuantely, this took me 2 straight days of work to figure out since the error message doesn't tell you anything.
    Good luck.

  • Private iTunes U: Upload error

    Attempting to upload content to my private ITunes U and am getting this error: Error: Upload Failed. Try again.  Users are still able to download content.  To clarify, even as the iTunes U Admin I am unable to upload content.  On my public site, I am able to upload content without issue.

    I might not have the correct nomenclature.
    This isn't for courses via Public Site Manager, login via  This is for uploads to our secure/private iTunes U that hosts course files that students access in parallel with our LMS integration., I login via (  I am having problems with the secured iTunes.  I have attempted to upload video as well as mp3 files.

  • ITunes Match Upload error

    I have a CD that I purchased through iTunes in 2006 and all but one song has uploaded to iCloud.  The message I get when I try to upload the song "The song was not uploaded to iCloud because an error occurred."  It doesn't tell me why and it seems strange that all songs upload, but that one.
    Any thoughts?

    The current iTunes Match service is effectively down at present - so it may be a challenge to resolve for a few days.
    The usual route to resolving such issues is to:
    1.  Securely back-up current library;
    2.  Remove track from library;
    3.  Re-rip from CD in 256 kbps AAC format using iTunes;
    4.  Select Song in library and request 'Upload to iCloud';
    5.  Update iTunes Match from Store menu.
    Best of luck - worst case, there may be a corruption in the original file but it is unlikely if step 3 completes.

  • ITunes Producer is taking a while uploading my ibook

    i created my first ibook and I´m delivering to iBooks Store. I followed all the steps, but when iTunes Producer uploads the ibook I think it is taking long.
    It´s been 2 hours and still going. Is it normal? How long does it usually takes?

    Depends on a number of  factors.... the speed of your ISP upload and the size of your book files.
    Maz file size is 2 GB - which  may take time.  At what  stage  was the  upload indicator line?

  • Error message uploading book through iTunes Producer

    I'm uploading my ebook to iTunes Producer and when it is verifying assets with the iTunes store, I get the following message: Error: Internal error: unknown protocol: bundle schema/20/rng/opf.rng" at Book (MZItmspBookPackage).
    I've seen others with this problem, but not apparent resolution.
    Please advise.
    PS. I'm using iTunes Producer 2.6.

    I think the same error is being discussed here. It's related to the version of Java you have installed on OS X.

  • ITunes Producer ePub Upload Error ERROR ITMS-9000

    This is the iTunes Producer ePub Upload Error:
    ERROR ITMS-9000: "Unable to unzip input: null" at Book (MZItmspBookPackage)
    How do I fix this?

    Hi. Me too, I have the same problem. Did you solve it?
    The epub is validate with epubcheck, it is also possible to read it with iPad, watching regularly the videos, but apple store doesn't approve it.
    Is there anybody who can help?

  • ITunes Producer: Problem uploading - ERROR ITMS-5122

    I am having a problem uploading an album via iTunes Producer (Version 2.2.1 (137)).  At the Delivery stage, I receive the message ERROR ITMS-5122: "Genre should be specified using genre label code instead of label: electronic" at Album/Tracks/Track.  I have tried tweaking my upload at both the album and track levels to one or two genres and am seeing a similar error.  Does anyone know how I can correct this issue?  Thank you for any assistance!

    It means that there is no alternate text for the image, in the event that it doesn't load. This will put text where the image should be, so that the reader knows that there was an image that was supposed to display there.
    What it means for your ebook is that your images should be coded as such:
    <img src=".../Images/ABC_bookcover.jpg" alt="Cover for ABC Book" />
    Where the alt text is a description.
    If you want to get around this quickly, you can simply open up all your .xhtml files in text wrangler and do a search for <img src=  and replace it with <img alt="" src= 
    Even if you have nothing in the alt description, having it there will get past the check.

  • I keep getting an error message that read  'an error occurred saving your changes to Apple database" while trying to upload an ebook using itunes producer? What gives

    I've been trying to upload a nebook using itunes producer but keep getting an error message ' an error occurred saving your changes to the Apple database. This may be a transient issue on the Apple side' What's going on? It's been giving me this mesage for the whole afternoon.

    Maybe the radio connection on the other end is not working. Hope this helps.

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