Just created a Firefox support account using my e-mail address as the username. Did not know that this would show up when I asked questions. Can I change my username? If not can I delete my account and start again.

Basically, without thinking, I used my e-mail address as my username, and I don't want to get spammed because of my thoughtlessness. Anyway, I'd like to change my username. I picked a display name "TonyG" and thought only that would display, but both my username and my display name show when I post. If I cannot change my username, I would like to start over by deleting this account and starting a new account. Any advice out there? Many thanks, in advance.

Since you have used your old Display name, it'll always show your email address in the forum for this question. When you post another question in the future, it should show your Display name instead.
As I said, User Name is to be used to log into your forum account, the Display Name is what it'll be shown when you post in this forum. You can try to post a test in the forum to see if your Display Name is being shown or not.

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  • HT4859 how do I delete pictures in Icloud to create more storage? I have 1,700 pictures did not know that this would not allow me to back up my phone??

    How do I delete pictures in icloud to create more storage? I have 1,700 pictures and my phone will not let me backup , I have replaced my phone for power was going out every couple of days and did not know what to do , they send me a other phone with set up all my pictures from Ipad and phone must have filled icloud up.
    Thank you

    Welcome to the Apple community.
    When you delete the account from your device, you will be given the opportunity to save Safari data, reminders, calendars and contacts to your device, which you can later merge with the other account once you login.
    You won't be able to save your photo stream photos in the same way, so if you have any photo stream photos that are not already in your camera roll, you should move them there before you delete your account.
    Your iWork documents can be saved to iTunes on your device, but if you have them on a Mac they would be much easier to save to your desktop there. You can move them back after you switch.
    Notes can be shared to messages or mail and copy and pasted back after the switch. Although if you have a Mac, you may find it easier to do there. You could also use a temporary secondary account (see last item) to log into both accounts and copy and paste directly into your other account.
    You can set up Mail forwarding at iCloud.com mail preferences (little gear icon-bottom left) to receive mail from your old address to your new one.
    As an alternative to just switching, you might consider switching and adding your previous account back as a secondary account at settings > mail, contacts, calendars. You would still need to move your photos and iWork documents and save your safari data, but you'd have access to your old mail, contacts, calendars, reminders and notes.

  • Can I delete photos app and start again? How?

    Ok, I've been really daft and did not ever know that there was a photo trash can in iPhoto. So for years in iPhoto I've been deleting or rather just removing photos and not thinking much of it.
    Just did my mac updates and notice I now have Photo. Open up and wow I now have 100s of photos that I thought I had deleted, some years ago.
    With over 16,000 photos in total this is not a job I want to go through sifting and deleting the rubbish again. 
    I opened my time machine but can't work out how to go back. Is there any way of wiping photo and then starting again? It didn't ask me about importing or merging from iPhoto it seemed to have done it on its own. If the photos are still in iPhoto can I delete photo and reinstall after fixing the issue in iPhoto?
    Afraid to do something and mess it up further and so looking for advice from someone who actually knows what they are doing!
    Thank you!

    You can't delete the Photos app as it's part of the system.  You can continue to use iPhoto and your iPhoto library.  The iPhoto app is still in the Applications folder. If it's iPhoto 9.6.1 it will work with 10.10.3. If it's not try getting 9.6.1 from the App Store following Terence Devlin's instructions below:
    Terence Devlin including Apple logo changes for feature 126 Apple image including Apple logo changes for feature 126 Apple image ends here
    Apr 14, 2015 11:21 AM
    Re: Is Iphoto gone ? i want it back!
    in response to Johannes666
    Go to the App Store and check out the Purchases List. If iPhoto is there then it will be v9.6.1
    If it is there, then drag your existing iPhoto app (not the library, just the app) to the trash
    Install the App from the App Store.
    Sometimes iPhoto is not visible on the Purchases List. it may be hidden. See this article for details on how to unhide it.
    One question often asked: Will I lose my Photos if I reinstall?
    iPhoto the application and the iPhoto Library are two different parts of the iPhoto programme. So, reinstalling the app should not affect the Library. BUT you should always have a back up before doing this kind of work. Always.
    Regarding the "deleted" photos did you systematically empty the iPhoto Trash bin each time you delete photos? 

  • Trying to do app updates on my mums mini ipad its registered to her email but keeps coming up to sign in with my email which i use on my ipad i have deleted all apps and started again buy downloading them on her email but its still doing it on my email

    my mums ipad mini i need to do app udates on it but its keeps coming up with it to sign in with my apple id iv deleted all the apps of her ipad and signed in with her apple id but its still asking for my id to download the apps with what can i do to get it to go to her id to do the updates thanks

    Hi neique,
    When you update apps, you will be asked for the password that belongs to whatever Apple ID purchased those apps. They will forever be linked to the Apple ID that they were purchased under, so regardless of where they are loaded, or what Apple ID is signed onto the device that they are loaded on, when you try to update, it is going to ask for the "owners" password.

  • Did you know that this account is really belong to...

    i am eddieson zubiri and my account is been playing with claudius,, which they are very busy now,,  asking question here and ther,, because that this not for them to play with

    I don't really understand your problem. Or maybe you don't even have a problem but just want to share an experience.
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  • Having trouble setting up my email on my 4s entered all info and still wont work how do i delete all info and start again

    having trouble with hotmail setup

    Delete all info by going to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > [your hotmail account] > Delete Account.
    Then start over using this assistant:
    iPhone Email Setup

  • Lost bookmarks. I unwittingly deleted the bookmarks in the "recently bookmarked" folder. I did not know that this also deleted the same bookmarks located in my bookmark folders. Where do I go to get them back?

    I was using the Show All Bookmarks and tidying up some of the older ones that I did not use anymore. Under the folder "Recently Bookmarked" were urls that I had saved under their appropriate folders. So, being tidy, I deleted them, thinking they were duplicated. Now I find that the bookmarks that had been under my various folders have all gone. Implication is that by deleting the contents of "Recently Bookmarked" I took out ALL references to the urls, not just a duplicate record.
    I want to know how to find them - they are not in the Windows recycle bin.

    Try restoring one of the previously, automatically backed-up Bookmarks. Refer to this help article on "[https://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Backing%20up%20and%20restoring%20bookmarks#os=win&browser=fx8 Backing up and Restoring bookmarks]" (see section "Restoring from backups"). Hope this helps.

  • HT6196 When I try to "share" my movie project via "File" the process "fails after a short while.  I do not know why this is happening.  I want to send my movie file to IDVD so I can burn a DVD disc of my project.

    When I try to "share" my IMovie project via "File", the process "fails", after a short time.  I am following the instuctions;  Click share>file>next > except it hasn't download to save.  The blue circle never completes its circle before I says it failed.  What am I doing wrong?

    Are you trying to transfer it from the iPad to your desktop?  Have you tried AirDrop?

  • My macbookpro died and I have been using my boyfriends macbook (the itunes is an earlier incarnation of my itunes) and have been using his pro to charge, all the music has disappeared from my iphone but shows up when i plug it in to charge on his macbook,

    My macpro got wet and I have been using my boyfriends macpro to charge my iphone over the weekend, his itunes is an early version of my itunes library. I have no music showing in my ipod on my iphone. When I plug it in to the macpro it shows my music, and an up to date show of all my playlists new music etc when I click on my iphone icon, how do I get it back? Can I back up and sync from his library? Can I just back up my phone on his library and restore from that, will I get an exact copy, new stuff and all back??
    Any help appreciated

    Sounds like the music you had on your phone was not the same music on his computer. The iPhone/iPod touch is not designed to be a storage device. When you sync with a computer that doesn't have your music, it deletes your music from your phone.
    Was this music you purchased from iTunes? if so, and you are in the US, tap on itunes app, tap updates, tap purchased and tap on the cloud icon to get each song back. If you're not int he us, get iOS5 update later this week and do the same.
    But you need to move your itunes library to his computer. Create a user account on his macbook pro for you. From your external drive backup, load your itunes library on it. Then sync as usual! (Don't tell me you don't have a backup for your computer!)

  • I brought a new ipad (3rd generation), the problem i am having is with itunes. i downloaded a television series onto my ipad, i did not know that it would try to download it all at one time. my question is how do i change the way my ipad loads.

    As I stated in the title, I purchased an ipad (3rd generation), and I am having trouble with itunes downloads. Mistakenly when I purchased a television series I selected download the entire series to my ipad. Is there a way to stop this download and change the download location to either my laptop or into the cloud?

    Did you try tapping on the download to bring up a pause status? You can finish the download on the computer in iTunes. You may be able to delete the download by swiping across the progress bar of the download after you finish the download on the computer.
    Launch iTunes on your computer and go to Store>Check for available downloads. Finish the download in iTunes and then try to delete the download from the iPad.

  • Could anyone please help! There's no icon for iCloud on my MacBook Pro under System preferences. I 'm not sure if this is connected with my previously asked question re "unknown error" in trying to purchase more storage.


    Thanks AnaMusic. I didn't realise that I needed OS X Lion installed on my MacBook Pro. Bought it and installed and the icon is now there Now I'm faced with having to familiarise myself with the new features of OsX Lion and it is truly overwhelming. A step-by-step approach is called for I suppose. Thanks so much for your help

  • I deleted an email account not knowing that my notes would delete too from iPad and am trying to figure out if icloud can retrieve them for me

    I deleted an email account not knowing that it would delete my notes section as well can iCloud retrieve it?

    You can check at icloud.com, sign in

  • How do I 'disasscociate' an e-mail address from an existing Apple ID so that that e-mail can be used to create a new separate Apple ID

    My wife and I currently share an Apple ID (it's a long story). The Apple ID we use is actually mine and uses my e-mail address as the ID itself. I have been trying to create a new Apple ID for my wife but everytime I get an error message that states: 'that e-mail is already associated with another Apple ID.' What exactly do I have to do to remove her e-mail from being associated with my Apple ID so that I can create a new Apple ID for her?

    Surfstud31 wrote:
    My wife and I currently share an Apple ID (it's a long story). The Apple ID we use is actually mine and uses my e-mail address as the ID itself. I have been trying to create a new Apple ID for my wife but everytime I get an error message that states: 'that e-mail is already associated with another Apple ID.' What exactly do I have to do to remove her e-mail from being associated with my Apple ID so that I can create a new Apple ID for her?
    Make sure her email address is not set as an alternate for your AppleID.
    Then again, you don't know if it is associated with your AppleID.
    Also, any chance she created an AppleID at one time and simply never used it/forgot about it?
    Go here -> https://appleid.apple.com/ and select Forgot your password?
    and enter her email address that shows it is in use.

  • I need to change my e-mail address in the app store to enable me to get updates and buy more. How does this happen??

    I need to change my e-mail address in the app store, how does that work??

    On apple website, seraching on support, the article HT1918 explains.
    Log into your apple ID and edit your personal information, where email can be changed as well. All applications as itunes stores, apple store and icloud use this same apple ID, so be aware of this.
    I hope I was helpful !

  • HT204053 I need to change my i cloud e-mail address to the same one I set up when I purchased my apple account I just created an I cloud address and when Ijust read the set up for I cloud it says  I should use the same e-mail address that I started with H

    I did not know that when I created a e-mail address that I was suppose to use the same one that I created when I first signed up with Apple I phone. I want to change my e-mail address to the one I first had How can I change it? I do not need two e-mail accounts It should have read that when you are setting up an e-mail address use the one that you first signed up with. Not after you go through all the set ups for I cloud it tells you at the end to use your account that you first started with. Can you please help me I am new at this and I still can not set up on my computer with my phone to I cloud so if I had my phone stollen I can find it I also have and I pad to set up yet It is 3 days and I still can not set it up
    Thank You and Hoplefully I can change my e-mail address so I can have everything on one account

    If you selected open a new Apple ID account, go back a step and enter use existing Apple ID.
    You will have to set up a separate iCloud account or your iPads will mirror each other.

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    Hi All, I am building an RTF template.. The basic layout consists of one page only, and there's a table in it. Depending on the data, there can be quite a few rows. For some reason, if the data does not fit on the first page, the entire table shifts