Just ordered my first Mac Mini

THis is goign to be my first apple computer. I do have the Ipad and have owned Ipods in the past, and was very happy with those. It's supposed to arrive today. I am truly unsure what to expect. I have seen people with the Macs and have drooled over them for many years. Yay Me.

You will be amazed at how true those words are.
Your Mini should come with Lion, which now will update to 10.7.2 if it is not already on there, and you can setup an account in iCloud...free...first 5 GB storage is free, and email, calendars, addressbook, and photos from streaming photos do not count as part of that 5 GB.
If you have iDevices, each can attach and sync via iCloud...terrific way to keep all of your calendars in one location and synced.
When you setup, if you haven't used Mac calendars before, wait 'til you see how easy it is to enter events on a calendar for home, one for work, etc...and they come out color coded so you can see instantly what the event is associated with.  Enter information on your iPad and it will appear on your Mini, or whatever devices you have.

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