Lightning to 30 pin adapter

I currently have a 5th generation 30GB ipod that I use in my car with a cables to go 3.5mm to dock connector audio cable.
I want to upgrade to a 32GB ipod touch and I was wondering if I use the Apple lightning to 30 pin adapter and connect it to my cables to go cable in my car will the touch give me a line out signal the way my current ipod and cable does so that I can listen through my cars audio system?
Hope this makes sense.

I ended up cancelling my order for an iPod touch 4 and instead ordered an iPod touch 5 32GB.
I received my iPod touch 5 yesterday and tried using the Lightning to 30 pin adapter in my car with the Cables to Go 30 pin connector to 3.5mm cable connected to the AUX port in my car and heard nothing through my cars stereo system.
Fortunately when I ordered the iPod I also ordered another 30 pin connector to 3.5mm cable by Comprehensive and when I hooked up that cable in my car it seemed to work perfectly. Not sure what the difference in the cables could be, but I think I will pick up an extra one.

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  • My iphone 5s with lightning to 30 pin adapter doesn't work in my audi A6 to play music, only to charge the phone. is there a fix for this?

    my iphone 5s with lightning to 30 pin adapter doesn't work in my audi A6 to play music, only to charge the phone. is there a fix for this?

    Is the adapter the genuine Apple product or a copy

  • Lightning to 30-pin adapter doesn't work w/ iPod Touch 5G

    Hi. The lightning to 30-pin adapter I purchased (from Apple) with my iPhone 5 does not work with my daughter's new iPod Touch 5G. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Thanks.

    Does she have a case? Please give me more details

  • What adapter do I need for my ipod Nano 7th Generation to connect to a Sony home docking station (30 pin). I purchased the one recommended (Lightning to 30 pin adapter), but it says 'this accessory is not supported by this device)?

    Could someone please tell me the correct lead I need for an Applie Ipod 7th Generation 16GB for a Sony docking station. I bought a Lightning to 30 pin adaptor that fits the dock but not the ipod (this was recommended to me by someone from the Apple shop believe it or not). I need one that will fit the ipod and then slot into the 30 pin dock. The dock pulls out and my old ipod (5th Generation) just slotted straight in, but this slot obviously doesn't fit. It would really help if someone can recommend what I need to use or even if there is one that just slots in or whether I need some sort of cable and can't use the docking station. I've had a lock at the Apple store but just keep getting confused about what does what and can't seem to see anything unless I need an additional cable to slot into the 30 pin adapter I already have?

    If it is a lightning to 30 pin adaptor, and you have a 7th Generation Nano it has to fit the Nano.
    This is lightning to 30 pin adapter: 936.p?id=1218803450821&skuId=6651936#tab=overview
    Is this what you bought?
    You need to contact Sony and see if they model you have is compatible with the docking adapter. It may not be.

  • Looking for an extender for lightning to 30-pin  adapter

    The .2m, or the longer lightning to 30-pin adapter for the Iphone 5/5s/5c, is too small.
    I drive a 2008 VW Jetta with a 30-pin iPod adapter dock in the center that was stock with the car. I have the adapter, but, it is just not long enough at all. I don't mind it, but I would prefer, of course, to have something longer, and safer.
    I have already tried Cablejive cables, and they are not compatible with VW systems.
    I don't care if the solution is bulky at this point, I just want something safer when I drive, so it is easier to pick my music.
    I was reading somewhere someone using a firewire cable or something? And just to let you know, I do not have an MDI connector.
    Thank you all.

    If you're using a case on your iPhone 5, the problem may have something to do with the way your case was designed. Many of the most popular cases aren't compatible with the adapter becasue they prevent it from being flush with the bottom of your iPhone.
    The workaround solutions are to cut out part of the bottom of your case so the dock connector will fit, or to exchange the adapter for the adapter cable, which is $10 more but plugs in to the bottom of your iPhone like the USB cable that came with it.
    Personally, I just cut two small rubber parts of my case out (an Incipio DualPro that otherwise offers great protection, which I got at the local Verizon store). That solved the problem for me.

  • Will the lightning to 30 pin adapter play music through my dock

    My husband has a 7th gen iPod nano, and I have a docking station for my iPhone 3GS, we have been looking at the lightning to 30 pin adapter today music through my dock, will this work?

    I would check Sony's site and see what they say.

  • Does the lightning to 30 pin adapter support audio?

    I have an iPod touch 5th generation and can't listen to it in the car because the wire from the cars FM transmitter has a 30 pin connection. I was just wondering if the lightning to 30 pin adapter would support the audio.

    Hey treshz98,
    Thanks for the information, I believe the following article addresses your question:
    Lightning to 30-pin Adapter: Using video adapters or other 30-pin accessories
    When you connect an iPod or iPhone with the Lightning to 30-pin Adapter, the iPod or iPhone will be treated like an iPod that does not support iPod Out. You should still be able to navigate through and play your music using the vehicle's built-in user interface.
    Additional information:
    Lightning to 30-pin Adapter - Apple Store (U.S.)
    Matt M.


    I have just bought a new iPod Touch 5th Gen.
    Will the "APPLE LIGHTNING TO 30-PIN ADAPTER MD824ZM/A" let me connect the iPod to my surround sound, which has a 30 pin dock, and allow the music to play through the system?
    Have been doing some searching and have seen varying answers.  The APPLE LIGHTNING TO 30-PIN ADAPTER MD824ZM/A cable is not cheap so I don't want to be paying out for something that will not do the job.

    Thanks - hadn't considered the surround controls controlling the iPod so handy to know

  • Apple Lightning to 30-Pin Adapter and 1st generation connector

    Will an Apple Lightning to 30-Pin Adapter allow an iPhone 5 to charge from a 1st generation connector? When I plug my old iPhone 3s directly into my 2006 Lexus LS430 connector, the iPod function will work but not charge. This is apparently because 1st gen connectors didn't have a USB charge capability. I'm hoping the adapter will correct that.

    As I suggested above ,the first iPod had a firewire connection ,as did the next ( I have one)
    I also had the first Bose sounddock which was designed for the first iPod and required the afore mentioned adapter to work with my iPhone 3G
    As I said to charge the iPhone 3G you need the  adapter to change the 30 pin wiring from having firewire to just USB as everything is today
    Look at
    as an example ,this is the type of adapter you require to change the car live connection to support the iPhone 3G
    If you then also want to use an iPhone 5 you will IN ADDITION require the lightning to 30 pin adapter
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  • Why doesn't my lightning to 30 pin adapter support any of my audio my from ipod touch 5th generation

    Why doesn't my lightning to 30 pin adapter support any of my audio my from ipod touch 5th generation.on my dock

    Have you contacted the dock manufacturer?
    The adopter supports audio if the dock manufacturer says the dock supports the 5G iPod.
    It may be that the dock does not work with iOS 6.x vie the 5G. Sometimes an iOS update will break compatibility.

  • What exactly IS a Lightning to 30-pin adapter?

    Hi everyone, first post here.
    So, this week (hopefully), my Product Red, engraved, 5th Gen iPod touch is coming in. Although I didn't order a Lightning to 30-pin adapter, I may get one for Christmas. I have a Sony iPod Docking station (only works with earlier gens). Does the Lightning to 30-pin adapter have 30-pin on bottom and Lightning on top? So, like, it just plops right onto the Dock and then put my iPod 5th gen on top?
    Thanks for any help.

    This 30-pin to lightning dock adapter should be compatible with most of the docks.
    this is UK store lin so you may want to check your coutrly apple store.

  • IPhone 5 Lightning to 30-pin adapter

    Just received my long awaited lightning to 30-pin adapter (three of them) for my iPhone 5 only to discover that to charge my phone in the car or listen to music in my office on my Altec Lansing, I have to take the case off. This rather defeats the purpose of a having a case, invites accidental damage to the phone, and, in general, is pain in butt to take the case off everytime. Clearly, Apple didn't think this one through. The adapter needs to be redesigned so that the pin part is longer. It's simply too short, and again, won't fit with cases. This doesn't affect just me; if affects millions of consumers who have purchased the iPhone 5. An alternative solution is to cut the case but I paid handsomely for a handmade, wooden case and I'm not keen on taking an exacto knife to cut the hole bigger.
    Has anyone else discovered this little snafu????

    @gdgmacguy: Yes, Apple makes phones. And Apple makes adapters for those phones. And Apple made an adapter that won't plug into those phones when they are in a case.  The cases work fine with the iPhone 5. The issue involves the adapter. The pin on the adapter is not long enough to plug into the iPhone 5 with the case on. Apple hires geniuses but sometimes genius gets in the way of practical. Somebody at Apple should have put a case on an iPhone 5 and tried to plug in the adapter. Duh.
    Bottom line: Apple screwed up. The adapter should have been released along with the phone to consumers at no extra cost. The adapter specs should have been released when iPhone specs were released so case makers could have made cases that accomodate the adapter. Apple should have made the pin longer to accomodate cases.
    Wonder what Apple is going to do to address this issue.

  • My Lightning to 30 pin adapter (Apple A1468) replacement

    My Apple lightning to 30 pin adapter (Apple A1468) stopped charging my iPad after 4 months. If I take it into an Apple store, will they replace it? It is a genuine Apple product which I purchased from Amazon. I no longer have the box it came in and I can't seem to find any information on if it has a warranty.

    All that stuff is on mine as well. The reason I had a suspicion is because the item link on Amazon from where I ordered it no longer exists... but I do remember it being advertised as a genuine Apple product when I ordered it (and it was fulfilled by Amazon) especially since I did my research and made sure not to get a generic since I read some pretty awful reviews on the generic adapters.

  • HT1665 lightning to 30 pin adapter/bose sound dock

    hi i have an older bose sound dock that i used with my iphone 3 but when i upgraded to a 4s it didn't work with the dock. i now have an iphone 5. does anyone know if the lightning to 30 pin adapter by chance works with older sound docks?

    it doesnt work with mine

  • Why is lightning to 30 pin adapter still not available in november

    iPhone 5 (and lightning) launch was in september and the apple site said that adapters would be shipping in october. This is now november and the site still says shipping in 5-7 days. How was this overlooked during the iphone 5 production? No one at apple thought until september that people might need/want a lightning to 30 pin adapter for all the 30 pin accessories collected for various ios devices over the past 10 years?
    I've never been a fan of iOS but have always liked apple hardware and the fact that music syncing to ipods and iphones is so simplified (on android, you have to jump through a few hoops and there's still no good car integration for android, probably to fragmentation of android device manufacturers) and the fact that it's not difficult to find an iphone car solution (beyond aux port or fm xmitter). But this sudden change in charging/data port should have been planned much better esp coming from a company of apple's caliber.
    I guess I'm just wondering if there is a good answer for such a lack of availability of such a ubiquitous accessory. $200-400 for a phone from a company with $100 billion in cash and I don't even have the option to get my hands on an adapter in stores over a month later. Any explanations from apple or other apple device users would be much appreciated to quell my frustration.

    Hi - sorry but this is a user to user forum - there is no way of knowing why Apple is doing what they do - and they don't monitor this forum either - so the only way to answer your questions is to contact Apple Support directly at - - or you can register your opinions at -

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